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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Blish, James  Books  1971 JAN  br  Darko Suvin(ed): Other Worlds, Other Seas; James Branch Cabell: Something About Eve; Sam Moskowitz(ed): Under the Moons of Mars; Peter Tate: The Thinking Seat
   Books  1971 MAR  br  Poul Anderson: Tau Zero; James Cooke Brown: The Troika Incident; L.P. Davies: Genesis Two; L. Sprague de Camp(ed): Warlocks and Warriors; Robert A. Heinlein: I Will Fear No Evil
   Poul Anderson: Enduring Explosion, The  1971 APR  ar  a critical look at the works of Poul Anderson
   Books  1971 MAY  br  Jon Hartridge: Binary Device; Roger Zelazny: Nine Princes in Amber; Frank Herbert: Whipping Star; R.A. Lafferty: Fourth Mansions; Stanislaw Lem: Solaris
   Books  1971 AUG  br  Patrick Moore: Atlas of the Universe; Harry Harrison: The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge; Lois & Stephen Rose: The Shattered Ring; James Sallis: A Few Last Words
   Books  1971 SEP  br  Larry Niven: Ringworld; D.G. Compton: Chronocules; James White: Tomorrow Is Too Far; Lester del Rey: Nerves, & The Eleventh Commandment
   Books  1971 DEC  br  Theodore Sturgeon: Sturgeon Is Alive and Well ...; Avram Davidson: Strange Seas and Shores; L.P. Davies: The Alien; Poul Anderson: Operation Chaos; Harlan Ellison: Alone Against Tomorrow; Gahan Wilson: I Paint What I See
   Books  1972 JAN  br  R.A. Lafferty: Arrive at Easterwine; Josephine Saxton: Vector for Seven; Brian W. Aldiss: The Shape of Further Things; Charles Platt: Planet of the Voles; Ben Bova: Exiled from Earth; NESFA: Index to the Science Fiction Magazines
   Books  1972 FEB  br  Dick Allen: Science Fiction: The Future; Gordon R. Dickson: Tactics of Mistake; R.A. Lafferty: The Flame Is Green; Josef Nesvadba: The Lost Face
   Midsummer Century  1972 APR  na  N-1973 LOC, novella; astronomer finds himself 23,000 years in the future, where man suffers in a primitive state, at war with sentient birds(rvw. in F&SF 1973 FEB); see David Ketterer: Imprisoned in a Tesseract: The Life and Work of James Blish(1988)
   Books  1972 APR  br  James Branch Cabell: The Cream of the Jest; Peter Tate: Gardens 1 to 5; Roger Zelazny: Jack of Shadows; Thomas M. Disch: Fun with Your New Head; G.C. Edmondson: Chapayeca
   Books  1972 JUN  br  William H. Walling: No One Goes There Now; Ernest Tidyman: Absolute Zero; Gordon Eklund: The Eclipse of Dawn; David Gerrold & Larry Niven: The Flying Sorcerers; K.M. O'Donnell: Universe Day; Gordon R. Dickson: Sleepwalker's World
   Books  1972 JUL  br  Lester del Rey: Pstalemate; Curt Siodmak: The Third Ear; Richard Matheson: Hell House; Ursula K. Le Guin: The Lathe of Heaven; Avram Davidson: Peregrine: Primus; Josephine Saxton: Group Feast
   Books  1972 NOV  br  Brian W. Aldiss: This Moment of Eclipse; Chad Oliver: The Edge of Forever; Robert Silverberg(ed): Four Futures, & New Dimensions 1
   Books  1973 JAN  br  John Brunner: The Wrong End of Time; Hugo Gernsback: Ultimate World; Ron Goulart: Hawkshaw; R.A. Lafferty: Strange Doings; Robert Silverberg: The Book of Skulls
   Art of the Sneeze, The  1982 NOV  misc  never before pub.; his Star Trek novels(he did the first 12 of them), were pub. betw. 1967 & 1977, the last w. J.A. Lawrence; most famous of them, Spock Must Die!(1970); has posthumous colls. With All of Love: Selected Poems(1995), & A Dusk of Idols(1996)
Bloch, Robert  I Do Not Love Thee, Doctor Fell  1955 MAR  ss  (1917-1994) writer of fantasy, horror & thrillers; 1st story pub. "Lilies" in MVT 1934 WIN; 1st of 67 in WRT, "The Feast in the Abbey" in 1935 JAN; has 22 stories in Lefty Feep series in FAD(1942-46), coll. in Lost in Time and Space with Lefty Feep(1987)
   I Kiss Your Shadow  1956 APR  ss  Bloch modelled stories "A Good Night's Work"(UNK 1941 OCT), sequel "The Eager Dragon"(WRT 1943 JAN) on work of Damon Runyon(1884-1946); "Nursemaid to Nightmares"(WRT 1942 NOV), sequel "Black Barter"(WRT 1943 SEP) on Thorne Smith(1893-1934)(Clute)
   All on a Golden Afternoon  1956 JUN  nv  has 1st book, coll. The Opener of the Way(1945); an active sf/f fan thruout his life, he adapted some of his stories for a 39-episode radio program, Stay Tuned for Horror, in 1945(Clute); used several ps. incl. Tarleton Fiske, E.K. Jarvis, Herbert Scanlon
   Some of My Best Fans Are Friends  1956 SEP  ar  in which Bloch explains the sf fan to the sf reader; has a coll. of fanzine articles, The Eighth Stage of Fandom(1962, edited by Earl Kemp); has famous story "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper"(WRT 1943 JUL), & related novel The Night of the Ripper(1984)
   Try This for Psis  1956 OCT  ss  collab. w. Henry Kuttner on short story "The Black Kiss"(WRT 1937 JUN), was later retitled as title story of coll. Sea-Kissed(1945 chap); has 2 novellas in Thorne Smith style, "The Miracle of Roland Weems"(IMT 1955 MAY), "The Big Binge"(IMT 1955 JUL)
   Proper Spirit, The  1957 MAR  ss  has colls. Terror in the Night and Other Stories(1958), Pleasant Dreams(1960; rev. 1979), Blood Runs Cold(1961), Nightmares(1961), Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper(1962), More Nightmares(1962), Atoms and Evil(1962, sf coll.), Bogey Men(1963), Horror-7(1963)
   Traveling Salesman, The  1957 SEP  vi  1st pub. in PBY 1957 FEB; has suspense novels The Scarf(1947; vt The Scarf of Passion, 1949; rev. 1966), The Deadbeat(1960), The Couch(1962; & 1962 movie), The Will to Kill(1954), The Kidnapper(1954; 1988), Spiderweb(1954), Shooting Star(1958)
   How Bug-Eyed Was My Monster  1958 MAR  ss  1st pub. in Casper Magazine, in 1957 MAY; has novel This Crowded Earth(AMZ 1958 OCT; 1968); best known for novel Psycho(1959; basis of 1960 Alfred Hitchcock movie), for which he wrote 2 sequels, Psycho II(1982; N-1983 BFA), & Psycho House(1990)
   That Hell-Bound Train  1958 SEP  ss  W-1959 HUG; has suspense novels Firebug(1961; 1988), Terror(1962), The Star Stalker(1968), The Todd Dossier(1969 as by Collier Young), Night-World(1972; 1986), American Gothic(1974; 1987), There Is a Serpent in Eden(1979; vt The Cunning, 1981)
   Conventional Approach, The  1964 MAR  ar  2nd article of three in a series about the current sf fan scene, this one on sf conventions, a phenomenon of sf fandom; has colls. The Skull of the Marquis de Sade(1965; title story made into 1965 movie, The Skull), Tales in a Jugular Vein(1965)
   Plot Is the Thing, The  1966 JUL  ss  N-1966 NEB, short story; has colls. Chamber of Horrors(1966), The Living Demons(1967), Dragons and Nightmares(1969), Bloch and Bradbury(1969), Fear Today, Gone Tomorrow(1971); edited The Best of Fredric Brown(1977; N-1977 LOC)
   Anthony Boucher  1968 AUG  obit  a tribute to the late Anthony Boucher; see "Robert Bloch" in Moskowitz(ed): Seekers of Tomorrow(1966); iv's in IFS 1969 JUL, in Walker: Speaking of Science Fiction(1978), Fear! 1990 JAN, WRT 1991 SPR; Bloch's obit & appreciations in LOC 1994 NOV(#406)
   Movie People, The  1969 OCT  ss  has novels It's All in Your Mind(IMT 1955 JUL, as The Big Binge; 1971), Sneak Preview(novella in AMZ 1959 NOV; exp. 1971), Strange Eons(1979; N-1980 BRG); colls. The King of Terrors(1977), Cold Chills(1977), The Best of Robert Bloch(1977)
   Case of the Stubborns, A  1976 OCT  ss  Robert Bloch W-1975 WFA, Lifetime Achievement; W-1984 HUG, Special Award, 50 Years As an SF Professional; W-1990 STO, Lifetime Acievement; W-1994 STO, for his autobiography, Once Around the Bloch(1993)
   But First These Words  1977 MAY  ss  has colls. Mysteries of the Worm: All the Cthulhu Mythos Stories(1981; N-1982 BRG; exp. 1993), Final Reckonings: The Selected Stories of Robert Bloch, Vol.1(1987), Bitter Ends: The Selected ..., Vol.2(1987), Last Rites: The Selected ..., Vol.3(1987)
   Nina  1977 JUN  ss  has colls. The King of Terrors(1977), Out of the Mouth of Graves(1978), Such Stuff As Screams Are Made Of(1979), Out of My Head(1986), Midnight Pleasures(1987; N-'88 STO), Fear and Trembling(1989), The Early Fears(1993); The Lost Bloch Vol.1(1999), 2(200)
   What You See Is What You Get  1977 OCT  ss  has omnibus of 3 non-genre novels, Unholy Trinity: Three Novels of Suspense(1986; The Scarf-1947, The Deadbeat-1960, & The Couch-1962); another, Screams: Three Novels of Terror(1989; The Will to Kill-1954, Firebug-1961, The Star Stalker-1968)
   Freak Show  1979 MAY  ss  has associational novels, The Kidnapper(1954), Spiderweb(1954), Shooting Star(1958), Terror(1962), The Todd Dossier(1969, as by Collier Young), Night-World(1972), American Gothic(1974), There Is a Serpent in Eden(1979; vt The Cunning, 1981)
Block, Lawrence  Boy Who Disappeared Clouds, The  1984 DEC  ss  (1938- ) mystery writer Grand Master; has won 3 Edgar Awards, 4 Shamus Awards, etc; has several mys. ser., incl. NY P.I. Matt Scudder ser., Eight Million Ways to Die(1982; W-Shamus; N-EDG), A Dance at the Slaughterhouse(1991; W-EDG; N-Shamus), etc
Blum, Richard H.  Firmin Child, The  1965 DEC  ss  (1927- ) Doctor of Psychology, consultant at the Institute for the Study of Human Problems(Stanford Univ.); has pub. mostly nf, incl. The Family Guide to Doctors, Hospitals and Medical Care(1964), & Utopiates: A Study of the Use and Users of LSD-25(1964)
Blumlein, Michael  Bestseller  1990 FEB  nv  (1948- ) N-1991 STO, novelette; 1st pub. in his coll. The Brains of Rats(1989; N-1990 LOC; 1991 STO, WFA); lives in San Francisco, a physician & faculty member at the Univ. of California School of Medicine
   Paul and Me  1997 OCT/NOV  ss  has 1st novel The Movement of Mountains(1987; N-1988 LOC), an interplanetary sf tale about genetically-engineered Slaves that are approaching humanity(B&C)
   Revenge  1998 APR  nv  has novel X, Y(1993; N-1994 LOC), a horror novel about a man who finds himself in a woman's body & has to adjust to his new existence & learn to use the power it brings him(B&C)
Boatman, Alan  Agua Morte  1986 NOV  ss  graduate of Univ. of Michigan, a Wallace Stegner Fellow at Stanford Univ.; has 1st novel Summer's Lie(1970); Comrades in Arms(1974), about a Marine in Vietnam who was shot in the back by a fellow Marine
Boles, Paul Darcy  Fabulous Bartender, The  1970 MAY  ss  (1916-1984) born in Ashley-Hudson, IN; vice president of an advertising agency in Atlanta; has novels The Streak(1953), The Beggars in the Sun(1954; vt All That Love Allows, 1955), Beggars in the South(1954)
   Droodspell  1973 FEB  ss  has novels Glenport, Illinois(1956), Deadline(1957), Parton's Island(1958); has pub. short fiction in Cosmopolitan, Cavalier, Playboy, McCall's, Saturday Evening Post, Ladies' Home Journal, Seventeen, Good Housekeeping
   Meddy  1973 MAY  ss  has coll. A Million Guitars and Other Stories(1967); novel The Limner(1975; vt Loving Letty, 1975 UK)
   Sled, The  1974 JAN  ss  has novels The Mississippi Run(1977), Glory Day(1979)
   Sunday We Didn't Go to Lemon's, The  1976 MAY  ss  has novel Night of Vengeance(1980)
   Wheels of God, The  1977 JAN  ss  has novel Night Watch, A Timeless Christmas Story(1980); nf book Storycrafting(1984)
Bongianni, Wayne  New and Happy Woman, A  1972 JUL  ss  student at an sf writing workshop at the Univ. of California, taught by Bruce McAllister
Bonnet, Leslie  Game With a Goddess  1959 SEP  ss  1st pub. in Argosy U.K.) 1958 MAY; has pub. many short stories in the U.K.'s version of Argosy betw. 1958-1964; has edited book Chinese Folk and Fairy Tales(1958, 1963); has children'sbook with Ed Young: The Terrible Nung Gwama: A Chinese Folktale(1978)
Borgese, Elizabeth Mann  For Sale, Reasonable  1959 JUL  vi  (1918-2002) daughter of writer Thomas Mann; co-founder of World Federalism(1946), Law of the Sea(1982); Prof. of Ocean Law, Dalhousie Univ.(Nova Scotia); has story coll. To Whom It May Concern(1960); nf Ascent of Woman(1963); edited Ocean Frontiers(1992)
Borski, Robert  Trolls  1974 MAY  ss  (1950- ) born & grew up in Stevens Point, WI; his 2nd sale; 1st story pub. "Kiss an Angel Good Morning" in Etchings & Odysseys #1 1973

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