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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Chilson, Rob  Fetching  1993 MAR  nv  born in Ringwood, OK; lives in Kansas City, MO; 1st story pub. "The Mind Reader" in ANA 1968 JUN; 1st novel far-future adventure As the Curtain Falls(1974), space opera The Star-Crowned Kings(1975); see entry in St. James Guide to S. F. Writers
   Midnight Yearnings  1994 AUG  ss  has novel The Shores of Kansas(1976), about a man with a natural, consciously-controlled talent for time travel & his resulting psychological problems(Clute); Robots to Foundation: Isaac Asimov's Robot City 5: Refuge(1988); see entry in CANR, vol. 58
   This Side of Independence  1998 FEB  ss  has sf novels Men Like Rats(1989), about men living in the corridors & pantries of giant aliens(B&C); Rounded with Sleep(1990), a professional hero living on an Earth taken over by a computerized fantasy role-playing game(B&C); see Biolog ANA 1984 APR
   Hestwood, The  1999 APR  nv  N-1999 HOM; 2nd story in Prime Mondeign ser.; has humorous horror novel, Black as Blood(1998), in which Uncle Albert just won't stay dead(B&C); has story "Acute Triangle" in McEnroe(ed): Proteus(1981) adapted for cable TV series Welcome to Paradox(1998)
Choly, Robert  Danse Macabre  1960 NOV  vi 
Christie, Agatha  Last Séance, The  1951 APR  ss  (1890-1976) 1st pub. in Ghost Stories 1926 NOV & Sovereign Magazine 1927 MAR, as "The Woman Who Stole a Ghost"; ps. for Dame Agatha Christie Mallowan, born in Torquay, in Devon, England; worked in dispensary in WWI, gained knowledge of drugs & poisons
   Call of Wings, The  1952 JUN  ss  1st pub. in her coll. The Hound of Death & Other Stories(1933); has 1st novel The Mysterious Affair at Styles(1920), & said to mark start of golden age of mystery(DeAndrea), & which introduced Detective Hercules Poirot; creator of Miss Jane Marple series
   Fourth Man, The  1955 SEP  ss  1st pub. in The Hound of Death(1933); 1st Marple novel, Murder at the Vicarage(1930); won a Grand Master Edgar Award in 1954; one of the top mystery playwrights, author of longest-running British play, The Mousetrap(1954); has book An Autobiography(1977)
Christopher, John  Decline and Fall of the Bug-Eyed Monster, The  1956 OCT  ar  (1922- ) 1st pub. in Punch; ps. for Christopher Samuel Youd; born in Knowsley, Wales; now lives on island of Guernsey; active sf fan before WWII, in which he served; 1st story pub. sf "Christmas Tree" in ASF 1949 FEB; 1st novel The Winter Swan(1949)
   Few Kindred Spirits, A  1965 NOV  ss  N-1965 NEB, short story; has coll. The Twenty-Second Century(1954), 1st sf novel The Year of the Comet(1955; vt Planet in Peril, 1959 US), novel The Death of Grass(1956; vt No Blade of Grass, 1957 US; 1970 movie No Blade of Grass)
   Little People, The  1967 JAN  no-1/3  at Killabeg Castle in the middle of Killabeg Bog in Ireland, eight people on holiday discover a group of miniature human beings, less than a foot high, the results of German experiments
   Little People, The  1967 FEB  no-2/3  has novels The World in Winter(1962; in U.S. as The Long Winter, 1962), The Possessors(1964), Sweeney's Island(1964), A Wrinkle in the Skin(1965; vt The Ragged Edge, 1966 US), Pendulum(1968); his "Bright Birds," in EQMM, N-1972 EDG
   Little People, The  1967 MAR  no-3/3  has Tripods sequence of juvenile novels, The White Mountains(1967), The City of Gold and Lead(1967), The Pool of Fire(1968), & a prequel, When the Tripods Came(1988); other juveniles, The Lotus Caves(1969), The Guardians(1970)
   Specimen  1972 DEC  ss  has fantasy novels The Prince in Waiting(1970), Beyond the Burning Lands(1971), The Sword of the Spirits(1972); juvenile novels Dom and Va(1973), Wild Jack(1974), Empty World(1977); Fireball trilogy Fireball(1981), New Found Land(1983), Dragon Dance(1986)
Chwedyk, Richard  Auteur Theory  1998 JUL  nv  lives in Chicago; his wife Kathy is a poet & P.R. writer; he's an editor for a chain of suburban community newspapers, teaches creative writing at Oakton Community College; has pub. short fiction & poetry in AMZ, Oyez Review, S&T, & Oink!
Ciardi, John  Love Letter From Mars  1965 JAN  pm  also in F&SF under the ps. John Anthony
   Love Letter From Mars  1979 OCT  pm  1st pub. in F&SF 1965 JAN
Claremont, C.S.  Psimed  1973 APR  nv  (1950- ) Christopher Simon Claremont, an actor, "now working summer stock & the New York audition rounds. When I'm not working theatre, I write."; has novel Grounded(1991), an extract pub. in AMZ 1991 JUL
Clareson, Thomas D.  SF: Academic Dimensions, The  1972 MAY  ar  (1926-1993) "dimensions of the current academic scene"; Prof. of English at College of Wooster, editor of Extrapolation since 1959; has books SF: The Other Side of Realism(1971), Voices for the Future, Vol.1('76), Vol.2('79), Vol.3('83); obit LOC 1993 AUG
   Robert Silverberg: Compleat Writer, The  1974 APR  ar  T.C. considers R.S.'s best novels to be Downward to Earth, Second Trip, Tower of Glass, Dying Inside; compares early stories which R.S. then expanded on; Clareson has nf books Science Fiction in America, 1870s-1930s(1984), Some Kind of Paradise(1986)
Clark, Curt  Nackles  1964 JAN  ss  (1933- ) ps. for Donald E. Westlake, & in F&SF as such with author Larry M. Harris; W-1967 EDG for novel, God Save the Mark(1967); has sf novel Anarchaos(1967) as by Curt Clark; coll. The Curious Facts Preceding My Execution and Other Fictions(1968)
Clarke, Arthur C.  Superiority  1951 AUG  ss  (1917- ) Arthur Charles Clarke, born in Minehead, in Somerset, England; active sf fan before WWII; radar instructor with the RAF, 1941-46; 1st story pub. sf "Loophole" in ASF 1946 APR; 1st sale was "Rescue Party" in ASF 1946 MAY
   Refugee  1955 JUL  ss  Title Contest Story, orig. titled "This Earth of Majesty" by Clarke, & has appeared in anthologies under either name, & aka "Royal Prerogative"; winner announced, p.100, 1955 OCT, "Refugee" was the winning title
   What Goes Up   1956 JAN  ss  1st & only story in F&SF in White Hart Tavern series; others stories in series pub. in var. magazines; coll. in Tales of the White Hart(1957); four early stories pub. in fanzines 1937-42 were coll. in The Best of Arthur C. Clarke 1937-1971(1973 UK)
   Planets Are Not Enough, The  1956 JUN  ar  1st pub. in SRL, 26 NOV 1955; speculates on the problems of interstellar flight; has 1st two novels, Prelude to Space(1951) & The Sands of Mars(1951); novel Islands in the Sky(1952); coll. Expedition to Earth(1953); has lived in Sri Lanka since 1956
   No Morning After  1956 JUL  ss  1st pub. in Derleth(ed): Time to Come(1954); his story "The Sentinel" in 10 Story Fantasy 1951 SPR was basis for movie 2001: A Space Odyssey(1968), which Clarke wrote screenplay with Stanley Kubrick; Clarke's role in movie in The Lost Worlds of 2001(1972)
   Starting Line, The (Venture to the Moon: I)  1956 DEC  ss  1st story of 6 in a series, brief episodes from the first moon-flight; also pub. as "Double-Crossed in Outer Space"; series was pub. in the London Evening Standard, in 1956 MAY; has novel Childhood's End(FFM 1950 APR as "Guardian Angel"; exp. 1953)
   Robin Hood, F.R.S. (Venture to the Moon: II)  1956 DEC  ss  2nd story of 6 in a series, brief episodes from the first moon-flight; 1st pub. in London Evening Standard, 24 MAY 1956; has novel Against the Fall of Night(STS 1948 NOV; 1953; exp. & rev. vt The City and the Stars, 1956)
   Green Fingers (Venture to the Moon: III)  1957 JAN  ss  3rd story of 6 in a series, brief episodes from the first moon-flight; has novels Earthlight(TWS 1951 AUG; exp.1955), The Deep Range(Star SF #3, 1954; exp.1957), A Fall of Moondust(1961), colls. Reach for Tomorrow(1956), Tales of Ten Worlds(1962)
   All That Glitters (Venture to the Moon: IV)  1957 JAN  ss  4th story of 6 in a series, brief episodes from the first moon-flight; has written many nf science books, 1st being Interplanetary Flight(1951); has novel Glide Path(1963), colls. Across the Sea of Stars(1959), The Billion Names of God(1967)
   Watch This Space (Venture to the Moon: V)  1957 FEB  ss  5th story of 6 in a series, brief episodes from the first moon-flight; aka "Who Wrote That Message to the Stars ..."; wrote little mag. fiction after 1962, but has Nebula winner "A Meeting with Medusa"(PBY 1971 DEC), in coll. The Wind from the Sun(1972)
   Question Of Residence, A (Venture to the Moon: VI)  1957 FEB  ss  6th story of 6 in a series, brief episodes from the first moon-flight; has novel, Rendezvous with Rama(1973; W-1973 NEB; 1974 BSF, HUG, JUP, JWC, LOC), & its sequels Rama II(1989; N-1990 LOC) & The Garden of Rama(1991), the last two with Gentry Lee
   Security Check  1957 JUN  ss  edited Time Probe(1966), The Coming of the Space Age(1967, nf essays), Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol.4(1981, w. Geo. W. Proctor); has novels Imperial Earth: A Fantasy of Love and Discord(cut 1975; restored 1976), The Fountains of Paradise(1979; 1989)
   Of Mind and Matter  1958 OCT  ar  ultimate impact of electronic computers, the Cybernetic Revolution; has 2001 sequels, 2010: Odyssey Two(1982; 1984 movie), & 2061: Odyssey Three(1988); coll. Tales from the Planet Earth(1989); Clarke W-1985 NEB, Grandmaster Award
   Inside the Comet  1960 OCT  ss  has novels The Songs of Distant Earth(IFS 1958 JUN; exp.1986), Cradle(1988, with Gentry Lee); Gregory Benford was authorized to write a sequel to Clarke's 1948 story "Against the Fall of Night," titled Beyond the Fall of Night(1990)
   Saturn Rising  1961 MAR  ss  has franchised out his Venus Prime series to Paul Preuss, each novel being based on a Clarke short story: Breaking Strain(1987), Maelstrom(1988), Hide and Seek(1989), The Medusa Encounter(1990), The Diamond Moon(1990), & The Shining Ones(1991)
   Crime on Mars  1961 JUN  ss  1st pub. in EQMM 1960 JUL; begun in 1987, Arthur C. Clarke Award for best U.K. 1st edition sf novel; has novel The Ghosts from the Grand Banks(1990), about an attempt to raise the Titanic; has colls. The Sentinel(1996), The Collected Stories of ...(2001)
   Books  1963 OCT  br  the cultural impact of sf; about Clarke himself, see anth. Arthur C. Clarke(1977, ed by Olander & Greenberg), Astounding Days: A Science Fictional Autobiography(1989), & The Odyssey of Arthur C. Clarke: An Authorized Biography(1992, by Neil McAleer)
   Possible, That's All!  1968 OCT  ar  response to Asimov science essay "Impossible, That's All!" in 1967 FEB; Clarke says never say anything is impossible, that faster than light travel might be possible; followed on p.68 by a rebuttal by Isaac Asimov; see iv in Platt: Dream Makers(1983, 87)
   Introducing Isaac Asimov  1975 JAN  in  Clarke's intro to recent Asimov speech, an address which actually generated Asimov's science essay this month, on intelligence; intro & speech from a Mensa meeting in London, in 1974 JUN); Asimov talks about Clarke in I. Asimov(1994); iv in LOC 1999 SEP
Clarke, Pauline  Potato Cake, The  1955 JAN  ss  (1921- ) working name for Anne Pauline Clarke; U.K. writer of children's books, many under the ps. of Helen Clare, e.g. Merlin's Magic(1953); novels The Twelve and the Genii(1962; vt The Return of the Twelves, 1964), The Two Faces of Silenus(1972)
Clayton, Jo  Borrowed Light  1997 SEP  ss  (1939-1998) wn. for Patricia Jo Clayton; has 1st novel, Diadem ser., Diadem from the Stars(1977); Duel of Sorcery trilogy, 1st Monngather(1982); Drinker of Souls(1986, 1st of trilogy); Shadowsong trilogy, 1st The Burning Ground(1995); obit in LOC 1998 MAR
Clee, Mona A.  Dinosaurs  1986 JUL  nv  native Texan, moved recently to California; attended 1983 Clarion; has sold stories to various anth.; has sf novels Branch Point(1996), Overshoot(1998), the latter set in 2032 AD, in which global warming threatens to destroy mankind
Cleeve, Brian  Devil and Democracy, The  1966 NOV  ss  (1921- ) 1st story in Devil & his left-hand man Belphagor series; Brian Talbot Cleeve, lives in Dublin, written for British TV; has novel Vice Isn't Private, coll. The Horse Thieves of Ballysaggert(1966); story "Foxer," in PST 1965 DEC 18, was N-1965 EDG
   Devil and Jake O'Hara, The  1968 AUG  ss  2nd story in his Devil & Belphagor series; has Sean Ryan series, about an ex-Irish revolutionary now British intelligence agent: Vote X for Treason(1964), Dark Blood, Dark Terror(1965), Vice Isn't Private(1966), Violent Death of a Bitter Englishman(1967)
   Devil in Exile, The  1968 NOV  ss  3rd story in his Devil & Belphagor series; has novels You Must Never Go Back(1968), Cry of Morning(1971); novels of mysticism The House on the Rock(1980), The Seven Mansions(1980), The Fourth Mary(1982), & A Woman of Fortune(1993)
Clifton, Mark  Remembrance and Reflection  1958 JAN  nv  (1906-1963) 4th & last story(1st in F&SF), Ralph Kennedy series; first three were in ASF(1953 SEP, 1955 MAR, 1957 MAR); a retired personnel expert; 1st story pub. sf "What Have I Done" in ASF 1952 MAY; has novel in series, When They Come from Space(1962)
   What Now, Little Man?  1959 DEC  nv  has novel from Bossy series, They'd Rather Be Right(1957, 1982; vt The Forever Machine, 1958), W-1955 HUG; has novel Eight Keys to Eden(1960), coll. The Science Fiction of Mark Clifton(1980, ed by Barry N. Malzberg)
Clingerman, Mildred  Minister Without Portfolio  1952 FEB  ss  (1918- ) her 1st pub. story; housewife from Arizona
   Stair Trick  1952 AUG  ss  has short story "The Little Witch of Elm Street" in the Woman's Home Companion 1956 OCT

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