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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Coleman, Sidney  Books  1974 AUG  br  Roger Zelazny: To Die in Italbar; Larry Niven: Protector; short reviews - H.W. Hall: Science Fiction Book Review Index, Vol.3, 1972; Robert Reginald & M.R. Burgess(ed): Cumulative Paperback Index, 1939-1959
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor  Time, Real and Imaginary  1950 WIN/SPR  pm  (1772-1834) poem from 1803; U.K. poet & philosopher; wrote "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"(1798), which was plotted with associate William Wordsworth, who also contributed a few lines(Clute); has coll. Christabel and Other Poems(1816)
Collier, John  Word to the Wise, A  1958 SEP  vi  (1901-1980) 1st pub. in ESQ 1940 NOV; poet, writer, screenwriter, born in London; famous for novel His Monkey Wife(1930); novels No Traveller Returns(1931), Tom's A-Cold (1933; vt Full Circle, 1933), Defy the Foul Fiend(1934), Witch's Money(1940 chap)
   Meeting of Relations  1959 JAN  vi  1st pub. in The Yale Review, 1941 DEC; has colls. The Devil and All(1934), Presenting Moonshine(1941), A Touch of Nutmeg(1943), Green Thoughts and Other Strange Tales(1943)
   After the Ball  1959 NOV  ss  1st pub. in Lovat Dickson's Magazine, 1933 NOV; has coll. Fancies and Goodnights(1951), W-1952 IFA; has coll. Pictures in the Fire(1958); has story made into 1960 The Twilight Zone ep. "The Chaser" - a man uses a love potion to win his dream girl
   Man Overboard  1960 MAR  nv  former U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs, & author of Indians of the Americas—The Long Hope; wrote screenplays for movies Elephant Boy(1937), I Am a Camera(1955), The Warlord(1965), etal
   Tender Age, The  1960 MAY  ss  1st pub. in NYM, 10 MAR 1956; has coll. The John Collier Reader(1972; vt The Best of John Collier, 1975); book Milton's "Paradise Lost": Screenplay for Cinema of the Mind(1973); was nominated for a WFA for Life Acievement in 1978 & 1979
Collins, Reid  Book Keeper, The  1978 SEP  ss  a news correspondent for the CBS network since 1964, based in New York
   Buck, The  1982 JUL  ss  broadcasts hourly newscasts Monday-Friday on the CBS radio network; has pub. fiction in Field & Stream, & in Gray's Sporting Journal
   Song From the Triad Galaxy  1983 SEP  ss 
   Great Speckle Bird  1984 AUG  ss 
Collyn, George  Out of Time, Out of Place  1967 SEP  ss  a young British writer, often pub. in NWS; this is his 1st story to be pub. in the U.S.
Coney, Michael  Sophie's Spyglass  1993 FEB  ss  N-1994 AUR, short fiction; 1st story in Foss Creek series; Coney runs Porthole Press on Vancouver Island, publishing local history, child safety books, & this year its first fiction work
   Die, Lorelei  1993 MAY  nv  N-1994 NEB, novelette; Coney lives on Vancouver Island, where this story is set; it explores the relationship between dolphins & humans; has novel Cat Karina(1982; N-1983 AUR; 1984 BSF), releted to his latter The Song of Earth series of novels
   Tea and Hamsters  1995 JAN  nv  N-1995 NEB; 1996 HUG, novelette; AUR, short fiction; 2nd story in Foss Creek series, about a small off-planet human tourist village in the far future
   Bulldog Drummond and the Grim Reaper  1996 JAN  nv  N-1996 NEB, novelette; 3rd story in Foss Creek series
   Werewolves in Sheep's Clothing  1996 SEP  nv  N-1997 NEB, novelette; 4th & last story in Foss Creek series; has fantasy novel, A Tomcat Called Sabrina(1992); about story, "I enjoy writing about sheep because of their essential craziness"
Coney, Michael G.  Susanna, Susanna!  1972 NOV  ss  (1932- ) 1st story of 2 in John Maine series; Michael Greatrex Coney, from England, now living in Antigua, manager of the Jabberwock Hotel; 1st story pub. "Sixth Sense" in VoT 1969 AUG
   Manya, The  1973 MAR  ss  1st story in Finistelle ser., about scientist Donald Lackland who is received as a king in the far-future land of Finistelle; has 1st novel Mirror Image(1972), with alien "amorphs" who can mimic man so perfectly they believe themselves to be human(Clute)
   Bridge on the Scraw, The  1973 JUL  ss  2nd story in Finistelle, or Donald Lackland series; now lives in Canada, working for the British Columbia Forest Service until his retirement in 1989; his "amorphs" reappear in novel Brontomek!(1976 UK; W-1977 BSF)
   Initiation of Akasa, The  1974 JAN  ss  3rd & last story in Finistelle, or Donald Lackland series; has novels Syzygy(1973), The Hero of Downways(1973), Friends Come in Boxes(1973 fixup; rev. 1974 UK), the latter a grim account of an unorthodox solution to overpopulation(Clute)
   Gateway to Now, The  1974 JUL  ss  2nd story of 2 in John Maine series; has novels Winter's Children(1974 UK), Charisma(1975), Hello Summer, Goodbye(1975 U.K.; vt Rax, 1975 US; vt Pallahaxi Tide, 1990 Canada), the latter a story of adolescent love in an alien environment(Clute)
   Those Good Old Days of Liquid Fuel  1976 JAN  nv  1st story in F&SF in Joe Sagar series; other stories in series in GAL 1974 JAN, MAR, & GEO #11 1979; the stories take place in a small city called The Peninsula, & are narrated by slithe farmer Joe Sagar
   Cinderella Machine, The  1976 AUG  nv  2nd story in F&SF in Joe Sagar series; has coll. Monitor Found in Orbit(1974); fixup novel The Girl With a Symphony in Her Fingers(1975 UK; vt The Jaws That Bite, the Claws That Catch, 1975 US), set reminiscent of Ballard's Vermilion Sands(Clute)
   Catapult to the Stars  1977 APR  nv  3rd story in F&SF in Joe Sagar series; has novels The Ultimate Jungle(1979 UK); Neptune's Children(1981), an undersea adventure
   Sparklebugs, Holly and Love  1977 DEC  nv  4th & last story in F&SF in Joe Sagar series; has The Song of Earth novel series, The Celestial Steam Locomotive(1983; N-1985 AUR), The Gods of the Greataway(1984), Fang the Gnome(1988), & King of the Scepter'd Isle(1989; N-1991 AUR)
Connable, Alfred  Secret Flight of Friendship Eleven, The  1962 NOV  ss  (1931- ) political science graduate of the Univ. of Michigan, MA from Yale in playwrighting; has plays "Silver Eagle," & "Shadows in the Court"
Conner, Mike  Night Stair, The  1982 JAN  nv  (1951- ) wn. for Michael Conner, & wrote as such at first; born in Hopkins, MN('raspberry capital of the world'), lives in Oakland, CA; 1st story pub. sf "Extinction of Confidence, the Exercise of Honesty" in Disch & Naylor(ed): New Constellations(1976)
   Stillborn  1982 MAR  ss  has 1st novel, I Am Not the Other Houdini(1978; vt The Houdini Directive, 1989), a burlesque flirtation with apocalypse set in California in the 21st century(Clute)
   Corsican Box, The  1982 DEC  nv  has sf novel, Groupmind(1984), as Michael Conner
   Below the Camel Barns  1983 SEP  nv  attended Clarion; plays harmonica with a rock band called the Naked Barbie Dolls
   Five Mercies  1984 MAR  nv  N-1985 LOC, novelette
   Fergussen's Wraith  1985 AUG  nv  has novel Eye of the Sun(1988), told with the genre-mixing abundance of many planetary romances, follows the adolescence of three royal children as their far-future world totters into a religious crisis which threatens a long-sustained matriarchy(Clute)
   Guide Dog  1991 MAY  nv  W-1991 NEB, novelette; 1st story in Guide Dog ser.; story listed in TOC & on the cover incorrectly as by Mike Connor; see Conner's intro to this story in Morrow(ed): Nebula Awards 27(1993), in which he explains how he came up with the idea for this story
   Mystery Spot, The  1992 JAN  nv  2nd story in Guide Dog series, what happens after Henry's death
   East of the Moon  1993 SEP  na  3rd & last story in Guide Dog series; has sf novel Archangel(1995), as Michael Conner, set in an alternate 1920s America, in which a journalist seeks a "vampire" murderer in a city devastated by a deadly blood plague(B&C)
Contoski, Victor  Von Goom's Gambit  1966 DEC  ss  (1936- ) 1st pub. in Chess Review, 1966 APR; graduate student in English at the Univ. of Wisconsin
Cook, Glen  Seventh Fool, The  1978 MAR  ss  (1944- ) born in NYC, lives in St. Louis; attended Missouri State Univ.; works for General Motors; 1st story pub. sf "Song from a Forgotten Hill" in Wilson(ed): Clarion(1971); 1st novel The Swap Academy(1970), a non-genre erotica title as Greg Stevens
   Ghost Stalk  1978 MAY  nv  1st story in pirate ship the Vengeful Dragon series; has Starfishers ser., Starfisher(1982), Shadowline(1982), Star's End(1982), Passage at Arms(1985); Darkwar ser., Doomstalker(1985), Warlock(1985), Ceremony(1986); novel The Swordbearer(1982; N-1983 LOC)
   Quiet Sea  1978 DEC  nv  has Dread Empire ser. of many novels, 1st/7th The Fire in His Hands(1984), An Ill Fate Marshalling(1988); has Garrett detective/fantasy ser. of many novels, 1st/8th Sweet Silver Blues(1987), Petty Pewter Gods(1995), & coll. Untitled Garrett Files(1998)
   Call for the Dead  1980 JUL  nv  N-1981 BRG, short fiction; 2nd & last story in pirate ship the Vengeful Dragon series
   Raker  1982 AUG  nv  1st & only story in Black Company ser.; this story in slightly revised form makes up Chapter 3 in novel The Black Company(1984); others in ser., Shadows Linger(1984), The White Rose(1985), Shadow Games(1989), Dreams of Steel(1990), Black Seasons(1997)
Cook, Hugh  Heroes of the Third Millennium  1998 DEC  ss  (1956- ) born in Essex, U.K.; lived in New Zealand; has BA from Univ. of Auckland in English & Japanese; 1st novel Plague Summer(1980); has long Chronicles of an Age of Darkness ser., Wizard War(1987), The Witchlord and the Weaponmaster(1992)
Cook, Paul  Master of the House  1990 SEP  nv  (1950- ) this story accidentally printed without an intro blurb, corrected by blurb being pub. in 1990 NOV issue, p.90; Paul Harlin Cook; has sf novels Tintagel(1981), Duende Meadow(1985); Halo(1986), Fortress on the Sun(1997), The Engines of Dawn(1999)
Cooke, Catherine  Bat-Winged Knight, The  1990 MAR  ss  (1963- ) wn. for Catherine Cooke Montrose, her 1st short story sale; lives in Orange, CA; 1st pub. fiction, Eleven Kingdoms trilogy, Mask of the Wizard(1985), Veil of Shadow(1987), The Hidden Temple(1988); Winged Assassin ser., The Winged Assassin(1987)
Cool, Tom  Universal Emulators  1997 JUL  ss  (1955- ) joined Navy in 1979, now a Commander in the U.S. Navy; lives in Miami, FL; has 1st novel Infectress(1997); Secret Realms(1998), Soldier of Light(1999); has website
Coon, Susan  Memory-Mate  1981 JUL  ss  (1945- ) ps. for Susan Plunkett; lives in CA; as Coon has Living Planet seq. Rahne(1980), Cassilee(1980), The Virgin(1981), Chiy-Une(1982); as Plunkett, Time Passages seq. Silver Tomorrows(1997), Heaven's Time(1998), Untamed Time(1999), Timepool(1999)
Coons, Hannibal  Moon Maiden, The  1952 JUN  ss  1st pub. in COL, 10 NOV 1951; has pub. 6 short stories in COL from 1950 JUL 15-1956 OCT 26, as well as 2 stories in PST; has article "The Idiot Sheet" in Argosy 1955 JUL, about TV's Bobby Bowman
Coppel, Alfred  Dreamer, The  1952 APR  ss  (1921- ) working name for Alfredo José de Marini y Coppel Jr; fighter pilot during WWII; 1st story pub. sf "Age of Unreason" in ASF 1947 DEC; has auto-racing action novel Hero Driver(1954)
   Mother  1952 SEP  vi  has 1st sf novel Dark December(1960); has Rhada space-opera seq. of juvenile novels, The Rebel of Rhada(1968), The Navigator of Rhada(1969), The Warlock of Rhada(1985)

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