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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Cox, Arthur Jean  Boy in the Iron Mask, The  1975 NOV  nv 
Cox, Jean  Sea Change, The  1967 MAR  ss  (1929- ) a working name for Arthur Jean Cox; also in F&SF as Arthur J. Cox, & as ps. John Thames Rokesmith
Crawford, Deborah  Short Cut  1965 MAY  pm  (1922- ) born in Elizabeth, N.J.; writes advertising copy for airlines & banks, sf reviews for the Book of the Month Club
   Unsolicited Submission, An  1977 JUN  pm  has juvenile biographies, Pepper! The Story of a Parakeet(1966), The King's Astonomer (William Herschel)(1968), Franz Kafka, Man Out of Step(1973); has juvenile novel, Somebody Will Miss Me(1971)
Crawford, F. Marion  Doll's Ghost, The  1952 APR  ss  (1854-1909) 1st pub. in his coll. Uncanny Tales(London), or, Wandering Ghosts(US), in 1911; Francis Marion Crawford, born & lived mostly in Italy; has coll. The Upper Berth(1894), novels Man Overboard(1903), The Witch of Prague(1891), Khaled(1891)
Cross, Ronald Anthony  Shiva Shiva  1987 SEP  ss  (1937- ) lives in Santa Monica, CA; "I don't identify with any movement in literature (new wave or cyberpunk) but consider myself a genuine outsider, heart & soul ..."
   Country Store, The  1988 OCT  ss  1st story pub. sf "The Story of Three Cities" in Michael Moorcock & Charles Platt(ed): New Worlds 6(1973)
   Hermes and the Magic Helmet  1989 MAY  ss  has popular novelette, "Hotel Mind Slaves," in Terry Carr(ed): Universe 16(1986), which was N-1987 LOC
   Every Trembling Blossom, Every Singing Bird  1990 MAR  nv  has 1st novel, Prisoners of Paradise(1989), an sf primitive survivor novel set in a bleak game-world environment(Clute)
   Down the Hatch  1990 JUN  ss 
   All the Way to Teelee Town  1990 SEP  nv  has 1st novel in Eternal Guardians seq., The Fourth Guardian(1994), an sf alternate historical conspiracy-theory novel about four Roman conspirators who stole stones of power & have used them to shape human history(B&C)
   Reflection in a Window  1990 DEC  ss  other novels in Eternal Guardians seq., The Lost Guardian(1995), The White Guardian(1998), & The Eternal Guardians #4(2000)
   Hanging Out With Bitsy  1991 MAY  ss  warning - "there is some pretty strong stuff in this account of a teacher who may be an awful teacher from another world & a student ... who may be ... the meanest you have ever met"
   Johnny's Inferno  1991 AUG  ss  "funny story of the afterlife that explains in some detail why the traditional heaven ... would be a rotten place to live"(Scott Winnett, LOC 1991 SEP, p.64)
Crossen, Kendell F.  Golden Flask, The  1962 AUG  vi  (1910-1981) notable writer of pulp-detective stories, incl. the Green Lama series in Double Detective(early 1940s as by Richard Foster); 1st story pub. sf "Restricted Clientele" in TWS 1951 FEB & "The Boy Who Cried Wolf 359" in AMZ 1951 FEB
Crow, Levi  Young-Man-With-Skull-at-His-Ear  1953 MAY  nv  (1903-1986) 1st story Plain Indians folktales series; ps. for Manly Wade Wellman(& in F&SF as such); Wellman W-1946 EDG for mystery short story "A Star for a Warrior" featuring Native American detective David Return, "the 1st truly American detective"
   Warrior in Darkness  1954 JUN  ss  2nd story Plain Indians folktales ser.; Wellman has only mys. novel Find My Killer(1947), w. female detective J.D. Thatcher; nf Dead and Gone: Classic Crimes of North Carolina(1954), W-1955 EDG; 1st nf Giant in Gray: A Biography of Wade Hampton(1949)
   Hairy Thunderer, The  1960 APR  ss  3rd story Plain Indians folktales ser.; Wellman has history books Rebel Boast: First at Bethel, Last at Appomattox(1958; N-Pulitzer), The Rebel Songster(1959; w. wife Francse), The Kingdom of Madison: A Southern Mountain Fastness and Its People(1973)
Crowley, John  Gone  1996 SEP  ss  (1942- ) W-1997 LOC; N-HUG, SFC, STU, ss; 1st novel sf The Deep(1975); Engine Summer(1979; N-1980 JWC, LOC; 1981 BSF), Little, Big(1981; W-1982 MYT, WFA; N-1981 NEB; 1982 BRG, HUG, LOC; 1983 BSF), Ægypt(1987; N-'88 CLA, LOC, WFA); coll. Antiquities('93)
Cunningham, P.E.  Healer  1982 JUL  nv  (1957?- ) working name for Patricia Elizabeth Cunningham, her 1st sale; 1st story in Pteros series; lives in Pennsylvania, an English major & closet Trekkie
   To Slay the Dragon  1983 OCT  nv  2nd story in Pteros series, set on the planet of New Eden, with its telepathic dragon-like natives known as Pteros
   Timeseer, The  1984 MAR  nv  3rd story in Pteros series
   Satisfaction Guaranteed  1987 JUN  ss 
   Son of Walks Through Fire, The  1988 SEP  ss  on. p.23, Author's Note: The Indian Tribes described in this story did not actually exist, but are drawn from a compilation of the traditions & beliefs of several plains & desert peoples. The rest is the result of the writer's imagination.
   Purpose  1989 JUL  na  4th & last story in Pteros series; the friendship between two students, Peter Terrell a human, & Cathal a ptero, help protects the keep from Lios, an insane ptero
Cunnington, John  Up, Down, and Sideways (Quintet: II)  1959 SEP  vi  (1948?- ) 2 of 5 vignettes: at least 1 written by a famous author, 1 by a 12 year old; answers 1959 OCT; this one, by a 10-year old
Curtis, Betsy  Divine Right  1950 SUM  ss  (1917-2002) her 1st pub. story; born in Toledo, OH; has 1939 BA & 1941 MA in English Lit. from Oberlin College; 2nd MA in Education from Allegheny College in 1966; pub. 15 sf/f stories in genre mags. incl. "The Steiger Effect" in ANA 1968 OCT, N-1969 HUG
   Peculiar People, A  1951 AUG  ss  Curtis "was a 'Master Costumer,' her concepts & designs winning awards at World S. F. Conventions in Philadelphia, Detroit, Pittsburgh(1960), Cleveland(1966), & was active in The Society for Creative Anachronism"; see obits, LOC 2002 JUN, SFC 2002 AUG

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