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1997 JUL  Van Gelder, Gordon  Editor's Recommendations  br  Pat Murphy: Nadya; Oates: American Gothic Tales; Womack: novels Ambient, Elvissey, Terraplane, & Heathern; Kornbluth: His Share of Glory; Blumlein: The Brains of Rats; Joe Haldeman: None So Blind; Nahin: Time Travel; Bova: Space Travel; de Lint: Trader
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Kittredge, Mary  Her House in Order  ss  (1949- ) has 2 mys. ser., freelance writer Charlotte Kent ser. Murder in Mendocino(1987), Dead and Gone('89), Poison Pen('90); RN Edwina Crusoe ser., Fatal Diagnosis('90), Cadaver('92),Kill or Cure('95); has mys. The Dead Cat Bounce('98) as Sarah Graves
   Rosenblum, Mary  Afterimage  ss  has sf mystery novel The Stone Garden(1995; N-1996 LOC), about the murders of artists who sculpt emotion-absorbing asteroids(B&C); see interview in LOC 1994 APR(#399)
   McDevitt, Jack  Variables  ss  has novels Eternity Road(1997; N-1997 HOM; 1998 LOC), in which Mankind seeks answers to ecological disasters in alien artifacts; Moonfall(1998; N-1998 NEB), Shores of Night(1999); see iv in LOC 1995 FEB(#409), & entry in CA, vol.149, p.293-294
   Etchemendy, Nancy  Saints and Martyrs  ss  N-1998 STO, short story; allergic to cats & restricted to a vegetarian diet
   Bailey, Dale  Exodus  ss  has nf book, American Nightmares: The Haunted House Formula in American Popular Fiction(1999; rvw. F&SF 2000 MAY), a critical look at haunted houses in the works of such authors as Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Shirley Jackson & Stephen King(B&C)
   Di Filippo, Paul  Plumage From Pegasus: Narrative Contents May Have Settled During Shipment  hues  "reviews" Roger Bernard: A History of Supermarket Fiction: How SF Swept the World; how the development of a spray-application, self-patterning circuitry, called CDM(Cheap Dimensionless Memory) has made books obsolete
   Castro, Adam-Troy  Funeral March of the Marionettes, The  na  N-1997 NEB; 1998 HUG, LOC, novella; about a strange alien ritual & the one woman who understands it so well, she is willing to die for it; has a story in Bovberg & Whitham(ed): Skull Full of Spurs: A Roundup of Weird Westerns(2000)
1997 AUG  Williamson, Jack  Infinite Career, The  ar  discusses his sf career, influences in his life, inspirations to his works, incl. The Humanoids(1949), The Starchild trilogy(w. Pohl, 1977 omni), Brother to Demons, Brother to Gods(1979), Lifeburst(1984), Mazeway(1990); W-1994 WFA, Lifetime Achievement
   Lee, Mary Soon  Monstrosity  ss  N-1998 NEB, short story; story grew out of the writing workshop(the Pittsburgh Worldwrights) that she runs in Pittsburgh, where she lives; see her website at www.cs.cmu.ed/~mslee/hp.htm, where she posts information for new & would-be writers
   de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  br  essay: drawbacks of media-based & series books; Jonathan Lethem: As She Climbed Across the Table; Sarah J. Wrench: The Duke of Sumava; Jack Dann, Pamela Sargent, & George Zebrowski(ed): Three in Time: Classic Novels of Time Travel
   Hand, Elizabeth  Books  br  essay: novels of idea; Candas Jane Dorsey: Black Wine; Christopher Priest: The Prestige; Angela Carter: Burning Your Boats, the Collected Short Stories of Angela Carter; see Hand's entry in CANR, vol.84, p.178-179
   Epstein, Benita  Cartoon: Little Known Authors Seminar  ct  has been N-1999, 2000 & 2001, for Best Magazine Cartoonist; & N-2000, for Best Greeting Card Cartoonist; she was nominated twice for Best Gag Writer; all by the National Cartoonists Society
   Van Gelder, Gordon  Editor's Recommendations  br  Douglas E. Winter(ed): Revelations; Elizabeth Hand: Glimmering; J.G. Ballard: Crash; Rudy Rucker: Freeware; R. Garcia y Robertson: Atlantis Found("The Moon Maid," F&SF 1996 JUL, became part of it); Sargent(ed): Nebula Awards 31; Geoff Ryman: 253
   Lethem, Jonathan & Angus MacDonald  Edge of the Bed of Forever, The  nv  (1964- ; 1959- ) A.M. editor of California Entertainment Review, has pub. criticism & articles; 1st pub. story "Dead Language" in MZoo #7 1993 JUL; see; J.L. has novels Gun, with Occasional Music(1994), Amnesia Moon(1995)
   Koja, Kathe & Barry N. Malzberg  Orleans, Rheims, Friction: Fire  ss  (1960- ; 1939- ) the authors have collab. on dozens of stories
   Long  Cartoon  ct 
   West, Jake  Halls of Burning  ss  lives in Torrance, CA; has short stories "A Dearth of Ravens" in Plot WIN/SPR 1997, "Digital Hearts and Minds" in AMZ 1999 WIN
   Lee, Rand B.  Green Man, The  ss  freelance writer & lecturer specializing in horticulture & 'New Age' topics; co-editor of The American Cottage Gardener; president of The American Dianthus Society; this story dedicated to his younger brother Jeffrey, who died of AIDS in 1990, at age 35
   Maio, Kathi  Films: Portrait of the Artist As a Mama's Boy  mr  essay: depiction of writers in films, & how mothers are treated in films; Mother(1996), stars Albert Brooks, Debbie Reynolds; The Whole Wide World(1996), based on memoir Novalyne Price Ellis: One Who Walked Alone('98), on Robert E. Howard's life
   Long  Cartoon: Speculations - Disney's Ascendancy Continues Unchecked. In 2015 It Launches Its Most Ambitious Theme Park Ever. All Employees Are Expected to Follow Certain Rules.  ct  reprint of the 3rd cartoon in his Speculations series, 1st pub. in F&SF 1996 SEP; this time with one extra sentence
   Libling, Michael  Mosquito League  ss  new to sf field, but not to writing; a former student of Mordechai Richler, he has written speeches, motivational sermons, commercials, ad campaigns, newspaper columns, & other nf
   Martin, Michael A.  Giants in the Earth  ss  served as Marvel Comic's West Coast Field Rep, has co-authored an issue of Marvel's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comic book series
   Harris, S.  Cartoon  ct 
   Murphy, Pat & Paul Doherty  Science: Science of Invisibility, The  ar  (1955- ; ? - ? ) both work at San Francisco's hands-on science museum the Exploratorium; Doherty a physicist w. a PhD from MIT, teaches, writes science activity books; discussion of light; problems of being invisible; at-home invisibility experiments
   Harris, S.  Cartoon: Louis Pasteur's Secret Project ...  ct 
   Bourne, Mark  Mustard Seed  ss  has pub. fiction in Jennifer Hershey, etal(ed): Full Spectrum 5(1995), Esther M. Friesner(ed): Chicks in Chainmail(1995), & Mike Resnick(ed): Alternate Tyrants(1997); has eBook coll. Mars Dust & Magic Shows(2001), pub. by Scorpius Digital
   Jonik  Cartoon  ct 
   Nagata, Linda  Hooks, Nets, and Time  nv  has novels Deception Well(1997), a far future sf novel set on a space elevator above a hostile planet; Vast(1998; N-1998 NEB), aboard a giant starship thousands of years old, 4 survivors of an alien war seek a race whose automated warships ravage worlds
   Epstein, Benita  Cartoon: Unpublished Authors of the Big Bangs Theory  ct  see some of her cartoons at
1997 SEP  Friesner, Esther M.  True Believer  nv  has far future sf novel, The Psalms of Herod(1995), that goes way beyond Margaret Atwood's The Handmaiden's Tale(1985), in which an eco-disaster leads to a civilization that turns the slaughter of children into a sacrament; sequel The Sword of Mary(1996)
   de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  br  Kathleen Alcalá: Spirits of the Ordinary; Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling(ed): Black Swan, White Raven; Seamus Deane: Reading in the Dark; de Lint has omnibus, Jack of Kinrowan(1995), which coll. Jack, the Giant Killer(1987) & Drink Down the Moon(1990)
   Jonik  Cartoon  ct 
   West, Michelle  Musing on Books  br  William Browning Spencer: Zod Wallop; essay: "I react to books the same way I react to people ... there are books that I trust ..."; Tad Williams: Otherland: City of Golden Shadow; Terry Pratchett: Interesting Times
   Harris, S.  Cartoon: Berlin, 1926, Hans Geiger Counting  ct 
   Van Gelder, Gordon  Editor's Recommendations  br  Robert Silverberg: Sorcerers of Majipoor; Rebecca Brand: The Ruby Tear; Jack McDevitt: Eternity Road; Steve Erickson: American Nomad; Sam Moskowitz: Explorers of the Infinite: Shapers of Science Fiction(1963); Van Gelder N-1997-2000 HUG, editing F&SF
   Bova, Ben  Café Coup, The  ss  has nf books, The Craft of Writing Science Fiction That Sells(1994); w. Anthony R. Lewis, Space Travel(1997; N-1998 HUG), Time Travel: A Writer's Guide to the Science of Interplanetary and Interstellar Travel(1997)
   Bunch, David R.  Saint George Pens a Note to His Dragons, A (Disclosures and Offers)  ss  has coll. David R. "Moderan" Bunch Does Verse(1998); has poetry colls. We Have a Nervous Job(1983 chap), The Heartacher and the Werehouseman(2000); see obit in LOC 2000 JUL(#474)
   Shanahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Clayton, Jo  Borrowed Light  ss  (1939-1998) wn. for Patricia Jo Clayton; has 1st novel, Diadem ser., Diadem from the Stars(1977); Duel of Sorcery trilogy, 1st Monngather(1982); Drinker of Souls(1986, 1st of trilogy); Shadowsong trilogy, 1st The Burning Ground(1995); obit in LOC 1998 MAR
   Long  Cartoon: Speculations - It Will Become Clear That H.P. Lovecraft Was Actually a Journalist ...  ct  8th cartoon in his Speculations series
   Jeapes, Ben  Pages Out of Order  nv  (1965- ) from U.K.; 1st story pub. "Digital Cats Come Out Tonight" in anth. Digital Dreams(1990); has 1st novels ya His Majesty's Starship(1998 U.K.; vt The Ark, U.S. 2000), Winged Chariot(2000); see iv in INZ 2000 OCT,
   Long  Cartoon  ct 
   Di Filippo, Paul  Plumage From Pegasus: Only Thing Worse Than Yet One More Bad Trilogy, The  hues  scholarly paper from alternate world where SF died out in the 1960s due to an execrable TV ser., Star Trek, its cast Nick Adams(Capt. Tim Dirk), Sebastian Cabot(Strock), Larry Storch('Bones'), Mickey Rooney(Spotty), Twiggy(Sand), Jayne Mansfield(Impura)
   Hoffman, Nina Kiriki  World Within, The  ss  has fantasy novel The Silent Strength of Stones(1995; N-1996 LOC, NEB, WFA), about a boy who spies on members of his family, one of them a werewolf, one with power to control or "own" other people, & his resistance to the latter's talent(B&C, Clute)
   Masear, Arthur  Cartoon: Auditions for Cats  ct 
   Turtledove, Harry  Seventh Chapter, The  ss  has The Time of Troubles ser., The Stolen Throne(1995), Hammer and Anvil(1996), The Thousand Cities(1997); The Two Georges(1995 w. R. Dreyfuss), Thessalonica(1997), Between the Rivers(1998), Fox and Empire('98), Second Contact('99), Into the Darkness('99)
   Benford, Gregory  Scientist's Notebook, A: Colliding Cultures  ar  cultures in collision, as experienced at the International Conference on the Synthesis of Science and Religion, in Calcutta; sponsored by the Hare Krishnas; East vs. West, science & technology vs. religion & the third world, Mind vs. Matter
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 

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