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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  1952 SEP  br  Arthur C. Clarke: Sands of Mars(nf); C.M. Kornbluth: Takeoff; John W. Campbell Jr: Cloak of Aesir; Martin Greenberg(ed): Five S.F. Novels; August Derleth(ed): Night's Yawning Peal
   Note From the Editors  1952 OCT  note  reporting the 1st of a new series of covers by Chesley Bonestell
   Recommended Reading  1952 OCT  br  John Collier: Fancies and Goodnights(W-1951 EDG); Arthur C. Clarke: The Exploration of Space(nf); de Camp & Ley: Lands Beyond(nf); Simak: City; Gerald Heard: Gabriel and the Creatures; Bleiler & Dikty: The Year's Best S.F. Novels, 1952
   Recommended Reading  1952 NOV  br  Ray Bradbury(ed): Timeless Stories for Today and Tomorrow; Geoffrey Household: Tales of Adventurers; Cyril Judd: Outpost Mars; John Taine: The Crystal Horde
   Recommended Reading  1952 DEC  br  actually a one paragraph filler on p.57, as they "know of no adult books to recommend" due to the "doldrums" of summer
   Introduction to the Bureau of English Matriculation  1953 JAN  in  introducing a policy which will present the works of foreign authors "who have markedly influenced the course of fantasy & science fiction in other lands, yet who have never been translated into English"; it introduces Kurd Lasswitz to F&SF's readers
   Recommended Reading  1953 JAN  br  Clarke: Islands in the Sky; Poul Anderson: Vault of Ages; Chad Oliver: Mists of Dawn; Ruthven Todd: Space Cat; Wilson Tucker: The Long Loud Silence; van Vogt: Away and Beyond; Merril(ed): Beyond Human Ken; Bleiler & Dikty(ed): The Best S.F. Stories, 1952
   Recommended Reading  1953 FEB  br  Bernard Wolfe: Limbo; Franz Kafka: Selected Stories of ...; Eric Frank Russell: Sentinels from Space; Leigh Brackett: The Starmen; Robert A. Heinlein: The Rolling Stones; C.S. Lewis: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; Carey Rockwell: Stand by for Mars!
   Recommended Reading  1953 MAR  br  best f/sf books in 1952 - R.B. Davis: Chivers' Life of Poe; Bradford Day(ed): Index to the S.-F. Magazines 1926-1950; C. Ryan(ed): Across the Space Frontier; Francis Stevens: The Heads of Cerberus; Kurt Vonnegut: Player Piano
   Recommended Reading  1953 APR  br  M. Gardner: In the Name of Science(nf); C. Ryan(ed): Across the Space Frontier(nf); Vonnegut: Player Piano; Asimov: The Currents of Space; C.L. Moore: Judgment Night; Williamson: The Legion of Space; Vance Randolph: Who Blowed Up the Church House?
   Recommended Reading  1953 MAY  br  R. Bretnor: Modern S.F., Its Meaning and Its Future(nf); Frederik Pohl(ed): Star S.F. Stories; Andre Norton(ed): Space Service; August Derleth(ed): Worlds of Tomorrow; Kendell F. Crossen(ed): Future Tense; Groff Conklin(ed): S.-F. Adventures in Dimension
   Recommended Reading  1953 JUN  br  Ray Bradbury: The Golden Apples of the Sun; Simak: Ring Around the Sun; Menzel: Flying Saucers; Mallan(ed): The Mystery of Other Worlds Revealed; Nelson Brown: Sheridan Le Fanu(bio); Robert Ashley: Wilkie Collins(bio)
   Recommended Reading  1953 JUL  br  Bester: The Demolished Man; Pohl & Kornbluth: The Space Merchants; Kendell F. Crossen: Once Upon a Star; George O. Smith: Hellflower; Groff Conklin(ed): The Supernatural Reader; Allan Barnard: The Harlot Killer(Ripper anth.); Edwin A. Abbott: Flatland
   Note From the Editors  1953 AUG  note  announcing F&SF's first serial, Poul Anderson's novel Three Hearts and Three Lions, to begin in the next issue
   Recommended Reading  1953 AUG  br  Clarke: Against the Fall of Night; Olaf Stapledon: To the End of Time; Pratt: The Undying Fire; William Tenn: Children of Wonder; Sturgeon: Baby Is Three; Greenberg(ed): The Robot and the Man; Wollheim(ed): Prize S. F.; F. Anstey: The Brass Bottle
   Recommended Reading  1953 SEP  br  Olaf Stapledon: To the End of Time; H. Rider Haggard: Lost Civilizations; Harness: Flight Into Yesterday; Wilmar H. Shiras: Children of the Atom; McIntosh: World Out of Mind; Wilson Tucker: The Time Masters; Bleiler & Dikty: Year's Best S. F. Novels, 1953
   Recommended Reading  1953 OCT  br  Patrick Moore: A Guide to the Moon(nf); Heinz Haber: Man in Space(nf); Clarke: Childhood's End; Gerald Kersh: The Secret Masters; Elizabeth Cadell: Crystal Clear; Charlotte Haldane: The Shadow of a Dream; Ayn Rand: Anthem
   Recommended Reading  1953 NOV  br  1953 IFA winners, runners-up, Clifford D. Simak: City; C.M. Kornbluth: Takeoff; Kurt Vonnegut: Player Piano; L. Sprague de Camp & Willy Ley: Lands Beyond(nf); Ryan: Across the Space Frontier(nf); Martin Gardner: In the Name of Science(nf)
   Note From the Editors: Contest (repeated in 1954 JAN issue)  1953 DEC  note  announcing a contest: readers write 250 words or less for their top 3 stories of 1953; best of readers & authors win cash; results, 1954 MAY
   Recommended Reading  1953 DEC  br  Ray Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451; Fritz Leiber: Conjure Wife; Fletcher Pratt & L. Sprague de Camp: Tales from Gavagan's Bar; L. Sprague de Camp: Science-Fiction Handbook(nf)
   Recommended Reading  1954 JAN  br  Robert A. Heinlein: Starman Jones; Walter R. Brooks: Freddy and the Spaceship; C.M. Kornbluth: The Syndic; Bleiler & Dikty(ed): The Best S-F Stories, 1953; Samuel Mines: The Best from Startling Stories; William M. Sloane: Space Space Space
   Recommended Reading  1954 FEB  br  Sturgeon: More Than Human, & E. Pluribus Unicorn; Leiber: The Green Millennium; Padgett: Well of the Worlds; van Vogt: The Universe Maker; de Camp: The Tritonian Ring; Howard: The Coming of Conan; Heinlein: Assignment in Eternity
   Recommended Reading: Best Science-Fantasy Books of 1953, The  1954 MAR  br  list of the best f & sf books of 1953
   Note From the Editors  1954 APR  note  first issue to have all new stories; how do the readers like it?
   Recommended Reading  1954 APR  br  John Wyndham: Out of the Deeps; Lewis Padgett: Mutant; Nat Schachner: Space Lawyer; Raymond F. Jones: Planet of Light
   Note From the Editors: Contest Results  1954 MAY  note  announcing the winners of the best stories of 1953(see 1953 DEC)
   Recommended Reading  1954 MAY  br  Brown & Reynolds(ed): Science-Fiction Carnival; Pohl(ed): Star Science Fiction Stories, No.2; Conklin(ed): 6 Great Short Novels of SF; Norton(ed): Space Pioneers; Wollheim(ed): The Ultimate Invader; Pohl & Kornbluth: Search the Sky; Tucker: Wild Talent
   Recommended Reading  1954 JUN  br  Hal Clement's books, incl. Mission of Gravity; Arthur C. Clarke: Prelude to Space; Robert A. Heinlein: Revolt in 2100; H. Nearing: The Sinister Researches of C.P. Ransom; Groff Conklin(ed): Crossroads in Time; James Blish: Jack of Eagles
   Recommended Reading  1954 JUL  br  one paragraph, "books relatively scarce and stories are plentiful"
   Recommended Reading  1954 AUG  br  Merril(ed): Human?; Moskowitz(ed): Editor's Choice in SF; H.L. Gold(ed): The Second Galaxy Reader of SF; Derleth(ed): Time to Come; Healy(ed): 9 Tales of Space and Time; Robert Sheckley: Untouched by Human Hands; Richard Matheson: Born of Man and Woman
Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas (edited by Annette McComas)  Sorry, But—Rejections and Advice  1982 JUN  ar  excerpts from book edited by Annette Peltz McComas, J. Francis McComas' wife, The Eureka Years: Boucher and McComas' Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction 1949-1954(1982); excerpts of rejections & advice by the editors to would-be-authors(rvw. 1982 NOV)
Bourne, J.R.  System, The  1976 DEC  ss  (1945- ) James R. Bourne, his 1st pub. fiction; born in NYC, graduated from Yale Univ. in 1967, now lives in California
Bourne, Mark  Brokedown  1993 MAR  ss  his 1st professional sale; has BA in English, MA in Dramatic Arts; attended 1992 Clarion; writes for astronomy mags., designs museum programs; worked for the Strasenburgh Planetarium in Rochester, NY
   Great Works of Western Literature  1994 SEP  ss  lives in Portland, OR; now a senior writer/editor for an Internet company; see his website at; won Honorable Mention, 1994 JWCA, for Best New Writer
   Mustard Seed  1997 AUG  ss  has pub. fiction in Jennifer Hershey, etal(ed): Full Spectrum 5(1995), Esther M. Friesner(ed): Chicks in Chainmail(1995), & Mike Resnick(ed): Alternate Tyrants(1997); has eBook coll. Mars Dust & Magic Shows(2001), pub. by Scorpius Digital
Bova, Ben  Fifteen Miles  1967 MAY  ss  (1932- ) 1st & only story in F&SF in his Chet Kinsman series; others in series, ANA 1965 SEP, & novels Millennium(1976), Colony(1978), Kinsman(1979 fixup), & Voyagers(1981, & also a separate sequence); working name for Benjamin William Bova
   Slight Miscalculation, A  1971 AUG  ss  technical editor for Project Vanguard 1956-58, & for a research lab 1960-71; editor of ANA 1972 JAN- 1978 NOV, & at Omni 1978 OCT-1979 DEC; W-1973, 1977 & 1979 HUG, best editor; has 1st sf pub. children's novel The Star Conquerors(1959)
   Sam Gunn  1983 OCT  ss  1st story altogether & in F&SF in Sam Gunn, space entrepreneur, series; other stories in series in Omni 1990 JUL, ANA 1996 JAN & 1998 MAR, & in SFAge 1997 JAN; see interviews in LOC 1991 APR(#363), The Leading Edge #27 1993, & INZ 1994 APR
   Isolation Area  1984 OCT  nv  2nd story in F&SF in Sam Gunn ser.; has Orion ser., Star Watchman(1964), The Weathermakers(1967), Out of the Sun(1968), The Dueling Machine(1969), As On a Darkling Plain(1972 fixup); colls. Forward in Time(1973), Viewpoint(1977), Maxwell's Demons(1979)
   Crisis of the Month  1988 MAR  ss  has nf books The Uses of Space(1965), In Quest of Quasars(1970), The Amazing Laser(1971); children's sf Exiles ser., Exiled from Earth(1971), Flight of Exiles(1972), End of Exile(1975), omnibus The Exiles Trilogy(1980); movie novelization, THX 1138(1971)
   Diamond Sam  1988 NOV  nv  3rd story in F&SF in Sam Gunn ser.; has novels Escape!(1970), The Winds of Altair(1973; rev. 1983), When the Sky Burned(1973; rev. vt Test of Fire, 1982); Gremlins, Go Home!(1974), w. Gordon R. Dickson; The Multiple Man(1976), a suspense tale about clones
   Can of Worms, A  1989 NOV  nv  4th story in F&SF in Sam Gunn ser.; ser. coll. in Sam Gunn, Unlimited(1993 fixup); also in ser. Sam Gunn Forever(1998), Twice Seven(1998); has humorous recursive sf novel, The Starcrossed(1975), the protagonist a thinly disguised Harlan Ellison(Clute);
   Vacuum Cleaner  1991 JUN  na  5th story in F&SF in Sam Gunn ser.; has Voyagers ser., Voyagers(1981), The Alien Within(1986), Star Brothers(1990); also in Orion ser., Orion('84), Escape Plus('84 coll.), Vengeance of Orion('88), Orion in the Dying Time('90), Orion and the Conqueror('94)
   Re-Entry Shock  1993 JAN  ss  also in Orion series, Orion Among the Stars(1995), Legendary Heroes(1996); Privateers(1985; 2000), City of Darkness(1986), Welcome to Moonbase(1987), Peacekeepers(1988); with A.J. Austin, To Save the Sun(1992), To Fear the Light(1994)
   Inspiration  1994 APR  ss  N-1994 NEB; 1995 HUG, LOC, short story; has nf The Fourth State of Matter(1974), The High Road(1981); colls. The Astral Mirror(1985), Battle Station(1987), Challenges(1993); novels Cyberbooks(1989); Mars(1992), The Trikon Deception(1992) w. Bill Pogue
   Life As We Know It  1995 SEP  ss  this story "a near-future sf story based on current day practices ... we are going to find lots of surprises when we begin to explore other worlds in detail"; has novels Triumph(1993), Death Dream(1994), Brothers(1995); colls. Twice Seven(1998)
   Great Moon Hoax or A Princess of Mars, The  1996 SEP  ss  won best editor Hugo six times at ANA & Omni; has taught sf at Harvard Univ. & at the Hayden Planetarium in NYC; this humorous story mixes sf & detective genres, with several homages playing thru its pages; has novels Moon Base(1996), Storm Fury(1997)
   Café Coup, The  1997 SEP  ss  has nf books, The Craft of Writing Science Fiction That Sells(1994); w. Anthony R. Lewis, Space Travel(1997; N-1998 HUG), Time Travel: A Writer's Guide to the Science of Interplanetary and Interstellar Travel(1997)
   Remember, Caesar ...  1998 MAR  ss  has Moonrise ser., Moonrise(1996), Moonwar(1998); nf Immortality: How Science Is Extending Your Life Span(1998); novels Return to Mars(1999), Venus(2000), Jupiter(2001); Asimov writes of Bova in I. Asimov(1994); see iv in LOC 2000 NOV(#478)
Bowen, Elizabeth  Cheery Soul, The  1952 APR  ss  (1899-1973) 1st pub. in The Listener, 24 DEC 1942 & in coll. The Demon Lover and Other Stories(1945); born in Britain; 1st book coll. Encounters(1923); has novels The Last September(1929; 1999 movie), Death of the Heart(1939; 1985 movie), Eva Trout(1968)

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