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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Davidson, Avram  Books  1962 OCT  br  Damon Knight(ed): A Century of Science Fiction; Rod Serling(ed): New Stories from the Twilight Zone; Groff Conklin(ed): Worlds of When
   Introduction to Robert Sheckley's "The Journey Of Joenes"  1962 OCT  in 
   Introduction to Russell Kirk's "Sorworth Place"  1962 NOV  in  Kirk is the author of the classic thriller Old House of Fear
   Books  1962 NOV  br  Algis Budrys: Some Will Not Die; Long John Nebel: The Way Out World
   Editorial  1962 NOV  ed  feedback, advice from readers
   Books  1962 DEC  br  Fred Hoyle & John Elliot: A for Andromeda; Poul Anderson: The High Crusade; Clifton Fadiman: The Mathematical Magpie
   Introduction to Gordon R. Dickson's "Roofs of Silver"  1962 DEC  in  Davidson & family moved from New York to Milford, PA, shortly after their son, Ethan, was born in 1962 NOV
   Editorial  1962 DEC  ed  sf conventions; will have upcoming articles by Robert Bloch(sf conventions), Wilson Tucker(fandom organization), & Terry Carr(fanzines)
   Introduction to P.M. Hubbard's "The Golden Brick"  1963 JAN  in 
   Books  1963 JAN  br  Judith Merril(ed): The 7th Annual of the Year's Best; H.P. Lovecraft & August Derleth: The Survivors, and Others; J.B. Priestley: The Thirty-First of June
   Editorial  1963 JAN  ed  a critical letter from a reader
   Books  1963 FEB  br  William Golding: The Inheritors; Akbar Del Piombo: Fuzz Against Junk, ...; Isaac Asimov(ed): The Hugo Winners; Leonard Wibberley: The Mouse on the Moon; Clifford D. Simak: They Walked Like Men; Anatole France: The Revolt of the Angels
   Introduction to Israel Zangwill's "Satan Mekatrig"  1963 FEB  in  Zangwill was from London; has books The King of the Schnorrers(1894; 1987); book The Works of Israel Zangwill(1969, AMS Press)
   Introduction to Edward Wellen's "Seven Day's Wonder"  1963 MAR  in 
   Introduction to "The Question" by Larry M. Harris & Donald E. Westlake and "The Importance of Being Important" by Calvin W. Demmon  1963 MAR  in  both of these stories deal with the same theme - that the protagonist of the story believes that the world is centered around him
   Books  1963 MAR  br  Kingsley Amis & Robert Conquest(ed): Spectrum; Ian Stuart: The Satan Bug; Frederik Pohl(ed): The Expert Dreamers
   Introduction to Harry Harrison's "Captain Honario Harpplayer, R.N."  1963 MAR  in 
   Introduction to Richard McKenna's "Hunter, Come Home"  1963 MAR  in 
   Editorial  1963 MAR  ed  Neanderthal traits that survive to this day
   Books  1963 APR  br  Thomas Helm: Monsters of the Deep; Shirley Jackson: We Have Always Lived in the Castle; Ernst & Johanna Lehner: Folklore and Odysseys of Food and Medicinal Plants
   Editorial  1963 APR  ed  a look back at F&SF's first issue(1949 FLL)
   Introduction (to the Ray Bradbury Special Issue)  1963 MAY  in  explains the difficulty of classifying Bradbury's stories as sf, fantasy or science fantasy
   Introduction to Ray Bradbury's "To the Chicago Abyss"  1963 MAY  in  Bradbury - "'Bright Phoenix' deals with a book-burning future, with an intellectual solution to the problem. It is a more grandiose scheme & project. 'Chicago Abyss' deals ... with the mediocre, ... the much more day-to-day, quiet need for junk"
   Introduction to John Jakes' "Underfollow"  1963 MAY  in 
   Books  1963 MAY  br  Ray Bradbury: R Is for Rocket; C.C. Adams & Wernher Von Braun: Careers in Astronautics and Rocketry; Robert A. Heinlein: Podkayne of Mars; Darrel T. Langart: Anything You Can Do
   Introduction to Felix Marti-Ibaņez' "Niņa Sol"  1963 MAY  in 
   Introduction to Poul Anderson's "No Truce With Kings"  1963 JUN  in  in mid-1963, Grania & Avram Davidson moved to Amecameca, Mexico, a remote & exotic town near Mount Popocatepetl(& a jumping-off point for mountain climbers), staying at the Casa Chelius for over a year
   Books  1963 JUN  br  Philip K. Dick: The Man in the High Castle; Gary Jennings: March of the Robots; Patrick Moore: The Planets(nf); Frederik Pohl(ed): Time Waits for Winthrop; Frank W. Lane: Kingdom of the Octopus; Norma Lorre Goodrich: Myths of the Hero(nf)
   Introduction to Jack Vance's "Green Magic"  1963 JUN  in 
   Introduction to John Jay Well's & Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Another Rib"  1963 JUN  in 
   Introduction to Robert A. Heinlein's "Glory Road"  1963 JUL  in 
   Books  1963 JUL  br  Ray Bradbury: Something Wicked This Way Comes; John W. Campbell(ed): Analog 1; Sebastian Brant: The Ship of Fools; Clifford D. Simak: The Solar System, Our New Front Yard; John C. Lilly: Man and Dolphin; D.R. Bensen(ed): The Unknown; & 4 others, 3 nf's
   Introduction to Ray Nelson's "Turn Off the Sky"  1963 AUG  in 
   Books  1963 AUG  br  Patrick Moore & Francis Jackson: Life in the Universe; Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Moon Men, The Monster Men, & A Fighting Man of Mars; Walter Tevis: The Man Who Fell to Earth; E.J. Slijper: Whales; Cordwainer Smith: You Will Never Be the Same
   Letters  1963 AUG  lttr  Fritz Jeter(& reply from James Blish); Ross Wright; Alan Simonds; Rick Sneary; E. Gary Gygax; Mrs. John L. Lorenz; Fred Burgess; R.D. Coleman; G.S. Hamilton
   Books  1963 SEP  br  Kurt Vonnegut Jr: Cat's Cradle; M.A. Murray: The Witch-Cult in Western Europe; Ignatius Donnelly: Atlantis, the Antediluvian World; Im Bang & Yi Ryuk: Korean Folk Tales
   Books  1963 OCT  br  E.R. Eddison: The Worm Ouroboros; L. Sprague de Camp: A Gun for Dinosaur; 'by the Astronauts themselves': We Seven; Anthony Burgess: A Clockwork Orange; Arthur C. Clarke: Tales of Ten Worlds
   Faed-Out  1963 OCT  ss  has 1st solo novel Mutiny in Space(exp. of novella "Valentine's Planet" in WOT 1964 AUG; 1964), a space opera novel
   Books  1963 NOV  br  A.E. van Vogt: The Beast; Henry C. Roberts: The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus; Jess Stearn: The Door to the Future; Mary Savage: A Likeness to Voices; William Rose(ed): The Historie of the Damnable Life and Deserved Death of Doctor John Faustus; etc
   Introduction to L.E. Jones' "The Eyes of Phorkos"  1963 NOV  in  the "story of the unfortunate Mr. James Carew, his invincible resentment, and the curious ... discovery which he made in the island of Phorkos, one of the smallest of the Cyclades, not sixty miles north of Crete"
   Letters  1963 NOV  lttr  B. Bendeau; Andrea Fuller; Robert D. Sheehan; Howard Husock; Mrs. John Lorenz; Terry Parkinson; A.J. Hill; David Scott; & an Editor's note on TP Caravan's story "The Censors: A Sad Allegory" - see story comments #1915 for F&SF 1963 AUG
   Introduction to Damon Knight's "The Tree of Time"  1963 DEC  in 
   Books  1963 DEC  br  R.P. Mills(ed): The Worlds of Science Fiction; James & Irving Crump: Dragon Bones in the Yellow Earth; Corinne H. Rickert: The Case of John Darrell; H. Walpole: The Castle of Otranto; J. Christopher: The Long Winter; Abram Tertz: Fantastic Stories; etc
   What Strange Stars and Skies  1963 DEC  nv 
   Books  1964 JAN  br  Kingsley Amis & Robert Conquest(ed): Spectrum II; R.C. Sherriff: The Hopkins Manuscript; Sam Moskowitz: Explorers of the Infinite; Jules Verne: Dr. Ox's Experiment
   Introduction to Allen Kim Lang's "Thaw and Serve"  1964 JAN  in 
   Editorial  1964 FEB  br  "moments when the Conquest" of the conquistadores " seems never to have taken place"
   Introduction to S.S. Johnson's "The House by the Crab Apple Tree"  1964 FEB  in 
   Books  1964 FEB  br  Graham Greene: A Sense of Reality; T.E. Dikty(ed): Five Tales from Tomorrow; R.E.L. Masters: Eros and Evil; Frank B. Drake: Intelligent Life in Space; Dion Fortune: The Secrets of Dr. Taverner; David Ely: Seconds; Wellman: Who Fears the Devil; etc
   Letters  1964 FEB  lttr  Thomas P. Leonard; James Wade; Mrs. Virginia M. Allen; David Charles Paskow; Willy Ley

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