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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Bradley, Marion Zimmer  Sea Wrack  1985 OCT  nv  2nd story in F&SF in minstrel/magician Lythande ser.; 1st pub. in Susan Shwartz(ed): Moonsinger's Friends(1985); Lythande is a female 'Pilgrim Adept,' who was created for the Thieve's World shared world developed by Robert Lynn Asprin in 1979
   Wandering Lute, The  1986 FEB  nv  3rd story in F&SF in minstrel/magician Lythande ser.; some early stories in series coll. in Lythande(1986); also in Darkover seq., Shaara's Exile(1981 fixup), Hawkmistress!(1982), Thendara House(1983), City of Sorcery(1984), The Heirs of Hammerfell(1989)
   Bitch  1987 FEB  ss  4th story in F&SF in minstrel/magician Lythande ser.; also in Darkover seq., Rediscovery(1993, w. Mercedes Lackey), Exile's Song(1996); has Avalon ser., The Mists of Avalon(1983; W-1984 LOC; N-1983 MYT), The Forest House(1994), The Lady of Avalon(1997)
   Walker Behind, The  1987 JUL  ss  5th story in F&SF in minstrel/magician Lythande ser.; has Trillium ser., Black Trillium(1990, w. Andre Norton), Lady of the Trillium(1995, w. Elisabeth Waters); Glenraven ser., Glenraven(1996), Glenraven II(1998), both w. Holly Lisle
   Malice of the Demon, The  1988 SEP  vi  6th/last story in F&SF in Lythande ser.; has coll. The Best of ...(1985); anth. ser. Sword and Sorceress 1-14(1984-97); editor MZBFM 1988 SUM-2000 DEC; see iv's MZBFM 1989 SUM, LOC 1984 JAN(#276); ar in INZ #40 1990; W-2000 WFA, Lifetime Achievement
Brandel, Marc  Cast the First Shadow  1955 APR  ss  (1919- ) 1st pub. in Cosmopolitan 1953 MAY; ps. for Marcus Beresford; has murder mystery novel The Time of the Fire(1954), novels The Rod and the Staff(1947), The Barriers Between(1949)
Brandis, E. & V. Dmitrevskiy  Future, Its Promoters and False Prophets, The  1965 OCT  ar  ( ? - 1985; ? - ? ) 1st pub. in Kommunist(organ of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party), "a critique of American science fiction by two Soviet writers"; trans. by Theodore Guerchon; Evgeny Brandis & Vladimir Dmitrevskiy (or Dmitrevsky)
Brandon, Carl  Stanley Toothbrush  1962 JUL  ss  (1937-1987) ps. for Terry Carr
Brantingham, Juleen  Felly  1981 DEC  ss  (1942- ) temporarily living in New York state; 1st story pub. sf "Lobotomy Shoals" in Omni 1979 FEB; has pub. stories in ASI, TWZ, Whispers, & in the anth. Shadows, Universe
   Haunting of Goodhope, The  1985 MAY  ss 
   Old Freedom  1994 AUG  ss 
Braunbeck, Gary A.  Small Song  1999 MAY  nv  (1960- ) N-1999 STO; 1st pub. in his coll. Things Left Behind: A Story Cycle(1997; N-1998 STO); lives in Dayton, OH; 1st novel Isaac Asimov's I-Bots: Time Was(1998) w. Steve Perry; story inspired by Charles Beaumont's "Black Country," PBY 1961 APR
Brax, Coleman  Superflare  1980 JAN  ss  (1942- ) his 1st pub. sf story; ps. for M(alcolm) Coleman Easton, & in F&SF once as such; a computer scientist, lives in suburban New York State; lives with writer Clare Bell & collab. with her under ps. Clare Coleman
   Getting Into Synch  1980 DEC  ss  has fantasy novels Masters of Glass(1985), & its sequel The Fisherman's Curse(1987); novel Iskiir(1986)
   Rosfo Gate  1981 JAN  ss  has sf/f novel Swimmers Beneath the Bright(1987), set on a water-covered planet & critical of the science which has populated it with bioengineered settlers(Clute)
   Eligible for Parole After Three Hours  1981 APR  ss  has fantasy novel Spirits of Cavern and Hearth(1988)
   Upgrading the Kitchen  1981 AUG  ss  collab. w. Clare Bell under ps. Clare Coleman, has epic fantasy novels Daughter of the Reef(1992), Sister of the Sun(1993), Child of the Dawn(1994); Clare Bell has Ratha seq. ya novels Ratha's Creature(1983; her 1st novel), latest Ratha's Challenge(1994)
Breckenridge, Nicholas  Cat Lover, The  1961 JUL  ss  has article "The Lion" in P.S. 1966 JUN, a memoir of his father, a commercial artist
Bredenberg, Jeff  Imagine a Large-Breasted Woman ...  1994 FEB  ss  (1953- ) working name for Jeffrey Ellis Bredenberg; assistant manager of The News Journal, in Wilmington, DE; has 1st novel, The Dream Compass(1991), & sequel The Dream Vessel(1992); The Man in the Moon Must Die(1993)
   Shootin' Babies  1995 APR  ss  origin of story came from a discussion with his colleagues at the Wilmington, DE, News Journal, about "how important it is to be consistent in your service to customers"
Breen, Walter  Books  1964 FEB  br  (1930-1993) C.G. Jung & C. Kerényi: Essays on a Science of Mythology
Brennan, Herbie  Paper Twist of Khorlo Crystals, A  1973 MAY  nv  freelance writer from Ireland, has pub. 3 books on the supernatural, & sold many sf stories in Europe, & recently a play to BBC
   Big City  1973 NOV  ss 
   Mammoth  1974 APR  ss 
   Saros  1976 SEP  nv 
   Armageddon Decision, The  1977 SEP  ss 
   Time Lord  1978 JAN  ss 
   Achilles Heel  1978 AUG  ss 
   Taming of the Shrew  1979 JUL  nv  has novels Emily and the Werewolf(1993), The Mystery Machine(1995)
Brennan, J.H.  Final Appeal  1965 MAR  ss  (1940- ) James Herbert Brennan, editor of a weekly paper in Ulster, Northern Ireland
Brennert, Alan  Winter Memory, A  1974 NOV  nv  (1954- ) graduate of Clarion, a student at Cal. State Univ.(Long Beach); 1st story pub. sf "The Stars Have All Gone Out" in Vertex 1973 OCT, & "Nostalgia Tripping" in Robert Hoskins(ed): Infinity #5(1973); see profile in TWZ 1986 DEC
   Healer  1989 FEB  nv  a TV producer & scriptwriter, his sf/f scripts incl. Wonder Woman(1978-1979), Buck Rogers in the 25th Century(1979-1981), & 11 scripts for the 2nd run of The Twilight Zone(1985-1987); won a 1991 Emmy as a writer & producer for L.A. Law(1986-1994)(Clute)
   Sea Change  1990 FEB  nv  has written some scripts for China Beach(1988-1991 TV series, 62 ep.); has 1st novel City of Masques(1978), in which actors scientifically programmed to become their roles run amok(Clute); Kindred Spirits(1984), his 1st & only foray into the romance genre
   Ma Qui  1991 FEB  ss  W-1991 NEB, short story; N-1992 STU; a fantasy story about Vietnam, & about some of the casualties who wander that country's tunnels & jungle; has coll. Ma Qui: and Other Phantoms(1991)
   Cradle  1995 JAN  ss  co-wrote a libretto for an sf musical, Weird Romance; a two-act play, his story Her Pilgrim Soul is the 2nd act - "A love triangle takes on a new meaning. Can the past really affect the future?"; "H.P.S." 1st pub in TWZ 1986 DEC, aired on TV 1985 DEC 13
   Man Who Loved the Sea, The  1995 SEP  ss  has written several episodes for the revived Outer Limits for Showtime(1995-present); sold a pilot for a new TV series to Fox, Love Is Strange - which combines sf, fantasy, & romance in strange ways
   Refuge, The  1996 APR  na  story written while he was also writing it as a teleplay for Showtime's Outer Limits, & which was aired in May 1996; "the tale of a man who thinks he has found a refuge in a nuclear winter"
   Echoes  1997 MAY  nv  N-1998 LOC, novelette; STU; has novel Time and Chance(1990; N-1991 LOC), in which two alternate worlds intersect, allowing two versions of the same person to switch roles(Clute); coll. Her Pilgrim Soul(1990); has turned his attention to feature films
Bretnor, R.  Gnurrs Come From the Voodvork Out, The  1950 WIN/SPR  ss  (1911-1992) 1st story in F&SF in Papa Schimmelhorn series, & 2nd story unofficial Bureau of Imaginary Zoology(the gnurr); ps. for Alfred Reginald Kahn, legally changed name to Reginald Bretnor
   One of the Family  1951 FEB  ss  writer, translator(he was born in Vladivostok, Siberia), & lecturer, his family moved to the U.S. in 1919
   Mrs. Poppledore's Id  1952 FEB  nv 
   Finale  1952 JUN  ss  1st pub. in Pacific Spectator, in 1949
   Maybe Just a Little One  1953 FEB  ss  reprint of his 1st pub. story, 1st pub. in HRP 1947 AUG
   Cat  1953 APR  ss  edited book Modern Science Fiction, Its Meaning and Its Future(1953; slightly exp. 1979); also in F&SF with co-author Kris Neville
   Genius of the Species  1956 JUN  ss  1st pub. in Healey(ed): 9 Tales of Space and Time(1954); also in F&SF as Grendel Briarton, w. his Ferdinand Feghoot ser.(a total of 70 vignettes in this ser.), & as E. Betrand Loring(for a short story in 1987 JAN), both ps. are anagrams of his real name
   Past and Its Dead People, The  1956 SEP  nv 
   Bug-Getter  1960 JAN  vi 
   Man on Top, The  1960 SEP  ss  1st pub. in ESQ 1951 OCT
   All the Tea in China  1961 MAY  ss 
   You Have to Know the Tune  1962 NOV  ss  1st pub. in What's Doing, 1949 JUL, as "You've Got to Know the Tune"

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