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1996 SEP  Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Crowley, John  Gone  ss  (1942- ) W-1997 LOC; N-HUG, SFC, STU, ss; 1st novel sf The Deep(1975); Engine Summer(1979; N-1980 JWC, LOC; 1981 BSF), Little, Big(1981; W-1982 MYT, WFA; N-1981 NEB; 1982 BRG, HUG, LOC; 1983 BSF), Ægypt(1987; N-'88 CLA, LOC, WFA); coll. Antiquities('93)
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Bailey, Dale  Interval of Stillness  ss 
   Maio, Kathi  Films: Big Break, Bad Fall  mr  essay: how big $s deters Hollywood creativity, the filmography of John Dahl; mentions his films Kill Me Again(1989), Red Rock West(1993), The Last Seduction(1993); Unforgettable(1996), dir. Dahl, stars Linda Fiorentino, Ray Liotta
   Laidlaw, Marc  Catamounts  ss  2nd story in his Gorlen series, an alternate world fantasy; has New Age satire/Lovecraftian horror novel, The 37th Mandala(1996; W-1996 IHA; N-1997 LOC, WFA), about a New Age charlatan promoting evil mandalas as spirit guardians(B&C)
   Asimov, Janet  Science: Survival Technique  ar  survival technique of cooperative behavior; betw. members of a species(altruism), betw. members of different species(symbiosis); from bacteria & eukaryotic cells to tunicates to voles to chimps to man; "each plant or animal cell is a study in cooperation"
   Bova, Ben  Great Moon Hoax or A Princess of Mars, The  ss  won best editor Hugo six times at ANA & Omni; has taught sf at Harvard Univ. & at the Hayden Planetarium in NYC; this humorous story mixes sf & detective genres, with several homages playing thru its pages; has novels Moon Base(1996), Storm Fury(1997)
   Coney, Michael  Werewolves in Sheep's Clothing  nv  N-1997 NEB, novelette; 4th & last story in Foss Creek series; has fantasy novel, A Tomcat Called Sabrina(1992); about story, "I enjoy writing about sheep because of their essential craziness"
   Harris, S.  Cartoon: Dr. Quark - No Matter Where or When—He's Always Dr. Quark  ct  15th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; in which Dr. Quark uses his time-shuttle to travel back to 1427, to try to enlighten the Dark Age of Science
1996 OCT/NOV  Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Editorial  ed  4th editorial in A Reader's Guide to Publishing series; the industry's perception, the role of reviews, & how they affect what readers see at bookstores; F&SF's reviews - the literary essay, the consumer's guide; F&SF's book review policy or philosophy
   Masear, Arthur  Cartoon  ct 
   MacLeod, Ian R.  Verglas  na  N-1997 HUG, LOC, novella; "I'm no climber, but I love stories of the wilderness ... I —certainly in my darker moments—would probably take the chance the family in the story are offered ..."
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Killheffer, Robert K.J.  Books  br  essay: the mystical or occult elements in some sf, the difference between sf & occult readers; Marc Laidlaw: The 37th Mandala; Robert Holdstock: Ancient Echoes
   de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  br  William Browning Spencer: Résumé with Monsters; Datlow & Windling(ed): The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Ninth Annual; Sheri S. Tepper: Gibbon's Decline and Fall; Robert J. Sawyer: The Terminal Experiment; Tuttle: Pillow Friend; Ed Gorman: Cage of Night
   F&SF staff  Brief Reviews: Books  br  Jane Lindskold: Smoke and Mirrors; Patricia A. McKillip: Winter Rose; Charles Sheffield & Jerry Pournelle: Higher Education; Sasha Miller: Ladylord
   Ellison, Harlan  Anywhere But Here, With Anybody But You  ss  Ellison W-1993 WFA, 1996 STO, Lifetime Achievement; has crime na Mefisto in Onyx(Omni 1993 OCT; exp. 1993; 2001 movie); omnibus fiction & nf coll. Edgeworks(1996), Edgeworks 2(1996), 3(1997), 4(1997); see his website at
   Bishop, Michael  Annalise, Annalise  ss  has coll. At the City Limits of Fate(1996; N-1996 DIC; 1997 LOC); has poetry coll. Time Pieces(1998); see his website at
   Long  Cartoon: Will We Thrive in the New Information Economy?  ct 
   Lee, Tanith  Reason for Not Going to the Ball, The (A Letter to Cinderella From Her Stepmother)  ss  dedicates story to Terri Windling & her anth. The Armless Maiden(1995), fairy tales used to discuss the darkside of childhood; has Secret Books of Paradys ser., The Book of the Damned(1988), ... Beast(1988), ...Dead(1991), ... Mad(1993)
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Maio, Kathi  Films: Honey, I Shrunk the Genre  mr  essay: American movie industry considers sf/f to be juvenile pursuits; comix flixs; Barb Wire(1996), stars Pamela Anderson Lee; James and the Giant Peach(1996), based on Roald Dahl's 1961 children's book, live/animated Disney film, stars Paul Terry
   Murphy, Pat  Iris Versus the Black Knight  ss  has coll. Points of Departure(1990; W-1990 DIC; N-1991 LOC); coll. w. Pat Cadigan & Karen Joy Fowler, Letters from Home(1991), 6 stories from each author; see entries in CANR, vol.84, & in St. James Guide to Fantasy Writers; website
   Bradbury, Ray  Finnegan, The  ss  see anth. Martin H. Greenberg & J.D. Olander(ed): Ray Bradbury(1980); anth. Nolan & Greenberg(ed): The Bradbury Chronicles: Stories in Honor of Ray Bradbury(1991); stories made into movies The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit(1998), A Sound of Thunder(1999)
   Wolfe, Gene  Man in the Pepper Mill, The  nv  N-1997 LOC, novelette; story began after finding a red Barbie bra in a vacuum bag, & getting a birthday card from Melissa Mia Hall with tiny colored dinosaur confetti in it; see his entry in CANR, vol.60, p.427-431
   Nadler, M.  Cartoon  ct  has illus. the books Christopher Biffle: A Journey Through Your Childhood: A Write-in Guide for Reliving Your Past, Clarifying Your Present, and Charting Your Future(1989), and Allyson Stewart-Allen & Lanie Denslow: Working with Americans(2002)
   Matthews, Patricia  At the Bottom of the Garden  ss  other romance novels as Patty Brisco, Love's Avenging Heart(1977), The Unquiet(1991); has Casey Farrel series of mystery novels, The Scent of Fear(1992), Vision of Death(1993), The Sound of Murder(1994), Taste of Evil(1994), The Touch of Terror(1995)
   Benford, Gregory  Scientist's Notebook, A: Wired Bio-World, The  ar  biological & computer technology convergence, does it promise a radically different age?; futurist Walter Truett Anderson: Evolution Isn't What It Used to Be(1996); gene banks, satellite monitoring of ecosystems, transgenic transplants, geneware
   Gilman, Carolyn Ives  Candle in a Bottle  na  N-1997 NEB, na; Gilman is collecting artifacts for a Meriwether Lewis(1774-1809) & William Clark(1770-1838) exhibit of their 1804-1806 expedition of the Louisiana Purchase; exhibit to tour U.S. from early 2004-2006; see website
   Long  Cartoon: Speculations - Certain Anatomical Changes Are Inevitable.  ct  4th cartoon in his Speculations series
1996 DEC  Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Editorial  ed  5th & last editorial in Publishing series; excerpts of letters from readers on this series, incl. one from Chris Aylott, co-owner Space-Time Continuumbookstore in Northampton, MA; answers questions about book clubs, hardcovers vs. paperbacks, 1st novels
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Finch, Sheila  Out of the Mouths  nv  N-1997 LOC, nv; 3rd story in Lingster series; "I'm developing a number of stories about the Guild ... which send lingsters all over the Orion Arm of the galaxy, & I'm working thru the problems lingsters face & how they apply the Guild's teachings & laws"
   Jonik  Cartoon  ct 
   de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  br  Bradley Denton: Lunatics; Susan Wilson: Beauty; Terri Windling: The Wood Wife; de Lint has novel The Little Country(1991; W-1991 HOM; N-1992 AUR, LOC, WFA; 1994 MYT), a folksinger in a Cornish town in danger because a book opens a way into another world
   Gerrold, David  Emperor Redux, The  vi  has 1st novel The Flying Sorcerers(1971) w. Larry Niven; When Harlie Was One(1972; N-1972 NEB; 1973 HUG, LOC; rev. 1988), The Man Who Folded Himself(1973; N-1973 NEB; 1974 HUG, LOC); see iv's in AMZ 1985 SEP, LOC 1993 JUL, & CANR, vol.78, p.211-214
   Richerson, Carrie  Harrowing, The  ss  N-1997 HUG, STO, ss; story "dedicated to (author)Dorothy Allison, whose courage & pain, esp. as related in the story 'River of Names,' bear witness to the hope that can be won even in the face of horror. Here's to survivors everywhere. May you know peace"
   Masear, Arthur  Cartoon: Ace Cryogenics  ct 
   Gorman, Ed  Yesterday's Dreams  nv  W-1992 Golden Spur; 1st pub. in coll. The Best Western Stories of ...('91); has mys. Tobin ser. Several Deaths Later('88); Jack Dwyer ser. A Cry of Shadows('90); Leo Guild ser. Dark Trail('90); Robert Payne ser. Hawk Moon('96); uses ps. Daniel Ransom, etc
   West, Michelle  Guilty Pleasures  br  essay: her 2:00 A.M. novel test; Francine G. Woodbury: Shade and Shadow; Christopher Golden: Daredevil: Predator's Smile; Anne Lesley Groell: Anvil of the Sun; Kara Dalkey: Goa, Blood of the Goddess, Vol.1
   Martin, H.  Cartoon: In Memory of All Seamen Who Fell Off the Edge of the Earth Prior to 1492  ct 
   F&SF staff  Brief Reviews: Books  br  Sean Stewart: Clouds End; Damon Knight: Humpty Dumpty, An Oval; Robin Hobb: The Farseer: Assassin's Apprentice, & The Farseer: Royal Assassin; Ed Gorman: Cage of Night; Lewis Gannett: Magazine Beach
   Oltion, Jerry  Abandon in Place  na  W-1997 NEB; N-1997 HUG, LOC, SFC, novella; expanded into his 1st novel in 2000; phantom Saturn V moon rockets launch from the abandoned launch pad 34; currently(2002) he does design & layout work, while his wife Kathy proofreads, for F&SF
   F&SF staff  Index to Volumes 90 & 91: 1996 JAN-DEC  indx 
   Harris, S.  Cartoon: Dr. Quark - Faster Than a Phil Neikro Knuckleball  ct  16th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; Dr. Quark's invention of supercirculating electricity

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