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1998 JAN  Hoffman, Nina Kiriki  Gone to Heaven Shouting  nv  has novels in ya ser., R.L. Stine's Fear Street #14: Invasion of the Body Switchers(1997), #23: Why I'm Not Afraid of Ghosts(1997), #30: I Was a Sixth-Grade Zombie(1998); novel w. Kristine Kathryn Rusch & Dean Wesley Smith, Star Trek Voyager: Echoes(1997)
   Harris, S.  Cartoon: Alice Finds That the Looking Glass Is Made of Lexan, and She Can't Get Through It  ct 
   West, Michelle  Musing on Books  br  essay: Robin McKinley's novels; Robin McKinley: Rose Daughter; Sharon Shinn: Jovah's Angel; Will Shetterly: Dogland; as Sagara, also in The Sundered series, Lady of Mercy(1993), & Chains of Darkness, Chains of Light(1994)
   Winter, Douglas E.  Books  br  essay: cloning novels; Michael Marshall Smith: Spares; John Case(ps.): The Genesis Code; M. John Harrison: Signs of Life; Ballard: Cocaine Nights; Jonathan Coe: The House of Sleep; Wilson & Costello: Mirage; Mayra Montero: In the Palm of Darkness; 2 more
   Masear, Arthur  Cartoon  ct 
   Bailey, Dale  Night of the Fireflies  ss  in this story Dale Bailey returns to the world made famous by Ray Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451(); see online review in Webzine Random Musings at
   Coulter, Lynn B.  Singing Thing, The  ss  also in F&SF as Lynn Coulter; has journalism degree from Georgia State Univ.; worked for Eastern Air Lines until it closed, giving her the impetus to turn to writing
   Maio, Kathi  Films: Touched by an ... Alien  mr  Contact(1997), orig. written in '80 by Carl Sagan & his wife Ann Druyan as a screenplay, then in '85 by Sagan as a novel, dir. Robert Zemeckis, stars Jodie Foster, Tom Skerritt; see Sagan book, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark('95)
   Boyett, Steven R.  Current Affairs  ss  has heavily illus. ecological novel The Gnole(1991), w. Alan Aldridge; book Treks Not Taken(1998), a coll. of Star Trek: The Next Generation parodies, written in imitation of well-known authors, see review in ASI 1999 JAN; eBook coll. Orphans(2001)
   Long  Cartoon: Speculations - Shrinking Number of Increasingly Immense Corporations Will Provide All of Our Employment, Goods, and Services, Radically Altering the Quality of ..., A  ct  10th cartoon in his Speculations series
   Benford, Gregory  Scientist's Notebook, A: Our Complex Greenhouse  ar  Earth & the greenhouse effect, Part 1 of 2; a simplified explanation of the causes of the greenhouse effect, its past occurrences, & some simple ways that may help to curtail it(such as plant trees); what will happen if we can't control it
   Harris, S.  Cartoon  ct 
   Finch, Sheila  Reading the Bones  na  W-1998 NEB; N-1999 LOC; 6th story in F&SF in Lingster ser.; how the differences in language betw. native populations on the planet Krishna widen the gulf betw. them, & about one man who ultimately must try to bridge that chasm; being exp. into a novel
   Long  Cartoon: Speculations - Television—High Defintion Television.  ct  11th cartoon in his Speculations series
1998 FEB  MacLeod, Ian R.  Home Time  nv  N-1999 LOC, novelette; has coll. Voyages by Starlight(1997; N-1998 LOC); 1st sf novel, The Great Wheel(1997; W-1998 LOC), about a priest in Africa who investigates a disease and finds politics & poverty(B&C)
   Epstein, Benita  Cartoon  ct 
   de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  br  Rafi Zabor: The Bear Comes Home; James Patrick Kelly: Think Like a Dinosaur and Other Stories; Kara Dalkey: Steel Rose; see de Lint's entry in CA, vol.126, p.72-73
   Killheffer, Robert K.J.  Books  br  essay: time travel novels; Connie Willis: To Say Nothing of the Dog; J.R. Dunn: Days of Cain; Three in Time: Classic Novels of Time Travel, by Chad Oliver(The Winds of Time), Wilson Tucker(The Year of the Quiet Sun), & Poul Anderson(There Will Be Time)
   Van Gelder, Gordon  Editor's Recommendations  br  Merril(ed): The Year's Best S-F anth. ser.; Bester: Virtual Unrealities; Beagle: Giant Bones, & The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzche and Other Odd Acquaintances; Soukup: The Arbitrary Placement of Walls; Lloyd Alexander: The Iron Ring; 5 more
   Chilson, Rob  This Side of Independence  ss  has sf novels Men Like Rats(1989), about men living in the corridors & pantries of giant aliens(B&C); Rounded with Sleep(1990), a professional hero living on an Earth taken over by a computerized fantasy role-playing game(B&C); see Biolog ANA 1984 APR
   Ore, Rebecca  Accelerated Grimace  ss  has Becoming Alien trilogy, Becoming Alien(1988; N-1997 DIC; 1988 LOC), Being Alien(1989; N-1989 DIC; 1990 LOC), Human to Human(1990); The Illegal Rebirth of Billy the Kid(1991), Slow Funeral(1994), Gaia's Toys(1995), Outlaw School(2000)
   Di Filippo, Paul  Plumage From Pegasus: You Won't Take Me Alive! (Without at Least Ten Percent of the Box Office Gross)  hues  agent Dorsey Kazin, SFWA Griefcom, on the scene of a "new-fangled hostage-based contract negotiation"; writer Theodolite Sangborn has allegedly abducted his editor Sherri Drysack ...
   Beckert, Christine  Graft  nv  (1946- ) former high school English teacher & technical writer; lives in Groton, MA; has pub. in AMZ, TotU, PWr, After Hours, Midnight Zoo, WotF Vol.VIII(1992); story dedicated to nursing instructor Nancy Voneman for providing technical info
   Watson, Ian  Boy Who Lost an Hour, the Girl Who Lost Her Life, The  ss  has colls. The Coming of Vertumnus and Other Stories(1994; N-1995 LOC), The Great Escape(2002); poetry coll. The Lexicographer's Love Song and Other Poems(2001 chap); his poem "Ode to My Screen Saver" in WRT 1999 SPR(#315), was N-2000 RHY
   Benford, Gregory  Scientist's Notebook, A: Bright Future: Fixing the Greenhouse  ar  Earth & the greenhouse effect, Part 2 of 2; possible solutions to fixing the problem incl. seeding the oceans w. iron, seeding the upper atmosphere w. sulfuric acid droplets; becoming bioengineers of Earth, to try to increase our planet's albedo
   Nadler, M.  Cartoon  ct  draws with pencil/pen & paper, using watercolors & carbon or pastel pencils to finish inked drawings; uses a Mac computer for scanning cartoons into Photoshop; also been pub. in Reader's Digest, Barron's, SEP, American Scientist, USA Weekend, etc
   Blaylock, James P.  Old Curiosity Shop, The  nv  (1950- ) 1st story pub. sf "The Red Planet" in Unearth #3 1977; 1st novels fantasies in Elfin ser., The Elfin Ship(1982), The Disappearing Dwarf(1983), The Stone Giant(1989); Homunculus(1986), Winter Tides(1997); see
1998 MAR  Cowdrey, Albert E.  White Magic  nv  2nd story in his Azalea Place, New Orleans series
   Masear, Arthur  Cartoon  ct 
   de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  br  J.V. Jones: The Barbed Coil; James P. Blaylock: Winter Tides; Michael Reaves: Voodoo Child; de Lint has pub. thru Triskell Press his 1st chapbook, The Oak King's Daughter(1979), & A Pattern of Silver Strings: A Tale of Cerin Songweaver(1981)
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   West, Michelle  Musing on Books  br  Mary Doria Russell: The Sparrow; Kate Elliott: Prince of Dogs; Terry Pratchett: Maskerade; as M.W., has Sacred Hunt fantasy series, Hunter's Oath(1995), & Hunter's Death(1996), set in a kingdom where hunters must annually their god's prey(B&C)
   Bova, Ben  Remember, Caesar ...  ss  has Moonrise ser., Moonrise(1996), Moonwar(1998); nf Immortality: How Science Is Extending Your Life Span(1998); novels Return to Mars(1999), Venus(2000), Jupiter(2001); Asimov writes of Bova in I. Asimov(1994); see iv in LOC 2000 NOV(#478)
   Seelhammer, Cynthia  Gentle Horses  ss  her 1st published story; born in Minnesota, where at the age of 11 she had a stubborn & ill-trained mare; now lives in the San Tan mountains of Arizona, where she is the town manager of Queen Creek(population 4,000); attended Clarion in 1992
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Morressy, John  Reflection and Insight  ss  15th story in F&SF in his Kedrigern the wizard series
   Long  Cartoon: Speculations - Caller Eradication Leads to the Extinction of Telemarketers, the Jerky Boys, and Old, Alcoholic, College Friends  ct  12th cartoon in his Speculations series
   Resnick, Mike  Forgotten Treasures  br  Harry Harrison: Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers; Fredric Brown: Nightmares and Geezenstacks; C.L. Moore: Judgment Night; Zenna Henderson: Pilgrimage: Book of the People, & The People: No Different Flesh; Poul Anderson: Tau Zero; 7 more
   Donati, Stefano  Last of the Glass Menageries, The  ss  his 1st pub. story; lives in Bennington, VT; story somewhat of a blending of Tennessee Williams' work with Cyril Kornbluth's "The Marching Morons"; has short story "Literacy" in Dave Wolverton(ed): Writers of the Future, Vol.XIV(1998)
   Fitch, Marina  Imprints  nv  has novel The Border(1999), about a Mexican woman with a magical inner voice who crosses the U.S. border illegally to seek her long-lost sister; has interview in LOC 1999 APR(#459); has eBook coll. Pieces of the Sky(2001), pub. by Scorpius Digital
   Doherty, Paul & Pat Murphy  Science: Gravity for the Adventurous  ar  gravity experiments you can try at home to show that not all objects fall at the same speed, the speed of gravity; experiments shown incl. the free fall ride "The Drop Zone" at Great America, slinky's, bungee jumpers, the yardstick & the coin
   Masear, Arthur  Cartoon: Skippy  ct 
   McGarry, Mark J.  Mercy Gate, The  nv  (1958- ) N-1998 NEB; 1999 LOC; editor at one of the largest newspapers in the U.S., & of the Bulletin of the SF&FWA; has book of 3 novellas with Gleen Chang & Phyllis Gotlieb, The Edge of Space(1979); sf adventure novels Sun Dogs(1981), Blank Slate(1984)
1998 APR  Bowes, Richard  So Many Miles to the Heart of a Child  nv  8th story in F&SF in Kevin Grierson ser.; ser. coll. in fixup novel Minions of the Moon(1999; N-1999 NEB); has na "From the Files of the Time Rangers" pub. online at; other Time Ranger stories pub. at & in F&SF 2001 MAY, 2002 MAY
   de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  br  Robin McKinley: Rose Daughter; Elisabeth DeVos: The Seraphim Rising; Susie Moloney: A Dry Spell; de Lint has pub. thru Triskell Press his chapbooks, Glass Eyes and Cotton Strings(1982), In Mask and Motley(1983)
   Long  Cartoon  ct 
   Hand, Elizabeth  Books  br  essay: in an odd reversal "mainstream has ... seen its banks overflow with ... fabulists ... (& sf/f) books this year ... have been distinctly understated"; Howard McCord: The Man Who Walked to the Moon; Jean Hegland: Into the Forest
   Van Gelder, Gordon  Editor's Recommendations  br  Scott Westerfeld: Polymorph; Hendrix: Lightpaths; S.V. Dąte: Final Orbit; Benford(ed): The New Hugo Winners Vol.IV; Mark Sumner: Devil's Tower, & Devil's Engine; Card & Ferrell(ed): Black Mist; Faust: Bodekker's Demons; Shea: The Mines of Behemoth; 3 more
   Wilber, Rick  Straight Changes  ss  baseball story; has coll. Where Garagiola Waits and Other Baseball Stories(1999), in which Wilber discusses, in story intros & notes, how baseball, family, & writing came together in these pieces(B&C); he's the fiction editor at
   Harris, S.  Cartoon: Flightless Birds  ct 

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