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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Coppel, Alfred  Mars Is Ours  1954 OCT  ss  has political thrillers Thirty-Four East(1974), The Dragon(1977), The Hastings Conspiracy(1980), The Apocalypse Brigade(1981); has alternate history novel The Burning Mountain: A Novel of the Invasion of Japan(1983)
Corbett, Scott  Game Show  1975 NOV  ss  (1913- ) author of juvenile novels & nf books One by Sea(1965), The Case of the Gone Goose(1966), The Hairy Horror Trick(1969), Here Lies the Body(1974), Captain Butcher's Body(1976), The Mysterious Zetabet(1979), The Great McGoniggle Rides Shotgun(1981)
Corka  Cartoon  1955 JUN  ct 
Cornell, Richard  Push  1991 JAN  nv  his 3rd sf sale; "in early forties, grew up in the Bronx, work part-time as a reference librarian, & have degrees in philosophy from Cornell & Univ. of Rochester"; intro says he edited an anth. of writing about dreams, Dreams Are Wiser Than Men(1987)
   Magritte's Kick  1992 JUN  ss  has anth. Yellow Silk: Erotic Arts and Letters
Correa, Hugo  Last Element, The  1962 APR  ss  (1926- ) native of Chile, called by Bernard Goorden "the first Latin-American classic"
   Alter Ego  1967 JUL  vi  has books The Prowler in the Rain(1968), The Puppets(1969), When Pilate Said No(1971), & The Highest Ones(1973)
Correy, Lee  Brass Cannon, The  1955 NOV  ss  (1928-1997) ps. for G(eorge) Harry Stine; also in F&SF as G. Harry Stine; his novel Starship Through Space(1954) is a sequel to story "... And a Star to Steer Her By" in ASF 1953 JUN; novels Rocket Man(1955), Contraband Rocket(1956), Star Driver(1980)
Corson, Christopher  Invasion  1964 MAY  pm 
Corwin, M.  Query for Doc Richardson  1958 JAN  pm  ps. for Miss M.C. Cosley, of Washington, D.C.; in response to Robert S. Richardson's article(#721) in 1955 DEC, on the possible sexual mores of future Martian exploration & colonization
Corwin, Matt  Backwater Time  1987 FEB  ss  (1967?- ) student at Univ. of Washington, has taken a course taught by Joanna Russ
Cotham, Frank  Cartoon  1998 SEP  ct  (1948- ) born in Jacksonville, FL("my mother happened to be there at the time, otherwise we are native Tennesseans"); lives in Tennessee; grad. from the Univ. of Memphis, then worked for a couple of TV stations in Mississippi & Memphis
   Cartoon  1998 DEC  ct  his first cartoon sale was to Saturday Review in the late 1970s, then left TV for good for fulltime cartooning in 1987; has pub. work in The New Yorker, Barron's, Saturday Evening Post, Punch, etc.
   Cartoon  1999 JUN  ct  was influenced by all the cartoonists from The New Yorker Magazine; "My ideas, such as they are, come from just listening to people talk & taking notes, which I work up into drawings later. I also get lots of input from my 2 dogs & cats"
   Cartoon  1999 SEP  ct  his workday starts at "about 8:30 AM, (followed by) lunch with his wife, & then knock(s) off about 5:30 (unless, of course, there's a rush job)"
   Cartoon: Research & Development  1999 OCT/NOV  ct 
Cottrell, William D.  Hundred Miles Is Forever, A  1972 JUN  ss  (1906-1995) wrote screenplays for Pinocchio(1940), The Reluctant Dragon(1941), Peter Pan(1953); has background in theater; a teacher in acting on the stage, at the American Theater Wing in NYC
Coulter, Lynn  Granny Woman  1994 JAN  ss  Lynn B. Coulter, & also in F&SF as such; freelance features & humor writer for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; story based on an incident that happened to her grandmother, a descendant of Scotch-Irish settlers in the Appalachian mountains
   Swamp Water  1996 FEB  ss  has sold to MZBFM & to several literary mags.; about story, "Thoreau said, 'Methinks my soul must be a bright invisible green.' I like to think that mine is too."
Coulter, Lynn B.  Singing Thing, The  1998 JAN  ss  also in F&SF as Lynn Coulter; has journalism degree from Georgia State Univ.; worked for Eastern Air Lines until it closed, giving her the impetus to turn to writing
Counsil, Wendy  Stigmata  1991 APR  ss  her 1st fiction sale; lives in San Francisco, writes fulltime, works part-time as a computer network administrator; has pub. poetry & nf; story grew partly from her work as a crisis counselor in the 1970s; readers warned story is disturbing due to subject
   Black Handkerchiefs  1991 DEC  ss  lives in San Francisco
   How to Tame the Vampire  1992 FEB  ss  story "very much influenced by ... 'How to Talk to a Hunter' by Pamela Houston (in 1991 Best American Short Stories) ... A friend's offhand comment that Nietzsche once said 'Talent is a vampire' started me thinking about broadening the idea of vampirism"
Coupling, J.J.  Good Life, The  1952 FEB  ss  (1910-2002) ps. for John Robinson Pierce; writer, scientist at Bell Labs(1952-71), Prof. at California Institute of Technology since 1971; 1st story pub. sf "The Relics from the Earth" in SWS 1930 Mar under his own name
   Mr. Kincaid's Pasts  1953 AUG  ss  wrote science articles for ASF from 1944-71 as J.J. Coupling; has pub. 14 non-fiction books, from Theory and Design of Electron Beams(1949; rev. 1954) to Almost All About Waves(1974); has written fiction as Stine, Coupling, & as John Roberts
   In 2063 She Ceased to Be  1959 OCT  pm  see his obit, with an appreciation by Arthur C. Clarke, in LOC 2002 MAY(#496), & in SFC 2002 JUL(#226)
Couzens, Gary  Second Contact  1994 MAR  ss  (1964- ) his 1st pub. work outside of Great Britain; from Wokingham, Berkshire, England; writes a film column in Exuberance, a U.K. magazine
   Half-Life  1996 AUG  ss  read English at Southampton Univ.; now works for British Telecom; has pub. in U.K. mags.; story "was a challenge to write a story about someone who was dead before the story began ... it's a story told from the viewpoint of someone who doesn't exist ..."
Cowdrey, Albert E.  Familiar, The  1997 MAR  ss  (1933- ) 1st story in his Azalea Place, New Orleans series; also in F&SF 1968 FEB under ps. Chet Arthur; born & now lives in New Orleans; spent last 25 years working for the Army staff in Washington, D.C., & wrote 8 books on military & medical history
   White Magic  1998 MAR  nv  2nd story in his Azalea Place, New Orleans series
   Great Ancestor, The  1998 SEP  ss  3rd story in his Azalea Place, New Orleans series
   Revenge  1999 MAY  ss  has taught at Tulane Univ. & the Univ. of New Orleans; his interest in fantasy began with his father, an accountant who read aloud the works of Edgar Allan Poe to his young son
Cowper, Richard  Custodians, The  1975 OCT  nv  (1926-2002) N-1975 NEB, nv; N-1976 HUG, LOC, na; ps. for John Middleton Murry Jr, his 1st appearance in any sf mag.; born in Abbotsbury, England; lives in South Wales; has 4 non-sf novels as by Colin Murry, the first being The Golden Valley(1958)
   Piper at the Gates of Dawn  1976 MAR  na  N-1976 NEB; 1977 BFA, HUG, LOC, novella; set at the end of the next millenium, in what is now the island of Ireland, Peter the Storyteller, Tom the Piper & the people of York, await the legend of the White Bird of Kinship to pass
   Paradise Beach  1976 MAY  nv  N-1977 LOC, short story; his other non-sf novels as by Colin Murry(Colin is a nickname of his), Recollections of a Ghost(1960), A Path to the Sea(1961), & Private View(1972), the latter written at the time of his other non-sf novels(Clute)
   Hertford Manuscript, The  1976 OCT  nv  N-1977 LOC; "story of a time traveler to the grim days of the Great Plague"; first used Cowper ps. for Breakthrough(1967), one of his finest works, a story of ESP & a kind of reverse reincarnation, the power of the mind to sense alternate worlds(Clute)
   Drink Me, Francesca  1978 APR  ss  N-1979 LOC, short story; has novels Phoenix(1968), Domino(1971), Kuldesak(1972), the latter deals with an underground society on a post-holocaust Earth & a man who makes it to the surface(Clute)
   Out There Where the Big Ships Go  1979 AUG  nv  N-1980 LOC, novelette; has sf novels Clone(1972), a near-future comedic satire; Time Out of Mind(1973), which combines psi powers & time travel & the rescue of a future U.K. from the totalitarian implications of the 20th century(Clute)
   Web of the Magi, The  1980 JUN  na  W-1981 BRG; N-1981 BSF, short fiction; N-1981 LOC, novella; "concerns a British soldier who is mapping a telegraph route through a Persian mountain range & who makes an incredible discovery in an isolated, snowy valley"
   Attleborough Poltergeist, The  1980 OCT  nv  has novel The Twilight of Briareus(1974; N-1975 LOC), considered his best singleton, about an England transformed by a supernova explosion, which disrupts world weather & brings aliens with psychic influences in contact with humans(Clute)
   Incident at Huacaloc  1981 OCT  nv  has novel Worlds Apart(1974), which burlesques several sf cliches in a story of an alien world on which an sf novel is being written about Urth, while back on Earth an sf writer writes about the alien world(Clute)
   What Did the Deazies Do?  1982 DEC  nv  has two autobiographical books, as by Colin Middleton Murry, One Hand Clapping(1975; vt I at the Keyhole, 1975 US), which deals mainly with his relationship with his father; & Shadows on the Grass(1977), which deals with his wife & family
   Brothers  1983 MAR  ss  N-1984 LOC; pub. almost simultaneously in the magazine Extro 1982(?) APR/MAY; see article by Cowper, "Backwards Across the Frontier," in Foundation 9, 1975; has colls. The Custodians(1976), The Web of the Magi(1980), Out There Where the Big Ships Go(1980)
   Scent of Silverdill, The  1984 JAN  ss  N-1985 LOC, short story; has novel Profundis(1979), in which a mild-mannered Christ figure in a huge submarine which has survived a nuclear holocaust, is being led around the world by dolphins anxious to keep human violence at bay(Clute)
   Message to the King of Brobdingnag, A (For Jim Lovelock F.R.S.—author of "Gaia"—who thought of it)  1984 MAY  nv  N-1985 LOC, novelette; has chapbooks The Story of Pepita and Corindo(1982), The Young Student(1982), The Unhappy Princess(1982), & The Missing Heart(1982); has coll. The Tithonian Factor(1984)
   Matter of No Great Significance, A  1985 DEC  ss  best known for Corlay trilogy, The Road to Corlay(1978; w. "Piper at the Gates of Dawn," 1979 US; N-1979 BFA, NEB; 1980 BRG, LOC), A Dream of Kinship(1981), & A Tapestry of Time(1982), which takes places in an England flooded by rising sea levels(Clute)
   Test Case  1986 DEC  ss  has coll. The Magic Spectacles and Other Tales(1986); has last novel Shades of Darkness(1986), after which he retired from writing, to restore furniture with his wife & to paint; see his obits in LOC 2002 JUN, SFC 2002 JUL, & INZ 2002 AUG
Cox, Arthur J.  Twilight Planet, The  1951 JUN  ss  (1929- ) Arthur Jean Cox; also in F&SF as Jean Cox
Cox, Arthur Jean  Collector of Ambroses, A  1971 SEP  nv  (1929- ) also in F&SF as Jean Cox, Arthur J. Cox, & under the ps. John Thames Rokesmith("Writers of the Purple Page" in 1977 MAY)
   Straight Shooters Always Win  1974 MAY  na  a contemporary cattle drive with western writer John Thomas Rokesmith(& under this ps. Cox appears in F&SF 1977 MAY) & western actor Tom Mix

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