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Boucher, Anthony  Anomaly of the Empty Man, The  1952 APR  ss  (1911-1968) 1st story of his Dr. Verner series(more stories in ser. was promised by Boucher); ps. for William Anthony Parker White; Boucher & J. Francis McComas were co-founders & co-editors of F&SF, & met while attending the Univ. of California(1930-32)
   Nine-Finger Jack  1952 AUG  ss  1st pub. in ESQ 1951 MAY; Boucher(White) grew up in Pasadena, CA; became a language teacher & translator, fluent in French, Spanish & Portugese; became theater critic in 1935; has 1st mystery novel The Case of the Seventh Calvary(1937, as by H.H. Holmes)
   First, The  1952 OCT  vi  Boucher was his grandmother's maiden name; also in F&SF as H.H. Holmes & Herman W. Mudgett; his 2nd mystery novel, The Case of the Crumpled Knave(1939), introduced series character, private eye Fergus O'Breen; also had Nick Noble mys. ser.
   They Bite  1952 DEC  ss  1st pub. in UNK 1943 AUG; Boucher reviewed sf & mysteries(as H.H. Holmes) from 1942 on; edited at one time True Crime Detective Magazine, and also EQMM; conventions for the Mystery Writers of America are called Bouchercons in his memory
   Other Inauguration, The  1953 MAR  ss  has mystery novel The Case of the Baker Street Irregulars(1940 as A.B.); mystery novel Rocket to the Morgue(1942 as H.H.H.; 1952, 67, 75, 88 as A.B.), in which he portrays his sf friends(from Heinlein's Ma˝ana Literary Society) as characters in a murder
   Snulbug  1953 MAY  ss  reprint of his 1st pub. sf story, 1st pub. in UNK 1941 DEC; has a piece of juvenalia pub. "Ye Goode Olde Ghoste Storie" in WRT 1927 JAN; Boucher has written several hundred radio plays(Sherlock Holmes, Gregory Hood, etc)
   Model of a Science Fiction Editor, The  1953 JUL  pm  was a mystery reviewer(as Holmes) for the San Francisco Chronicle, EQMM, & the N.Y. Times Book Review; he won EDG in 1945 & 1950 for his criticism; reviewed science-fantasy(as Boucher) for the S.F. Chronicle, the Chicago Sun Times, the N.Y. Herald Tribune
   Sriberdegibit  1954 MAR  nv  1st pub. in UNK 1943 AUG; Boucher has translated many stories, incl. those of authors Georges Simenon, Thomas Narcojac, Pierre Boileau, Jorge Luis Borges, Antonio Hel˙, etc; had opera radio series(on KPFA in Berkeley, CA) "Golden Voices" for a long time
   Note From the Editor  1954 SEP  note  announcement that J. Francis McComas is no longer co-editor of F&SF, beginning with this issue; Boucher's novels Rocket to the Morgue(1942, etc) & Nine Times Nine(1940; 1986) are both part of his Sister Ursula Mystery series
   Recommended Reading  1954 SEP  br  Anderson: Brain Wave; David Duncan: Dark Dominion; Jerry Sohl: The Altered Ego; Taine: G.O.G.666; de Camp: Cosmic Manhunt; Simak: Ring Around the Sun; E. Mayne Hull: Planets for Sale; Derleth(ed): Portals of Tomorrow; Conklin(ed): S-F Thinking Machines
   Recommended Reading  1954 OCT  br  Geoffrey Kerr: Under the Influence; Marghanita Laski: The Victorian Chaise Lounge; J.B. Priestley: The Magicians; Gore Vidal: Messiah; Thyra Samter Winslow: The Sex Without Sentiment; Sax Rohmer: Return of Sumuru; Robert Payne: The Deluge
   Recommended Reading  1954 NOV  br  1954 IFA winner & runners-up, Sturgeon: More Than Human; Bester: The Demolished Man; Pohl & Kornbluth: The Space Merchants; also reviewed nf Charles Coombs: Skyrocketing into the Unknown; Harold Leland Goodwin: The Science Book of Space Travel
   Note From the Editor  1954 DEC  note  description of this issue's cover by Chesley Bonestell & to announce 4 more by Bonestell in the next year; Boucher also has mystery novels The Case of the Solid Key(1942), & The Case of the Seven Sneezes(1942)
   Recommended Reading  1954 DEC  br  recent literary prizes awarded to Ray Bradbury; William M. Sloane(ed): Stories for Tomorrow; Fredric Brown: Angels and Spaceships, & What Mad Universe; Kornbluth: The Explorers; Russell: Deep Space; Tucker: The S-F Subtreasury; Padgett: Line to Tomorrow
   Recommended Reading  1955 JAN  br  William M. Sloane: To Walk the Night; Pohl(ed): Assignment in Tomorrow; Philip Van Doren Stern(ed): Great Tales of Fantasy and Imagination; Allan Barnard(ed): The Harlot Killer(on Jack the Ripper); Margaret Irwin: Bloodstock and Other Stories
   Recommended Reading  1955 FEB  br  Bleiler & Dikty(ed): The Best S-F Stories, 1954; Judith Merril(ed): Beyond the Barriers of Space and Time; Murray Leinster: The Brain-Stealers, The Forgotten Planet, & Operation: Outer Space; Poul Anderson: The Broken Sword; del Rey: Step to the Stars
   Some Questions and Answers  1955 MAR  note  results of a survey among subscribers
   Recommended Reading: Best Science-Fantasy Books of 1954, The  1955 MAR  br  list of the best f & sf books of 1954
   Recommended Reading  1955 APR  br  1954's overlooked books, Chad Oliver: Shadows in the Sun; Shepherd Mead: The Big Ball of Wax; Crossen: Year of Consent; Roger Dee: An Earth Gone Mad; Donald Suddaby: Village Fanfare; Tolkien: Fellowship of the Ring; Dunsany: The Sword of Welleran ...
   Recommended Reading  1955 MAY  br  sf in the various media; Clarke: Earthlight; Blish: Earthman, Come Home; Jack Finney: The Body Snatchers; Harold Rein: Few Were Left; J.B. Priestley: The Other Place; Eshbach: Tyrant of Time; Pohl(ed): Star SF Stories No.3, & Star Short Novels
   Recommended Reading  1955 JUN  br  Walt Disney's TV program of March 9, 1955, Man in Space; Robert S. Richardson: Exploring Mars(nf); Gérard de Vaucouleur: Physics of the Planet Mars(nf); Leonard Wibberley: The Mouse that Roared; Margot Bennett: The Long Way Back; Knight: Hell's Pavement
   Recommended Reading  1955 JUL  br  recommended reprints Karel Capek: War with the Newts; Vonnegut: Utopia 14; Healy & McComas(ed): More Adventures in Time and Space; Campbell: Who Goes There?; David Karp: Escape to Nowhere; Ambrose Bierce: The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter
   Note From the Editor: Title Contest  1955 JUL  note  announcing a Title Contest for Arthur C. Clarke's story, #673; winner to get $200.00; winner announced in 1955 issue
   Recommended Reading  1955 AUG  br  Tolkien: The Two Towers; Wyndham: Re-Birth; Elisabeth Sanxay Holding: Miss Kelly; Dick: Solar Lottery(1st novel); H.L. Gold: The Old Die Rich and Other SF Stories; Bleiler & Dikty(ed): Frontiers in Space; Vance Randolph: The Devil's Pretty Daughter
   Nellthu  1955 AUG  vi  has coll. Far and Away(1955); considered his best fantasy work - "We Print the Truth" in ASF 1943 DEC; his best sf work, is reprinted in F&SF 1959 JAN (#1186); an analysis of his mystery genre work can be found at
   Recommended Reading  1955 SEP  br  boom of juvenile sf; Morrison: Mel Oliver and Space Rover on Mars; Pohl & Williamson: Undersea Quest; Eric North: The Ant Men; Andrew North: Sargasso of Space; E. Everett Evans: The Planet Mappers; Lee Sutton: Venus Boy
   Recommended Reading  1955 OCT  br  eulogy to literary editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, Joseph Henry Jackson; Lin Yutang: Looking Beyond; Bertrand Russell: Nightmares of Eminent Persons; Willy Ley: Salamanders and Other Wonders(nf); Eric Burgess: Frontier to Space(nf)
   Recommended Reading  1955 NOV  br  sf paperback sales; Conklin(ed): Selections from S-F Thinking Machines, & Operation Future; Tucker: Man from Tomorrow; Sloane: To Walk the Night; Kornbluth: The Syndic; Graham Greene: Nineteen Stories; Boucher: Far and Away
   Afterword to "Youth, Anybody?" by Cleve Cartmill  1955 NOV  aw  "a few notes on the non-fiction element of the story you've just read." Boucher goes on, playing along with the spoof, to say a few things about Cartmill and the strange effects this story has had on a now-defunct magazine
   Recommended Reading  1955 DEC  br  only 2 paragraphs; Edward S. Aarons: Assignment to Disaster; John Dickson Carr: The Crooked Hinge; Manning Cole: Happy Returns
   Recommended Reading  1956 JAN  br  Dikty(ed): The Best S-F Stories and Novels, 1955; Kornbluth: Not This August; Brackett: The Long Tomorrow; Asimov: The End of Eternity; H. Chandler Elliott: Reprieve from Paradise; J.T. McIntosh: The Fittest; Sam Merwin: Three Faces of Time
   Recommended Reading  1956 FEB  br  Bradbury: The October Country; Sturgeon: Caviar; Kuttner & Moore: No Boundaries; Brown: Martians, Go Home; Sloane: The Edge of Running Water; Heinlein: Tunnel in the Sky; Norton: Star Guard; Wollheim: The Secret of the Martian Moons
   Recommended Reading: Best Science-Fantasy Books of 1955, The  1956 MAR  br  the sf book market in 1955 in brief: novels, short story collections, anthologies, critique, unclassified, fantasy, folklore, nf, humor, juveniles
   Recommended Reading  1956 APR  br  UFO books, incl.: George Adamski: Inside the Space Ships; Harold T. Wilkins; Major Donald E. Keyhoe: The Flying Saucer Conspiracy; & f & sf books, Clarke: The City and the Stars; James Helvick: Overdraft on Glory; Alfred Toombs: Good as Gold
   Checklist of Books by Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore, A  1956 MAY  bib  checklist is "complete as of January 1956"; a short chronological listing of his books; C.L. Moore W-1981 WFA, for Lifetime Achievement
   Recommended Reading  1956 MAY  br  nf books related to f or sf, Morey Bernstein: The Search for Bridey Murphy(see article #824 by W.B. Ready on this book, & Boucher intro #823); Edward J. Ruppelt: The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects; Sir George Thomson: The Foreseeable Future
   Recommended Reading  1956 JUN  br  Heinlein: Double Star; Pat Frank: Forbidden Area; Lee Correy: Contraband Rocket; Wollheim(ed): Adventures on Other Planets; L.M. Boston: The Children of Green Knowe; Carter Dickson: Fear Is the Same; Leonard Wibberley: McGillicuddy McGotham
   Recommended Reading  1956 JUL  br  J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy, The Lord of the Rings; Waveney Girvan: Flying Saucers and Common Sense(nf); R. DeWitt Miller: Forgotten Mysteries(nf); Robert Lindner: The Fifty-Minute Hour(nf); John G. Schneider: The Golden Kazoo; Frank M. Robinson: The Power
   Interim Report on Bridey Murphy  1956 AUG  in  introduction to the article by W.B. Ready of Morey Bernstein: The Search for Bridey Murphy; a bestseller list for 14 weeks; public interest for the book & in reincarnation has been enormous; a convert is Heinlein(see AMZ 1956 APR); rvw. F&SF 1956 MAY
   Recommended Reading  1956 AUG  br  Judith Merril(ed): S-F, The Year's Greatest S-F and Fantasy Stories and Novelettes; Andre Norton(ed): Space Police; Ace Double Books D-155, D-162 & D- 150, the last being Margaret St. Clair: Agent of the Unknown & Philip K. Dick: The World Jones Made
   Jules Verne: Voyagiste  1956 SEP  in  the introduction to a new edition of Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days (1956)
   Recommended Reading  1956 SEP  br  the bust in sf book market; Lester del Rey: Nerves; Gordon R. Dickson: Mankind on the Run; Richard Matheson: The Shrinking Man; Harold Mead: The Bright Phoenix; Marguerite Steen: The Unquiet Spirit
   Recommended Reading  1956 OCT  br  Milton V. Kline(ed): A Scientific Report on "The Search for Bridey Murphy" disproves Bernstein's claims; Dingwall & Langdon-Davies: The Unknown—Is It Nearer?(nf); Aimé Michel: The Truth About Flying Saucers; M.K. Jessup: The UFO Annual(nf)
   Recommended Reading  1956 NOV  br  Damon Knight: In Search of Wonder(sf critiques); Vincent Starrett: Best Loved Books of the Twentieth Century; Philip Wylie: The Answer; Russell: Men, Martians and Machines; Arthur K. Barnes: Interplanetary Hunter; George O. Smith: Highways in Hiding
   Gandolphus  1956 DEC  ss  1st pub. in OWS 1952 JUN & revised for this magazine; 1st story in F&SF from his private eye Fergus O'Breen series; theme of a human body being taken over another being, same as next story(#870)
   Recommended Reading  1956 DEC  br  Al Capp: Al Capp's Bald Iggle; Walt Kelly: The Pogo Sunday Book; R.E. Williams: A Century of Punch Cartoons; Shel Silverstein: Grab Your Socks; several reprints are recommended
   Recommended Reading  1957 JAN  br  Avalon Books; Hunt Collins: Tomorrow's World; Eric Frank Russell: Three to Conquer; Margaret St. Clair: The Green Queen; Joseph Kelleam: Overlords from Space; Tenn: The Human Angle; Wollheim(ed): The End of the World; Rosemary Timperley: Child in the Dark
   Recommended Reading  1957 FEB  br  Ray Bradbury(ed): The Circus of Dr. Lao and Other Improbable Stories; Randolph Vance: To Live Forever; Raymond F. Jones: The Secret People; Felix Morley: Gumption Island; Guy Richards: Two Rubles to Times Square; Martin Caidin: The Long Night
   Recommended Reading: Best Science-Fantasy Books of 1956, The  1957 MAR  br  checklist of the best science-fantasy books of 1956
   Recommended Reading  1957 APR  br  Heinlein: The Doors Into Summer; Asimov: The Naked Sun, & The Caves of Steel; Anderson: Star Ways, & Planet of No Return; Dick: The Man Who Was Japed; Simak: Strangers in the Universe; Wyndham: Tales of Gooseflesh and Laughter

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