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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
de Camp, L. Sprague  Brook in Vermont, A  1969 JAN  pm  has anth. with George Scithers, The Conan Swordbook(1969), The Conan Grimoire(1972); nf The Miscast Barbarian(1975 chap; exp. Dark Valley Destiny: The Life of Robert E. Howard, 1986, with wife Catherine Crook de Camp & Jane Whittington Griffin)
   Landlocked Indian Ocean, The  1969 JUN  ar  history of the idea, since the classical world, that the water level of the Red Sea & Indian Ocean was higher than that of the Mediterranean Sea, & that the Indian Ocean was landlocked; has nf The Ancient Engineers(1963), The Great Monkey Trial(1968)
   Falls of Troy, The  1970 MAR  ar  "the man who brought the real Troy back into light ... Heinrich Schliemann(1822-90)"; the various levels of the Troy ruins, & the story of Troy as shown by the excavations; has nf The Day of the Dinosaur(1968), Great Cities of the Ancient World(1972)
   Quarter-Acre Round Table, The  1970 JUL  ar  sources & historical basis of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Table Round; in Viagens Interplanetary ser., The Stones of Nomoru(1988; with his wife Catherine Crook de Camp), The Venom Trees of Sunga(1992)
   Reward of Virtue  1970 SEP  pm  has nf book Lands Beyond(1952; W-1953 IFA) with Willy Ley; colls. The Reluctant Shaman and Other Fantastic Tales(1970), The Best of L. Sprague de Camp(1978; N-1979 LOC); has nf book The Ragged Edge of Science(1980); see website
   Books That Never Were  1972 DEC  ar  to be pub. in his nf book, Scribblings(1972 NESFA); "books that were never written but exist only as titles or allusions in fiction"; incl. Egyptian Book of Thoth, medieval The Three Imposters, Book of Dzyan, Unknown Life of Christ, Necronomicon, etc
   Decline and Fall of Adam, The  1973 NOV  ar  history of the battle betw. the Fundamentalists(Adamists or creationists) & the evolutionists; de Camp in Harold Shea ser., novel Sir Harold and the Gnome King(1991), & anth. w. Christopher Stasheff, The Enchanter Reborn(1992), The Exotic Enchanter(1995)
   Lovecraft: Failed Aristocrat  1975 JAN  ar  new appraisal of H.P.L. is an excerpt from de Camp's forthcoming book H.P. Lovecraft: A Biography(1975); "Lovecraft's life was a struggle to act out the role of a landed gentleman (like Poe) ... when he lacked the wealth needed for the part ..."
   Lamp, The  1975 MAR  ss  1st story in F&SF in Willy Newbury ser.; "... basic idea of the lamp from Atlantis is one that H.P.L. toyed with ... but never got around to writing ... my use of the idea is probably drastically different from anything H.P.L. might have done ..."
   Search for Superman, The  1976 FEB  ar  seeking superman in the past, as the noble savage, Achilles, or Conan, in the present, as in ethnic or racial superiority, & in the future, through the use of eugenics; de Camp has Conan anth. The Blade of Conan(1979), & The Spell of Conan(1979)
   Balsamo's Mirror  1976 JUN  ss  2nd story in F&SF in the occult adventures of Willy Newbury series, this time with a "faintly familiar friend from Providence, RI"; other stories in series outside of F&SF, in FAN 1976 AUG, 1977 FEB, DEC, Fantasy Crossroads #8 1976, & Escape! 1977 FLL
   Purple Pterodactyls, The  1976 AUG  ss  3rd story in F&SF in the supernatural adventures of Willy Newbury series; has long series of Conan novels & colls., with Robert E. Howard &/or Lin Carter, beginning with Tales of Conan(1955), latest Conan the Freebooter(1988); at least 19 books in series
   Coronet, The  1976 NOV  ss  1st of 2 stories in his Eudoric Dambertson series, a tale of historical fantasy; has Novaria ser., The Goblin Tower(1968), The Clocks of Iraz(1971), The Fallible Fiend(FAN 1972-73 DEC, FEB; 1973), The Unbeheaded King(1983), The Honorable Barbarian(1989)
   Tiki  1977 FEB  ss  4th story in F&SF in his Willy Newbury ser.; w. wife Catherine Crook de Camp, has nf books Science Fiction Handbook(1953), Spirits, Stars and Spells(1966); & Footprints on Sand(1981), a coll. of their fiction, poems, articles, & appreciations by others
   Menhir, The  1977 MAY  ss  5th story in F&SF in his Willy Newbury series; has humorous fantasy novels, in Eudoric Dambertson series, with his wife Catherine, The Incorporated Knight(1987), The Pixillated Peeress(1991); has nf book The Ape-Man Within(1995)
   Dead Man's Chest  1977 SEP  ss  6th story in F&SF in his Willy Newbury series; has colls. Phantoms & Fancies(1972); anth. w. wife Catherine, 3000 Years of Fantasy and Science Fiction(1972), Tales Beyond Time(1973); novel Literary Swordsmen and Sorcerers(1976), The Great Fetish(1978)
   Spider Love  1977 NOV  ss  2nd & last story in his Eudoric Dambertson series; has poetry coll. Demons and Dinosaurs(1970), Phantoms and Fantasies(1972), Heroes and Hobgoblins(1981); has coll. Rivers in Time(1993), stories of his time-traveling dinosaur hunter Reginald Rivers
   United Imp  1977 DEC  ss  7th story in F&SF in his Willy Newbury ser.; has book Time and Chance: An Autobiography(1996; W-1997 HUG); Rubber Dinosaurs and Wooden Elephants: Essays on Literature, Film, and History(1996); see de Camp in Pohl(ed): The SFWA Grandmasters Vol.1(1999)
   Huns, The  1978 MAY  nv  8th story in F&SF in his Willy Newbury ser.; has omnibus The Reluctant King(1996), of his 3 Jorian fantasy novels, The Goblin Tower(1968), The Clocks of Iraz(1971), & The Unbeheaded King(1983); has coll. w. Harry Turtledove, Down in the Bottomlands(1999)
   Yellow Man, The  1978 DEC  ss  9th story in F&SF in his Willy Newbury series; has W-1976 GAN, Grandmaster of Fantasy; W-1978 NEB, Grandmaster Award; W-1984 WFA, Lifetime Acievement; W-Sidewise Award(SDW), for Special Achievement in Alternate History
   Sending of Serpents, A  1979 AUG  ss  10th & last story in F&SF in his Willy Newbury series; series to be coll. in The Purple Pterodactyls: The Adventures of W. Wilson Newbury, Ensorcelled Financier(1979); see his obit & appreciations in LOC 2000 DEC(#479), his wife's in LOC 2000 MAY(#472)
de Camp, L. Sprague & Fletcher Pratt  Elephas Frumenti (Gavagan's Bar: 1.)  1950 WIN/SPR  ss  (1907-2000; 1897-1956) 1st story Gavagan's Bar series; de Camp also in F&SF by himself; Pratt's 1st story pub. "The Octopus Cycle" in AMZ 1928 MAY as by Irvin Lester(a Pratt ps.) & Fletcher Pratt; de Camp's 1st story pub. "Isolinguals" in ASF 1937 SEP
   Gift of God, The (Gavagan's Bar: 2.)  1950 WIN/SPR  ss  2nd story Gavagan's Bar series; de Camp & Pratt met in 1939, have an earlier series together, the Harold Shea series, which incl. The Incomplete Enchanter(UNK 1940 MAY as "The Roaring Trumpet" & 1940 AUG "The Mathematics of Magic"; 1947 fixup)
   Better Mousetrap, The  1950 DEC  ss  3rd story Gavagan's Bar ser.; also in Shea ser., The Castle of Iron(UNK 1941 APR; 1950), The Wall of Serpents(FNF 1953 JUN; 1960 fixup), everything eventually assembled as The Intrepid Enchanter(1988 UK; vt The Complete Compleat Enchanter, 1989 US)
   More Than Skin Deep  1951 APR  ss  4th story Gavagan's Bar series; Pratt conceived the idea of the Harold Shea series of humorous fantasies in which the protagonist, Shea, is transported into a series of alternate worlds based on various myths & legends(Clute)
   Beasts of Bourbon  1951 OCT  ss  5th story Gavagan's Bar series; de Camp & Pratt collab. on novel Land of Unreason(UNK 1941 OCT; 1942), in which the protagonist is transported into a pixie's fairyland where he helps them overcome 'shapings' which have been making pixie magic fail
   Rape of the Lock, The  1952 FEB  ss  6th story Gavagan's Bar series; de Camp & Pratt also collab. on novel The Carnelian Cube(1948), which was published several years after it was originally written(Clute); Pratt's full name was Murray Fletcher Pratt
   Ancestral Amethyst, The  1952 AUG  ss  7th story Gavagan's Bar ser.; Pratt & de Camp had routine for writing most except their later short stories: they both would outline a story, de Camp would do the 1st draft, Pratt the final draft, de Camp would then put on the finishing touches(Clute)
   Black Ball, The  1952 OCT  ss  8th story Gavagan's Bar series; Pratt has fantasy novel The Well of the Unicorn(1948 as by George U. Fletcher; 1967 as by F.P.); novel The Undying Fire(1953)
   Green Thumb, The  1953 FEB  ss  9th story Gavagan's Bar series; Pratt has novella "The Blue Star" in Pratt(ed): Witches Three(1952; 1969), which was one of the Twayne Triplets series of coll. - Twayne being the publisher - each vol. coll. novellas with a common theme, was Pratt's idea
   Untimely Toper, The  1953 JUL  ss  10th story Gavagan's Bar series; Pratt has coll. Double in Space(1951); anth. World of Wonder(1951), The Petrified Planet(1952), the latter a Twayne Triplet, was the 1st shared-world anthology to appear in the genre
   One Man's Meat  1953 SEP  ss  11th story Gavagan's Bar series; Pratt has novels Double Jeopardy(TWS 1952 APR & JUN; 1952 fixup), Invaders from Rigel(WSQ 1932 WIN, as "The Onslaught from Rigel"; 1960), Alien Planet(AMQ 1932 WIN, as "A Voice Across the Years" w. I.M. Stephens; 1962)
   Weissenbroch Spectacles, The  1954 NOV  ss  12th story Gavagan's Bar series; stories from series coll. in Tales from Gavagan's Bar(1953; exp. 1978); exp. version incl. series stories pub. in WRT(1951 NOV, 1952 SEP, 1953 MAR) & in FUN(1959 JAN, OCT) & incl. one original story
De Filippo, Marsha  Stephen King: Bibliography  1990 DEC  bib  chronological list of his novels, colls. & books; alphabetical list of anthologies containing his stories; alphabetical list of magazines containing his stories; alphabetical list of other sources of King information
De Graw, Pat  Memo to Secretary  1966 JUN  pm 
de Jong, Daphne  Roimata  1985 MAR  nv  from New Zealand; romance writer as ps. Daphne Clair, 37 novels incl. Makeshift Marriage(1999); Laurey Bright, 17 novels incl. The Mother of His Child(1999); Claire Lorel; as de Jong NZ stories coll. Crossing the Bar(1998); NZ novel Gather the Wind(1999)
de Kruyff, Nicholas  Burger's Head  1999 MAY  ss  lives in Toronto, Canada; professional actor; has pub. in On Spec, incl. "Mexican Fiesta" in On Spec 1993 SUM; about story, says his mother grew up in Barbados w. a nanny he met once when he was young, & who whispered something to him that later came true
de Lint, Charles  Graceless Child, The  1992 FEB  nv  (1951- ) 1st pub. in Searles & Thomsen(ed): Halflings, Hobbits, Warrows and Weefolk(1991); 1st story pub. sf/f "The Fane of the Grey Rose" in Offutt(ed): Swords Against Darkness IV(1979), became 1st part of his 3rd novel, The Harp of the Grey Rose(1985)
   Bridges  1992 OCT/NOV  ss  N-1993 WFA, short fiction; 1st story in F&SF in Newford ser.; ser. stories in many mags. & anth., coll. in Dreams Underfoot(1993), The Ivory and the Horn(1995), & Moonlight and Vines(1999; W-1999 WFA; 2000 LOC); see entry in CA, vol.126, p.72-73
   Paperjack  1993 JUL  nv  N-1993 WFA; 1st pub. in 1991(chap); 2nd story in F&SF in Newford ser.; novels set in fictional city of Newford incl. Memory and Dream(1994; N-1995 LOC), Trader('96; N-1998 MYT, LOC, WFA), Someplace to Be Flying('98; N-1999 WFA), Forests of the Heart(2000)
   Bone Woman, The  1993 AUG  ss  N-1994 HUG, LOC, ss; 1st pub. as a chapbook by Triskell Press(which he owns & edits) in 1992; born in Bussum, Netherlands, family immigrated to Canada in 1952; lives in Ottawa; married artist MaryAnn Harris in 1980; members of a Celtic folk music band
   Books to Look For: Chasing Shadows  1994 APR  br  introduces his "conversational" style; Robert Holdstock: The Hollowing; Carol Orlock: The Hedge, the Ribbon; Alice Hoffman: Turtle Moon; de Lint has urban fantasy (1st) novel, Moonheart(1984; N-1985 LOC, MYT)
   Books to Look For  1994 MAY  br  essay: no "dearth of good high fantasy"; Laurie J. Marks: Dancing Jack; James P. Blaylock: Night Relics; Martin Millar: The Good Fairies of New York; Neil Gaiman & Chris Bachalo: Death: The High Cost of Living; Anne Billson: Suckers
   Books to Look For  1994 JUN  br  2 Bordertown series novels, Emma Bull: Finder; Will Shetterly: Nevernever; de Lint has sequel to Moonheart(1984), an omnibus coll., Spiritwalk(1992)
   Books to Look For  1994 JUL  br  Clarissa Pinkola Estés: The Gift of Story; Geoff Ryman: Unconquered Countries; William Horwood: The Willowsin Winter(the posthumous sequel to Kenneth Graham's 1908 novel, The Wind in the Willows)
   Books to Look For  1994 AUG  br  Caroline Stevermer: A College of Magics; A.S. Byatt: The Matisse Stories; Nancy Baker: The Night Inside; de Lint has fantasy novel The Riddle of the Wren(1984; N-1985 LOC), & a contemporary Gypsy fantasy novel Mulengro(1985; N-1986 AUR, LOC)
   Books to Look For  1994 SEP  br  essay: where a writer comes from influences how & what he writes; Isobelle Carmody: The Gathering; Nancy Springer: Metal Angel, & Larque on the Wing; Stefan Grabinski: Dark Domain(trans. Miroslaw Lipinski)
   Books to Look For  1994 OCT/NOV  br  Roderick MacLeish: Prince Ombra; Jonathan Carroll: From the Teeth of Angels; Nancy Kilpatrick: Near Death; Christopher Moore: Coyoye Blue; essay: the concept of cultural "misappropriation"; de Lint has coll. De Grijze Roos(1983)
   Books to Look For  1994 DEC  br  essay: the difference betw. sick people & evil people; Andrew Vachss: Born Bad; Robert J. Sawyer: End of an Era; Lisa Mason: Summer of Love; de Lint has novel Yarrow(1986; N-1987 AUR, LOC), a fantasy taking place both in our world & in an alternate world
   Books to Look For  1995 JAN  br  James Morrow: Towing Jehovah; Susan Power: The Grass Dancer; Mickey Zucker Reichert: The Unknown Soldier; de Lint has Urban Faerie series, novels Jack, the Giant Killer(1987; W-1988 AUR), & Drink Down the Moon(1990; N-1991 LOC)

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