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1996 JAN  Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Editorial  ed  introduction to the new book review column, 'Brief Reviews: Books,' to be composed by various F&SF staff members; the purpose of the column is to review more sf/f books each month
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Hoffman, Nina Kiriki  Here We Come A-Wandering  ss  2nd story in F&SF in Matilda 'Matt' Black series, later expanded into novel A Red Heart of Memories(1999; N-1999 WFA; 2000 LOC); Matt is a woman with the uncanny ability to communicate with inanimate objects; sequel Past the Size of Dreaming(2001)
   de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  br  Sherman Alexie: Reservation Blues; Rebecca Ore: Slow Funeral; William Browning Spencer: Zod Wallop; de Lint has taught several creative writing workshops in Canada & the U.S.
   F&SF staff  Brief Reviews: Books  br  Joanna Russ: To Write Like a Woman/Essays in Feminism and Science Fiction; Stanley Asimov(ed): Yours, Isaac Asimov; Octavia E. Butler: Bloodchild and Other Stories; On Spec(Canadian sf mag. anth.); Linda Nagata: Techno-Heaven
   Grundy  Cartoon  ct  Grundy admired the drawings of H.A. Rey, & Hugh Lofting; "At an early age, I became interested in books of fantasy & adventure, & today, many years later, I try to create a slice of fun & fantasy in my cartoons"; is building a website,
   Bailey, Dale  Mall, The  ss  idea for story came during a drive to Ohio, a rest stop was more of "a mall, with game rooms, bookstores, (etc) ... Every damn store was open at 3 A.M."
   Jonik  Cartoon  ct 
   Oltion, Jerry  Plight Before Christmas, The  ss  story was read for a Christmas celebration with writers, in a slightly different version last year; has coll. of his & his wife Kathy's Christmas stories, Tales from the Yuletide(1994)
   Kale, Bonita  Annie's Shelter  nv  now lives in Cleveland, Ohio
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Smith, Dean Wesley  In the Shade of the Slowboat Man  ss  N-1996 NEB, ss; w. wife Rusch has S. F. Writers of America Handbook(1990; W-1991 LOC); 1st novel Laying the Music to Rest(1989; N-1990 LOC, STO); has written many ser. books for Star Trek, Aliens, etc; w. Rusch, trilogy, The Tenth Planet(1999; 2000; 2000)
   Wheeler, Deborah  Javier, Dying in the Land of Flowers  nv  N-1996 NEB, nv; 2nd & last story in West City ser.; has 1st novel Jaydium(1993), in which 2 miners on a remote planet are accidentally shot back in time to an earlier time in their culture; Northlight(1995), where colonists have forgone technology(B&C)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Yours, Isaac Asimov  ar  excerpts from the book by Isaac's younger brother, Stanley Asimov(ed): Yours, Isaac Asimov: A Lifetime of Letters, by Isaac Asimov(1995; N-1996 HUG); Isaac died April 6, 1992; his brother Stanley lived from 1929-1995, his obit is in LOC 1995 SEP(#416)
   Ellison, Harlan  Go Toward the Light  ss  story orig. written, here heavily revised, for a National Public Radio ser., 1st aired in 1994 DEC; has coll. Lamont, Delap & Dowling(ed): The Essential Ellison(1987; W-1988 STO; N-1988 HUG, LOC); graphic novel Demon with a Glass Hand(1986, w. M. Rogers)
   Coney, Michael  Bulldog Drummond and the Grim Reaper  nv  N-1996 NEB, novelette; 3rd story in Foss Creek series
1996 FEB  Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Editorial  ed  TV's fall season of sf shows; Rusch's viewing habits, opinions of Nowhere Man(1995-96; 25 ep.), Space: Above and Beyond(1995-96), American Gothic(1995-96, 22 ep.), Strange Luck(1995-96, 17 ep.), last has episode writers Michael Cassutt & Melissa Snodgrass
   Long  Cartoon: Proper Little Parasite, The  ct 
   Reed, Robert  First Tuesday  ss  N-1997 LOC, short story; political sf & a change in technology used to examine the future of Presidential-Constituent relations
   Killheffer, Robert K.J.  Books  br  essay: sf that looks backwards in time, what if? alternate histories; Jack Dann: Memory Cathedral: A Secret History of Leonardo da Vinci; Paul J. McAuley: Pasquale's Angel
   Heath  Cartoon: Virtuous Reality  ct 
   de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  br  Kim Antieau: The Jigsaw Woman; Anne McCaffrey: An Exchange of Gifts; Iain Banks: Whit, or Isis Among the Unsaved; St. Jude, R.U. Sirius & Bart Nagel: Cyberpunk Handbook; de Lint has fantasy novella, set in Newford, Ghosts of Wind and Shadow(1991)
   F&SF staff  Brief Reviews: Books  br  James P. Blaylock: All the Bells on Earth; Sean Stewart: Resurrection Man; John Clute: Science Fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopedia; Jonathan Lethem: Amnesia Moon
   Savage, Ron  Connecticut Nazi  ss  about this story, "In my work, I have dealt with the children of survivors, & we don't realize how the battles go on & on, generation after generation, long after the war has ended"
   Almon, Chas.  Cartoon: How the Panda Evolved  ct 
   Coulter, Lynn  Swamp Water  ss  has sold to MZBFM & to several literary mags.; about story, "Thoreau said, 'Methinks my soul must be a bright invisible green.' I like to think that mine is too."
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Davidson, Avram  Sacrifice  vi  has fantasy novella The Boss in the Wall: A Treatise on the House Devil(1998; N-1998 STO) with Grania Davis(who finished the story after Davidson's death), about a professor on a terrifying quest to save his sanity & daughter, & uncover a house's secret
   Winter, Laurel  Permanent Natural Boy  ss  writes fulltime, raises twin boys; "I was thinking about the point in some twins' lives when they begin to see themselves as separate beings. Then there was this idea about permanent paint ..."
   Di Filippo, Paul  Plumage From Pegasus: It Was the Blessed of Times, It Was the Cursed of Times  hues  "Splatterclassics, Inc."; to make reading the classics appealing to high school students, "we have enlisted dozens of brand-name horror writers to rework the classics" by adding horror to them, e.g., Great Expectations by Charles Dickens & Robert Bloch
   Weiner, Andrew  Purple Pill, The  ss  has coll. This Is the Year Zero(1998); this story "is a kind of update to Rog Phillips' story 'The Yellow Pill'(in ASF 1958 OCT) ... in a certain sense it is autobiographical"; see website
   Asimov, Janet  Science: Language: The Most Powerful Drug  ar  language, spoken & signed; its development & use by human infants, higher primates, our hominid ancestors; American Sign Language(ASL); how the brain learns languages; "words are the most powerful drug used by sentient beings"
   Levy, Robert J.  Every Day Different  ss  about story, "(at my job) there is a certain amount of repetition. Sometimes ... you stare at the computer screen wondering why something new & surprising doesn't happen"; 1st story pub. sf "Star-Crossed" in AMZ 1995 WIN
   York, J. Steven  Unmarked Crossing, The  vi  (1957- ) working name for James Steven York; lives in Kirkland WA; founding member of the Puget Sound Writer's Cramp; a past editor of The Report, as was his wife Christina; freelance technical writer, writes reviews & articles for computer mags.
   Wilson, Robin  Retired Men's Social Club & Ladies Auxiliary, The  ss  he is now President Emeritus & Trustee Professor at California State Univ. at Monterey Bay
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Castro, Adam-Troy  Locusts  nv  N-1997 STO, novelette
1996 MAR  Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Editorial  ed  the inspiration of H.G. Wells' short novel War of the Worlds(1898); three stories in this issue to be pub. in a tribute anth. commemorating its 100th anniversary, Kevin J. Anderson(ed): War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches(1996)
   Sterling, Bruce  Littlest Jackal, The  na  N-1997 HUG, LOC, na; 2nd story in F&SF in Leggy Starlitz ser.; has Leggy Starlitz novel, Zeitgeist(2000); coll. A Good Old-Fashioned Future(1999; N-2000 LOC); see website at; see his iv's in LOC 2001 APR, INZ 2002 AUG
   Shanahan  Cartoon  ct 
   de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  br  Margaret Ball: Lost in Translation; Robert Reed: An Exaltation of Larks; Allen Steele: The Jericho Iteration; de Lint has urban fantasy novel Ghostwood(1990; N-1991 LOC), part of the "Moonheart" cycle; cycle coll. in omnibus Spiritwalk(1992)
   Jonik  Cartoon  ct 
   F&SF staff  Brief Reviews: Books  br  Walter Jon Williams: Rock of Ages; Elizabeth Ann Scarborough: The Godmother's Apprentice; Jack Dann: Memory Cathedral: A Secret History of Leonardo da Vinci; David Brin: Brightness Reef
   What, Leslie  Uncle Gorby and the Baggage Ghost  ss  about story, "My father's death made me feel as if the one resource I needed was locked away ... I wonder if ghosts aren't reference materials, accessed by memory, imagination, & wishful thinking"; ghost-edited a book of poetry by at-risk youths
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon: Plastic Surgeon  ct 
   Resnick, Mike  Roosevelt Dispatches, The  ss  1st story in War of the Worlds ser., to be pub. in Kevin J. Anderson(ed): War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches(1996); two more stories in this anth. in this issue; has Future History ser., Birthright(1982), Santiago(1986; N-1987 LOC), The Dark Lady(1987)
   Goulart, Ron  Cure for Baldness, A  ss  this story, says Goulart, "explores the various aspects of growing older"
   Ellison, Harlan  Midnight in the Sunken Cathedral  ss  1st pub. in Eidolon 1995 WIN; has composed much short fiction lately for his comic book series, Ellison's Dream Corridor, produced by Dark Horse Comics; has graphic novels Night and the Enemy(1987, w. Ken Steacy), Vic and Blood(1989, w. Richard Corben)
   Shunn, D. William  Celestial Mechanics  ss  now lives in NYC; this story dedicated to "my pals & former colleagues at Folio Corporation, & to anyone who has ever worked on my car"; is working on a memoir of his two years spent as a Mormon missionary
   Benford, Gregory  Scientist's Notebook, A: America As Rome  ar  America & Rome, an analogy, begun by sf writers L. Sprague de Camp(Lest Darkness Fall), Isaac Asimov(Foundation series), William Golding(Envoy Extraordinary; 1956); detailed study of Rome's decline with the problems faced by the U.S.A. of today

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