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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  1999 JUL  br  Peg Kerr: The Wild Swans; Anthony McCarten: Spinners; briefly, F. Paul Wilson: The Barrens and Others; Michael Bishop: Time Pieces; G. Garfield Crimmins: The Republic of Dreams
   Books to Look For  1999 AUG  br  Marina Fitch: The Border; Andrew Vachss: Choice of Evil; Jack Williamson: The Silicon Dagger; de Lint has coll. of chapbooks he has pub. under his own press, Triskell Tales(2000), these stories orig. were written for his wife then pub. & sent to friends
   Books to Look For  1999 SEP  br  round-robin(Brian Froud, Michael Kaluta, Dave McKean, Terry Moore, Lisa Snellings, Michael Zulli, Terri Windling, etal): A Fall of Stardust; Lisa Goldstein: Dark Cities Underground; Stephen King: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
   Books to Look For  1999 OCT/NOV  br  Nina Kiriki Hoffman: A Red Heart of Memories; William Sanders: The Ballad of Billy Badass and the Rose of Turkestan; Jim Munroe: Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask; Joanne Harris: Chocolat; Barry Hoffman: Eyes of Prey; 1 more
   Books to Look For  1999 DEC  br  Jonathan Carroll: The Marriage of Sticks; Roger Zelazny & Jane Lindskold: Lord Demon; James P. Blaylock: The Rainy Season; Wendy Froud & Terri Windling: A Midsummer Night's Faery Tale; see de Lint's interview in INZ 2001 JAN
de Moncrif, Francois Augustin Paradis  Cat, the Brahmin, and the Penitent, The  1954 DEC  vi  (1687-1770) 1st pub. in Les Chats(Paris, 1727), trans. from the French by R. Bretnor; last name also variously spelled Moncreiff
De Vet, Charles V.  Return Journey  1961 JAN  ss  (1911-1997) 1st story pub. sf "The Unexpected Weapon" in AMZ 1950 SEP; has sf novel Cosmic Checkmate(ASF 1958 MAR, as "The Second Game"; exp. 1962; exp. vt. Second Game, 1981) with Katherine MacLean; has novel Special Feature(ASF 1958 MAY; exp. 1975)
   Second Chance  1978 NOV  ss  "I taught school for half a dozen years ... then worked in the Post Office for 27 years ... write an occasional story when an idea comes along that seems too good to let go by"; see his obit in LOC 1997 MAY(#436)
Dean, William  Occurrence on the Mars-to-Earth Run #128, at Approximately 2400 Hours, 21 January 2038, An  1971 AUG  vi 
   Passage in Italics, A  1972 MAY  ss 
DeAngelis, Guy  Door to Door  1953 DEC  ss 
Deardorf, Kenneth R.  Skiametric Morphology and Behaviorism of Gany-medeus Sapiens: Summary of Neoteric Hypotheses, A  1951 DEC  fa  (1932- ) 1st Ganymedeus Sapiens series
   Ganymedeus Sapiens: Modern Scientific Dilemma  1952 SEP  fa  2nd Ganymedeus Sapiens series
DeChancie, John  Grass of Remembrance, The  1984 MAY  ss  (1946- ) his 1st short story sale; TV/movie cameraman, then director of educational & industrial films; began writing in 1979, has 1st novels Skyway trilogy, Starrigger(1983), Red Limit Freeway(1984), Paradox Alley(1986); Living With Aliens(1995)
DeCles, Jon  Cantabile  1964 MAY  ss  (1941- ) ps. for Donald Studebaker
   Forgive Us Our Debtors  1966 JUN  ss 
   Picture Window, The  1966 OCT  nv 
Dedman, Stephen  As Wise As Serpents  1993 JUL  ss  (1959- ) born in Adelaide, Australia; most of his fiction is pub. in Australia; asst. editor of the Australian semiprozine Eidolon; 1st story pub. sf/f "Optional Extras" in Aphelion 1986 WIN; wrote a chapbook, The Dirty Little Unicorn, for his children
   Vigil  1993 AUG  ss  has 1st novel, a fantasy, The Art of Arrow-Cutting(1997; N-1997 AUR; 1998 LOC, STO), about a photographer in modern L.A. who encounters ancient Japanese magic & yakuza(B&C); see his websites at,
   Never Seen by Waking Eyes  1996 AUG  nv  N-1997 NEB, STO, novelette; story inspired by "the nightmarish aspects & often macabre humor in the Alice books ... the letters of Lewis Carroll ... & Elton John's song 'All the Young Girls Love Alice'"
   Schrödinger's Catalyst  1997 DEC  ss  has coll. The Lady of Situations(1999); novel Foriegn Bodies(1999), the story of an America several decades from now which must survive several terrors in order to triumph; see website
Dee, Roger  Fresh Start, The  1954 JAN  ss  (1914- ) working name for Roger Dee Aycock; 1st story pub. "The Wheel Is Death" in PLS 1949 FLL; has also been pub. in the western pulp mags.
   Man Friday  1954 MAR  nv  has sf novel An Earth Gone Mad(1954)
   Pondstone Paradox, The  1954 MAY  ss 
Defoe, Daniel  Friendly Demon, The  1951 FEB  ss  (1660-1731) 1st pub. in, an excerpt from The Friendly Demon(1726), & is the chapter titled "The Devil Frolics with a Butler"; U.K. merchant, spy & writer, author of Robinson Crusoe(1719); has novel The Life and Adventures of Mrs. Christian Davies(1740)
   Devil at St. Bennet Fynk, The  1953 APR  vi  1st pub. in, an excerpt from The Political History of the Devil(1726-7, 2 vol.); short work coll. in Tales of Piracy, Crime, and Ghosts(1945); bio in Paula R. Backscheider: Daniel Defoe, A Life(1989)
deFord, Miriam Allen  Last Generation?, The  1950 WIN/SPR  ss  (1888-1975) reprint of her 1st pub. story, 1st pub. in HRP 1946 NOV; newspaper reporter, biographer, editor, wife of the late scientist Maynard Shipley (1872-1934); attended Wellesley College, Temple Univ., & Univ. of Pennsylvania, AB degree in 1911
   Daughter of the Tree, The  1951 AUG  ss  moved to Hollywood in 1918, had small parts in films; moved to San Francisco, worked as a newspaper labor journalist/staff writer for 40 years; contributing editor for The Humanist, she was well-known in the American literary scene in early 1900s(Yntema)
   Old Man Morgan's Grave  1952 OCT  ss 
   Charles Fort: Enfant Terrible Of Science  1954 JAN  bio  Charles Fort, 1874-1932, journalist, author, namesake of the Fortean Society(founded 1931), supporter of hollow earth theory, Psionics; Fort long corresponded with deFord & her husband Maynard Shipley
   Mrs. Hinck  1954 MAR  ss 
   Frustrated Frankenstein: Alfonso Herrera and His Colpoids  1954 AUG  ar  the doctor's attempts to create artificial life
   Martie and I  1956 FEB  ss  also in F&SF with co-author Anthony Boucher
   News for Doctor Richardson (Of Mars and Men: II)  1956 MAY  ar  response to Richardson art.(#721) in F&SF 1955 DEC, the female point of view, on the sexual mores needed for Martian exploration/early colonization
   Time Trammel (Gimmicks Three: II)  1956 NOV  ss  part of a triptych, inspired by Cogswell's story, "Threesie"(#740) in F&SF 1956 JAN
   Apotheosis of Ki, The  1956 DEC  ss  known also for her many mystery stories, esp. in her later years; has murder novel Mortmain
   Gathi  1958 JUN  ss 
   Timequake  1958 DEC  ss  won the Economic Development Essay Prize in 1958
   First Dig  1959 MAY  ss 
   Monster, The  1960 MAR  ss 
   All in Good Time  1960 JUL  ss 
   Rope's End  1960 DEC  ss 
   Cage, The  1961 JUN  ss 
   Transit of Venus, The  1962 JUN  ss 
   Voyage of the "Deborah Pratt," The  1963 APR  ss  concerns Afro-American slavery; part of the sf group of writers from San Francisco - Anthony Boucher, J. Francis McComas, R. Bretnor, Poul & Karen Anderson, Rog Phillips, Jack Vance, Margaret St. Clair, Ray Nelson, & Calvin W. Demmon
   Slips Take Over  1964 SEP  ss 
   Absolutely Perfect Murder, The  1965 FEB  ss  has edited anthology Space, Time and Crime(1964)
   Expendables, The  1965 JUL  ss 
   Against Authority  1966 FEB  nv 
   Colony, The  1966 MAY  ss 

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