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Budrys, Algis  Books  1989 SEP  br  essay: thoughts brought on by the Nebula Awards banquet, April 23, 1989 - two generations of sf writers, those before & those after the SFWA; the purpose behind the SFWA; Ben Bova: The Best of the Nebulas; Sidney Harris: Einstein Simplified(cartoons)
   What Befell Mairiam  1989 OCT  ss  N-1990 LOC, short story; has novel The Amsirs and the Iron Thorn(1967; vt The Iron Thorn, 1968 UK); see Biolog in ANA 1978 MAY, interviews in AMZ 1981 NOV, Charles Platt: Dream Makers(1980; rev. 1987), INZ 1995 MAY, & in LOC 1997 NOV(#442)
   Books  1989 OCT  pm  has nf essay Non-Literary Influences on Science Fiction(1983, 1987 chap); nf book Writing to the Point: A Complete Guide to Selling Fiction(in TSF 1993 JAN, APR, JUL, AUG, OCT, DEC, 1994 FEB, APR, AUG; coll. 1994)
   Books  1989 NOV  br  essay: on the sf convention Mexicon, in Nottingham, UK; Paul Kincaid: the Mexicon program book; David S. Garnett(ed): Zenith; Sydney Jordan: Jeff Hawke(comic colls.); Orson Scott Card: The Abyss
   Books  1989 DEC  br  essay: the sf art career of Alex Schomburg; Jon Gustafson: Chroma, the Art of Alex Schomburg; essay: the Moscow, Idaho writers' workshop, the new generation of sf writers, sf markets & sf editors
   Books  1990 JAN  br  essay: on Harlan Ellison & the way both of their review columns(one on books, one on films) are alike, a personal introspection; Harlan Ellison: Harlan Ellison's Watching; Emma Bull: Falcon; Leo Frankowski: The High-Tech Knight, & The Radiant Warrior
   Books  1990 MAR  br  combined review & essay on the history of sf; Alexei & Cory Panshin: The World Beyond the Hill (a history of SF from 1764 thru the Golden Age of SF)
   Books  1990 APR  br  essay: what is the difference between fantasy & sf?; why is the US & UK pub. much more fantasy than the rest of the world?; David Pringle: Modern Fantasy (The Hundred Best Novels)
   Books  1990 MAY  br  Clive Barker: The Great and Secret Show; Arthur C. Clarke: Astounding Days; Leo Frankowski: The Flying Warlord
   Books  1990 JUN  br  Pat Murphy: The City, Not Long After(a mirror-image or "anti-thesis" of Budrys' 1st novel False Night, 1953, later uncut as Some Will Not Die, 1963); Howard A. Rodman: Destiny Express
   Books  1990 JUL  br  Robert Mason: Weapon(novel is mirror-image to Budrys' story "First to Serve" in ASF 1954 MAY); Tor Double, C.L. Moore: Vintage Season, & Robert Silverberg: In Another Country(Silverberg's 1989 story is actually a sequel to Moore's 1946 story)
   Books  1990 AUG  br  essay: "is the Earth in terminal trouble?"; thoughts brought on by his review of the following "superscience novel"; David Brin: Earth
   Books  1990 OCT  br  Katharine Kerr: Polar City Blues; William Gibson: Mona Lisa Overdrive; Charles N. Brown & William G. Contento: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror: 1984
   Books  1990 NOV  br  Isaac Asimov & Robert Silverberg: Nightfall; Arthur C. Clarke: Tales from the Planet Earth
   Stephen King  1990 DEC  ar  King subject of a Times cover story(1986 Oct 6); Budrys discusses the various styles King uses in his fiction; besides novels, his stories mentioned - "The Body," "Apt Pupil," Skeleton Crew coll. stories; the religious connection in contemporary horror
   Books  1991 JAN  br  Lionel Fenn: Kent Montana and the Really Ugly Thing from Mars; Will Sundown(ps. for William B. Sanders): Pockets of Resistance, & sequel The Hell-Bound Train
   Books  1991 FEB  br  Kathe Koja: The Cipher
   Books  1991 MAR  br  Michael Crichton: Jurassic Park; Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason: Lifeline
   Books  1991 APR  br  Robert Reed: Down the Bright Way; L. Ron Hubbard: Fear; Kathryn Lindskoog: The C.S. Lewis Hoax; Andre Bernard: Rotten Rejections
   Books  1991 MAY  br  M. Shayne Bell: Nicoji; Nina Kiriki Hoffman: Author's Choice Monthly #14; Gene Wolfe: Castleview
   Books  1991 JUN  br  George Alec Effinger: The Exile Kiss; Keith Laumer: Judson's Eden; Dwight V. Swain: Monster
   Books  1991 JUL  br  Ralph Peters: The War in 2020; Michele Slung(ed): I Shudder at Your Touch; Les Daniels: No Blood Spilled
   Books  1991 AUG  br  Frank M. Robinson: The Dark Beyond the Stars; Dave Wolverton: Serpent Catch; note about an un-named Bantam book to be pub. in serial form
   Books  1991 SEP  br  essay: on Heinlein & his imitators, "are some of them really good? ... are any of them necessary?"; S.C. Sykes: Red Genesis; Claudia A. Peck: Spirit Crossings
   Books  1991 OCT/NOV  br  F.M. Busby: Slow Freight; Graham Watkins: The Fire Within
   Books  1991 DEC  br  essay: when is a technomilitary thriller sf?; Tom Clancy: The Sum of All Fears; Michael Swanwick: Gravity's Angels
   Books  1992 JAN  br  Stephen King: Needful Things; Robert Silverberg: The Face of the Waters; Algis Budrys(ed): L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume VII
   Books  1992 FEB  br  essay: "the difference between a merely good writer & a genius"; Tim Powers: The Stress of Her Regard; Thomas T. Thomas: Me
   Books  1992 MAR  br  William Sanders: The Wild Blue and the Gray; Robert Silverberg & Karen Haber(ed): Universe 2
   Books  1992 MAY  br  essay: geniuses in our genre, Part 1 of 3, Gene Wolfe & Nina Kiriki Hoffman; Gene Wolfe: Storeys from the Old Hotel; Contemporary Authors, Autobiography Series; Chalker & Owings(ed): The Science-Fantasy Publishers; Nina Kiriki Hoffman: Courting Disasters
   Grabow and Collicker and I  1992 MAY  ss  story to be pub. in Gilliam, Greenberg & Kramer(ed): Confederacy of the Dead('92); has coll. of sf essays, Outposts: Literatures of Milieu(1996); fiction coll. Entertainment(1997); Budrys has devoted his career to developing new writers thru Clarion, WotF
   Books  1992 JUN  br  essay: geniuses in our genre, Part 2 of 3, Isaac Asimov & Frederik Pohl; Isaac Asimov: Asimov Laughs Again; Frederik Pohl: Outnumbering the Dead, & Stopping at Slowyear; much biographical info on both Asimov & Pohl
   Books  1992 JUL  br  Laura J. Mixon: Glass Houses; note on the death of Dwight V. Swain; Steven Gould: Jumper; L. Ron Hubbard: Ole Doc Methuselah
   Books  1992 AUG  br  essay: geniuses in our genre, Part 3 of 3, Tim Powers; Tim Powers: Last Call; Wm. Mark Simmons: In the Net of Dreams, & When Dreams Collide
   Books  1992 SEP  br  Robert Mason: Solo (& talks of its prequel, Weapon); short essay: Galaxy SF's beginning & its first novel; Clifford D. Simak: Time and Again
   Hard Landing  1992 OCT/NOV  no  N-1993 NEB; 1994 HUG, LOC, SFC, novel; entire text of his new novel; the story of 4 aliens who crash-land in the pine barrens of New Jersey, & who then try to live quietly among the unsuspecting humans
   Books  1992 DEC  br  essay: Stephen King - "no one is as good as King at writing the kind of thing" he does; Stephen King: Gerald's Game; Poul Anderson: The Time Patrol; Scorpius Digital to pub. a 7-volume eBook Omnibus of his works, beginning in 2001
   Books  1993 JAN  br  essay: "Damon Knight started this whole business, with book reviews sandwiched into a number of pulp magazines, in the 1950s"; Damon Knight: Why Do Birds; Budrys announces his book column retirement, future plans, & his career in brief
Budrys, Algis & Theodore R. Cogswell & Ted Thomas  Players at Null-G  1975 JUL  ss  (1931- ; 1918-1987; 1920- ) Budrys has novel The Amsirs and the Iron Thorn(IFS 1967 JAN-APR; 1967; vt The Iron Thorn, 1968 UK); he has used ps. David C. Hodgkins, Paul Janvier, Robert Marner, William Scarff, John A. Sentry(each at least once in TSF)
Budz, Mark  Toy Soldiers  1993 FEB  ss  (1960- ) wn. for Robert Mark Budz; this story was read to a gathering of friends on Christmas Eve; married to Marina Fitch, living in Santa Cruz; briefly was an editor at Pulphouse, in Eugene, OR; 1st story pub. "The War Inside" in PLP 1991 JUN 1
   Zinnias on the Moon  1998 AUG  ss  now lives in Watsonville, CA; has pub. in High Fantastic, AMZ, PLP, & Quick Chills; says story was inspired by his grandfather, who recently passed away—but not without imparting some lessons on the importance of the imagination
Bulgakov, Mikhail  Fatal Eggs, The  1964 DEC  na  (1891-1940) Russian scientist finds red ray that promotes life; trans. from the Russian by Mirra Ginsburg( ? -2000; her 1st sale); story could not be pub. in Russia, a longer version to be pub. in Soviet Satire: The Fatal Egg and Other Stories(1965)
Bullock, Jeffrey  Hall of the Mountain King, The  1977 NOV  ss  (1950?- ) his 1st pub. fiction; has degrees in archaeology & journalism; lives in Boulder, CO; freelance nf writer/photographer, specializing in science-oriented articles; has many poems pub. in fanzines Doppelgänger, & Not One of Us, betw. 1985-89
Bulmer, Kenneth  Adjusted, The  1966 JUN  ss  (1921- ) also in F&SF as H. Ken Bulmer w. co-author Damon Knight; lives in Kent, England; an active sf fan since before WWII, he edited various fanzines; his 1st story pub. sf novels Space Treason(1952) & Cybernetic Controller(1952), both w. A.V. Clarke
   Psycho Sis  1978 APR  ss  has used many ps.; best known for his Edgar Rice Burroughs pastiches, written as Alan Burt Akers, in the Dray Prescot series, beginning w. the 1st, Transit to Scorpio(1972), to the last(37th) Warlord of Antares(1988); edited New Writings in SF #22-29
Bunch, David R.  Little Girl's Xmas in Modernia, A  1960 JAN  ss  (1925-2000) 1st pub. in Coastlines, 1958 FLL; born in Lowry City, MO; now lives in St. Louis, MO; served in U.S. Army Aihas a BS from Central Missouri State College & an MA in English from Washington Univ.; civilian cartographer for the U.S.A.F. 1954-1973
   That High-up Blue Day That Saw the Black Sky-train Come Spinning  1968 MAR  ss  this story "has been described as an outstanding conflation of moral seriousness and Grand Guignol"(Clute); pub. about 200 non-sf stories before his 1st sf story; 1st story pub. sf "Routine Emergency" in IFS 1957 DEC
   Of Time and Us  1968 JUN  pm  has 1946 BS from Central Missouri State College(now Univ.); 1949 MA from Washington Univ.(St. Louis); 1952 PhD from the State Univ. of Iowa City; has pub. many stories in AMZ & FAN
   Scare in Time, A  1968 SEP  vi  has coll. Moderan(1971), which coll. much of his early short fiction
   Tough Rocks and Hard Stones  1970 SEP  vi  has coll. Bunch!(1993; N-1993 DIC; 1994 LOC)

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