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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  1995 FEB  br  Rachel Pollack: Temporary Agency; Midori Snyder: The Flight of Michael McBride; Alison Lurie: Women and Ghosts; de Lint has fantasy novel Greenmantle(1988; N-1989 LOC), about a wild hunt that still exists near a modern city(B&C)
   Books to Look For  1995 MAR  br  Nancy A. Collins: Wild Blood; Peter Crowther(ed): Blue Motel: Narrow Houses, Volume 3; Don Hutchison(ed): Northern Frights 2; de Lint has fantasy novel Wolf Moon(1988), about a persecuted wolf(B&C)
   Books to Look For  1995 APR  br  Jeanette Winterson: Art & Lies; Lethem: Gun, With Occasional Music; Brian Froud & Terry Jones: Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book; Jon J. Muth & John Kuramoto: Stonecutter; de Lint has novel Svaha(1989), Native Americans in a post-holocaust Canada
   Books to Look For  1995 MAY  br  Mike Conner: Archangel; Sharon McCrumb: She Walks These Hills; Connie Willis: Remake; de Lint has fantasy novelizations in Philip José Farmer's The Dungeon series, Volume 3: The Valley of Thunder(1989), & Volume 5: The Hidden City(1990)
   Books to Look For  1995 JUN  br  Terri Windling(ed): The Armless Maiden and Other Tales for Childhood's Survivors; essay: the issue of child abuse "won't go away ... until it does, we need to maintain an honest dialogue about it"
   Coyote Stories  1995 JUN  ss  1st pub. as a chapbbok by Triskell Press in 1993, & sent to his friends for the Christmas season; has ya novel The Dreaming Place(1990), set in Newford, about a young girl & her cousin endangered by an earth spirit that wants one of the girls for her own
   Books to Look For  1995 JUL  br  Esther M. Friesner: The Sherwood Game; Jack Cady: Street; Ursula K. Le Guin & Susan Seddon Boulet: Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight; de Lint has fantasy novellas, in "Moonheart" cycle, Ascian in Rose(1987), & Westlin Wind(1989)
   Books to Look For  1995 AUG  br  Ann Downer: The Spellkey Trilogy(omnibus); Robert Weinberg & Mark Rein-Hagen: Vampire Diary: The Embrace; Jim Young: Armed Memory; de Lint has novellas The Fair in Emain Macha(1990), Death Leaves an Echo(1991)
   Books to Look For  1995 SEP  br  Chet Williamson: Second Chance; Rachel Pollack & Dave McKean: The Vertigo Tarot(book & tarot cards); Nicola Griffith: Slow River; de Lint has coll. Author's Choice Monthly Issue 22: Hedgework and Guessery(1991)
   Books to Look For  1995 OCT/NOV  br  Patricia A. McKillip: The Book of Atrix Wolfe; Candas Jane Dorsey & Roger Deegan: Dark Earth Dreams(CD & chapbook); Vivian Vande Velde: Companions of the Night; Andrew Vachss: Batman: The Ultimate Evil
   Books to Look For  1995 DEC  br  Tim Powers: Expiration Date; Alice Hoffman: Practical Magic; Tom Piccirilli: Pentacle; de Lint has pub. as chapbooks the novelettes Berlin(1989), & Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair(1991); novellas Our Lady of the Harbour(1991), The Wishing Well(1993)
   Books to Look For  1996 JAN  br  Sherman Alexie: Reservation Blues; Rebecca Ore: Slow Funeral; William Browning Spencer: Zod Wallop; de Lint has taught several creative writing workshops in Canada & the U.S.
   Books to Look For  1996 FEB  br  Kim Antieau: The Jigsaw Woman; Anne McCaffrey: An Exchange of Gifts; Iain Banks: Whit, or Isis Among the Unsaved; St. Jude, R.U. Sirius & Bart Nagel: Cyberpunk Handbook; de Lint has fantasy novella, set in Newford, Ghosts of Wind and Shadow(1991)
   Books to Look For  1996 MAR  br  Margaret Ball: Lost in Translation; Robert Reed: An Exaltation of Larks; Allen Steele: The Jericho Iteration; de Lint has urban fantasy novel Ghostwood(1990; N-1991 LOC), part of the "Moonheart" cycle; cycle coll. in omnibus Spiritwalk(1992)
   Books to Look For  1996 APR  br  Jane Yolen: The Wild Hunt; Norman Partridge: Spyder; Ed Gorman: Out There in the Darkness; Parke Godwin: The Tower of Beowulf; de Lint has short story pub. as Pulphouse Short Story Paperback #52: Merlin Dreams in the Mondream Wood(1992)
   Books to Look For  1996 MAY  br  Francesca Lia Block: Baby Be-Bop; Steven Gould: Wildside; Patrick O'Leary: Door Number Three; de Lint has horror novel as by Samuel M. Key, Angel of Darkness(1990), about a vengeful creature created from the screams of dying murder victims(B&C)
   Books to Look For  1996 JUN  br  Vivian Vande Velde: Tales from the Brothers Grim and the Sisters Weird; Chris Claremont & John Bolton: The Black Dragon; Barbara Hodgson: The Tattooed Map
   Books to Look For  1996 JUL  br  Garry D. Kilworth: Angel; Ken Grimwood: Into the Deep; Swain Wolfe: The Woman Who Lives in the Earth; de Lint has horror novel as by Samuel M. Key, set in Newford, From a Whisper to a Scream(1992), about a child-killer back from the dead(B&C)
   Books to Look For  1996 AUG  br  Terence M. Green: Shadow of Ashland; Alan Dean Foster: Mad Amos; Joyce Carol Oates: Demon and Other Tales; de Lint has horror novel as by Samuel M. Key, set in Newford, I'll Be Watching You(1994), about a battered wife supposedly rescued by a phtographer
   Books to Look For  1996 SEP  br  Lisa Goldstein: Walking the Labyrinth; Science-Fiction Studies, 1996 NOV issue; Stephen King: The Two Dead Girls; Mary Rosenblum: Synthesis & Other Virtual Realities; Hans Silvester: The Mediterranean Cat
   Books to Look For  1996 OCT/NOV  br  William Browning Spencer: Résumé with Monsters; Datlow & Windling(ed): The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Ninth Annual; Sheri S. Tepper: Gibbon's Decline and Fall; Robert J. Sawyer: The Terminal Experiment; Tuttle: Pillow Friend; Ed Gorman: Cage of Night
   Books to Look For  1996 DEC  br  Bradley Denton: Lunatics; Susan Wilson: Beauty; Terri Windling: The Wood Wife; de Lint has novel The Little Country(1991; W-1991 HOM; N-1992 AUR, LOC, WFA; 1994 MYT), a folksinger in a Cornish town in danger because a book opens a way into another world
   Books to Look For  1997 JAN  br  Paul Bryers: In a Pig's Ear; Clifford D. Simak: Over the River & Through the Woods; Philip Pullman: The Golden Compass; de Lint's non-fiction incl. encyclopedia entries, & critical essays & reviews pub. in many mags. & newspapers
   Crow Girls  1997 JAN  nv  1st pub. by Triskell Press in 1995; every year he writes a short story for his wife, MaryAnn Harris, which he also pub. as a chapbook & gives to his friends for Xmas; these chapbooks to be coll. in Triskell Tales(2000)
   Books to Look For  1997 FEB  br  Sarah Shankman: I Still Miss My Man But My Aim Is Getting Better; William Gibson: Idoru; Nick Bantock: The Venetian's Wife; de Lint also reviews books for Barnes & Nobles online, & has been on judge/juryship panels for the Nebula & World Fantasy Awards
   Books to Look For  1997 MAR  br  essay: writing humorous sf; William Kotzwinkle: The Bear Went Over the Mountain; Nicola Griffith & Stephen Pagel(ed): Bending the Landscape: Fantasy; Theodore Gachot: Mermaids: Nymphs of the Sea
   Books to Look For  1997 APR  br  Neil Gaiman: Neverwhere; Patti Perret: The Faces of Fantasy; Terence M. Green: Blue Limbo; de Lint has fantasy novel Into the Green(1993), based on & containing the Angharad stories orig. pub. in the Sword & Sorcerress anth.(B&C)
   Books to Look For  1997 MAY  br  Dean Koontz: Ticktock; Victor Koman: Kings of the High Frontier(at; essay on cyberspace fiction; de Lint has fantasy novel Brian Froud's Faerielands: The Wild Wood(1994), about a young artist whose work is haunted by a faerie
   Books to Look For  1997 JUN  br  Rachel Pollack: Godmother Night(a book edited by Van Gelder at St. Martin's Press); Walter Jon Williams: City on Fire; Susan Whitcher: Enchanter's Glass; see de Lint's interviews in Fear! 1991 APR, WFH 1995 SPR, & MZBFM 1996 SUM
   Books to Look For  1997 JUL  br  Francesca Lia Block: Girl Goddess #9; Michael Sowa: Sowa's Ark: An Enchanted Bestiary(art); Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman & Donald G. Keller(ed): The Horns of Elfland; see de Lint's website at
   Books to Look For  1997 AUG  br  essay: drawbacks of media-based & series books; Jonathan Lethem: As She Climbed Across the Table; Sarah J. Wrench: The Duke of Sumava; Jack Dann, Pamela Sargent, & George Zebrowski(ed): Three in Time: Classic Novels of Time Travel
   Books to Look For  1997 SEP  br  Kathleen Alcalá: Spirits of the Ordinary; Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling(ed): Black Swan, White Raven; Seamus Deane: Reading in the Dark; de Lint has omnibus, Jack of Kinrowan(1995), which coll. Jack, the Giant Killer(1987) & Drink Down the Moon(1990)
   Books to Look For  1997 OCT/NOV  br  Ian R. MacLeod: The Great Wheel; Frédéric Clément: The Merchant of Marvels and the Peddler of Dreams; Goldman: The X-Files Book of the Unexplained, Vol.II; Clute & Grant: The Encyclopedia of Fantasy; Patrick O'Leary: The Gift; Antieau: The Gaia Websters
   Books to Look For  1997 DEC  br  essay: Roger Zelazny & his influence in sf/f; Roger Zelazny & Jane Lindskold: Donnerjack; Lawrence Schimel: The Drag Queen of Elfland; Philip Pullman: The Subtle Knife
   Books to Look For  1998 FEB  br  Rafi Zabor: The Bear Comes Home; James Patrick Kelly: Think Like a Dinosaur and Other Stories; Kara Dalkey: Steel Rose; see de Lint's entry in CA, vol.126, p.72-73
   Books to Look For  1998 MAR  br  J.V. Jones: The Barbed Coil; James P. Blaylock: Winter Tides; Michael Reaves: Voodoo Child; de Lint has pub. thru Triskell Press his 1st chapbook, The Oak King's Daughter(1979), & A Pattern of Silver Strings: A Tale of Cerin Songweaver(1981)
   Books to Look For  1998 APR  br  Robin McKinley: Rose Daughter; Elisabeth DeVos: The Seraphim Rising; Susie Moloney: A Dry Spell; de Lint has pub. thru Triskell Press his chapbooks, Glass Eyes and Cotton Strings(1982), In Mask and Motley(1983)
   Books to Look For  1998 MAY  br  Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Alien Influences; Dave McKean: Dustcovers; Nick Bantock: The Forgetting Room; Katherine Ramsland: Dean Koontz: A Writer's Biography
   Books to Look For  1998 JUN  br  "stories told from the viewpoint of cats"; Susan Fromberg Schaeffer: The Autobiography of Foudini M. Cat; Gabriel King(ps. of M. John Harrison & Jane Johnson): The Wild Road; Diane Duane: The Book of Night with Moon; Hans Silvester: Asleep in the Sun
   Books to Look For  1998 JUL  br  Dean Koontz: Fear Nothing; Graham Joyce: The Tooth Fairy; Jonathan Carroll: Kissing the Beehive; de Lint has pub. thru Triskell Press his chapbooks, Laughter in the Leaves(1984), The Badger in the Bag(1985)
   Books to Look For  1998 AUG  br  Jay S. Russell: Burning Bright; Nalo Hopkinson: Brown Girl in the Ring; Emma Donoghue: Kissing the Witch; briefly, Susan G. Wooldridge: poemcrazy
   Books to Look For  1998 SEP  br  Eric S. Nylund: Dry Water; Louise Erdrich: The Antelope Wife; Howard Waldrop: Going Home Again; de Lint has pub. thru Triskell Press his chapbooks The Calendar of Trees(1984), The Harp of the Grey Rose(1979; exp. 1985), And the Rafters Were Ringing(1986)
   Books to Look For  1998 OCT/NOV  br  William Browning Spencer: Irrational Fears; Michael Mayhew(ed): Harvest Tales & Midnight Revels; Marion Zimmer Bradley & Holly Lisle: In the Rift: Glenraven II; Steven Nightingale: The Lost Coast, & The Thirteenth Daughter of the Moon; 1 more
   Books to Look For  1998 DEC  br  Caitlín R. Kiernan: Silk; Don Webb: The Double: An Investigation; Francesca Lia Block: Dangerous Angels; de Lint has pub. thru Triskell Press his chapbook The Lark in the Morning(1987), & more recently, The Buffalo Man(1999)
   Books to Look For  1999 JAN  br  F. Paul Wilson: Legacies; Walter Mosley: Blue Light; Kathleen Alcalá: The Flower in the Skull; Jim Turner(ed): Eternal Lovecraft; de Lint has Newford novel, Memory and Dream(1994; N-1995 LOC), an artist whose paintings call creatures from another world
   Books to Look For  1999 FEB  br  China Miéville: King Rat; Jane Lindskold: Changer; Stephen King: Bag of Bones; de Lint has Newford novel, Trader(1996; N-1998 LOC, MYT, WFA), in which a quiet, responsible guitar-maker trades bodies with a drunken loser(B&C)
   Books to Look For  1999 MAR  br  Laurel Doud: This Body; Geoff Ryman: 253; Robert Silverberg & Grania Davis(ed): The Avram Davidson Treasury; Nina Kiriki Hoffman: The Silent Strength of Stones
   Books to Look For  1999 APR  br  Norman Partridge: Wildest Dreams; Joe R. Lansdale: The Boar; Cathy Fenner & Arnie Fenner(ed): Spectrum 5; Diana Wynne Jones: The Tough Guide to Fantasyland; de Lint has omnibus of three Newford colls., The Newford Stories(1999)
   Books to Look For  1999 MAY  br  Swain Wolfe: The Lake Dreams the Sky; James Stoddard: The High House; William Goldman: The Princess Bride; de Lint has Newford novel, Someplace to Be Flying(1998; N-1999 WFA), contemporary fantasy mixing Celtic & Native American legends
   Books to Look For  1999 JUN  br  Robert Nathan: Portrait of Jennie; Koontz: Seize the Night; Keith Hartman: The Gumshoe, the Witch, and the Virtual Corpse; has Newford ser. novel Forests of the Heart(2000), in which a sculptor is asked to create a magical mask that unleashes dark powers

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