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Cassutt, Michael  Free Agent, The  1981 AUG  nv  (1954- ) born in Owatonna, MN; lives in California; 1st story pub. sf "A Second Death" in AMZ 1974 JUN; scriptwriter & TV producer, for The Twilight Zone(1986, writer), Max Headroom(1987, story editor), TV 101(1988-89, writer-producer)
   Curious Elation  1990 SEP  ss  this story to be in an anth. of sf/f with Catholic themes, co-edited by Cassutt, & Andrew M. Greeley: Sacred Visions(1991); Cassutt also worked on the TV series Beverly Hills 90210; Eerie, Indiana(1991; 19 ep.); Sirens(1992-93, writer-producer)
   Extraordinary Measures  1991 JUL  ss  N-1992 NEB, short story; has worked on TV series W.I.O.U.(1990-91, writer-producer), Strange Luck(1995-1996; 17 ep.); freelance scripts for Alice, Misfits of Science(1985-86), Dungeons & Dragons(1983, 27 ep.), SeaQuest DSV(1993-95, 59 ep.), etal
   Last Mars Trip, The  1992 JUL  ss  has 1st sf novel Star Country(1986; N-1987 LOC), set in a balkanized post-holocaust U.S.A(Clute).; nf books Who's Who in Space: The First 25 Years(1987), Who's Who in Space: The International Space Year Edition(1993)
   Folks, The  1993 JUL  ss  story inspired by his great-uncle & the fact that "in the early 21st Century, the U.S. will be a country in which mature people will be a majority—a political force"; has novel Dragon Season(1991), air force officer hunts for his girl in an alt. world
   Longer Voyage, The  1996 JUL  nv  N-1997 LOC, novelette; editor Rusch asked Cassutt to write a story of the future-of-space sf; has nf book Deke!: Manned Space: From Mercury to the Shuttle(1994), w. Donald K. 'Deke' Slayton; novel Missing Man(1998), an sf mystery at NASA
Castro, Adam-Troy  Ego to Go  1995 JAN  ss  ,lives in Florida; has 1st story pub. "Clearance to Land" in PLP #5 1989; has tribute story, "The Last Robot," to Isaac Asimov in premier issue of SFAge 1992 NOV; has horror story coll., Lost in Booth Nine(1993)
   Locusts  1996 FEB  nv  N-1997 STO, novelette
   Neither Rain Nor Sleet  1996 AUG  ss  N-1997 STO, short story; mostly a horror writer; has X-Men & Spiderman comics novelization, with Tom DeFalco, Time's Arrow Book 2: The Present(1998)
   Funeral March of the Marionettes, The  1997 JUL  na  N-1997 NEB; 1998 HUG, LOC, novella; about a strange alien ritual & the one woman who understands it so well, she is willing to die for it; has a story in Bovberg & Whitham(ed): Skull Full of Spurs: A Roundup of Weird Westerns(2000)
   Crisis on Ward H!  1998 OCT/NOV  ss  has Spiderman trilogy, The Gathering of the Sinister Six(2000), The Revenge of the Sinister Six(2000), The Secret of the Sinister Six(forthcoming); dark sf/f coll. An Alien Darkness(2000); horror coll. A Desperate Decaying Darkness(2000)
Catalano, Frank  Love Object  1982 MAR  vi  anchors news & runs the public affairs dept. for a Seattle-area radio station; freelances sf & horror short stories, writes sf br's for UPI & for AMZ 1984 JAN-1985 NOV; has book with Bud Smith, Marketing Online for Dummies(1998)
Caves, Sally  Fetch Felix  1991 JUL  nv  her 1st pub. story; "a look at the way a move in a woman's life brings about the possibility for ... changes"; has written a number of articles on Early English & Celtic literature; has teleplay "Hollow Pursuits," for Star Trek: The Next Generation
   Ketamine  1995 MAR  nv  cat in this story based on her own tabby, "I first read about ketamine in Daniel Dennett's essay, 'Why You Can't Build a Computer That Can Feel Pain'(in his 1978 book, Brainstorms)"; has pub. a book on medieval poetry
Chandler, A. Bertram  Haunt  1950 SUM  ss  (1912-1984) Arthur Bertram Chandler, U.K. writer born in Aldershot, England; merchant sailor since 1928, "many of his novels feaure spaceships ... whose command structures are decidedly naval"(Clute); 1st story pub. "This Means War!" in ASF 1944 MAY
   Jetsam  1953 APR  ss  1st pub. in NWS 1953 MAR; known for his pocket-universe novelette "Giant Killer" in ASF 1945 OCT, & in coll. From Sea to Shining Star(1990); see criticism article same title as coll. in Eidolon 1991 SUM; see obit in LOC 1984 AUG(#283)
   Cage, The  1957 JUN  ss  moved to Australia in 1956, commanding merchant navy ships, until he retired in 1975; has 1st novel, in Derek Calver seq., The Rim of Space(1961), & The Ship from Outside(ASF 1959 AUG as "Familiar Pattern" as by George Whitley; exp. 1963)
   Critical Angle  1958 NOV  ss  also in F&SF under ps. George Whitley; has novels Bring Back Yesterday(1961), Rendezvous on a Lost World(1961), The Hamelin Plague(1963); Wilkinson seq. novels The Coils of Time(1964), Glory Planet(1964), The Alternate Martians(1965), & 1 more
   Man Who Could Not Stop, The  1959 MAY  nv  1st story in F&SF in Rim World series(char. John Clavering), in his coll. Beyond the Galactic Rim(1963); has Empress space opera seq. novels Empress of Outer Space(1965), Space Mercenaries(1965), Nebula Alert(1967), coll. Up to the Sky in Ships(1982), etc
   Pied Potter, The  1971 AUG  ss  has novels in John Grimes/Rim World ser., Into the Alternate Universe(1964), Contraband from Other-Space(1967), The Road to the Rim(1967), False Fatherland(1968; vt Spartan Planet, 1969 US), To Prime the Pump(1971), coll. The Rim Gods(1969)
   Grimes and the Odd Gods  1983 JUN  nv  2nd story in Rim World series(character John Grimes); he has been writing stories & novels in this series for at least 30 years
   Grimes and the Jailbirds  1984 MAY  ss  3rd & last story in Rim World series(character Commodore John Grimes); see interview in AMZ 1983 MAR
Chandler, Raymond  Bronze Door, The  1953 OCT  nv  (1888-1959) 1st pub. in UNK 1939 NOV; born in Chicago, mystery writer -perhaps the greatest of all time, & screenwriter; creator of the narrator /sleuth Philip Marlowe; won Edgar Awards, best screenplay/1946, & best novel/1954 for The Long Goodbye
Chapin, Paul  Volcano, The  1976 FEB  ss  (1918- ) ps. for Philip José Farmer, the 4th in Farmer's Pseudonym series
Chapman, Vic  Come Back Elena  1966 OCT  ss  (1919- ) born in Canton, Ohio; employed as a chemist
Charteris, Leslie  Darker Drink, The  1952 OCT  ss  (1907-1993) sf-horror, 1st pub. in TWS 1947 OCT; 1st story in F&SF from Simon Templar, or The Saint series; ps. for Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin, legally changed to L.C.; The Saint 1st appeared in Charteris' novel, Meet the Tiger(1928)
   Man Who Liked Ants, The  1953 JUN  ss  1st pub. in Double Detective, 1937 DEC; 2nd story in F&SF from The Saint series(2nd of only two sf-horror Saint story); The Saint 1st appeared in movies in The Saint in New York(1938), and there were at least 6 more movies between 1939-54
   Fish Story  1954 JUN  ss  1st pub. in BBM 1953 NOV(not a Saint story); three different actors played The Saint in the movies, 1938-54: Louis Hayward, George Sanders, & Hugh Sinclair; has coll. Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh(ed): The Fantastic Saint(1982)
   Questing Tycoon, The  1958 JUN  nv  1st pub. in The Saint, 1954 DEC; 3rd story in F&SF from The Saint series; best-known radio Saint was Vincent Price who played the role 1947-50; Roger Moore was the best-known TV Saint, in 114 episodes in U.K. series 1963-68
   Convenient Monster, The  1965 DEC  nv  1st pub. in The Saint, 1959 MAR; 4th story in F&SF from The Saint series; Charteris wrote close to 40 Saint books(novels & colls.), between 1928-64 and the last The Saint in Pursuit(1970); after 1967 Saint books were written by other authors
Chast, R.  Cartoon: From the Notebook of Lewis Commonsense, Ph.D.  1985 FEB  ct  (1954- ) 1st pub. in NYM, 1984; wn. for Roz Chast; she was born in Brooklyn, lives in Ridgefield, CT; cartoonist for NYM; has cartoon colls. Unscientific Americans(1982), Parallel Universes(1984), Proof of Life on Earth(1991); see C.A., vol.149, p.69-71
Chaulet, G.  Cartoon  1958 FEB  ct 
Cheinisse, Claude F.  Juliette  1961 AUG  ss  (1931-1982) 1st pub. in 1959; trans. from the French by Damon Knight; a doctor specializing in forensic & industrial toxicology; involved in French fandom since late 1950s, 1st story pub. sf in 1958; married sf writer Christine Renard in 1965
Chekhov, Anton  Flying Islands, The  1959 APR  spf  (1860-1904) a parody, written as if by Jules Verne; 1st pub. in Russian magazine Budilnik, in 1883; trans. by Frances H. Jones; Anton Pavlovich Chekhov; has colls. in English, Selected Stories(1951), The Short Stories of Anton Chekhov(1973)
Cheney  Cartoon  1998 AUG  ct  (1954- ) working name for Thomas W. Cheney; born in Norfolk, VA; he now lives in Hawaii; "drew his first cartoon at the age of three with a red crayon on his mother's favorite coffee table. He was then quickly introduced to paper ..."
   Cartoon  1998 SEP  ct  has 1976 BA in Psychology from Potsdam State Univ.; his first pub. cartoon was in The Saturday Evening Post in 1977; since then his work has appeared in over 500 U.S. & foreign mags. & newspapers incl. National Lampoon, MAD, Penthouse, Omni, Cosmopolitan
   Cartoon  1998 OCT/NOV  ct  has been influenced by Sam Gross, Charles Rodriques, John Caldwell, & Charles Addams; "These cartoonists, among others, taught him how to combine humor with risky subject matter, & to reach for the reader's gut as well as his brain
   Cartoon  1998 DEC  ct  presently a staff cartoonist for The New Yorker Magazine; "workday begins at 7 PM, when he begins writing cartoon ideas for the next day's drawing session. This gives an overnight 'cooling off' period, (to see) if they're still funny the following AM"
   Cartoon  1999 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon  1999 MAR  ct 
   Cartoon  1999 JUN  ct 
   Cartoon  1999 JUL  ct 
   Cartoon  1999 AUG  ct 
   Cartoon  1999 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon  1999 OCT/NOV  ct 
Cherryh, C.J.  Cassandra  1978 OCT  ss  (1942- ) W-1979 HUG; N-1978 NEB; 1979 LOC, ss; her 2nd pub. short story; wn. for Carolyn Janice Cherry; lives in Oklahoma City, former teacher of Latin, Ancient History; has 1st novel Gate of Ivrel(1976), in her Morgaine ser.; has website
Chesbro, George C.  Sun Pond, The  1971 MAR  ss  (1940- ) special education teacher; has Dr. Robert "Mongo" Frederickson mystery novel ser., about a dwarf circus gymnast & black belt karate expert turned criminologist, Shadow of a Broken Man(1977), City of Whispering Stone(1978)
   Grand Design  1971 DEC  ss  has Mongo mystery ser., An Affair of Socerers(1979), The Beasts of Valhalla(1985), Two Songs the Archangel Sings(1986), The Cold Smell of Sacred Stone(1988), Second Horseman Out of Eden(1989), The Language of Cannibals(1990)
   Poems to Play in the Piccolo  1982 MAY  ss  N-1983 LOC, short story; Mongo mystery ser. incl. coll. In the House of Secret Enemies(1990), novels The Fear in Yesterday's Rings(1991), Dark Chant in a Crimson Key(1992), An Incident at Bloodtide(1993), Bleeding in the Eye of a Brainstorm(1995)
Chilson, Rob  Far-Off Things  1992 MAY  nv  (1945- ) wn. for Robert Dean Chilson; 1st story in Prime Mondeign ser.; "story arose from speculation ... what will even as little as 1000 yrs. of gene-splicing do ... (story like hard-core sf but) closer to Edgar Rice Burroughs pseudoscientific fantasy"

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