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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Banks, Raymond E.  Short Ones, The  1955 MAR  nv  wrote a radio play performed on the NBC network; used ps. Fred Freair for short story "Life of a Salesman" in PLS 1954 WIN, an issue in which he also had a short story under his own name, "Bottom Is Up"; pub. 33 stories in sf mags. between 1953-1969
   Natural Frequency  1959 FEB  ss  has L.A. Private Detective Sam King mystery novel series, Meet Me in Darkness(1960), about murder & dames at the Hotel Conroy; & Computer Kill(1961), as Sam works for a "curvy girl scientist" whose million dollar computer was stolen
   Rabbits to the Moon  1959 JUL  ss  has erotic sf/f novel Daryk: Skull Keep of the Primal Clans(1978), about the "erotic barbarian adventures of Daryk, Skull Keep of Dunnon"
   Revenant, The  1960 AUG  ss 
Banks, Richard  Daddy's People  1961 APR  ss  freelance writer in the 1930s, assoc. director of the Yale Univ. News Bureau; has children's book, The Mysterious Leaf(1955), & the short story "Secret of the River of No Return" in Uncensored Detective 1950 DEC
Barber, Dulan  Cuckoo  1978 FEB  ss  (1940-1988) 1st pub. in The Thirteenth Ghost Book(1977); writer, teaches writing at Morley College(London); uses ps. David Fletcher for 1st novel Raffles(1977), & for coll. Mother o'Pearl(1970), mysteries Rainbow in Hell(1983), On Suspicion(1985), etc
Barker, Clive  How Spoilers Bleed  1988 OCT  nv  (1952- ) 1st pub. in Clive Barker's Books of Blood, Vol.6(1985); born & raised in Liverpool, started out as a playwright; 1st story pub. horror Clive Barker's Books of Blood, Vol.1-3(1984); see iv's in WRT 1988 FLL, CMD 1992 WIN & 1993 WIN, DTH 1996 AUT
Barkin, Haskell  Mr. Sperling Bugs Out  1974 JUL  ss  (1934?- ) from California, political public relations writer; has had stories in PBY, EQMM
   Time Is Money  1976 JAN  ss 
   Pain Killer  1985 SEP  ss  has written for the TV series Loveboat, & Tales from the Darkside
Barnes, John  How Cold She Is, and Dumb  1986 JUN  nv  (1957- ) has BA & MA in political science from Washington Univ., MA in theater from Univ. of Montana; 1st story pub. sf "Finalities Besides the Grave" in AMZ 1985 SEP; 1st novel The Man Who Pulled Down the Sky(1987); married to writer Kara Dalkey
Barnett, C.A.  Tale to Tell, A  1952 APR  ss  his 1st pub. story
Barr, Donald  Extra Ancestor, The  1989 NOV  ss  (1921- ) taught English, was Dean of Engineering at Columbia Univ.; was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the National Council on Educational Research; has sf novels A Slightly Gothic Interplanetary Tale(1973), space opera, & A Planet in Arms(1981)
Barr, Robert  Doom of London, The  1954 JUL  ss  (1850-1912) 1st pub. in the magazine he edited, The Idler, in 1892 NOV, & in his coll. The Face & the Mask(1894); Scottish writer & editor; has colls. In a Steamer Chair and Other Shipboard Stories(1892), Revenge!(1896), novel From whose Bourne(1893)
Barr, Stephen  Vandals, The  1958 JUL  ss  contributes to EQMM & ATL
   Homing Instinct of Joe Vargo, The  1959 DEC  ss 
   Oh I'll Take the High Road  1960 JUL  ss 
   Callahan and the Wheelies  1960 AUG  nv 
   Mr. Medley's Time Pill  1961 MAY  ss 
   Master of Altamira, The  1964 JUN  ss  lives in Woodstock, NY
   Evaporation of Jugby, The  1968 SEP  ss 
   Miss Van Winkle  1968 DEC  ss 
   Art Machine, The  1971 MAR  vi 
   Man Trainers, The  1971 JUN  ss 
   Sense of the Future, A  1972 JUL  ss 
   For the Birds  1975 JUL  ss 
Barrett, Neal Jr  Walk on Toy, A  1971 SEP  nv  (1929- ) grew up in Oklahoma City, lives in Austin, TX; 1st story pub. "Yellow Hair," Toronto Daily Star in 1959; 1st stories pub. sf "To Tell the Truth" in GAL 1960 AUG, & "Made in Archerius" in AMZ 1960 AUG; 1st novel sword & sorcery, Kelwin(1970)
   Flying Stutzman, The  1978 JUL  nv  has novels The Gates of Time(1970), The Leaves of Time(1971), latter alternate-history tale; Stress Pattern(1974); Aldair seq., Aldair in Albion(1976), Aldair, Master of Ships(1977), Aldair, Across the Misty Sea(1980), Aldair: The Legion of Beasts(1982)
   Hero  1979 SEP  nv  has novels Stress Pattern(1974), a densely constructed fable set on an alien planet(Clute); Through Darkest America(1987), & sequel Dawn's Uncertain Light(1989), about the protoganist's journey thru a terrifyingly bleak & terminally scarred U.S.(Clute)
   "Day at the Fair, A"  1981 MAR  ss  has used ps. Victor Appleton, Terrence Duncan, Rebecca Drury, Wesley Ellis(Lone Star western ser.), J.D. Hardin, etc; fantasy The Hereafter Gang(1991); mys. Pink Vodka Blues(1992), Dead Dog Blues(1994), Skinny Annie Blues(1996), Bad Eye Blues(1997)
Barry, Jerome  Milk of Paradise, The  1953 DEC  ss  (1894-1975) Jerome Benedict Barry; born in Brooklyn; has mystery novels Murder with Your Malted(1941), Leopard Cat's Cradle(1942), Lady of the Night(1944), Extreme License(1958), Malignant Stars(1960), Fall Guy(1960), Strange Relations(1963)
Barstow, D.  Cartoon: Ames Temporary Employment  1994 MAY  ct  working name for Donna Barstow; lives in California; her cartoons have been pub. in over 150 newspapers, mags., & books, incl. NYM, & the Chicken Soup books; see her website at
   Cartoon: I Love My Alien Pet  1997 MAY  ct  has a weekly cartoon feature, Daily Special, about restaurants, dining out & cooking that's pub. in the L.A. Times, Salt Lake Tribune, San Francisco Bay Guardian, & other newspapers & mags.; info on her techniques & work habits can be found on her website
Basch, Joan Patricia  Matog  1966 AUG  ss  born in Brooklyn, raised in Brazil, now back in Brooklyn, studied for the theatre
   Alas, Poor Yorick! I Knew Him Well Enuff  1967 OCT  ss  has appeared in off-Broadway plays
Bates, Russell  Rite of Encounter  1973 MAY  ss  (1941- ) full-blood Kiowa, student at Univ. of Oklahoma, U.S.A.F. veteran; "there is a world of experience and culture that is exclusively Amerindian that has never been told ... that I have set out to try to relate"; had bit role in Porky's II(1983)
Baudino, Gael  Shadow of the Starlight, The  1985 APR  nv  (1955- ) 1st & only story in F&SF in Natil ser.; lives in Denver; performs music at local cafes; story to be in coll. Spires of Spirit(1997), set in the Natil world of novel Strands of Starlight(1989), etc; has novel Gossamer Axe(1990; W-1991 Lambda)
   Persistence of Memory, The  1985 NOV  ss  others in Natil ser. Maze of Moonlight(1993), Shroud of Shadow (1993), Strands of Sunlight(1994); Dragonsword ser. Dragonsword(1988), Duel of Dragons(1991), Dragon Death(1992); Water! ser. O Greenest Branch!(1995), The Dove Looked In(1996), one more
Baxter, Stephen  Huddle  1999 MAY  nv  (1957- ) W-2000 LOC, nv; from the U.K.; 1st story pub. "The Xeelee Flowers" in INZ 1987 #19; 1st novel Raft(1991); The Time Ships(1995; W-1996 BSF, CLA, DIC), Voyage(1996; W-1996 SDW), The Fate Machine(1999); iv's in INZ 1991 AUG, LOC 1996 APR & 1998 JUL
Beagle, Peter S.  Come Lady Death  1966 AUG  ss  (1939- ) 1st pub. in ATL 1963 SEP; born & raised in the Bronx; 1st story pub. nongenre "Telephone Call" in Seventeen, in 1956; has 1st novel A Fine and Private Place(1960), is highly praised, "a supernatural fiction in chamber-opera form"(Clute)
Bear, D. Thomas  Massahattan Snap Tube, The  1976 JUL  ss  "I have lived in Europe ... (worked) for a bank in Germany, taught rowing in England & searched for the Loch Ness monster ... in the U.S., I have been a travel agent, tour guide & house painter. At present, I'm building a house in the country ..."
Bear, Greg  Eucharist  1981 JUN  ss  (1951- ) wn. for Gregory Dale Bear, son-in-law of Poul Anderson; 1st story pub. sf "Destroyers" in FMS 1967 WIN; 1st novel Hegira(1979; rev. 1987 UK); Blood Music(ANA 1983 JUN; W-1983 NEB; 1984 HUG, nv; exp. 1985; N-1985 NEB; 1986 HUG, JWC; 1987 BSF)
Beauclerk, Jane  We Serve the Star of Freedom  1964 JUL  ss  (1933- ) 1st story in Stars series; ps. for librarian & poet M(ary) J(ane) Engh, her 1st sale of a story; born in Illinois, she attended Univ. of Chicago & the Univ. of Illinois; has a BA degree in history
Beauclerk, Jean  Lord Moon  1965 APR  ss  N-1965 NEB, short story; 2nd & last story in Stars series
Beaumont, Charles  Last Caper, The  1954 MAR  ss  (1929-1967) ps. for Charles Leroy Nutt, changed his name legally to Charles Beaumont; 1st story pub. sf "The Devil, You Say?" in AMZ 1951 JAN
   Quadriopticon, The  1954 AUG  nv  an early sf fan, he has his own fanzine Utopia, in 1945; tried an acting career in Hollywood before turning to writing
   Free Dirt  1955 MAY  ss  wrote scripts for Hollywood movies, TV shows, including 21 episodes of The Twilight Zone(1959-1964 TV series)
   New Sound, The  1955 JUN  ss  also in F&SF with co-author Chad Oliver in Claude Adams series, 1955 APR(#636), & 1956 FEB(#751)
   Vanishing American, The  1955 AUG  ss  see articles "A Short Incandescent Life" by Ray Russel, & "Charles Beaumont: The Magic Man" by William F. Nolan, both in J.N. Williamson(ed): Masques(1984)
   Science Screen, The  1955 SEP  mr  quarterly review of current science fiction and fantasy movies; 2 trends of f & sf film criticism; movies This Island Earth(1955); Conquest of Space(1955); Cult of the Cobra(1955)

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