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Benford, Gregory  Scientist's Notebook, A: Big Wham, The  1995 MAR  ar  asteroids in near-Earth orbit; the possibilities of future, & the past history of asteroid collisions with Earth; article by J.E. Enever "Giant Meteor Impact" in ANA 1966 MAR was the first detailed study; funding for the study of near-Earth Apollo objects
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Biotech and Nanodreams  1995 MAY  ar  nanotechnology & biotechnology, where they stand today & some ideas of their future, in the fields of agriculture, mining, & cryonics; a brief recital of the steps involved in reanimating a cryogenic "corpsicle"; beyond the foreseeable future
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Fourth Dimension, The  1995 JUN  ar  4th dimension; "use of time as an added dimension," first by literature, Reverend Edwin Abbott: Flatland(1884), then by Einstein in science; time as it relates to general, special relativity & quantum mechanics; Benford has been an advisor to NASA, DOE
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Far Future, The  1995 JUL  ar  far future of the solar system, galaxies, & universe; if man can somehow survive thru billions of years, will he be able to adjust to survive the end of the solar system & various ends of the universe?; Benford has novel Chiller(1993) as by Sterling Blake
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Life at the Galactic Center  1995 AUG  ar  Milky Way Galaxy's center; center's black hole & other physical features & conditions there; what kinds of life(photovores, metallovores, machine life) that may exist there, as expounded in many of his novels; Benford been White House Space Policy advisor
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Sex, Gender, and Fantasy  1995 SEP  ar  human sexuality & issues of sexuality; the differences between male & female bodies, brains, & sexual strategies; sf & future sexuality, John Varley's The Ophiuchi Hotline(1977), Steel Beach(1992); nf books by Edward Wilson; homosexuality's role?
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Odyssey Galactic, An  1995 OCT/NOV  ar  Benford's roles & work on the Japanese(NHK) science series, A Galactic Odyssey(1990-91; & 5-book series); his experience as script writer, science advisor, & narrator, & what he learned "about how science & sf interact"
   Scientist's Notebook, A: America As Rome  1996 MAR  ar  America & Rome, an analogy, begun by sf writers L. Sprague de Camp(Lest Darkness Fall), Isaac Asimov(Foundation series), William Golding(Envoy Extraordinary; 1956); detailed study of Rome's decline with the problems faced by the U.S.A. of today
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Scientist Heroes  1996 APR  ar  science "itself has few heroes ... scientific greatness is ... curiously impersonal"; a few great scientists - Marconi(1874-1937), Edison(1847-1931), Darwin(1809-1882), Newton(1642-1727), Archimedes(287-212 BC), Einstein(1979-1955), Sagan(1934-1996)
   Scientist's Notebook, A:  1996 JUN  ar  sf fandom & the computer internet are analogous; comparison of the development of the Net, with that of fandom which began in 1930, shows striking similarities; can these comparisons presage the future of the Net?
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Diamond Age, A  1996 AUG  ar  element carbon & its forms, esp. diamond; how the physical properties of diamond make it useful in various technologies, incl. its use in the making of a 'skyhook'; methods that diamonds are made; Benford a Prof. of Physics at Univ.of California(Irvine)
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Wired Bio-World, The  1996 OCT/NOV  ar  biological & computer technology convergence, does it promise a radically different age?; futurist Walter Truett Anderson: Evolution Isn't What It Used to Be(1996); gene banks, satellite monitoring of ecosystems, transgenic transplants, geneware
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Life on Mars?  1997 FEB  ar  planets, Mars; Part 1 of 2; 3 major scientific discoveries in 1996 suggest possibility of life on Mars, elsewhere; microbes found at undersea hot volcanic vent; Martian meteorite shows hints of life; satellite Europa found to have cracks in its icy crust
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Going to Mars  1997 MAR  ar  planet, Mars; Part 2 of 2; understanding its past & measuring its present; evidence of water, oceans, ice ages on Mars; low cost ways for manned missions to Mars; see Robert Zubrin: The Case for Mars, & his Mars Direct plan
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Colliding Cultures  1997 SEP  ar  cultures in collision, as experienced at the International Conference on the Synthesis of Science and Religion, in Calcutta; sponsored by the Hare Krishnas; East vs. West, science & technology vs. religion & the third world, Mind vs. Matter
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Selfness  1997 OCT/NOV  ar  selfness, consciousness of self, as possibly felt by clones, twins, & uploaded Digital 'Dittos'; how is or can there be a continuation of self after comas, brain surgery, or cryogenic procedures; the bioethics involved in all this
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Our Complex Greenhouse  1998 JAN  ar  Earth & the greenhouse effect, Part 1 of 2; a simplified explanation of the causes of the greenhouse effect, its past occurrences, & some simple ways that may help to curtail it(such as plant trees); what will happen if we can't control it
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Bright Future: Fixing the Greenhouse  1998 FEB  ar  Earth & the greenhouse effect, Part 2 of 2; possible solutions to fixing the problem incl. seeding the oceans w. iron, seeding the upper atmosphere w. sulfuric acid droplets; becoming bioengineers of Earth, to try to increase our planet's albedo
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Boom and Zoom  1998 APR  ar  computerized offices of the future, where will the World Wide Web lead us?; a fictional "scenario to convey (his) speculations"; Benford has novel with Mark O. Martin, A Darker Geometry(1995), set in Larry Niven's Man-Kzin world; novel Cosm(1998)
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Vaults in Vacuum  1998 AUG  ar  spacecraft Cassini & Huygens Probe lander, designing a message to be affixed to each of them, Part 1 of 3; determining a mathematical basis for the language of the message that is natural, not man-made, so that non-human intelligent life might understand
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Imagining Other Minds  1998 SEP  ar  spacecraft Cassini & Huygens Probe lander, designing a message for them, Part 2 of 3; "contemplating a message that utterly different minds could fathom"; liftoff November 1997; semiotics: study of non-verbal communication, & mathematics
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Portrait of Humanity, A  1998 OCT/NOV  ar  spacecraft Cassini & Huygens Probe lander, Part 3 of 3; the final product, a diamond wafer etched with a message to describe all of humanity, Earth & the solar system; Cassini launced in 1997 NOV, to arrive at Saturn in late 2004, probe to land on Titan
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Is It Smart to Be Smart?  1999 JAN  ar  evolution & intelligence; how did natural selection work in man's case?; comparisons w. cetacean & primate species, their evolution; is higher intelligence a favored natural selection or trait?; outlook for SETI; Benford has novel The Martian Race(1999)
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Teeth of Time, The  1999 MAR  ar  time, deep time messages; how humans perceive the past, the passage of time & their future, Part 1 of 4; how cave paintings, obelisks, Monuments are & have been perceived; portions of this essay appear in his nf book Deep Time(1999); has novel Eater(2000)
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Future Wonders: High Church and Kilroy  1999 APR  ar  time, deep time messages; how cultures have tried to leave permanent traces of their existence, Part 2 of 4; Greeks' var. lists of the 7 Wonders, & the American Society of Civil Engineers; methods used, High Church(lasting monuments), Kilroy(graffiti)
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Sending Meaning Across Epochs  1999 MAY  ar  time, deep time messages, Part 3 of 4; semiotic(non-verbal) meanings such as architecture, change over time, as culture & time shape them; how best to send messages over time; latest fads, since 1793, is time capsules, is inefficient; from Deep Time(1999)
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Long Future, The  1999 JUN  ar  time, deep time messages, Part 4 of 4; "the many ways we are attempting to leave markers that endure thru centuries & what they reveal about us"; from temples to CD disks; portions appear in his 1st nf book Deep Time(1999); see
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Science Fiction Century, The: A Brief Overview  1999 SEP  ar  sf; how sf & science influenced each other, espec. the Manhattan Project & Heinlein's "Solution Unsatisfactory," Cartmill's "Deadline"; insights from talks with participants; an edited version of his intro to Benford(ed): Nebula Awards Showcase 2000(2000)
   Scientist's Notebook, A: Expecting the Unexpected  1999 OCT/NOV  ar  future, what does it hold?; not even our best guesses can come close; Benford tries anyways; this article to appear in a slightly revised & exp. form in his anth., Nebula Awards Showcase 2000(2000); has science articles for OotM 2001 FLL(#1)-present
Benford, Gregory & David Brin  Paris Conquers All  1996 MAR  ss  (1941- ; 1950- ) 2nd story in issue in War of the World ser., to be pub. in Anderson(ed): War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches(1996); Benford has Asimov ser. novel Foundation's Fear(1997), Brin has Foundation's Triumph(1999), Secret Foundations(1999)
Benford, Gregory & Gordon Eklund  Anvil of Jove, The  1976 JUL  na  N-1977 LOC, na; 1st story in F&SF in Bradley Reynolds ser., to be part of upcoming novel, If the Stars Are Gods(1977 fixup); one more story in ser. & novel in F&SF, & novelette "If the Stars Are Gods"(W-1974 NEB; N-1975 JUP) in Carr(ed): Universe 4(1974)
Bennett, Kem  Soothsayer, The  1952 AUG  ss  (1919- ) 1st pub. outside of the U.S.; Kemys Deverell Bennett; he has a novel The Fabulous Wink(1951)' has pub. sevaral stories in Argosy, the U.K. version of Argosy, & the Saturday Evening Post betw. 1951 OCT-1963 MAR
   Rufus  1956 FEB  ss 
   Different Purpose, A  1958 NOV  ss 
Bennett, Margot  Old-Fashioned Poker for My Uncle's Head, An  1954 MAY  ss  (1912-1980) 1st pub. in 1946; U.K. writer of mostly detective novels; has sf novel The Long Way Back(1954), mystery novels The Widow of Bath(1952); The Man Who Didn't Fly(1956), N-1956 EDG, best novel; has novel The Furious Masters(1968)
Benton, Fred  Mumbwe Jones  1962 AUG  vi 
Bequaert, Frank  Matter of Organization, A  1966 AUG  ss 
Berger, Josef  Maybe We Got Something  1959 JUN  ss  (1903-1971) ex-newspaperman, public relations expert
Berman, Ruth  3-OK  1972 JUL  ss  (1942- ) graduate student in English literature & part-time teacher; her 1st or 2nd pub. sf story, has sold fantasy elsewhere & sf poems to SRL; lives in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area
   Board in the Other Direction, A  1974 JAN  ss  Berman N-1973 JWCA, Best New Writer; has books A Case of Double Identity(1995), Dear Poppa: The World War II Berman Family Letters(1997), & Kerlan Awards in Cildren's Literature(2001); has collab. novel Autumn World(2001)
   Curiosities: The Unicorn With Silver Shoes, by Ella Young, 1932  1999 AUG  br  Ella Young's(1867-1956) fantasy that tells the trip of an Irish hero to the afterlife(Clute); has Celtic fantasy colls. Celtic Wonder Tales('23), The Wonder Smith and His Son('27), The Tangle-Coated Horse and Other Tales: Episodes from the Fionn Saga('29)
Berry, John  Beyond Ganga Mata  1960 JUN  ss  1st pub. in the Southwestern Review(pub. by Southern Methodist Univ. Press); John Edgar Berry
   Listener, The  1960 DEC  vi  1st pub. in New World Writing #16, in 1960; author of 1959 Macmillan Prize Novel, Krishna Fluting
   One Who Returns, The  1961 MAR  ss 
Bester, Alfred  Of Time and Third Avenue  1951 OCT  ss  (1913-1987) born in New York City, educated at the Univ. of Pennsylvania in both humanities(esp. psychology) & sciences; 1st pub. story "The Broken Axiom" in TWS 1939 APR; in 1942 he went to work for DC Comics(Superman, Green Lantern, Batman)
   Hobson's Choice  1952 AUG  ss  worked on Captain Marvel comic books, then moved to scripting radio serials Charlie Chan, & The Shadow, and the TV series Tom Corbett: Space Cadet
   Star Light, Star Bright  1953 JUL  ss  has novel The Demolished Man(GAL 1952 JAN-MAR; 1953), which won the first Hugo Award in 1953, for best novel, tells the story of Ben Reich who commits murder, gets caught by an Esper detective, & is committed to curative brainwashing(Clute)
   Time Is the Traitor  1953 SEP  nv  has mainstream novel, Who He?(1953; vt The Rat Race, 1956), about the TV & advertising businesses, & which sheds some light on the milieu of his sf novel, The Demolished Man(1953)(Clute)
   5,271,009  1954 MAR  nv 
   Fondly Fahrenheit  1954 AUG  nv  has novel Tiger! Tiger!(1956 U.K.; vt The Stars My Destination(GAL 1956-57 NOV-JAN; 1957; vt Tiger! Tiger!, 1987), about Gully Foyle, "whose passion for revenge transform him from an illiterate outcast to a ... quasi-superman 'in an age of freaks'"(Clute)

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