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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Bunch, David R.  Training Talk No. 12  1972 JAN  vi  1st & only story in F&SF in Training Talk series, a sequel to "Training Talk" in FAN 1964 MAR(rprt. in AMZ 1981 NOV)
   Saint George Pens a Note to His Dragons, A (Disclosures and Offers)  1997 SEP  ss  has coll. David R. "Moderan" Bunch Does Verse(1998); has poetry colls. We Have a Nervous Job(1983 chap), The Heartacher and the Werehouseman(2000); see obit in LOC 2000 JUL(#474)
Burger, Otis Kidwell  Zookeeper, The  1961 JUL  ss 
   Love Child  1962 MAY  ss  editor & writer, from West Village, NY
   Pleiades, The  1963 FEB  ss 
Burleson, Donald R.  Family Dentistry  1987 AUG  ss  (1941- ) Prof. of Mathematics at Rivier College; has nf books H.P. Lovecraft: A Critical Study(1983), Lovecraft: Disturbing the Universe(1990); colls. Four Shadowings(1994), Beyond the Lamplight(1996); sf novel Flute Song(1996); see bio in DTH 1996 SPR
Burns, G.  Cartoon  1994 SEP  ct 
Burt, Katharine Newlin  Herself  1990 AUG  ss  (1882-1977) 1st pub. in Scribner's Magazine, 1930 APR; wrote ya westerns, mysteries & light romances, from The Branding Iron(1919) to One Silver Spur(1968); was a fiction editor of the Ladies Home Journal; married to novelist Struthers Burt
Busby, David  Gallery of Masks, The  1987 AUG  nv  spent the early part of his life in Pakistan, now lives in the remote border country between England & Wales
Busby, F.M.  Cage a Man  1973 SEP  nv  (1921- ) 1st & only story in F&SF in Barton/Demu ser.; ser. novels Cage A Man(1974 fixup), The Proud Enemy(1975), The Demu Trilogy(1980); Francis Marion Busby Jr; sf fan, co-editor w. wife Elinor of fanzine Cry of the Nameless(W-1960 HUG, best fanzine)
   Getting Home  1974 APR  nv  N-1975 LOC, novelette; 1st story pub. sf "A Gun for Grandfather" in FUT 1957 FLL; has coll. Getting Home(1987); Rissa seq. novels beginning w. Rissa Kerguelen(1976); has chapter "Fan Clubs" in Joe Sanders(ed): Science Fiction Fandom(1994)
Busino  Cartoon  1981 OCT  ct  Orlando Busino; born in Binghampton, NY; lives in Ridgefield, CT; grad. of Univ. of Iowa; attended School of Visual Arts; sold cartoons to all the major mags.; draws panel 'Gus' for Boy's Life since 1970; W-1965, 1967-68 Plaque Award, Magazine Cartoons
Butler, Bill  Letter to a Tyrant King  1966 AUG  pm  (1934-1977) American-born poet, & publisher of Unicorn Books in England; has poetry coll. Static of a Star-Filled Wind, & a book on mythology, The Hero
Butler, Chris G.  Coffin in Egypt, A  1973 MAR  ss  has a story, "The Incompetent," in ANA 1971 DEC

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