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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Bowes, Richard  Beggar at the Bridge, A  1993 DEC  ss  2nd story in F&SF in Kevin Grierson series; Grierson is a troubled gay man in NYC, haunted by a doppelganger, discovering others with supernatural powers(B&C); also in F&SF as Rick Bowes
   Shadow and the Gunman, The  1994 FEB  nv  3rd story in F&SF in Kevin Grierson series; has Warchild novel series, Warchild(1986; N-1987 LOC), & Goblin Market(1988), set in an alternate world NYC, follows the growth & adventures of a telepathic teenager involved in time wars(Clute)
   I Died, Sir, in Flame, Sir  1994 JUN  ss  4th story in F&SF in Kevin Grierson series; story given in TOC as "I Died, Sir, in Flames, Sir"; has novel Feral Cell(1987), set in NYC at the end of the 20th century, follows the ageing hero into a millennial conflict between Good and Evil(Clute)
   At Darlington's  1995 OCT/NOV  ss  5th story in F&SF in Kevin Grierson series; series set in NYC, "I wrote fashion copy on Seventh Ave in the late sixties ... (in the) world of the Garment District ... Darlington's would by now be gone"
   Drink and the Devil  1997 FEB  nv  6th story in F&SF in Kevin Grierson series
   Streetcar Dreams  1997 APR  nv  W-1998 WFA, novella; 7th story in F&SF in Kevin Grierson series; in this story he mingles his New York with current Jungian play therapy
   So Many Miles to the Heart of a Child  1998 APR  nv  8th story in F&SF in Kevin Grierson ser.; ser. coll. in fixup novel Minions of the Moon(1999; N-1999 NEB); has na "From the Files of the Time Rangers" pub. online at; other Time Ranger stories pub. at & in F&SF 2001 MAY, 2002 MAY
   Diana in the Spring  1998 AUG  ss  Bowes is a librarian in NYS, & a sometimes antique dealer; has books pub. in 2001 by Time Warner iPublish, My Life in Speculative Fiction, Transfigured Night and Other Stories, & re-issued novel Feral Cell; see
   Curiosities: Floor Games, by H.G. Wells, 1911  1999 MAY  br  book was designed by Wells as a guide for parents, details an elaborate indoor game using toy soldiers, cowboys, Indians, monsters; better known book is Little Wars(1913), the basis for wargames & which predicted the start of WWI in August 1914
   Huntsman Passing By, A  1999 JUN  ss  N-1999 NEB, short story; story inspired by film Basquiat(1996), biopic of the controversial African-American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat(1960-1988); see website; story investigates the role of men in fairy tales
Bowes, Rick  On Death and the Deuce  1992 MAY  ss  (1944- ) working name for Richard Dirrane Bowes; his 1st pub. short fiction; 1st story in F&SF in Kevin Grierson series; another story in series in TSF 1993 JUL; Bowes lives in NYC, has a background in theater; also in F&SF as Richard Bowes
Boyd, J.P.  Anger of Time, The  1987 FEB  ss  raised in a suburb of Boston, has 1976 PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard; associate professor of atmospheric & oceanic science at Univ. of Michigan; has sf pub. in ASI, AMZ, & in several anthologies
Boyd, Lyle G.  Verb Sap?  1956 SEP  ss  (1907- ) wife of author William C. Boyd(story #1139), with whom she wrote 9 short stories under the collab. ps. of Boyd Ellanby, betw. the years 1952-1956 in the mags. GAL, IFS, SFQ, IMG, STS, AMZ, & Beyond Fantasy Fiction
Boyd, William C.  Will Time Wait?  1958 SEP  ar  (1903- ) Einstein's theory of relativity; Asimov has comments on this article, p.35, 1959 MAY, in addendum; husband of author Lyle G. Boyd(story #838), Prof. of Immunochemistry at Boston Univ.; see Asimov's reponse p.36 in 1959 MAY
Boyett, Steven R.  Epiphany Beach  1994 APR  ss  (1960- ) born in Atlanta; has 1st novel fantasy, Ariel(1983); The Architect of Sleep(1986), an sf novel set in a parallel world occupied by a species which has evolved from raccoons(Clute); see his entry in CA, vol.154, p.57; website
   Current Affairs  1998 JAN  ss  has heavily illus. ecological novel The Gnole(1991), w. Alan Aldridge; book Treks Not Taken(1998), a coll. of Star Trek: The Next Generation parodies, written in imitation of well-known authors, see review in ASI 1999 JAN; eBook coll. Orphans(2001)
Brackett, Leigh  Tweener, The  1955 FEB  ss  (1915-1978) born in L.A., writer of detective novels, sf, fantasy & scripts; married Edmond Hamilton in 1946; 1st story pub. sf "Martian Quest" in ASF 1940 FEB; 1st novel No Good from a Corpse(1944), has coll. The Coming of the Terrans(1967)
   Purple Priestess of the Mad Moon  1964 OCT  ss  this story was thought to exist long before Brackett ever wrote it, due to Boucher's intro to her story "The Tweener" in F&SF 1955 FEB, in which he mentioned "Purple Priestess ..."; Brackett agreed to write it if F&SF would pub. it in this issue
Bradbury, Ray  Exiles, The  1950 WIN/SPR  ss  (1920- ) 1st pub. in Macleans, 15 SEP 1949, as "The Mad Wizards of Mars"; a Mars story, tho not a Martian Chronicles story; born in Waukegan, IL, & moved to L.A. in 1934; joined sf fandom in 1937, began pub. fanzine Futuria Fantasia in 1939
   One Who Waits, The  1951 FEB  ss  1st pub. in The Arkham Sampler 1949 SUM; a Mars story, tho not from his Martian Chronicles; 1st pub. story "Pendulum"(SSS 1941 NOV, with Henry Hasse); has colls. Dark Carnival(1947), & The Martian Chronicles(1950; N-1975 & 1987 LOC; 1981 BSF, HUG)
   Pedestrian, The  1952 FEB  ss  1st pub. in The Reporter, 7 AUG 1951; much of his early work was space opera & was pub. in TWS & PLS; collab. with Leigh Brackett for "Lorelei of the Red Mist"(PLS 1946 SUM); pub. many stories in WRT, then in 1950s in the slicks (ESQ, COL, PST, McCall's)
   Wilderness, The  1952 NOV  ss  1st pub. in Today, 6 APR 1952, rev. for F&SF, a new ep. of his Martian Chronicles ser.; coll. The Martian Chronicles dramatized as TV miniseries The Martian Chronicles(1980), & 2000 movie; story "I Sing the Body Electric" made into 1962 Twilight Zone ep.
   All Summer in a Day  1954 MAR  ss  has novel Fahrenheit 451(GAL 1951 FEB as "The Fireman"; exp. 1953; W-1984 PRO; N-1987 LOC; 1966, 2000 movies); story "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms"(PST, 23 SEP 1950 as "The Fog Horn") made into the movie The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms(1953)
   Dragon, The  1956 MAR  vi  1st pub. in ESQ 1955 AUG; has coll. The Illustrated Man(1951; N-1952 IFA; 1970 HUG; 3 stories made into 1969 movie), juvenile novel Switch on the Night(1955; 1993; N-1994 LOC), colls. The Golden Apples of the Sun(1953), The October Country(1956)
   Icarus Montgolfier Wright  1956 MAY  ss  this story made into 18-minute semi-animated movie(1962); wrote screenplay for Moby Dick(1956); has anth. of fantasies The Circus of Dr. Lao and Other Improbable Stories(1956); story "The Lake"(WRT 1944 MAY) was based on a near-drowning of his cousin
   Shoreline at Sunset, The  1959 MAR  ss  to be pub. in his forthcoming colls.The Silver Locusts(1951), A Medicine for Melancholy(1959); has fixup novel Dandelion Wine(var. mags. 1946-57; 1957); story "The Night"(WRT 1946 JUL) was based on a night that his family feared his brother had died
   Death and the Maiden  1960 MAR  ss  he refuses to learn how to drive a car, saying they destroy society by devouring cities, poison the air, & kill people; usually walks where he wants to go in L.A., often being stopped by police, & was basis of story "Pedestrian"(F&SF 1952 FEB)
   Bright Phoenix  1963 MAY  ss  story written in 1947, was never before pub.; has nf book The Essence of Creative Writing(1962); colls. R is for Rocket(1962), The Small Assassin(1962), The Machineries of Joy(1964); coll. of plays The Anthem Sprinters and Other Antics(1963)
   To the Chicago Abyss  1963 MAY  ss  this story written especially for this issue; has plays The Day It Rained Forever: A Comedy in One Act(1966), The Pedestrian: A Fantasy in One Act; colls. Twice 22(1966), The Vintage Bradbury(1966), S Is for Space(1966), Bloch and Bradbury(1969)
   Ray Bradbury Replies  1965 OCT  ar  reply to two Soviets' view of American sf, #2259; has colls. of plays The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit(1972), & Pillar of Fire(1975); coll. Madrigals for the Space Age(1972, words & music by Lalo Schifrin); novel The Halloween Tree(1972)
   Final Sceptre, a Lasting Crown, A  1969 OCT  ss  story to be in his coll. I Sing the Body Electric(1969); has coll. nf essays Zen and the Art of Writing(1973; 1990); coll. of verse When Elephants Last in the Dooryard Bloomed (1973); coll. Ray Bradbury(1975 UK), Long After Midnight(1975; N-1977 WFA)
   McGillahee's Brat  1972 JAN  ss  1st pub. in The Irish Press, 1970 MAR 21(a publication distributed only on airlines); has colls. Beyond 1984: A Remembrance of Things Future(1979), The Last Circus, and The Electrocution(1980), The Complete Poems of Ray Bradbury(1982)
   Old Ahab's Friend, and Friend to Noah, Speaks His Piece: Celebration of Man in Space, A  1973 JUN  pm  1st pub. in 1971 coll. of verse of same name; has book The Mummies of Guanajuato(1978); colls. The Stories of Ray Bradbury(1980; N-1981 LOC), The Ghosts of Forever(1981), Dinosaur Tales(1983); of verse The Haunted Computer and the Android Pope(1981)
   Out of Dickinson by Poe or The Only Begotten Son of Edgar & Emily  1976 OCT  pm  did screenplays for movies Moby Dick(1956), The Fox and the Forest(1965 TV), & wrote stories that were basis for movies El Marciano(1965), The Picasso Summer(1969), Melodrama Infernal(1969), The Screaming Women(1971), The Murderer(1976), Savannen(1983 TV)
   Thing at the Top of the Stairs, The  1988 JUL  ss  N-1989 STO, short story; 1st pub. in his coll. The Toynbee Convector(1988; N-1989 LOC, STO); stories/novels of his were basis for movies Any Friend of Nicholas Nickleby Is a Friend of Mine(1981 TV), Quest(1983), Something Wicked This Way Comes(1983)
   Lafayette Farewell  1988 OCT  ss  1st pub. in his coll. The Toynbee Convector(1988); see interviews in The Leading Edge #17 1988, Fear! 1989 JAN/FEB & MAR/APR, Visions 1990 FLL, INZ 1991 JAN, Gauntlet #2 1991, MZoo #2 1991 MAR, LOC 1996 AUG(#427); ar in Midnight Zoo v.1 #6 1991
   From the Dust Returned  1994 SEP  ss  1st story in F&SF in series about the extended Elliott family of vampires, witches, werewolves, etc; to be part of fixup novel From the Dust Returned(2001); has crime novels Death Is a Lonely Business(1985), & sequel A Graveyard for Lunatics(1990)
   Last Rites  1994 DEC  ss  N-1995 HUG, short story; has coll. of stories adapted for comic books, The Autumn People(1965), & Tomorrow Midnight(1966); has screenplay story "The Meteor," basis for movies It Came from Outer Space(1953), & It Came from Outer Space II(1996)
   Another Fine Mess  1995 APR  ss  has chapbook of short story Fever Dream(WRT 1948 SEP; 1987), a juvenile illus. by Darrel Anderson; omnibuses of his colls., Classic Stories 1(1990), & Classic Stories 2(1990); omnibus of his one-act plays, On Stage: A Chrestomathy of His Plays(1991)
   Dorian in Excelsis  1995 SEP  ss  see William F. Nolan: The Ray Bradbury Companion: A Life and Career History, Photolog, and Comprehensive Checklist of Writings(1975), supplemented by Donn Albright: Bradbury Bits & Pieces: The Ray Bradbury Bibliography: 1974-1988(1991)
   That Woman on the Lawn  1996 AUG  ss  see George Edgar Slusser: The Bradbury Chronicles(1977 chap); Ben Indick: The Drama of Ray Bradbury(1977; rev. vt Ray Bradbury: Dramatist, 1989); William F. Touponce: Ray Bradbury and the Poetics of Reverie(1984), & Ray Bradbury(1989)
   Finnegan, The  1996 OCT/NOV  ss  see anth. Martin H. Greenberg & J.D. Olander(ed): Ray Bradbury(1980); anth. Nolan & Greenberg(ed): The Bradbury Chronicles: Stories in Honor of Ray Bradbury(1991); stories made into movies The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit(1998), A Sound of Thunder(1999)
   Offering, The  1997 MAR  ss  has novel Green Shadows, White Whale(1992); colls. Quicker Than the Eye(1996; N-1997 LOC), Driving Blind(1997; N-1998 WFA); past colls. & novels are being republished; Bradbury W-1977 WFA, & 1989 STO, Lifetime Achievement; W-1989 NEB, Grandmaster Award
   Guest Editorial: I Was There the Day the World Ended, I Was There the Day the World Began  1999 OCT/NOV  ged  1st pub. in Western World, 1975 MAR-APR; "Surreys disappear out of barns. Strange cars motor along dusty roads ... Revolutions occur in front of us, but we are blind"; the changes Bradbury in his lifetime; has novel Ahmed and the Oblivion Machine(1998)
Bradfield, Scott  Dazzle Redux  1999 DEC  ss  (1955- ) 1st story in F&SF in talking dog Dazzle ser.; Dazzle 1st appeared in Evans & Holdstock(ed): Other Edens(1988), & his coll. The Secret Life of Houses(1988); has novels The History of Luminous Motion(1989), Animal Planet(1995)
Bradley, Marion Zimmer  Centaurus Changeling  1954 APR  nv  (1930-1999) 1st story pub. "Women Only" & "Keyhole" in VOR 1953 OCT; wrote many letters to the editor, esp. to TWS late 1940s-50s; early stories coll. The Dark Intruder and Other Stories(1964); used many ps., Lee Chapman, John Dexter, Miriam Gardner, etc
   Climbing Wave, The  1955 FEB  na  crew of the first starship, Homeward, return to an Earth they can not understand; has 1st novel, The Door Through Space(VSF 1957 MAY as "Bird of Prey"; exp. 1961), a space opera pastiche of Henry Kuttner's novel The Dark World(STS 1946 SUM; 1965)(Clute)
   Books  1964 JAN  br  Jack London: The Star Rover; has Darkover sequence, "set on the fringes of an Earth-dominated galactic empire"(Clute), incl. novels The Sword of Aldones(1962), The Planet Savers(AMZ 1958 NOV; 1962), The Bloody Sun(1964), Star of Danger(1965)
   Hero's Moon  1976 OCT  nv  Darkover seq. incl. The Winds of Darkover(1970), The World Wreckers(1971), Darkover Landfall(1972), The Spell Sword(1974), The Heritage of Hastur(1975), The Shattered Chain(1976), The Forbidden Tower(1977), Stormqueen!(1978), Two to Conquer(1980)
   Somebody Else's Magic  1984 OCT  nv  1st story in F&SF in the female minstrel/magician Lythande ser.; other stories in ser. in Asprin(ed): Thieve's World(1979), Asprin(ed): Shadows of Sanctuary(1981; a Lythande novella by Andre Norton), & Marion Zimmer Bradley(ed): Greyhaven(1983)

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