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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Clingerman, Mildred  Winning Recipe  1952 NOV  ss  1st pub. in COL, 21 JUN 1952
   Stickeney and the Critic  1953 FEB  ss 
   Word, The  1953 NOV  ss 
   Letters From Laura  1954 OCT  ss 
   Birds Can't Count  1955 FEB  ss 
   Last Prophet, The  1955 AUG  ss 
   Mr. Sakrison's Halt  1956 JAN  ss 
   First Lesson  1956 DEC  ss  1st pub. in COL, 22 JUN 1956
   Wild Wood, The  1957 JAN  ss 
   Little Witch of Elm Street, The  1957 APR  ss  1st pub. in The Woman's Home Companion, 1956 OCT
   Day for Waving, A  1957 AUG  ss 
   Day of the Green Velvet Cloak, The  1958 JUL  ss 
   Measure My Love  1962 OCT  ss 
   Red Heart and Blue Roses, A  1964 MAY  ss  1st pub. in her coll. A Cupful of Space(1961)
   Anthony Boucher  1968 AUG  obit  a tribute to the late Anthony Boucher
   Time Before, The  1975 MAR  ss  "I write fantasy because I have never outgrown the fearful fun of telling myself scary tales, so long as it's broad daylight & there's a beloved grown-up close by to run to."
   Annabelle, I Love You  1975 JUN  ss 
Clinton, Ed M.  Third Dragon, The  1966 MAY  ss  (1926- ) Edwin M. Clinton Jr
   Heir Apparent  1966 NOV  ss 
Clute, John  Books  1974 JUN  br  (1940- ) Harry Harrison(ed): Astounding: John W. Campbell Memorial Anthology; Joseph Green: Conscience Interplanetary; Thomas Page: The Hephaestus Plague; Kit Reed: Mister Da V. and Other Stories; Clute from England, co-editor of INZ #1-9
   Books  1974 SEP  br  space opera; Donald Barr: Space Relations; Harry Harrison: Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers; Oscar Rossiter: Tetrasomy Two; Mack Reynolds: Commune 2000 AD; Simak: Our Children's Children; Clute's 1st story pub. sf "A Man Must Die" in NWS 1966 NOV
   Books  1975 OCT  br  Isidore Haiblum: The Wilk Are Among Us; John Boyd: Andromeda Gun; Gordon Eklund & Poul Anderson: Inheritors of Earth; Harlan Ellison: Approaching Oblivion; Clute has non-sf novel The Disinheriting Party(NWQ #5 1973; exp. 1977)
   Books  1977 FEB  br  essay: Alfred Bester & his recent return to writing sf; Alfred Bester: The Light Fantastic, & Star Light, Star Bright; Edward Bryant: Cinnabar; Harry Harrison & Gordon R. Dickson: The Lifeship; Herbert: Dune; Clute has sf criticism coll. Strokes(1988)
   Books  1978 JAN  br  John Varley: The Ophiuchi Hotline; Fred Hoyle & Geoffrey Hoyle: The Incandescent Ones; Sydney J. Van Scyoc: Cloudcry; Mike Ashley(ed): Souls in Metal; Thomas M. Disch & Charles Naylor(ed): Strangeness: A Collection of Curious Tales
   Books  1979 JAN  br  Samuel R. Delany: The Jewel-Hinged Jaw; Notes of the Language of Science Fiction; Chelsea Quinn Yarbro: False Dawn; Vonda N. McIntyre: Dreamsnake; Gardner Dozois: Strangers; Clute has anth. Interzone: The 1st Anthology(1985), 2nd-5th(1987-91)
   Books  1980 APR  br  Crowley: Engine Summer; Suzette H. Elgin: Star-Anchored, Star-Angered; Carr(ed): The Best Science Fiction of the Year, No.8; Zebrowski: Macrolife; Clute has Encyclopedia of Science Fiction(1993; w. P. Nicholls), Encyclopedia of Fantasy(1997; w. J. Grant)
   Books  1980 DEC  br  essay: the achetypal Hollywood mind, Disney; Kit Reed: Magic Time; Schochet & Silbersack: The Berkley Showcase, Vol.1; Lee Killough: The Monitor, the Miners, and the Shree; Benford & Rotsler: Shiva Descending; Malzberg: The Man Who Loved the Midnight Lady
   Books  1982 FEB  br  Stephen Goldin: A World Called Solitude; Yermakov: Journey from Flesh; Paul Preuss: Re-entry; Douglas Adams: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy(novelizes his BBC radio ser.); Orson Scott Card: Unaccompanied Sonata ...; Wolfe: Gene Wolfe's Book of Days
   Books  1982 DEC  br  J. Michael Reaves: Darkworld Detective; Charles Sheffield: My Brother's Keeper; Robert F. Young: The Last Yggdrasill; Russell M. Griffin: The Blind Men and the Elephant; Donald Kingsbury: Courtship Rite
Coates, Deborah  Tally  1997 MAY  nv  from Iowa; about story, "My own dogs are Rottweilers & there have been Rottweilers who've been poisoned by neighbors, (etc) ... I protect my dogs when I can & worry that I may not always be able to ..."
Coates, Robert M.  Return of the Gods, The  1950 WIN/SPR  ss  (1897-1973) 1st pub. in NYM, 11 DEC 1948; Robert Myron Coates; The New Yorker art critic & writer, 1st novel was sf The Eater of Darkness(1926)
   Parable of Love, A  1957 SEP  ss  1st pub. in NYM, 28 APR 1956; has novels Wisteria Cottage(1948), The Farther Shore(1955), and coll. The Hour After Westerly and Other Stories(1957)
Cobb, C.G.  Moonacy  1973 DEC  nv  (1939- ) born in L.A., grew up in Las Vegas, entered Army in 1957; journalism major at the Univ. of Nevada, now lives in Reno
   Guy Who Knows About the Holes, The  1975 MAY  ss  has story in VSF 1970 MAY
Cockburn, Claud  Incredulity of Colonel Mumph, The  1956 APR  vi  (1904-1981) 1st pub. in Punch; working name for Francis Claud Cockburn; has ps. James Helvick under which he has the novel Overdraft on Glory(1955), & has pub. short stories in LIL, PST, & the U.K.'s Argosy, mostly in the 1950s
   About Venus, More or Less  1959 JUN  vi  1st pub. in Punch, in 1957
Coffin, Carlyn  Survival  1955 JUN  pm 
Cogswell, Theodore R.  Threesie  1956 JAN  ss  (1918-1987) see sequels, of sorts, a triptych inspired by this story, in F&SF 1956 NOV, stories #862, 863 & 864; Theodore Rose Cogswell, writer & academic, was ambulance driver on the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War
   Impact With the Devil (Gimmicks Three: III)  1956 NOV  ss  part of a triptych, inspired by his story, "Threesie"(#740) in F&SF 1956 JAN
   You Know Willie  1957 MAY  ss  1st story pub. sf "The Specter General" in ASF 1952 JUN
   Cabbage Patch, The  1957 DEC  ss  1st pub. in Perspectives 1952 FLL
   Thimgs  1958 MAY  ss  has colls. The Wall Around the World(1962), & The Third Eye(1968); his short fiction "is polished, enjoyable and ... gives off a sense that it was written for pleasure"(Clute)
   Burning, The  1960 JUL  ss  also in F&SF with co-author Jon Jacob Niles, and with co-authors Algis Budrys & Ted Thomas
   Grandfather Clause  1975 SEP  ss  has Star Trek novel, Spock, Messiah!(1976), with Charles A. Spano
Cogswell, Theodore R. & John Jacob Niles  Roper, The  1962 AUG  pm  (1918-1987; 1892-1980) 1st pub. in 1954; Niles is famous for his folk songs; correction to the song "The Roper" on p.16, F&SF 1963 MAR
Cohen, Lisa R.  Rainbone  1993 APR  nv  from Canada; pub. personalized children's books for her company, Wonderkids; writes sf br's for Science Fiction Weekly under ps. L.R.C. Munro; attended 1987 Clarion; 1st story pub. "The Dream of the Turtle King" in PLP #6 1990; see website at
Cole, Les  Tripod  1957 AUG  ss  (1904-1985) wn. for Lester Cole, fan, editor & screenwriter; also in F&SF under a collab. ps. (Colin Sturgis) with Melvin Sturgis; wrote screenplays/story for 43 movies from 1932-1966; member of "Hollywood Ten," has autobiography, Hollywood Red(1981)
Coleman, Sidney  Books  1970 JUN  br  Alexei Panshin: Masque World; Robert Silverberg: To Live Again; Keith Laumer: The Long Twilight; Sidney Coleman is an sf fan & a theoretical physicist
   Books  1973 AUG  br  Larry Niven, John Brunner, & Jack Vance: Three Trips in Time and Space; Gordon Eklund: Beyond the Resurrection; William Jon Watkins: The God Machine
   Books  1973 NOV  br  Michael Moorcock: An Alien Heat; David Gerrold: The Man Who Folded Himself; Richard E. Peck: Final Solution

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