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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Bester, Alfred  Men Who Murdered Mohammed, The  1958 OCT  ss  N-1959 HUG, short story; has coll. Starburst(1958)
   Will You Wait?  1959 MAR  ss  works for Holiday Magazine as feature writer, later becoming senior literary editor; edited anth. The Science Fiction Novel: Imagination and Social Criticism (1959); Bester W-1987 NEB, Grandmaster Award
   Pi Man, The  1959 OCT  ss  N-1960 HUG, short fiction; also in F&SF under ps. Billy Watson
   Books  1960 OCT  br  Clifford D. Simak: The Worlds of Clifford Simak; Mark Clifton: Eight Keys to Eden; Judith Merril: Out of Bounds; L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt: The Incomplete Enchanter
   Books  1960 NOV  br  Jan Potocki: The Saragossa Manuscript; Wernher von Braun: First Men to the Moon; Constantine Fitzgibbon: When the Kissing Has to Stop; Theodore Sturgeon: Beyond; Robert Sheckley: Notions, Unlimited; Asimov: Nine Tomorrows; Dickson: The Genetic General
   Books  1960 DEC  br  James Blish: A Clash of Cymbals; James H. Schmitz: Agent of Vega; E.E. Smith: The Vortex Blaster; Robert Nathan: The Weans; Robert Sheckley: The Status Civilization
   Books  1961 JAN  br  Theodore Sturgeon: Venus Plus X; Harry Harrison: Deathworld; Andre Norton: Shadow Hawk; Frederik Pohl: Star of Stars; Patrick Moore: A Guide to the Stars
   Books  1961 FEB  br  Judith Merril(ed): The Fifth Annual of the Year's Best S-F; "rest of books sent in for review were so bad they'll be ignored & the rest of the column is a discussion of the reasons why the books are so bad"
   Books  1961 MAR  br  a composite All Star Author, out of colleagues we admire most: dramatic virility of Heinlein, humanity of Sturgeon, gloss of Sheckley, dispassion of Blish, encyclopedic enthusiasm of Asimov, courage of Farmer, & high style of Bradbury
   Books  1961 APR  br  Isaac Asimov: The Intelligent Man's Guide to Science
   Books  1961 MAY  br  H.L. Gold(ed): The Fifth Galaxy Reader; Theodore Sturgeon: Some of Your Blood; Zenna Henderson: Pilgrimage: The Book of the People; Ben Bova: The Milky Way Galaxy; Poul Anderson: Twilight World; Leo Margulies(ed): The Unexpected
   Books  1961 JUN  br  Algis Budrys: Rogue Moon
   Books  1961 JUL  br  Jules Verne: From Earth to the Moon, & To the Sun? Off on a Comet!; The Fabulous World of Jules Verne(movie); Kingsley Amis: New Maps of Hell; Damon Knight: Far Out; Alan E. Nourse: Tiger by the Tail; Frederik Pohl: Turn Left at Thursday
   Books: Demolished Man, The  1961 SEP  br  discusses himself, "no longer a creative writer, but merely a magazine columnist"
   Books  1961 OCT  br  many short reviews of reprints
   Books  1961 NOV  br  Robert A. Heinlein: Stranger in a Strange Land; Guy Murchie: Music of the Spheres
   Books  1961 DEC  br  Ivan T. Sanderson: Abominable Snowmen, Legend Come to Life; Willard Bascom: A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea; Lester del Rey: The Mysterious Sea; Robert A. Heinlein: 6 x H; Ward Moore: Greener than You Think; H.R. Wakefield: The Clock Strikes 12
   Books  1962 JAN  br  Ernst Juenger: The Glass Bees; Leo Marguilies(ed): The Ghoul Keepers; Arthur C. Clarke: A Fall of Moondust; H.L. Gold: Mind Partner, and 8 Other Novelets from Galaxy
   Books  1962 FEB  br  Edmond Hamilton: Battle for the Stars; Clifford D. Simak: Time Is the Simplest Thing; Theodore Sturgeon: A Way Home
   Books  1962 MAR  br  Bester interviews an sf fan, John X
   Books  1962 APR  br  Brian W. Aldiss: The Primal Urge; Fritz Leiber: The Silver Eggheads; Lester del Rey: And Some Were Human; John W. Campbell(ed): Prologue to Analog; The Fourth Dimension Simply Expressed(Dover Press)
   Books  1962 JUN  br  Robert Silverberg: Lost Cities and Vanished Civilizations; Ray Bradbury: The October Country; Algis Budrys: The Falling Torch; Harry Harrison: Planet of the Damned, & The Stainless Steel Rat; Fritz Leiber: Shadows with Eyes
   Books  1962 JUL  br  many short reviews, incl. Arthur C. Clarke: From the Ocean, from the Stars; E.E. Smith: Gray Lensman; Andre Norton: Catseye; Thomas Grouling: Project 12; Philip José Farmer: The Alley God; Diana & Meir Gillon: The Unsleep; Frank Herbert: 21st Century Sub
   Books  1962 AUG  br  Bester says goodbye as book reviewer for F&SF; has colls. The Dark Side of the Earth(1964), The Light Fantastic(1976), Star Light, Star Bright(1976); novel The Computer Connection(ASF 1974-75 NOV-JAN as "The Indian Giver"; 1975; vt Extro, 1989)
   They Don't Make Life Like They Used To  1963 OCT  nv  has novels Golem-100(ANA 1974 JUN as short story "The Four-Hour Fugue"; N-1975 HUG, LOC; exp. 1980), regarded by Bester as his best novel, a tale of the jungle of NYC in 2175 A.D.(Clute); The Deceivers(1981); has interview in AMZ 1976 JUN
   Animal Fair, The  1972 OCT  nv  N-1972 NEB, novelette; has posthumously pub. novel, Tender Loving Rage(1991), written 20 years earlier, a mainstream novel set in 1959 New York(Clute); has autobiographical sketch in Aldiss & Harrison(ed): Hell's Cartographers(1975)
   Fondly Fahrenheit  1979 OCT  nv  1st pub. in F&SF 1954 AUG; see obits in INZ #23 1988, & in LOC 1987 NOV(#322), & "In Memoriam: Alfred Bester 1913-1987" by Isaac Asimov in Michael Bishop(ed): Nebula Awards 23(1989); has coll. Virtual Unrealities(1997)
Bier, Jesse  No Vacancy  1972 APR  nv  (1925- ) Prof. at the Univ. of Montana; has had stories in ESQ, Best American Short Stories; has novel Trial at Bannock(1963), & a book of criticism, The Rise and Fall of American Humor(1968)
   Man on Zero-Four, The  1972 NOV  nv 
Biese, L.J.T.  Baron's Dog, The  1967 AUG  ss  lives in the Bronx
Bigelow, Leslie  Sorcerer's Apprentice, The  1953 MAR  ss  Prof. of English at Arizona State(Tempe)
Biggle, Lloyd Jr  Wings of Song  1963 NOV  ss  (1923-2002) born in Iowa, WWII veteran, has an AB in English, MM in Music Literature, & PhD in Musicology from Univ. of Michigan; his stories frequently have music themes, incl. his 1st story pub. sf "Gypped" in GAL 1956 JUL; see his obit in LOC 2002 OCT
   And Madly Teach  1966 MAY  nv  has 1st novel The Angry Espers(AMZ 1959 AUG, as "A Taste of Fire"; rev. 1961); has novels in Jan Darzek sequence All the Colors of Darkness(1963), & Watchers of the Dark(1966), about "late-20th-century private eye ... investigating aliens"(Clute)
   In His Own Image  1968 JAN  ss  has Cultural Survey sequence novels The Still, Small Voice of Trumpets(ASF 1961 APR as "Still, Small Voice"; exp. 1968) & The World Menders(1971); has novel The Fury Out of Time(1965), coll. The Rule of the Door and Other Fanciful Regulations(1967)
   Frayed String on the Stretched Forefinger of Time, The  1971 MAY  ss  has novel The World Menders(ANA 1971 FEB-APR; 1971), Monument(ANA 1961 JUN; N-1962 HUG, short story; exp. 1974), Silence Is Deadly(1977); two Sherlock Holmes pastiches The Quailsford Inheritance(1986), The Glendower Conspiracy(1990)
   Whom the Gods Love  1971 NOV  ss  1st & only story in Jan Darzek ser.; has coll. A Galaxy of Strangers(1976); The Whirligig of Time(1979), Alien Main(1985 w. T.L. Sherred), The Tunesmith(IFS 1957 AUG; 1991 chap); 2 detective novels Interface for Murder(1987), A Hazard of Losers(1991)
Bilgrey, Marc  Cartoon: Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence, The (The Early Years)  1989 FEB  ct  has book The Private Eye Cartoon Book(1985), & a short story "Progress" in Keen Science Fiction!, 1996 SEP
   Cartoon  1989 AUG  ct 
Binder, Eando  Warning to the Furious, A  1953 AUG  ss  (1911-1975) ps. for Otto Oscar Binder; his 1st story pub., with his brother Earl, "The First Martian" as by Eando Binder in AMZ 1932 OCT; Otto had sentient robot Adam Link ser.(AMZ 1939-42), coll. in Adam Link – Robot(1965 fixup)
Bird, R.P.  Illness in a Word  1991 APR  ss  he is a graduate student in history & struggling professional writer; "to him, history & fiction are related, like the opposite sides of the same coin"
Birkin, Charles  Ballet Nčgre  1967 NOV  ss  (1907-1985) 1st pub. in his anthology The Smell of Evil(1965); U.K. writer & editor; editor for Creeps Library from 1932-1936, where he also had stories as by Charles Lloyd, & has his coll. Devil's Spawn(1936); edited The Kiss of Death(1964), etal
Bischoff, David  Outside  1980 APR  ss  (1951- ) born in Washington, DC; lives in Eugene, OR; has degree in TV, radio & film from the Univ. of Maryland; has worked for NBC in Washington, DC, since 1974; 1st story pub. sf "The Sky's an Oyster; the Stars Are Pearls" in Perry Rhodan #66 1975
   Santa Ritual Abuse  1995 JAN  ss  story written for a writers' Xmas Eve reading; 1st novel The Seeker(1976) w. Chris Lampton; Tin Wodman(1979) w. Dennis Bailey; Nightworld series, Nightworld('79), The Vampires of Nightworld('81); w. Charles Sheffield, The Selkie('82), The Judas Cross('94)
   Fade  1996 AUG  nv  has Star Fall ser., A Space Fantasy(1980), A Space Operetta(1982); Dragonstar ser. w. Thomas F. Monteleone, Day of the Dragonstar(1983), Night of the Dragonstar(1985), Dragonstar Destiny(1989); novelization Wargames(1983); The Crow: Quoth the Crow(1998)
   In the Bleak Mid-Solstice  1997 DEC  ss  has Time Machine 2: Search for Dinosaurs(1984); Gaming Magi ser., Destiny Dice(1985), Wraith Board(1985), Unicorn Gambit(1986); Star Hounds ser., The Infinite Battle(1985), Galactic Warriors('85), The Macrocosmic Conflict('86); Hackers(1995)
   Joy to the World  1999 JAN  ss  has UFO Conspiracy ser., Abduction(1990), Deception(1991), Revelation(1991); Mutants Amok ser. as Mark Grant, Mutants Amok(1991), Mutant Hell(1991), Rebel Attack(1991), Holocaust Horror(1991), Mutants Amok at Christmastime(1992); Philip K. Dick High(2000)
Bishop, Michael  Darktree, Darktide  1971 APR  ss  (1945- ) born in Lincoln, NE; has MA in English from Univ. of Georgia; did thesis on Dylan Thomas(Clute); 1st story pub. sf "Piņon Fall" in GAL 1970 OCT; has 1st novel A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire(1975; N-1975 NEB; rev. vt Eyes of Fire, 1980)
   Tapestry of Little Murders, A  1971 JUN  ss  has na "Death and Designation Among the Asadi" in IFS 1973 JAN/FEB, N-1973 NEB 1974-HUG, LOC, made into fixup novel Transfigurations(1979; N-1980 LOC; 1981 BSF); nv "On the Street of the Serpents," in Gerrold: Science Fiction Emphasis #1(1974), N-1974 NEB
   Spacemen and Gypsies  1971 SEP  ss  has novella "Allegiances," in GAL 1975 FEB, N-1976 LOC; novelette "Blooded on Arachne," in Elwood & Silverberg(ed): Epoch(1975), N-1975 NEB; 1976 LOC; short story "Rogue Tomato," in Silverberg(ed): New Dimensions 5(1975), N-1976 HUG, LOC
   White Otters of Childhood, The  1973 JUL  na  N-1973 NEB; 1974 HUG, LOC, novella; in the early 5300s, the human population is down to 2 million people living on 2 Caribbean islands & ruled by a mutant dictator, the whole human race overseen by advanced aliens called Parfects

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