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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Brunner, John  Vitanuls, The  1967 JUL  ss  betw. 1960-66 pub. 27 novels under own name & ps. Keith Woodcott, incl. The Atlantic Abomination(1960), Sanctuary in the Sky(1960); Zarathustra Refugee Planets seq. incl. Castaways' World(1963), Secret Agent of Terra(1963), The Repairmen of Cyclops(1965)
   Taste of the Dish and the Savor of the Day, The  1977 AUG  nv  has novels The Rites of Ohe(1963), To Conquer Chaos(1964), The Whole Man(1964 fixup; vt The Telepathist), Day of the Star Cities(1965; vt Age of Miracles, 1973), Squares of the City(1965; W-1966 BFA; N-1966 HUG), A Planet of Your Own(1966)
   Man Who Could Provide Us With Elephants, The  1977 OCT  nv  1st story in his Mr. Secrett series, Mr. Secrett being the librarian at the Royal Society for Applied Linguistics; has colls. No Future In It(1962), Times Without Number(1962), Now Then!(1965), No Other Gods But Me(1966), Out of My Mind(1967)
   Man Who Understood Carboniferous Flora, The  1978 APR  ss  2nd story in his Mr. Secrett series; has novel Stand on Zanzibar(1968; W-1969 NEB; 1970 BSF; N-1968 NEB), considered his magnum opus, concerns the intersecting missions of 2 men, a black executive & a white 'synthesist', on an overcrowded Earth(Clute)
   Man With a God That Worked, The  1980 DEC  ss  3rd story in Mr. Secrett ser.; has novels Quicksand(1967), Bedlam Planet(1968), Double, Double(1969), The Evil That Men Do((1969), The Jagged Orbit(1969; W-1971 BSF; N-1969 NEB), Timescoop(1969), The Wrong End of Time(1971); coll. Not Before Time(1968)
   Man Who Saw the Thousand-Year Reich, The  1981 NOV  nv  4th story in his Mr. Secrett series; has colls. The Traveler in Black(1971), Entry to Elsewhen(1972), From This Day Forward(1972), Time-Jump(1973), The Book of John Brunner(1976), Foreign-Constellations(1980), The Best of John Brunner(1988; N-1989 LOC)
   Man Who Made the Fur Fly, The  1985 JUN  nv  5th story in his Mr. Secrett series; has non-genre novels Crutch of Memory(1964), A Plague on Both Your Causes(1969; vt Blacklash, 1969 US), Black Is the Color(1969), latter a black magic thriller, & The Devil's Work(1970), Honky in the Woodpile(1971)
   Man Who Was a Legend in His Own Time, The  1986 JUN  ss  6th story in Mr. Secrett ser.; has poetry colls. Trip: A Cycle of Poems(1966; rev. 1971), Life in an Explosive Forming Press(1970); A Hastily Thrown-Together Bit of Zork(1974), Tomorrow May Be Even Worse(1978), A New Settlement of Old Scores(1983)
   Fellow Traveler, The  1986 OCT  ss  has novels The Dramaturges of Yan(1971), The Sheep Look Up(1972; N-1972 NEB; 1973 LOC), The Stone That Never Came Down(1973), Polymath(1974), Total Eclipse(1974; N-1975 LOC), Web of Everywhere(1974), The Shockwave Rider(1975; N-1976 DIT, LOC)
   Man With a Taste for Turkeys, The  1989 MAY  nv  7th story in Mr. Secrett series; has novels The Infinitive of Go(1980), Players at the Game of People(1980), While There's Hope(1982), The Great Steamboat Race(1983), More Things in Heaven(1987), The Shift Key(1987), The Days of March(1988)
   Man Who Lost the Game of Life, The  1992 JAN  ss  8th/last story in Mr. Secrett ser.; has novels The Crucible of Time(1983; N-1984 LOC), sequel The Tides of Time(1984); Children of the Thunder(1989; N-1989 LOC); see articles on Brunner in WRT 1992 SPR, INZ 1996 MAY; obits LOC 1995 OCT & NOV, ASI 1996 MAR
Brunner, John & J*rge L**s B*rg*s  Dead Man, The: A Posthumous Collaboration  1992 OCT/NOV  ss  2nd & last story in F&SF in Imaginary Collaborations ser.; has novels A Maze of Stars(1991), about a sentient ship charged w. protecting human settlements on other worlds; Muddle Earth(1993), humorous sf novel where Earth is a 24th century tourist spot
Brunner, John & O. H*nry  Hard to Credit  1985 OCT  ss  1st story in F&SF in Imaginary Collaborations ser.; "... I've been planning a ser. of imaginary collab. w. some of the authors who have influenced my work ..."; others stories in ser. in PLP 1991 OCT 25, ANA 1993 JUN, Expanse #3 1994, BFSF #2 1995
Bryant, Edward  Her Lover's Name Was Death  1971 MAY  ss  (1945- ) has lived mostly in Wyoming; has BA & MA degrees in English from Univ. of Wyoming, the latter in 1968; attended Clarion SF Writers' Workshop in 1968 & 69; 1st story pub. sf "They Come Only in Dreams" in Adam, in 1970; fulltime freelance writer
   Stone  1978 FEB  ss  W-1978 NEB; N-1979 HUG, LOC, short story; story was inspired by this issue's cover art by Dario Campanile; about sim star Jain Snow; has 1st book, coll. Among the Dead and Other Events Leading Up to the Apocalypse(1973; rev. 1974)
   Winslow Crater  1979 MAR  pm  has coll. of linked stories, Cinnabar(1976; N-1977 WFA, Best Collection), about a far future city(Clute); has anth. 2076: The American Tricentennial(1977)
   Teeth Marks  1979 JUN  ss  has novel with Harlan Ellison, Phoenix Without Ashes(1975), which was to be a generation starship series, taking off from Ellison's abortive TV series The Starlost(1973-74, 16 ep.), but no further books were pub.; Bryant met Ellison at Clarion
   Strata  1980 AUG  nv  N-1980 NEB; 1981 LOC, novelette; has coll. Wyoming Sun(1980), containing stories of that region
   Thermals of August, The  1981 MAY  nv  N-1981 NEB; 1982 HUG, LOC, novelette; pub. as part of Pulphouse Short Story Paperback series, #56, in 1992
   In the Shade  1982 OCT  ss  1st story ever & 1st in F&SF in witch Angie Black series; see interview in Charles Platt: Who Writes Science Fiction?(1980)
   Armageddon Between Sets  1984 SEP  ss  N-1985 LOC, ss; 2nd & last story in F&SF in witch Angie Black series; Angie's adventures continue in his short horror novel Fetish(1991); plays a redneck whose head is run over by a bus in S. Sucharitkul's movie, The Laughing Dead(1989), rvw. in 1989 SEP
   Man of the Future, The  1984 OCT  ss  this story was pub. as a chapbook in 1990; has colls. Particle Theory(1981; N-1982 LOC); Trilobyte(1987), with a short story("The Shadow on the Doorstep") by James P. Blaylock
   Drummer's Star  1987 OCT  ss  has short story "The Cutter" in David J. Schow(ed): Silver Scream(1988), which was pub. as part of Pulphouse Short Story Paperback series, #8, in 1991
   Country Mouse  1992 MAR  ss  1st pub. in Bruce D. Arthurs(ed): Copper Star, 1991 World Fantasy Convention(1991); has colls. Author's Choice Monthly #7: Neon Twilight(1990)
   Flirting With Death  1995 MAY  ss  has colls. Darker Passions(1992); won 1996 IHA, Living Legend Award
Brykczynski, Terry  Right of Passage  1981 MAR  ss  studied zoology at Univ. of California(Berkeley), graduate work in experimental psychology at Univ. of Chicago; has novel Caged(1980), a mystery/suspense novel about a psychopathic killer of zoo animals, which is rich in the workings of a large zoo
   Doubles  1983 SEP  ss 
Buck, Doris P.  Aunt Agatha  1952 OCT  vi  (1898-1980) her 1st pub. story; Doris Pitkin Buck, & also in F&SF as such; born in New York City; graduated from Bryn Mawr College(PA) in 1920, earned an MA from Columbia Univ. in 1925
   Appraiser, The  1954 FEB  ss  Buck became "wedded to space" at the age of 7 when she saw a picture of the rings around Saturn(obit in LOC 1980 DEC, #240)
   Two-Bit Oracle  1954 AUG  ss  housewife in Alexandria, VA, semi-professional actress, writer of many varied interests
   Dywyk  1955 OCT  vi 
   Lullaby for a Changeling  1956 NOV  pm  also in F&SF as Doris Pitkin Buck
   Spanish Spoken  1957 AUG  ss 
   Curved Universe  1958 FEB  pm  1st pub. in Pegasus XIV, in 1955
Buck, Doris Pitkin  Lyric for Atom-Splitters  1957 MAY  pm  attended the Milford Conference
   Epithalamium  1958 JAN  pm 
   Sportsman's Difficulty  1959 MAR  pm 
   Classical Query Composed While Shampooing  1959 JUL  pm 
   On Hearing Another Report of Little Green Men From ...  1961 APR  pm 
   Birth of a Gardener  1961 JUN  ss 
   Vintage Wine  1961 JUL  pm 
   Green Sunrise  1961 NOV  ss 
   Stone Woman, The  1962 MAR  pm 
   Vintage Wine  1962 APR  pm  Buck taught English at Ohio State Univ., & acted with various theater groups
   Still Shall the Lovers  1963 APR  pm 
   No Trading Village  1963 MAY  pm 
   Respondents, The  1963 JUL  pm 
   Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming  1964 FEB  ss  Mrs. Richard Buck, lives in Washington, DC
   From Two Universes ...  1964 DEC  pm  poem asking why there are no stories about both Univacs & Unicorns; poem is the basis for the Univac/Unicorn short story contest
   Introduction: Short Story Contest Winners  1965 JUN  in  announces 1964 DEC short story contest winners, for stories with both a Univac & a unicorn; 1st place, Herb Lehrman, & 2nd place, Greg Benford

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