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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Davidson, Avram  Dr. Bhumbo Singh  1982 OCT  ss  N-1983 LOC, short story
   Buchanan's Head  1983 FEB  ss  see the NYRSF 2000 JUN(#142), a Special Avram Davidson Issue, which excerpts of his travel memoir "Dragons in the Trees" about British Honduras(basis of Limekiller's British Hidalgo), & a reminiscence by Hugh Leddy
   Revenge of the Cat-Lady  1985 JAN  ss  has sequel to The Phoenix and the Mirror(1969), in Vergil ser., Vergil in Averno(1987); 3rd Vergil novel exists only in draft, ending his plans for a trilogy (Clute); see Michael Swanwick & Davidson nv "Vergil Magus: King Without Country" in ASI 1998 JUL
   Mountaineers Are Always Free  1987 OCT  vi  has anth. Magic for Sale(1983; N-1984 LOC); Davidson W-1986 WFA, for Lifetime Achievement; novel with his ex-wife Grania Davis, Marco Polo and the Sleeping Beauty(1988); Davidson was a practioner of Tenrikyo(see its official website at
   While You're Up  1988 OCT  vi  has nf coll., Adventures in Unhistory(1993); he was a visiting lecturer or guest writer at the Univ. of Washington, Univ. of California(Irvine), Univ. of Texas(El Paso), Univ. of Michigan, & the College of William and Mary; see
   Mr. Rob't E. Hoskins  1990 NOV  ss  has colls. The Avram Davidson Treasury(1998; W-1999 LOC), & Everybody Has Somebody in Heaven: Essential Jewish Tales of the Spirit(2000); has Jack Limekiller story orig. pub as by Conrad Amber, The Beasts of the Elysian Fields(2001; chapbook)
   Day They All Came Back, The  1991 JUN  vi  see his obit & appreciations(tributes), in LOC 1993 JUN(#389) & JUL(#390), obit in CA, vol.171; has colls. The Investigations of Avram Davidson(1999), 13 of his tales of mystery & crime; The Other Nineteenth Century(2001), coll. of his historical fantasy
   Sacrifice  1996 FEB  vi  has fantasy novella The Boss in the Wall: A Treatise on the House Devil(1998; N-1998 STO) with Grania Davis(who finished the story after Davidson's death), about a professor on a terrifying quest to save his sanity & daughter, & uncover a house's secret
   Blunt  1998 OCT/NOV  ss  an excerpt from an unfinished novel, The Corpsmen, from the mid 1950s, a ser. of loosely connected character sketches about members of the WWII Naval Medical Corps; discovered by Henry Wessels, who maintains an A.D. website at
Davidson, Avram & Grania Davis  Hills Behind Hollywood High, The  1983 APR  nv  (1923-1993; 1943- ) N-1984 LOC, novelette; Avram Davidson & Grania Davis are also in F&SF by themselves; they were married to each in the early 1960s, & had lived in Mexico for a short time
   Dear Friend Charlene  1984 AUG  ss 
   Addrict  1987 JAN  ss  they wrote a novel together, Marco Polo and the Sleeping Beauty(1988)
Davidson, Avram & Morton Klass  Kappa Nu Nexus, The  1961 AUG  ss  (1923-1993; 1927-2001) Morton the younger brother of Philip Klass(William Tenn); born in Brooklyn, NY; has 1955 BA in anthropology from Brooklyn College; 1959 PhD from Columbia Univ.; Prof. at Barnard College & Columbia; see obit in LOC 2001 JUN
Davidson, Avram & Robert F. Young  Introduction to Robert F. Young's "In What Cavern of the Deep"  1964 OCT  in  Young likes: opera, cold weather, "The Defenders"; dislikes: rock 'n roll, hot weather, "The Danny Thomas Show"
Davidson, Avram & Sidney Klein  Teeth of Despair, The  1961 MAY  ss  (1923-1993; ?-? )
Davis, Dorothy  F&SF Crossword  1987 FEB  pz  answers in 1987 MAR, p.128
Davis, Grania  Jumping the Line  1979 JUL  ss  (1943- ) lives near San Francisco; 1st story pub. "My Head's in a Different Place, Now" in Terry Carr(ed): Universe 2(1972); has books The King and the Mangoes(1975 chap), The Proud Peacock and the Mallard(1976 chap), children's fantasies about Buddha
   Doctor Sunspot  1990 FEB  ss  Davis travels a lot, which inspires much of her fiction; has novel The Rainbow Annals(1980), is based on Tibetan legends, explores the myth-rich intricacies of Buddhism, in a tale about the Monkey God & his various reincarnations(Clute)
   Blessed/Damned Thornston Emerald, The  1991 JUN  ss  has novels Dr. Grass(1978), The Great Perpendicular Path(1980); Moonbird(1986), set near Bali, deals with the dilemma of a native shaman—whose travels with his God make up most of the novel—when a group of North Americans invade his home(Clute)
   Tree of Life, Book of Death  1992 MAR  nv  "off-beat fantasy with an unusual angle ... mixes a bit of history with a bit of folklore to create a tale full of golems, death, & rebirth"; married to Avram Davidson, with whom she has fantasy novel Marco Polo and the Sleeping Beauty(1988), set in China
   ChronoCorp  1993 AUG  ss  also in F&SF with Avram Davidson; has short novel with Davidson, The Boss in the Wall: A Treatise on the House Devil(1998; N-1998 STO), a horror mystery which centers around the phenomenon of the 'Paper-Man,' who lives in the walls of older houses
Davis, Hank  Staying Power  1972 JAN  ss  age 27, recently returned from a year in Vietnam, has sold stories to ANA, IFS, & Orbit; assistant editor for F&SF 1974 NOV-1975 AUG, & for New Destinies #9(1990)
Davis, Hassoldt  Pleasant Woman, Eve, The  1959 OCT  ss  (1907-1959) explorer, captain in the French Foreign Legion; has travel books Land of the Eye(1940), Sorcerer's Village(1955), World Without a Roof(1957); ar's "Resurrection in Djibouti" in PST 1943 SEP 4, & "The Case of the Happy Hippo" in ARG 1956 MAR
Davis, Lavinia R.  Randall  1953 AUG  ss  (1909-1961) Lavinia Riker Davis
Davis, Wesley Ford  Ask and It May Be Given  1971 OCT  ss  Prof. of English at the Univ. of South Florida; has novel The Time of the Panther(1958); has had short stories in many magazines
Dawes  Cartoon  1982 NOV  ct  ( -1990) working name for Joseph Dawes
   Cartoon  1983 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon  1983 JUN  ct 
   Cartoon  1983 OCT  ct 
   Cartoon  1984 JAN  ct 
   Cartoon  1984 JUL  ct 
   Cartoon  1984 DEC  ct 
   Cartoon  1986 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon  1987 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon  1987 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon: Time Machine  1987 OCT  ct 
   Cartoon  1988 SEP  ct 
de Camp, L. Sprague  Lament by a Maker  1955 JAN  pm  (1907-2000) engineer, MS in Economics, linguist, naval officer, contributor to VoA; 1st story pub. "The Isolinguals" in ASF 1937 SEP; has Johnny Black ser., about an intelligent bear(ASF, 1938-40), Viagens series(ASF, 1949-51); in F&SF with Fletcher Pratt
   What Is a Rosicrucian?  1956 MAR  ar  small correction in F&SF 1956 JUN p.38; most famous work is novel Lest Darkness Fall(UNK 1939 DEC; 1941); has colls. Divide and Rule(1948; story alone 1990 chap), The Wheels of If(UNK 1940 OCT; 1948), The Undesired Princess(1951; title story, 1990)
   How to Talk Futurian  1957 OCT  ar  future possibilities of languages; has article "Language for Time Travelers" in ASF 1938 JUL; has novel Genus Homo(SSS 1941 MAR; 1950), with P. Schuyler Miller; series 9 articles, "Lost Continents"(OWS 1952-53 OCT-JUL; 1954); bio article in OWS 1952 OCT
   Dragon Hunt  1963 JAN  ar  the making of his novel The Dragon of the Ishtar Gate(1961), including how he did the research for the novel; has novels Solomon's Stone(UNK 1942 JUN; 1956), The Glory That Was(STS 1952 APR; 1960)
   How to Plan a Fauna  1963 OCT  ar  terrestial & extra-terrestial animal life, rules to follow when creating a fictional world's fauna; has novels with Fletcher Pratt, The Land of Unreason(UNK 1941 OCT; 1942), The Carnelian Cube(1948), & ser. coll. Tales from Gavagan's Bar (1953; exp.1978)
   Books  1963 NOV  br  Robert Wauchope: Lost Tribes & Sunken Continents(Myth and Method in the Study of American Indians); de Camp has Pusadian seq., novel The Tritonian Ring(TCS 1951 WIN; 1968), & coll. The Tritonian Ring and OtherPusadian Tales(1953)
   Mammoths and Mastodons  1965 MAY  ar  elephants & their ancestors, incl. mammoths & mastodons; has coll. A Gun for Dinosaur(1963); edited anth. Swords and Sorcery(1963), The Spell of Seven(1965), The Fantastic Swordsmen(1967), Warlocks and Warriors(1970)
   Nabonidus  1965 JUN  pm  has Harold Shea series with Fletcher Pratt, The Incomplete Enchanter (UNK 1940 MAY & AUG, as "The Roaring Trumpet" & "The Mathematics of Magic"; 1947), The Castle of Iron(UNK 1941 APR; 1950), The Wall of Serpents(FNF 1953 JUN; 1960 fixup)
   You Can't Beat Brains  1966 OCT  ar  profile of Isaac Asimov, born in Soviet Union near Smolyensk in 1920, came to U.S. 3 years later; parents ran candy store in Brooklyn; financed his college education by his pro writing; worked on cancer research; Asimov wrote of de Camp in I. Asimov(1994)
   Gods, The  1966 DEC  pm  has Viagens Interplanetary ser. colls. in The Continent Makers and Other Tales of the Viagens(1953), Sprague de Camp's New Anthology of Science Fiction(1953 UK), The Virgin and the Wheels(1976), & novel Rogue Queen(1951)
   Time  1967 OCT  pm  has novels in Krishna series, Cosmic Manhunt(ASF 1949 AUG-SEP as "The Queen of Zamba; 1954; rev. vt The Queen of Zamba, 1977), The Search for Zei, & The Hand of ZEI(ASF 1950-51 OCT-JAN as "The Hand of Zei"; 1962, 1963; 1982)
   Dinosaurs in Today's World  1968 MAR  ar  stories of dragons & dinosaurs & sea serpents in our recent past; Krishna series incl. novels The Tower of Zanid(SFS 1958 MAY-AUG; 1958), The Hostage of Zir(1977), The Bones of Zora(1983), The Swords of Zinjaban(1991), the last two with wife Catherine
   Faunas  1968 SEP  pm  has colls. of Robert E. Howard stories he completed, incl. Tales of Conan(1955; vt The Flame Knife, 1981), Conan(1967), etc; has nf writings on the sword & sorcery genre, The Conan Reader(1968), Blond Barbarians and Noble Savages(1975 chap)

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