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1998 OCT/NOV  Pollack, Rachel  Fool, the Stick, and the Princess, The  ss  (1945- ) 1st story pub. sf "Pandora's Bust" in New Worlds Quarterly 2(1971) as by Richard A. Pollack; 1st novel Golden Vanity(1980); Unquenchable Fire(1988; W-1989 CLA), Temporary Agency(1994), Godmother Night(1996; W-1997 WFA); coll. Burning Sky(1998)
   Shanahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Moffett, Judith  Bradshaw, The  na  N-1999 LOC, novella; 2nd story in F&SF in Hefn series; novella written while living in Salt Lake City; took off a year tending gardens, raising ducks in a Philadelphia suburb, written up in Homestead Year(1995); now lives in Cincinnati & Philadelphia
   Di Filippo, Paul  Plumage From Pegasus: Scissors Cut Paper, Paper Covers Schlock  hues  a hundred years hence, the clones Stephen King VI & John Grisham III are faced with a challenge by Michael Crichton IV, their partner at the volatile publishing house, KGC Publishing
   Long  Cartoon: From Our Catalog ... for Office Verité  ct 
   Davidson, Avram  Blunt  ss  an excerpt from an unfinished novel, The Corpsmen, from the mid 1950s, a ser. of loosely connected character sketches about members of the WWII Naval Medical Corps; discovered by Henry Wessels, who maintains an A.D. website at
   Benford, Gregory  Scientist's Notebook, A: Portrait of Humanity, A  ar  spacecraft Cassini & Huygens Probe lander, Part 3 of 3; the final product, a diamond wafer etched with a message to describe all of humanity, Earth & the solar system; Cassini launced in 1997 NOV, to arrive at Saturn in late 2004, probe to land on Titan
   Castro, Adam-Troy  Crisis on Ward H!  ss  has Spiderman trilogy, The Gathering of the Sinister Six(2000), The Revenge of the Sinister Six(2000), The Secret of the Sinister Six(forthcoming); dark sf/f coll. An Alien Darkness(2000); horror coll. A Desperate Decaying Darkness(2000)
   Rosenblum, Mary  Rainmaker, The  nv  N-1999 LOC, nv; has coll. Synthesis and Other Virtual Realities(1996; N-1997 LOC); murder mystery ser., as by Mary Freeman, Devil's Trumpet(1999), Deadly Nightshade(1999), Bleeding Heart(2000), featuring Oregon landscaping gardener Rachel O'Connor
   Murphy, Pat  Ménage and Menagerie (under the influence of Jane Austen)  nv  has dark fantasy novel Nadya(1996; N-1996 TIP; 1997 LOC), about a young woman in the 1830s Missouri frontier who discovers she is a werewolf(B&C); sf novel There and Back Again(1999); see iv's in INZ #42 1990, MZBFM 1991 SUM, LOC 1988 OCT & 1999 JUL
   Lethem, Jonathan  Curiosities: The Unholy City, by Charles Finney, 1937  br  The Unholy City(1937) by Charles Finney, which explores the futuristic city of Heilar-Wey "in a single evening from the perspective of 2 travelers"; J.L. has coll. The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye(1996; W-1997 WFA); novel Girl in Landscape(1998)
1998 DEC  Eisenstein, Phyllis  Island in the Lake, The  nv  N-1999 NEB, novelette; 8th story in her Alaric series
   de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  br  Caitlín R. Kiernan: Silk; Don Webb: The Double: An Investigation; Francesca Lia Block: Dangerous Angels; de Lint has pub. thru Triskell Press his chapbook The Lark in the Morning(1987), & more recently, The Buffalo Man(1999)
   West, Michelle  Musing on Books  br  essay: books about gender issues; Carolyn Ives Gilman: Halfway Human; James Alan Gardner: Commitment Hour; as M.W., also in The Sun Sword series, The Uncrowned King(1998), The Shining Court(1999); she lives in Toronto
   Cotham, Frank  Cartoon  ct  his first cartoon sale was to Saturday Review in the late 1970s, then left TV for good for fulltime cartooning in 1987; has pub. work in The New Yorker, Barron's, Saturday Evening Post, Punch, etc.
   Van Gelder, Gordon  Editor's Recommendations  br  Avram Davidson & Grania Davis: The Boss in the Wall; Cady: The Night We Buried Road Dog; Jean Ray: Malpertuis; Kress: Dynamic Characters; Le Guin: Steering the Craft; Van Gelder & Ferman have anth. The Best from F&SF: The Fiftieth Anniversary Anth.(1999)
   Tiedemann, Mark W.  Psyché  ss  this fantasy was inspired by a painting(bearing the same title) of a young woman gazing at herself—off-center—in a mirror; the artist, Berthe Morisot, an Impressionist, was married to the brother of the artist Manet
   Oltion, Jerry  Miracle, The  ss  the Oregon hill which inspired this story actually does have a very rare crystal deposit on it—the only other place on Earth where it can be found is in the Middle East; has sf novelization Star Trek Captain's Table #6: Where Sea Meets Sky(1998)
   Reitan, Eric  Faerie Storm  ss  lives in Washington State; facilitates non-violence workshops in prisons; has story "A Socratic Pacifist in King Arthur's Court" in Plot 1997 WIN/SPR
   Cook, Hugh  Heroes of the Third Millennium  ss  (1956- ) born in Essex, U.K.; lived in New Zealand; has BA from Univ. of Auckland in English & Japanese; 1st novel Plague Summer(1980); has long Chronicles of an Age of Darkness ser., Wizard War(1987), The Witchlord and the Weaponmaster(1992)
   Cheney  Cartoon  ct  presently a staff cartoonist for The New Yorker Magazine; "workday begins at 7 PM, when he begins writing cartoon ideas for the next day's drawing session. This gives an overnight 'cooling off' period, (to see) if they're still funny the following AM"
   Doherty, Paul & Pat Murphy  Science: Close Encounters of the Gravitational Kind  ar  gravity; experiments with gravity, to understand "gravity-assisted" maneuvers spacecraft use to reach the planets of the outer solar system; Pat has edited the Exploratorium Museum's journal, the Exploratorium Quarterly, since 1982
   Bailey, Dale  Cockroach  nv  this story reviewed in the Webzine Tangent, in which it is compared to the "somewhat obscure" Ray Bradbury short story "The Small Assassin" in Dime Mystery 1946 NOV(reprt. in Suspense 1951 SPR), at
   F&SF staff  Index to Volumes 94 & 95: 1998 JAN-DEC  indx 
   Laidlaw, Marc  Curiosities: The Diamond in the Window, by Jane Langton, 1962  br  The Diamond in the Window(1962), by Jane Langton(1922- ), a ya fantasy about two children, Edward & Eleanor Hall, who discover a "cryptic poem tantamount to a treasure map" in a secret attic room; has sequel, The Swing in the Summerhouse(1967)
   Long  Cartoon: Speculations - Cryogenically Preserved People Will Eventually Be Thawed Out ... "Mmmm, It Tastes Just Like Chicken"  ct  15th cartoon in his Speculations series

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