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Card, Orson Scott  Books to Look For  1989 FEB  br  Kate Wilhelm: Crazy Time; Piers Anthony: Bio of an Ogre; James Gleick: Chaos: Making a New Science; Card has nf books, Characters & Viewpoint(1988), How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy(1990; W-1991 HUG; N-1991 LOC)
   Books to Look For  1989 MAR  br  Norman Spinrad: Other Americas; Kristine Kathryn Rusch(ed): Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine, Issue One; Card has anth. Future on Fire(1991; N-1992 LOC), & Black Mist and Other Japanese Futures(1997), the latter with Keith Ferrell
   Books to Look For  1989 APR  br  Elizabeth A. Scarborough: The Healer's War; Jane Yolen: The Devil's Arithmetic; Terry Bisson: Wyrldmaker; Charles de Lint: Greenmantle; Card has Homecoming series The Memory of Earth(1992; N-1993 LOC), The Call of Earth(1993; N-1994 LOC)
   Books to Look For  1989 MAY  br  Nayan Chanda: Brother Enemy: The War After the War: A History of Indochina Since the Fall of Saigon; Tzvetan Todorov: The Conquest of America; Romance of the Three Kingdoms(computer game); Robert Cormier: Fade
   Books to Look For  1989 JUN  br  William Sanders: Journey to Fusang; John E. Stith: Deep Quarry; M. Coleman Easton: Spirits of Cavern and Hearth; also in Card's Homecoming series, The Ships of Earth(1994), Earthborn(1995), & Earthfall(1995), about the semi-feudal planet Harmony
   Books to Look For  1989 JUL  br  Mike Resnick: Ivory; Burt Cole: The Quick; William H. Whyte: City: Rediscovering the Center; Gene Wolfe: There Are Doors; Card has novel Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus(1996; N-1996 SDW), future observers find a way to change the past
   Books to Look For  1989 AUG  br  Dave Wolverton: On My Way to Paradise; Card has novels Treasure Box(1996), dark fantasy about a supernaturally dysfunctional family(B&C); Homebody(1998), dark fantasy about a man restoring an old house & encountering supernatural difficulties(B&C)
   Books to Look For  1989 SEP  br  essay: why I won't write trash reviews, simply read the column's name; what four things a trash review says of the reviewer; Dave Smeds: The Schemes of Dragons; Patricia C. Wrede: Snow White and Rose Red; Card has novel Lovelock(1994), w. Kathryn H. Kidd
   Books to Look For  1989 OCT  br  Ben Bova(ed): The Best of the Nebulas; Tor doubles - Leigh Brackett: The Nemesis from Terra/Edmond Hamilton: Battle for the Stars; Barry B. Longyear: Enemy Mine/John Kessel: Another Orphan; David G. Hartwell(ed): The World Treasury of S. F.
   Lost Boys  1989 OCT  ss  W-1990 LOC; N-1989 NEB; 1990 HUG, ss; exp. into 1992 novel, it was N-1993 LOC; has novel Stone Tables(1998), which tells the tale of Moses, was orig. a musical play 1st performed 1973; in preface Card tells how he wrote it, & turned it into a novel(B&C)
   Afterword  1989 OCT  aw  discusses "Lost Boys," a highly autobiographical story, telling what was true & what was not; story really about their child, Charlie Ben, who has cerebral palsy, "who is not dead and yet can barely taste life despite all our love"; his obit LOC 2000 SEP
   Books to Look For  1989 DEC  br  Lisa Goldstein: Tourists; Judith L. Rapoport, M.D.: The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Washing(nf); Peter Dickinson: Eva; Card has anth. Future on Ice(1998); has novel Enchantment(1999)
   Books to Look For  1990 JAN  br  Gene Wolfe: Soldier of Arete; Randall Boyll: After Sundown; Card has novel Shadow of the Hegemon(2001), sequel to Ender's Shadow(1999), "which picks up a year later after the Battle School Kids have all been returned to Earth"
   Books to Look For  1990 FEB  br  Joe Haldeman: Buying Time; Octavia Butler: Wild Seed, & the trilogy Dawn, Adulthood Rites, & Imago
   Books to Look For  1990 APR  br  Isaac Asimov: Nemesis; Ben Bova: Cyberbooks
   Books to Look For  1990 MAY  br  essay: the place of sf in contemporary literature(an uncut version of what was pub. in an L.A. Times sf review column); Angela Webb O'Hara: The Elephant Talks to God; Lloyd Alexander: The King's Fountain; Kate Wilhelm: Children of the Wind
   Books to Look For  1990 JUN  br  lists his favorite 1989 sf books, & ya sf books; reviews Poul Anderson: The Boat of a Million Years; Robert Charles Wilson: The Divide; Gene Wolfe: Castleview
   Books to Look For  1990 JUL  br  R.A. MacAvoy: Lens of the World; Dean Wesley Smith: Laying the Music to Rest; Suzy McKee Charnas: The Golden Thread; Lloyd Alexander: The Jedera Adventure
   Books to Look For  1990 AUG  br  Ellen Kushner: Thomas the Rhymer; Lisa Goldstein: Daily Voices; F. Paul Wilson: The Tery
   Books to Look For  1990 SEP  br  Tom de Haven: Chronicles of the King's Tramp, Book 1: Walker of Worlds; Rudy Rucker: The Hollow Earth: The Narrative of Mason Algiers Reynolds of Virginia; Andrew Weiner: Distant Signals
   Books to Look For  1990 OCT  br  Mike Resnick: Second Contact; Kris Jensen: Freemaster
   Books to Look For  1990 NOV  br  Alan Rodgers: Fire; Lynne Reid Banks: The Fairy Rebel
   Books to Look For  1990 DEC  br  Robert J. Sawyer: Golden Fleece; Brian Moriarty: Loom(a computer fantasy game)
   Books to Look For  1991 FEB  br  Sissela Bok: Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life; Stephen E. Ambrose: Nixon; Robert A. Caro: The Years of Lyndon Johnson; Mark Bisnow: In the Shadow of the Dome; Ian Hamilton: Writers in Hollywood, 1915-1951; James Lovelock: The Age of Gaia
   Books to Look For  1991 MAR  br  Martin H. Greenberg(ed): Isaac's Universe: Volume One: The Diplomacy Guild; Charles de Lint: The Little Country; Tobias Wolff: This Boy's Life: A Memoir
   Books to Look For  1991 APR  br  Michael Crichton: Jurassic Park; Tanith Lee: A Heroine of the World
   Books to Look For  1991 MAY  br  Alexander Jablokov: Carve the Sky; Chris Van Allsburg: Just a Dream; Peter Collington: On Christmas Eve; Thornton W. Burgess: Old Mother West Wind; The Best of the Best I Read - Fantasy, SF, Young Adult, Picture Books, & Computer Books
   Books to Look For  1991 JUN  br  Frederik Pohl & Jack Williamson: The Singers of Time; Sim Earth(a computer game)
   Books to Look For  1991 JUL  br  Faren Miller: The Illusionists; M. Shayne Bell: Nicoji
   Books to Look For  1991 AUG  br  Norman Spinrad: Russian Spring; Everett F. Bleiler: Science Fiction: The Early Years
   Books to Look For  1991 SEP  br  Mem Fox & Vivienne Goodman: Guess What?; Sheri S. Tepper: Beauty; John Brosnan: The Sky Lords; Dave Wolverton: Serpent Catch
   Books to Look For  1991 OCT/NOV  br  Robert Charles Wilson: A Bridge of Years; Phyllis Eisenstein: Sorcerer's Son; Steven M. Krauzer: Brainstorm
   Books to Look For  1991 DEC  br  Ursula K. Le Guin: Catwings, & Catwings Return; Jane Yolen: Wizard's Hall; Gordon Korman: Don't Care High; "Genre Con," YASD & ALA recommended reading list in SF, Fantasy, Horror
   Books to Look For  1992 JAN  br  John Crowley: Great Work of Time; Octavia Butler: Mind of My Mind, Patternmaster, & Survivor
   Books to Look For  1992 FEB  br  Kate Wilhelm: Death Qualified: A Mystery of Chaos; Diana Wynne Jones: Charmed Life, Witch Week, The Lives of Christopher Chant, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Air, A Tale of Time City, Eight Days of Luke, Dogsbody, & Cart and Cwidder
   Books to Look For  1992 MAR  br  essay: characterization & the hard sf novel; Ben Bova: Mars; Martin H. Greenberg(ed): After the King: Stories in Honor of J.R.R. Tolkien; Susan Palwick: Flying in Place
   Books to Look For  1992 APR  br  Tom Deitz: Soulsmith; Joe Haldeman: The Hemingway Hoax; Jonathan Carroll: Black Cocktail; Megan Lindholm: Cloven Hooves; Diana Wynne Jones: Aunt Maria; Stephen Spignesi: The Shape Under the Sheet: The Complete Stephen King Encyclopedia
   Books to Look For  1992 MAY  br  Karen Joy Fowler: Sarah Canary; R.A. MacAvoy: King of the Dead; George Zebrowski: Stranger Suns; Paul Fussell: Bad: Or, the Dumbing of America
   Books to Look For  1992 JUN  br  Wilhelm: And the Angels Sing; Asimov: "Forward the Foundation," extract of 1993 novel pub. in ASI 1991 NOV; A.R. Morlan: The Cat with the Tulip Face; Etchison: The Dark Country; Aldiss: Journey to the Goat Star; Mary Caraker: I Remember, I Remember
   Books to Look For  1992 JUL  br  PC games: Martian Memorandum, Rise of the Dragon, & Circuit's Edge; Alan Rodgers: New Life for the Dead
   Books to Look For  1992 AUG  br  Fred Chappell: More Shapes Than One; A. Merritt: The Face in the Abyss, & The Aenei of Virgil
   Books to Look For  1992 SEP  br  Sharyn McCrumb: The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, & If I Ever Return, Pretty Peggy-O; James Morrow: City of Truth; Bruce Coville: Jennifer Murdley's Toad
   Books to Look For  1992 OCT/NOV  br  Alexander Jablokov: No Deeper Sea; Kristine Kathryn Rusch: The White Mists of Power; Bradley Denton: Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede
   Books to Look For  1992 DEC  br  Robert R. McCammon: Boy's Life; Lisa Goldstein: Strange Devices of the Sun and Moon
   Books to Look For  1993 JAN  br  Janet Gluckman & George Guthridge: The Madagascar Manifesto: Child of the Light; Josepha Sherman: Child of Faerie, Child of Earth; Victor Kelleher: Del-Del
   Books to Look For  1993 FEB  br  George Turner: Brain Child; Robert Rodi: Fag Hag
   Books to Look For  1993 MAR  br  Annie Dalton: Out of the Ordinary; Jack Hitt, with Lawrence Block, Sara Caudwell, Tony Hillerman, Peter Lovesey, & Donald E. Westlake: The Perfect Murder
   Books to Look For  1993 APR  br  Clive Barker: The Thief of Always: A Fable; Sid Meir: Civilization(a computer game); Keith Ferrell: The Official Guide to Sid Meir's Civilization; Johnny L. Wilson & Alan Emrich: Civilization, or Rome on 640K a Day; Robert Charles Wilson: The Harvest
   Books to Look For  1993 MAY  br  Robert Kanigel: The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life of the Genius Ramanujam; Michael Scott: October Moon; Diann Thornley: Ganwold's Child; Susan Fletcher: Dragon's Milk; David Garnett(ed): New Worlds
   Books to Look For  1993 AUG  br  Dave Wolverton: Path of the Hero; M.J. Engh: Rainbow Man; Adėle Geras: The Tower Room

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