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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Brin, David  Dr. Pak's Preschool  1990 JUL  nv  N-1991 LOC, nv; 1st pub. as a chapbook in 1989; has sf novels The Postman(1985; W-1986 JWC, LOC; N-1985 NEB; 1986 HUG, SCF; made into 1997 movie); Heart of the Comet(1986; N-1987 LOC), with Gregory Benford; coll. The River of Time(1986; N-1987 LOC)
   Detritus Affected  1993 MAR  ss  story came to him in a dream, & is pledged to his new son, Benjamin Robert; his wife Cheryl Brigham is also a space scientist; has sf novel Earth(1990; N-1991 HUG, LOC, SCF), Glory Season(1993; N-1994 HUG, LOC); coll. Otherness(1994; W-1995 LOC)
   NatuLife-TM  1994 APR  nv  "VR will never become truly vivid till you find a way to bring (our bodies) along"; has New Uplift Trilogy, Brightness Reef(1995; N-1996 HUG, LOC), Infinity's Shore(1996; N-1997 LOC), Heaven's Reach(1998); nf Illustrated Guide to the Uplift Universe(2002)
Brin, David & Daniel Brin  Stage of Memory, A  1986 DEC  nv  (1950- ; 1956?- ) David is in F&SF by himself; his brother Daniel is a newspaperman living in L.A.; see David's interviews in INZ #41 1990, FTL 1990 FLL, & LOC 1986 MAY(#302), 1989 DEC(#347), & 1997 MAR(#434)
Brode, Anthony  Flying Chaucer  1956 MAR  pm  (1923- ) U.K. author& newspaperman; has nf books To Bed on Thursday(1958), a satire on his days as a news reporter; Picture a Country Vicarage(1956), Wayward Vicarage(1959)
   Mr. Coward Gets There First  1956 MAY  pm  has nf books The Hampshire Village Book: The History, People and Events of 140 Villages(1980), Haunted Hampshire(1981), A Hampshire Album(1983)
   Fourteenth of July, The  1956 AUG  ss 
   Yes, But ...  1957 SEP  pm 
   Better Bet, The  1958 FEB  pm 
   Watchers, The  1958 APR  pm 
   Call Me Mister  1959 FEB  pm 
   Ballad of Outer Space  1959 NOV  pm 
   To JULIA, not to gaze at Flyinge Sawcers  1960 JAN  pm 
Broderick, Damien  Coming Back  1982 DEC  ss  (1944- ) 1st story of 3 in Time Loop ser., other 2 by Eklund(1983 FEB) & by Effinger(1983 JUL); born in Melbourne, Australia; editor & journalist; has 1st novel Sorcerer's World(1970), Dreaming Dragons(1980); coll. The Dark Between the Stars(1991)
Brody, Larry  Demon  1968 APR  ss  received a BA from Northwestern Univ. in 1966, studying for a PhD at the Univ. of Iowa
   Ultimate Defense  1968 JUL  ss 
   Nightwalker  1969 FEB  ss  1st pub. in 1967
Brookbank, Richard  Cocoon, The  1951 OCT  ss  teacher & linguist; his 1st pub. story
   Invisible Wall, The  1954 AUG  ss 
Broughton, Rhoda  Man With the Nose, The  1954 OCT  ss  (1840-1920) 1st pub. in Temple Bar, 1872 OCT & in her coll. Tales for Christmas Eve(1873; republished as Twilight Stories in 1879 & 1947); has novels Belinda(1884), Not Wisely But Too Well(1904)
Brown, Bill  Star Ducks, The  1950 FLL  ss  (1910- )
   Tronk and the Trumpet, The  1953 OCT  ss 
   Spunk Water  1954 MAR  ss  has books Roaring River(1953), Uncharted Voyage(1955), and has books with co-author(wife?) Rosalie Brown
Brown, Carroll  Borderlands, The  1995 DEC  ss  (1965- ) his 1st sale; 1st story pub. in Distant Journeys #2; born in Orlando, FL; has MA in Literature from Michigan State Univ.; book reviewer for Adventures of Sword & Sorcery; has murder/mystery screenplay for movie The Cheshire Cat(1996)
   King of Seventh Avenue, The  1997 JAN  nv  "I grew up on King Arthur & had several ideas for stories about him ... in my head ... in watching the news & reading the paper, it makes you realize how different a palce the world is now than ... 'then'"; see website at
Brown, Fredric  Rustle of Wings  1953 AUG  ss  (1906-1972) writer of fantasy, science fiction & mysteries; 1st story pub. sf "Not Yet the End" in CFU 1941 WIN; has 1st detective novel The Fabulous Clipjoint(1947; W-1947 EDG), in Hunter ser., coll. in 1st omnibus Hunter and the Hunted(2002)
   Blood  1955 FEB  vi  1st story in his 1-page vignette series; 1st & most famous sf novel What Mad Universe(1946); has mystery novels Murder Can Be Fun(1948), The Screaming Mimi(1949), Night of the Jabberwock(1950), The Wench Is Dead(1955), The Lenient Beast(1956)
   Millennium  1955 MAR  vi  2nd story vignette series; has sf colls. Space on My Hands(1951), Angels & Spaceships(1954); has novels The Lights in the Sky Are Stars(1953), Martians, Go Home(1955); has mystery novel Knock Three-Two-One(1959)
   Imagine  1955 MAY  pm  3rd story vignette series; in anthology, called "Imagine, a Proem"; editor of Science Fiction Carnival(1953), with Mack Reynolds; has fixup novel Rogue in Space("Gateway to Darkness" in SSS 1949 NOV & "Gateway to Glory" in AMZ 1950 OCT; 1957)
   Too Far  1955 SEP  vi  4th story vignette series; has colls. of his vignettes Honeymoon in Hell(1958), & Nightmares and Geezenstacks(1961) - both combined as And the Gods Laughed(1987); has novels The Mind Thing(1961), Mitkey Astromouse(1971, juvenile)
   Expedition  1957 FEB  vi  5th story vignette series; has colls. Daymares(1968), Paradox Lost(1973), The Best of Fredric Brown(1977); has "Fredric Brown in the Detective Pulps" series of colls., Homicide Sanitarium(1984), Before She Kills(1984), Madman's Holiday(1984)
   Unfortunately  1958 OCT  vi  6th story vignette series; has "Detective Pulps" colls. The Case of the Dancing Sandwiches(1985), The Freak Show Murders(1985), Thirty Corpses Every Thursday(1986), Pardon My Ghoulish Laughter(1986), Red Is the Hue of Hell(1986)
   Toward a Definition of Science Fiction  1963 OCT  ged  "Science Fiction is the frontier of the mind and the imagination of the human race"; also in F&SF with co-author Carl Onspaugh; has "Detective Pulps" colls. Sex Life on the Planet Mars(1986), Brother Monster(1987), Nightmare in Darkness(1987), & 8 more
Brown, Fredric & Carl Onspaugh  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik  1965 JUN  ss  (1906-1972; ?-? )
Brown, M.P.  Desert Place, A  1971 OCT  ss  (1955- ) Mary Patricia Sharon Brown
Brown, Rosel George  Lost in Translation  1959 MAY  ss  (1926-1967) wife of Tulane Univ.(New Orleans) Prof. W. Burlie Brown; former social worker & teacher, native of New Orleans; her 1st story pub. "From an Unseen Censor" in GAL 1958 SEP
   Little Human Contact, A  1960 APR  ss  her early work coll. in A Handful of Time(1963)
   Just a Suggestion  1960 AUG  ss  has Sibyl Sue Blue series of novels, Sibyl Sue Blue(1966; vt Galactic Sibyl Sue Blue, 1968), & The Waters of Centaurus(1970) - they "feature a tough female cop who, with a teenage daughter, engages in various interstellar adventures" (Clute)
   Of All Possible Worlds  1961 FEB  ss 
   Ultimate Sin, The  1961 OCT  ss  has novel Earthblood(1966), with Keith Laumer, "an expansive space opera, ... in which a lost Terran boy ... searches through the stars for his lost heritage" (Clute)
   Fruiting Body  1962 AUG  ss 
Brown, Warren  Last Song of the Voiceless Man  1981 MAR  ss  (1948?- ) his 1st pub. story; a technical writer & editor, lives in Tulsa, OK
   What We Did That Night in the Ruins  1983 AUG  ss 
Brown, Wenzell  Follower, The  1964 JAN  ss  (1912-1981) born in Portland, ME; writer mostly of mysteries, has W-1958 EDG for his book, Women Who Died in the Chair; his most notable sf story "Murderer's Chain" in FUN 1960 MAR; has one sf novel Possess and Conquer(1975)
Browne, Tom  Cat Was Black, The  1953 MAR  ss  (1899- ?)
Broxon, Mildred Downey  Walk the Ice  1981 JAN  ss  (1944- ) N-1982 LOC, ss; 1st story pub. sf "Asclepius Has Paws" in Wilson(ed): Clarion III(1973); 1st novel Eric Brighteyes 2: A Witch's Welcome(1979, as by Sigfridur Skaldaspillir), sequel to H. Rider Haggard's 1891 novel; Too Long a Sacrifice(1981)
Brunner, John  Such Stuff  1962 JUN  ss  (1934-1995) John Kilian Houston Brunner, born in Oxfordshire, lives in London; ex-RAF pilot officer; a U.K. writer of sf, though he has written thrillers, contemporary novels, books of poetry; 1st story pub. novel Galactic Storm(1951, as by Gill Hunt)
   Protect Me From My Friends  1962 NOV  ss  telepathy from telepath's viewpoint; 1st U.S. sale "Thou Good and Faithful" in ASF 1953 MAR as by John Loxmith; novels The Space-Time Juggler(TCS 1953 SUM as "The Wanton of Argus"; 1963), & The Altar on Asconel(IFS 1965 APR-MAY), Interstellar Empire seq.
   Productions of Time, The  1966 AUG  na-1/2  exp. into 1967 novel, N-1966 NEB; story of "the creation of a most unusual play" by a playwright genius, a troop of misfit & has-been actors, & "mysterious props"; see Judith Merril's long essay on Brunner's work, book review in F&SF 1966 AUG(#2383)
   Productions of Time, The  1966 SEP  na-2/2  Interstellar Empire sequence also incl. "The Man from the Big Dark"(SFA 1958 JUN), & a space opera article, & all assembled in Interstellar Empire(1976); also has novels Threshold of Eternity(NWS 1957-58 DEC-FEB), The Hundreth Millennium(1959)

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