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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Card, Orson Scott  Books to Look For  1993 SEP  br  Harry Turtledove: The Guns of the South: A Novel of the Civil War; Richard Gilliam, Martin H. Greenberg & Edward E. Kramer(ed): Confederacy of the Dead; Nina Kiriki Hoffman: Unmasking
   Books to Look For  1993 OCT/NOV  br  Bradley Denton: Blackburn; Robert Grudin: Book, & The Grace of Great Things: Creativity and Innovation; Flann O'Brien: The Third Policeman; see article, Orson Scott Card: A Study in Contrasts, in NCLR #10 2001(Special Science Fiction & Fantasy Issue)
   Books to Look For  1993 DEC  br  Steven Gould: Jumper; Pamela Sargent: Ruler of the Sky: A Novel of Genghis Khan; Morgan Llywelyn: The Elementals; Eleanor Arnason: Ring of Swords; Card has anth. Masterpieces: The Best Science Fiction of the Century(2001)
   Vessel  1999 DEC  nv  N-2000 LOC, nv; 1st pub. in Catalan in Nexus, in Spanish in BEM, in 1998; has contemporary fantasy Enchantment(1999), retelling a Russian version of Sleeping Beauty; adult picture book Magic Mirror(2000) w. Nathan A. Pinnock; anth. Future on Ice(2000)
Carew, Virginia  Books  1968 JUL  br  I.F. Clarke: Voices Prophesying War, 1763-1984; Robert Scholes: The Fabulators; Mark R. Hillegas: The Future As Nightmare: H.G. Wells and the Anti-Utopians; Nell Eurich: Science in Utopia; Desmond Tarrant: James Branch Cabell: The Dream and the Reality
Carlson, Esther  Happy Landing  1952 DEC  ss  (1920- ) ps. for Joanna Collier, wife of writer John Collier
   Heads You Win   1953 APR  ss  1st story Dr. Aesop Abercrombie series
   Long Distance  1953 OCT  ss 
   Night Life  1953 DEC  ss  2nd story Dr. Aesop Abercrombie series
   Somewhere East of Rudyard  1954 FEB  ss  3rd story Dr. Aesop Abercrombie series
Carpenter, Jeffrey W. & Barry N. Malzberg  Getting Back  1980 SEP  ss  ( ? - ? ; 1939- ) Carpenter is a 19-year old freshman at the Univ. of Redlands(CA); Malzberg is in F&SF by himself & with several co-authors, & under ps. K.M. O'Donnell
Carr, A.H.Z.  It Is Not My Fault  1960 JUL  ss  (1902-1971) Albert H. Zolotkoff Carr, has been economic adviser to F.D.R., & speech writer for Adlai Stevenson, has pub. nf books, & short stories in PST & EQMM; W-1971 EDG for best 1st novel, Finding Maubee(1971)
Carr, Carol  Wally A Deux  1973 FEB  ss  wife of fan/author/editor Terry Carr, an sf fan herself; born in Brooklyn, now lives in San Francisco; has been pub. in Orbits 5 & 8, ESQ, Epoch
Carr, Jayge  Pieces of Eight  1984 SEP  ss  (1940- ) ps. for Margery Krueger; lives near New Orleans, has degree in Physics, former nuclear physicist for NASA; 1st story pub. sf "Alienation" in ANA 1976 OCT; 1st novel Leviathan's Deep(1979); has Rabelais seq., Navigator's Sindrome(1983), etc
Carr, John Dickson  Blind Man's Hood  1955 JAN  ss  (1906-1977) 1st pub. as by his ps. Carter Dickson in The Sketch, Christmas 1937 & in his coll. The Department of Queer Complaints(1940); mystery writer, has novels The Three Coffins(1935), Death Watch(1935), The Ten Teacups(1937), as by Carter Dickson
   New Murders For Old (Ghosts for Christmas: II)  1957 JAN  ss  1st pub. in The Illustrated London News, Christmas 1939; has historical detective novels The Devil in Velvet(1951, set in 17th century), Fear Is the Same(1956, 18th) as by Carter Dickson, & Fire, Burn!(1956, 19th); given a Grand Master Edgar Award in 1962
Carr, Michael  Dog's Night, A  1997 DEC  ss  (1971- ) Michael W. Carr, his 1st pro sale; lives in Springville, UT; attended 1993 Clarion, & helped found writers group, Pilgrimage; edited The Leading Edge #27 & #28, 1993-94, & has pub. articles & stories there; see his website at
Carr, Terry  Who Sups With the Devil  1962 MAY  ss  (1937-1987) his 1st pub. story; sf fan since 1949, from Greenwich Village, co-edited(with Ron Ellik) Hugo Award winning fanzine FANAC(1957-63; 100 issues; W-1959 HUG; N-1960 & 1961 HUG); Carr W-1973 HUG; N-1971-2, for Best Fan Writer
   Brown Robert  1962 JUL  ss  lives in Brooklyn Heights, NY; has novels Warlords of Kor(1963 chap), & Invasion from 2500(1964), the latter with Ted White as by the collab. ps. Norman Edwards; has edited many anthologies which have won or been nominated for Locus Awards
   Hop-Friend  1962 NOV  ss  worked 1964-71 as an editor w. Donald A. Wollheim at Ace Books; edited ser. World's Best Science Fiction(1965-70) w. Wollheim, & Universe 1-17(1971-87), The Best Science Fiction of the Year 1-16(1972-87), New Worlds of Fantasy(1967), #2(1970), #3(1971)
   Old Man of the Mountains, The  1963 APR  ss  edited Science Fiction for People Who Hate Science Fiction(1966), The Others(1969), On Our Way to the Future(1970), This Side of Infinity(1972), An Exaltation of Stars(1973), Into the Unknown(1973), Worlds Near and Far(1974), The Ides of Tomorrow(1976)
   Fanzine Fanfaronade  1964 APR  ar  3rd article of three in a series about the current sf fan scene, this one on the numerous & diverse amateur sf magazines, or fanzines; Carr is one of sf's leading amateur journalists; edited The Fellowship of the Stars(1974), Creatures from Beyond(1975)
   Touchstone  1964 MAY  ss  edited Planets of Wonder(1976), Infinite Arena(1977), To Follow a Star(1977), Nine S. F. Stories About Christmas(1977), Classic Science Fiction(1978), Beyond Reality(1979), Dream's Edge(1980), A Treasury of Modern Fantasy(1981 w. Martin H. Greenberg)
   Sleeping Beauty  1967 MAY  ss  has Year's Finest Fantasy 1-5(1978-82), The Best Science Fiction Novellas of the Year #1(1979), #2(1980); has short story "The Dance of the Changer and the Three," in Joseph Elder(ed): The Farthest Reaches(1968), N-1968 NEB; 1969 HUG
   Books  1967 OCT  br  Peter Heath: The Mind Brothers; Ted White: Secret of the Marauder Satellite
   Books  1968 JAN  br  Robert Silverberg: The Time Hoppers; L.P. Davies: Psychogeist; Carr has anth. 100 Great Fantasy Short Stories(1984, with Isaac Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg), The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol.4(1986)
   Virra  1978 OCT  ss  N-1979 LOC, ss; has coll. The Light at the End of the Universe(1976); novel Cirque(1977; N-1977 NEB; 1978 LOC); see interviews in Vertex 1975 JUL, & in Paul Walker: Speaking of Science Fiction(1978)
   You Got It  1987 MAY  vi  returned to Ace Books in the 1980s on a freelance basis to edit a 2nd series of Ace Specials(Clute); has colls. of his fan writings, Fandom Harvest(1986), & Between Two Worlds(1986 chap); Carr W-1985, 1987 HUG; N 11 times, for Best Pro Editor
Carroll, Jonathan  Friend's Best Man  1987 JAN  ss  (1949- ) W-1988 WFA, shfi; N-1988 LOC, STO, ss; U.S. born author, screenwriter, living in Vienna; 1st story pub. fantasy novel The Land of Laughs(1980; W-1989 Apollo Award); Voice of Our Shadow(1983); see his website at
   Uh-Oh City  1992 JUN  na  N-1993 HUG, LOC, WFA, na; has novels Sleeping in Flame(1988; N-1989 LOC, WFA), A Child Across the Sky(1989; N-1990 BSF, CLA, LOC, WFA), Outside the Dog Museum(1991; W-1992 BSF; N-LOC, WFA); see iv's in LOC 1989 MAR, INZ 1991 NOV, & WRT 1990-91 WIN(#299)
   Nine Fantasy Novels That Should Be Made Into Films  1998 JUL  misc  Helprin: Winter's Tale; Rupert Thompson: Dreams of Leaving; Bosse: Mister Touch; Charles Maclean: The Watcher; David Rhodes: The Easter House; Whittemore: Sinai Tapestry; Moorcock: Von Bek; Womack: Let's Put the Future Behind Us; Ryman: The Child Garden
   Fish in a Barrel  1999 OCT/NOV  ss  N-2000 LOC, ss; has coll. The Panic Hand(1996; W-1996 STO; N-1996 LOC, WFA); novels From the Teeth of Angels(1994; N-1995 LOC, STO, WFA), Kissing the Behive(1998), The Marriage of Sticks(1999; N-2000 LOC,STO), The Wooden Sea(2001)
Carroll, Lewis  Photography Extraordinary  1957 OCT  vi  (1832-1898) 1st pub. in ?; ps. for Charles Lutwidge Dodgson; author of novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland(1865), & its sequel Through the Looking-glass, and What Alice Found There(1871); 1st book orig. narrated to children of Rev. Liddell, esp. Alice
Carson, Robin  Hunting  1969 DEC  ss  has novel Pawn of Time(1957), about a New Yorker who travels back in time to 1521 Venice to become a swashbuckling nobleman; also translated from the Italian, Aldo Pellegrini: New Tendencies in Art(1966; 1969)
Carter, Lin  Uncollected Works  1965 MAR  ss  (1930-1988) N-1965 NEB; wn. for Linwood Vrooman Carter; 1st fantasy novel The Wizard of Lemuria(1965), 1st in ser. of Conan pastiche; editor of fantasy anthologies; nf book defining heroic fantasy, Imaginary Worlds(1973); Robert M. Price: Lin Carter(1991)
Carter, Paul A.  Ounce of Prevention  1950 SUM  ss  (1926- ) error lists author as Philip Carter; social historian & writer, 1st story pub. sf "The Last Objective" in ASF 1946 AUG; has anth. The Creation of Tomorrow: Fifty Years of Magazine Science Fiction(1977)
   Unbalanced Equation  1956 JAN  nv  this story was written before Richardson's article(#721) in F&SF 1955 DEC on Martian explorers sexual mores, tho it's pub. afterwards; has novel with Gregory Benford, Iceborn(1989, in George Zebrowski: Synergy 3 as "Proserpina's Daughter"; exp. 1989 chap)
   In Excelsis  1984 MAR  ss  taught history at the Univ. of Montana, & at the Univ. of Southern California(Berkeley), & the last 10 years at the Univ. of Arizona
   Joram Among the Dogs  1988 AUG  ss  this story was a "classic case of the characters taking the tale away from its author. I had written the protagonist into a corner, & the more I plotted & planned, the deeper the hole I was digging him into. Then, in walked Fortunato ..."
Cartmill, Cleve  Bells on His Toes  1949 FLL  ss  (1908-1964) author & journalist; 1st story pub. "Oscar" in UNK 1941 FEB; has 8 fantasy novels/novellas in UNK & ASF, incl. novella "Hell Hath Fury" in UNK 1943 AUG(& in George Hay 1963 anth. same name), about a boy who learns he's a woman/demon offspring
   Huge Beast  1950 SUM  ss  3rd story BoIZ ser.; famous for nv "Deadline" in ASF 1944 MAR, which accurately predicted the atomic bomb in detail & attracted FBI attention, & which is documented in "The Manhattan Project's Confrontation w. S.F." by Albert Berger in ANA 1984 SEP
   My Lady Smiles  1953 NOV  vi  has Space Salvage or Jake Murchison series, six stories pub. in TWS 1949-50, & coll. in The Space Scavengers(1975); he was also pub. stories in COL, & Suspense, the Mystery Magazine, the latter in 1946-47 which had been broadcast on radio in 1943-45
   Youth, Anybody?  1955 NOV  spf  concerning his fictitious 'story' "Nor Custom Stale," which when bought by a magazine, the magazine fails; followed by some tongue-in-cheek background by editor Boucher
Cartur, Peter  Mist, The  1952 SEP  vi  (1916- ) ps. for Peter Grainger, also in F&SF under ps. Max Dancey, & Dancey with co-author G. Gordon Dewey
Carver, Jeffrey A.  Seastate Zero  1978 JAN  nv  (1949- ) raised in Huron, OH; now living in Rhode Island/Boston area; has MA in Marine Affairs from Univ. of Rhode Island; 1st story pub. sf "...Of No Return" in The Fiction Mag., in 1974; has 1st novel Seas of Ernathe(1976), The Infinity Link(1984), etc
Casil, Amy Sterling  Jonny Punkinhead  1996 JUN  ss  her 1st professional sale; 1st story in Gyla ser., another in F&SF 2000 JAN, 1st novel Imago(2001) in Gyla world; lives in Redlands, CA; has pub. nf in women's & literary pubs.; Clarion grad.; 1995 WotF contest finalist; 1st coll. Without Absolution(2001)
Casper, Susan  Mama  1984 AUG  ss  (1947- ) born, lives in Philadelphia; married to Gardner Dozois; 1st story pub. sf "Spring-Fingered Jack" in Charles Grant(ed): Fears(1983); her collab. fiction with Dozois coll. in Slow Dancing Through Time(1990); edited anth. with Dozois, Ripper!(1988)
Cassens, Kenneth H.  Lonely Worm, The  1952 FEB  ss  (1922-2001) a bombadier of a B-17G Flying Fortress, the "Screwball Express" during WWII; his diary of his combat missions pub. in Screwball Express(1992); see website users.erinet/29562/ScrewballExpress/; pub. 10 stories in Bluebook from 1948 DEC-1950 OCT
Cassill, R.V.  Waiting Room, The  1956 JUL  ss  (1919-2002) 1st pub. in Perspective 1951 FLL; Ronald Verlin Cassill; has 1st novel The Eagle on the Coin(1950), on racial problems in the South; Dormitory Women(1954), The Wound of Love(1956), Naked Morning(1957), Clem Anderson(1961), Pretty Leslie(1963)
   War in the Air, The  1956 SEP  ss  1st pub. in Epoch, in 1952, W-O. Henry Prize; has movie tie-in novels Tempest(1959), The Buccaneer(1959); colls. The Father(1965), The Happy Marriage(1966), Patrimonies(1987); nf The Complete Handbook for Freelance Writers(1981), Writing Fiction(1975)

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