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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Budrys, Algis  Books  1985 MAY  br  Jack Williamson: Lifeburst; Patti Perret: The Faces of Science Fiction; Mack Reynolds: The Other Time
   Books: Browser's Corner  1985 MAY  br  1st of an occasional feature on extraordinary 2nd hand books; M.J. Engh: Arslan(1976)
   Books  1985 JUN  br  essay: you cannot do art by thinking about it(a reference to critics), you must do it; Frank Kelly Freas: A Separate Star; Larry Niven: Niven's Laws; Michael Bishop(ed): Light Years and Dark; Algis Budrys: Benchmarks: Galaxy Bookshelf
   Books  1985 JUL  br  essay: cases of sf authors going "mainstream," e.g. Ray Bradbury; Kate Wilhelm: Welcome, Chaos; C.J. Cherryh: Chanur's Venture; Tim Powers: Dinner at Deviant's Palace
   Books  1985 AUG  br  essay: long essay on Larry Niven's & Jerry Pournelle's collab. book, Footfall; William Gibson: Neuromancer
   Books: Browser's Corner  1985 AUG  br  Frank Robinson & John Levin: The Great Divide(1982); obituary & memorial of Lawrence Taylor Shaw (1924-1985), editor of IFS, INF, SFA, etc
   Books  1985 SEP  br  Barry Hughart: Bridge of Birds; Greg Bear: Blood Music; Budrys has a coll. of all his book review columns that appeared in GAL 1965 FEB-1971 NOV, called Benchmarks: Galaxy Bookshelf(1985; W-1986 LOC; N-HUG)
   Books  1985 OCT  br  Christopher Priest: The Glamour; Crockett Johnson: Barnaby #1, etal(old cartoon series); briefly, S.T. Joshi(ed): The Dunwich Horror and Others by H.P. Lovecraft; Richard McKenna: The Sand Pebbles; Astounding/Analog on microfiche
   Books  1985 NOV  br  Gene Wolfe: Free Live Free; Walter Wangerin: The Book of Sorrows; Stephen King: Skeleton Crew
   Books  1985 DEC  br  essay: great & increasing proportion of workmanlike sf being pub., esp. in paperback; Jefferson P. Swycaffer: Become the Hunted; David Drake: Birds of Prey; Steve Perry: The Man Who Never Missed; Max Handley: Meanwhile
   Books  1986 JAN  br  essay: Richard A. Lupoff, from fan writer to sf writer; Richard A. Lupoff: Lovecraft's Book; Sam Moskowitz(ed): A. Merritt: Reflections in the Moon Pool; Robert Sampson: Yesterday's Faces(Vol. 1, Glory Figures; Vol. 2, Strange Days)
   Books  1986 FEB  br  essay: what creates a new writer; Lisa Goldstein: The Dream Years; Kim Stanley Robinson: The Memory of Whiteness; Robert A. Heinlein: The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
   Books  1986 MAR  br  essay: differences betw. mainstream(DF, or descriptive fiction) & SF(speculative fiction), Part 1 of 3; David Brin: The Postman; Bruce Sterling: Schismatrix; Gregg Rickman: Philip K. Dick: In His Own Words, & The Last Testament
   Books  1986 APR  br  essay: differences betw. fiction types, Part 2 of 3; 4 proses - journalism(all not fiction), descriptive fiction, speculative fiction, & metafiction(Borgés, Calvino); & the trans-generic horror fiction; S.P. Somtow: Vampire Junction; Michael Shea: In Yana
   Books  1986 MAY  br  essay: differences betw. fiction types, Part 3 of 3; horror fiction "ineptitude"; Ramsey Campbell: The Face That Must Die; Andrew M. Greeley: Angels of September; briefly, Resnick: Adventures; Hughart: Bridge of Birds; Craig W. Anderson: S. F. Films ...
   Books  1986 JUN  br  essay: Isaac Asimov & his science fiction; Isaac Asimov: The Early Asimov, Book One & Book Two; Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg(ed): Isaac Asimov Presents the Great SF Stories 14 (1952); Asimov: The Alternate Asimovs
   Books  1986 JUL  br  Richard Grant: Saraband of Lost Time; Leo Frankowski: The Cross-Time Engineer; Piers Anthony, Barry N. Malzberg, Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh(ed): Uncollected Stars; George Zebrowski(ed): Nebula Awards 20
   Books  1986 AUG  br  essay: William Gibson, & his books, Count Zero, & Burning Chrome; Algis Budrys(ed): Writers of the Future, Vol. II(contains the last piece Frank Herbert ever wrote)
   Books  1986 SEP  br  essay: John W. Campbell Jr, his role in the sf world, his tenure at ASF/ANA, his relationship w. var. sf authors, & Budrys' personal reminiscences; Perry A. Chapdelaine Sr, Tony Chapdelaine, & George Hay(ed): The John W. Campbell Letters, Vol. I
   Books  1986 OCT  br  essay: Theodore Sturgeon, & his novel Godbody; Mike Resnick: Santiago; H.W. Hall(ed): Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review Index, 1980-1984
   Books  1986 NOV  br  essay: Stephen King & his "research dyslexias," writes well, espec. the "prepubescent scene"; Stephen King: It; David L. Rosheim: Galaxy Magazine, The Dark and the Light Years; Terry Carr(ed): The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol. IV
   Books  1986 DEC  br  essay: "how well-written does a book have to be, & what do you mean by 'well-written,'" qualities to good writing; Walter Jon Williams: Hardwired; Charles G. Sheffield: The Nimrod Hunt
   Books  1987 JAN  br  essay: magazine sf/f & supernatural horror is changing, experimental types more the "norm"; the rise of sf from Shelley's Frankenstein to Campbell; John Clute, etal(ed): Interzone, the First Anthology; Terry Carr(ed): Best S. F. of the Year #15(1985)
   Books  1987 FEB  br  Gene Wolfe: Soldier of the Mist; Gary Wolfe: Critical Terms for Science Fiction and Fantasy; Isaac Asimov: Futuredays
   Books  1987 MAR  br  Douglas Curran: In Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer Space; Terry Carr(ed): Universe 16; Gregory Benford & Martin H. Greenberg(ed): Hitler Victorious; Noted - Jack Sullivan(ed): The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural
   Books  1987 APR  br  Avram Davidson: Vergil in Averno; Jack McDevitt: The Hercules Text
   Books  1987 MAY  br  K.W. Jeter: The Glass Hammer; Frederik Pohl, Martin H. Greenberg & Joseph D. Olander(ed): Worlds of If; Charles N. Brown & William G. Contento(ed): S. F. in Print: 1985; Ian Covell(ed): J.T. McIntosh, Memoir and Bibliography
   Books  1987 JUN  br  essay: "The creative possibilities within speculative fiction are endless"; Robert Reed: The Leeshore; Richard Bowker: Marlborough Street; Marc Laidlaw: Dad's Nuke
   Books  1987 JUL  br  essay: how a young writer learns how his market & the publishing industry works; Martin Cruz Smith: Nightwing; Michael Reaves & Steve Perry: Dome; Noted - M.J. Engh: Arslan
   Books  1987 AUG  br  S.P. Somtow: a horror novel in progress, about snow, werewolves, & Sioux Indians; essay: Clive Barker & his book, The Damnation Game; Algis Budrys(ed): L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Vol. III
   Books  1987 OCT  br  essay: Stephen King, the contemporary writer we must understand; Stephen King: Misery; H.W. Hall(ed): Science Fiction and Fantasy Reference Index, 1878-1985
   Books  1987 NOV  br  essay: Frederik Pohl, "the only master sf writer of the 20th century who hasn't developed a characteristic style"; Frederik Pohl: Chernobyl; Julia Ecklar: Divine Intervention(sf filk-singing recording)(sic)
   Books  1988 JAN  br  essay: sf novels from people, like Nancy Kress(fantasy novels), who have built a reputation elsewhere, or what is expected of them from past work; Nancy Kress: An Alien Light
   Books  1988 FEB  br  essay: Harlan Ellison, pioneer of gonzo sf, who "invented & established the SF writer as public activist"; Terry Dowling, Richard Delap & Gil Lamont(ed): The Essential Ellison; a tribute to the late Alfred Bester
   Books  1988 MAR  br  Ellen Kushner: Swordspoint; Tim Powers: On Stranger Tides; response to Thomas J. Remington's review of his book, Benchmarks: Galaxy Bookshelf by Algis Budrys
   Books  1988 APR  br  essay: popularity of Jean Auel's novels, which incl. The Clan of the Cave Bear; why are there books? or fiction?; is plot a consequence of monotheism?(ascribed to ASF's John W. Campbell Jr)
   Books  1988 JUN  br  essay: Michael Shea, "a writers' writer"; Michael Shea: Polyphemus; Charles N. Brown & William G. Contento(ed): Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror: 1986
   Books  1988 JUL  br  essay: "consider the story set in the afterglow of civilization"; William Brinkley: The Last Ship
   Books  1988 AUG  br  essay: Robert Reed, a "potentially quite important" writer; Robert Reed: The Hormone Jungle; Algis Budrys(ed): L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Vol. IV
   Books  1988 SEP  br  essay: an essay on Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988)
   Books  1988 OCT  br  essay: alternate world histories, mentions Ward Moore's Bring the Jubilee, Keith Robert's Pavane; S.M. Stirling: Marching Through Georgia; William Sanders: Journey to Fusang
   Books  1988 NOV  br  essay: at one time one could read all sf that was being written, not so now; writing for target audiences; how has this changed the way writers write; Esther M. Friesner: Druid's Blood; Kevin J. Anderson: Resurrection, Inc.
   Books  1988 DEC  br  essay: defining fantasy this time, the changes in horror fiction & the horror of Peter Straub, Stephen King & H.P. Lovecraft; Peter Straub: Koko
   Books  1989 JAN  br  essay: defining fantasy again, this time "classical fantasy," a fiction which uses mythological, religious, superstitious or animist characters; A.A. Attanasio: Wyvern; Elmore Leonard: Touch
   Books  1989 FEB  br  Mike Resnick(ed): Shaggy B.E.M. Stories; Kristine Kathryn Rusch(ed): Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine, Issue One; Jon Gustafson(ed): Moscon X Program Book; Karen Elizabeth Gordon: The Well-Tempered Sentence, & The Transitive Vampire; SIU Press books
   Books  1989 MAR  br  essay: the two novels of M.J. Engh, the first being Arslan(1976); M.J. Engh: Wheel of the Winds; James Gunn(ed): The New Encyclopedia of Science Fiction; Robert F. Jones: Blood Sport
   Books  1989 MAY  br  essay: the Tao or Zen of Sci-Fi, what sf criticism should & shouldn't do; Harry Harrison: A Rebel in Time; David Drake: The Dragon Lord; Matt Ruff: Fool on the Hill; Gene Wolfe: Endangered Species; mentions Tor doubles
   Books  1989 JUN  br  essay: John W. Campbell Jr & Hal Clement, superscience, Campbell's Modern S.F., & hard sf, put into an historical context; John Cramer: Twistor; Budrys has used many ps., incl. Robert Marner, Albert Stroud, William Scarff, & John A. Sentry
   Books  1989 JUL  br  essay: "a little walk through Your Reviewer's thought processes as he assimilates a new thing," Part 1 of 2; Ted Reynolds: The Tides of God; other ps. Budrys has used incl. David C. Hodgkins, Ivan Janvier, Paul Janvier, Gordon Javlyn, & Alger Rome
   Books  1989 AUG  br  essay: what goes on in a reviewer's mind, Part 2 of 2; Ralph Peters: Red Army; David Downing: The Red Eagles; how Budrys picks the books he reviews; mentions Budrys(ed): L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume V

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