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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Buck, Doris Pitkin  Story of a Curse  1965 JUN  vi  has written many articles for newspapers & magazines on travel, gardening, remodeling, & landscaping
   Girls Will Be Girls  1966 FEB  ss  was a charter member of the SFWA(founded in 1965)
   Mickey Finn  1966 MAR  pm 
   Octopus, The  1966 APR  pm 
   Little Blue Weeds of Spring, The  1966 JUN  ss  N-1966 NEB, short story
   Flight Between Realities  1967 JUL  pm 
   Twin Sisters  1969 FEB  pm 
   Transgressor's Way  1969 JUL  ss 
   Bughouse  1970 JAN  ss 
   Clean-Up  1970 JUL  pm 
   Insurance  1970 DEC  pm 
   Spring and the Green-Eyed Girl  1971 JAN  ss 
   Recollection, Punishing  1973 JUN  pm 
   Blackberry Winter  1973 JUN  ss 
   Voyage With Interruption  1973 DEC  ss 
   Please Close the Gate on Account of the Kitten  1975 APR  ss 
   Travel Tip  1981 JUN  pm  story is followed by an announcement that Buck died December 4, 1980, at the age of 82
Budrys, Algis  Eye and the Lightning, The  1958 DEC  nv  (1931- ) working name for Algirdas Jonas Budrys, born in Königsberg (Kaliningrad), East Prussia; discusses his name origins in his br, F&SF 1980 AUG; e.g., Budrys is his father's nom de guerre, & roughly means "Sentry," hence his ps. John A. Sentry
   Distant Sound of Engines, The  1959 MAR  ss  1st story pub. sf "The High Purpose," ASF 1952 NOV; 1st novel False Night(GAL 1954 MAR, "Ironclad"; exp. 1954; rev. vt Some Will Not Die, 1961, 1978), which he discusses in his br, F&SF 1990 JUN; novel Who?(FUN 1955 APR; exp. 1958; N-1959 HUG; 1974 movie)
   Price, The  1960 FEB  vi  educated at Univ. of Miami 1947-49, & Columbia Univ. 1950-51; has Gus ser. as by Paul Janvier(ASF 1955 NOV, 1956 JUN); novel The Falling Torch(var. mags. 1957-59, incl. "The Falling Torch" in VSF 1958 JAN; 1959 fixup; rvw. in F&SF 1959 NOV & 1962 JUN)
   Rogue Moon  1960 DEC  na  an alien labyrinth is discovered on the moon, which kills anyone who tries to pass through it(Clute); pub. in an expanded form, Rogue Moon(1960; N-1961 HUG); has novel Man of Earth(SAT 1956 OCT as "The Man from Earth"; rev. 1958)
   About Something Truly Wonderful  1961 NOV  ar  professional writer talks about the role & the quality of sf criticism; Budrys helped edit at times sf mags. GAL, SPS, RST, & SFA; edited his own sf mag. Tomorrow Speculative Fiction(TSF), 1993 JAN-1997 FEB, & then online form; runs The Unifont Company
   Cerberus  1967 DEC  ss  this story to be pub. in 1989 chapbook; his story "Master of the Hounds," in PST 1966 AUG 27, N-1966 EDG, was made into 1972 movie To Kill a Clown; has colls. The Unexpected Dimension(1960), Budrys' Inferno(1963; vt The Furious Future, 1964 UK)
   Books  1975 SEP  br  essay: on H.P. Lovecraft, "the salutary effect of chastity upon life in a commercial establishment"; L. Sprague de Camp: Lovecraft: A Biography; Budrys has non-sf novel, Truman and the Pendergasts(1963); nf book Bicycles ... How to Fix Them(1976)
   Silent Eyes of Time, The  1975 NOV  na  N-1976 HUG, LOC, na; Clint Gallard heads to control leaks when a researcher of his company invents a time machine; in his coll. Blood & Burning(1978), Budrys said he planned to write 2 sequel novellas to this story, but he never did
   Books  1975 NOV  br  Samuel R. Delany: Dhalgren; Pamela Sargent(ed): Women of Wonder; essay: Budrys writes at length about Sargent's errors in her introduction, esp. in regards to women pulp writers Leigh Brackett & C.L. Moore, & to Moore's story "No Woman Born"
   Books  1976 JAN  br  Lester del Rey: Early del Rey; R.A. Lafferty: Does Anyone Else Have Something Further to Add?; John Brunner: The Shockwave Rider(not a review); Poul Anderson: Homeward and Beyond
   Books  1976 FEB  br  Jack Williamson: The Early Williamson; a tribute to James Blish, who died in 1975; Avon's Equinox series of large-format pb sf Rediscovery reprints; The Best of Cordwainer Smith
   Books  1976 MAR  br  Michael Davidson: The Karma Machine; Lin Carter: The Nemesis of Evil; The Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta; Isaac Asimov: Buy Jupiter and Other Stories; note on Samuel R. Delany's book Dhalgren
   Books  1976 MAY  br  "books NOT reviewed," Wollheim(ed): The 1975 Annual World's Best SF; del Rey(ed): Best S. F. Stories of the Year; essay: "what has historically been considered 'best' & 'most appropriate' & 'typical' sf - Heinlein, Sturgeon("A Saucer of Loneliness"), etal
   Books  1976 JUN  br  essay: Judy-Lynn del Rey's intro to anth. Stellar #1, "storyteller" sf better than "art" or "intellectual" sf; del Rey(ed): Stellar S. F. Stories #2; Niven: The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton; Cherryh: Gate Ivrel; G. Harry Stine: The Third Industrial Revolution
   Michaelmas  1976 AUG  no-1/2  N-1977 & 78 LOC; 1st/only story in F&SF in Laurent Michaelmas ser., novel pub. in book form in 1977; about most influential man in the world newscaster L.M., & an astronaut, Walter Norwood, who returns from the dead to threaten the survival of humanity
   Books  1976 AUG  br  Brian Aldiss(ed): Science Fiction Art; Franz Rottensteiner(ed): The Science Fiction Book; Anthony Frewin(ed): One Hundred Years of Science Fiction Illustration; Lester del Rey(ed): Fantastic Science-Fiction Art 1926-1954
   Michaelmas  1976 SEP  no-2/2  N-1978 LOC; "Michaelmas must defeat mysterious aliens ... manipulating mankind behind the scenes," a plot "straight out of pulp fiction"(Clute); see Budrys br 1977 NOV, how novel was written; coll. Blood and Burning(1978; rvw. 1979 MAR) has 2 Mcms stories
   Books  1976 DEC  br  essay: John W. Campbell Jr & ASF, Part 1 of 3; Campbell's role in sf; Lester del Rey(ed): The Best of John W. Campbell; Budrys' Michaelmas character also in stories "A Scraping at the Bones"(ANA 1975 MAY), & "The Nuptial Flight of Warbirds"(ANA 1978 MAY)
   Books  1977 JAN  br  essay: John W. Campbell Jr & Astounding SF, Part 2 of 3; "the role of the pulp magazines which jostled Astounding for space on the newstand"; Frederik Pohl: The Early Pohl; Brian W. Aldiss & Harry Harrison(ed): Hell's Cartographers
   Books  1977 MAR  br  essay: John W. Campbell Jr & Astounding SF, Part 3 of 3; Campbell's role in sf; John W. Campbell Jr: The Space Beyond(3 prev. unpub. novellas - "Marooned," "All," & "The Space Beyond"); Damon Knight(ed): Orbit 18
   Books  1977 APR  br  essay: "what makes a good story"; Gordon R. Dickson: The Dragon and the George; Larry Niven: A World Out of Time; Joe Haldeman: Mindbridge
   Books  1977 JUN  br  essay: the quality of the work of Jules Verne; Jean Jules-Verne: Jules Verne, a Biography; Gerry de la Ree: The Book of Virgil Finlay; Geo. W. Proctor & Steven Utley(ed): Lone Star Universe; Pamela Sargent: More Women of Wonder
   Books  1977 JUL  br  essay: on the publisher's selling of Terry Brooks 1st fantasy novel; Terry Brooks: The Sword of Shannara; Raymond Chandler: The Simple Art of Murder; Ben Bova: The Starcrossed; Roger Zelazny: Doorways in the Sand; Frank Herbert: Under Pressure
   Books  1977 SEP  br  essay: "A Landmark Essay ...," "Rips Aside the Sham & Ineptitude ...," "Boggles the Mind ..."; an essay on the misleading & often false "blurbs" on dust jacket covers, etc, & the practice of some reviewers using "news release copy" verbatim
   Books  1977 NOV  br  Damon Knight(ed): Turning Points; Algis Budrys: Michaelmas(not a review, but about how it was written; novel 80,000 words; serial in F&SF AUG-SEP, 45,000 words); Leigh Brackett(ed): The Best of Edmond Hamilton
   Books  1977 DEC  br  essay: pulp mags. in the 1940s; Edmond Hamilton(ed): The Best of Leigh Brackett; Terry Carr: Cirque; C.J. Cherryh: Hunter of Worlds; William L. Howarth: The John McPhee Reader; Unearth(sf mag. 1977-79, 8 issues, for unpub. authors & famous authors' 1st's)
   Books  1978 FEB  br  George R.R. Martin: Songs of Stars and Shadows; Philip Jose Farmer: The Dark Design; Peter Dickinson: The Blue Hawk; Joanna Russ: We Who Are About to ...; Keith Roberts: The Passing of the Dragons; Dean Cartier(ed): Edd Cartier: The Known and the Unknown
   Books  1978 MAR  br  essay: Frederik Pohl, his carrer, attributes, accomplishments; he has "been the major conservator" of sf; essay also on the Futurians, & the Milford & Clarion SF Workshops; Frederik Pohl: Gateway; Damon Knight: The Futurians
   Books  1978 MAY  br  George R.R. Martin: Dying of the Light; Edward L. Ferman(ed): The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction, 22nd Series; Gene Wolfe: The Devil in a Forest; Frank Kelly Freas: The Art of Science Fiction; announces the death of author Tom Reamy, at age 42
   Books  1978 JUL  br  essay: re-occurring waves of good new sf writers, & how to classify & assess them; Gregory Benford: In the Ocean of Night; Janet E. Morris: High Couch of Silistra; Judy-Lynn del Rey(ed): Stellar Science Fiction Stories #3
   Books  1978 SEP  br  Fritz Leiber: Our Lady of Darkness(in F&SF 1977 JAN-FEB as The Pale Brown Thing); James Tiptree Jr: Up the Walls of the World; James P. Hogan: The Genesis Machine; Clifford D. Simak: Mastodonia; The Best of L. Sprague de Camp
   Books  1978 OCT  br  essay: the good pulp writers; Tom Reamy: Blind Voices; John Varley: The Persistence of Vision; Ariel Books/Ballantine Books: Sorcerers, & Ariel, The Book of Fantasy, Vol.3; Advent Pub.: Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy
   Books  1978 NOV  br  essay: Clarion & other workshops, & the students who want to be sf writers; D.R. Bensen: And Having Writ ...; Arkady & Boris Strugatsky: Definitely Maybe; Poul Anderson: The Earth Book of Stormgate

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