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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Denton, Kit  Burning Spear  1964 FEB  ss  (1928-1997) from Cremorne, New South Wales; has books A Walk Around My Cluttered Mind(1968), The Breaker: The Novel Behind Breaker Morant(1981; on 1979 movie), Gallipoli Illustrated(1981; 1981 movie), Gallipoli, One Long Grave(1986); obit LOC 1997 JUL
Derleth, August  Room in a House, A  1950 FLL  ss  (1909-1971) writer & editor, born in Sauk City, WI; 1st story pub. "Bat's Belfry" in WRT 1926 MAY; has colls. Someone in the Dark(1941), Something Near(1945), Not Long for This World(1948); also in F&SF with co-author H.P. Lovecraft, & with Mack Reynolds
   "Who Shall I Say Is Calling?"  1952 AUG  ss  edited Sleep No More(1944), Who Knocks?(1946), The Sleeping & the Dead(1947), Strange Ports of Call(1948), Beyond Time and Space(1950); has colls. Lonesome Places(1962), Mr. George and Other Odd Persons(1963 as by Stephen Grendon; 1964 as by Derleth)
   Dark Boy, The  1957 FEB  ss  co-founded Arkham House Pub. late 1930's; pub. many of Lovecraft's works, coll. The Outsider(1939), coll. The Survivor and Others(1957), etc; has colls. Colonel Markesan and Less Pleasant People(1966), Harrigan's File(1975), Dwellers in Darkness(1976)
DeWeese, Gene  Feat of Clay  1983 JUL  nv  (1934- ) also in F&SF w. co-author Robert Coulson; 1st pub. sf were 2 Man from U.N.C.L.E. novels, The Invisibility Affair(1967), The Mind-Twisters Affair(1967), w. Coulson under collab. ps. Thomas Stratton; has Star Trek novels, juveniles, etc
DeWeese, Gene & Robert Coulson  Tracy Business, The  1970 FEB  ss  (1934- ; 1928-1999) Gene DeWeese working name for Thomas Eugene DeWeese, a technical writer on the Apollo program; Coulson husband of author Juanita Coulson(also in F&SF 1963 JUN as John Jay Wells), editors of fanzine Yandro(1953-86), W-1965 HUG
Dewey, G. Gordon  Tooth, The  1952 AUG  ss  (1916- ) also has short story "The Collectors" with Max Dancey, a ps. for Peter Grainger, in AMZ 1953 JUN/JUL
Dewey, G. Gordon & Max Dancey  Two-Way Stretch  1953 DEC  nv  (1916- ; 1916- ) Max Dancey is a ps. for Peter Grainger(also in F&SF under ps. Peter Cartur)
Dexter, Susan  Herding Instinct  1994 OCT/NOV  ss  (1955- ) 1st fantasy novel, in Winter King's War ser., The Ring of Allaire(1981), The Sword of Calandra(1985), The Mountains of Channadran(1986); The Wizard's Shadow(1993); Warhorse of Esdragon ser., The Prince of Ill Luck(1994), The Wind-Witch(1995)
Di Filippo, Paul  Stone Lives  1985 AUG  nv  (1954- ) born in Woonsocket, RI; lives in Providence, RI; attended Rhode Island College, 1973-1979; COBOL programmer, 1979-1982; 1st story pub. sf "Falling Expectations" in Unearth 1977 WIN, which he says was a parody of the work of Barry N. Malzberg
   Skintwister  1986 MAR  ss  N-1987 LOC, short story
   Agents  1987 APR  nv  has 17-page autobiographical essay "Twenty-One Scenes Until Age Twenty-One" in C.A., vol.173, p.118-135
   Conspiracy of Noise  1987 NOV  nv  "Everyone talks about the central role of information & information theory in today's society, but nobody embodies this notion in fiction. I've tried."
   Short Course in Art Appreciation, A  1988 MAY  ss  has interview in NonStop Science Fiction Magazine #1 1993
   Do You Believe in Magic?  1989 JAN  ss  has coll. of three inter-related short novels, The Steampunk Trilogy(1995; N-1996 LOC), set in an alternate 19th century(B&C)
   Little Worker  1989 DEC  ss  N-1990 LOC, short story; this story, along with another in F&SF 1990 DEC, to be in coll. of linked stories, Ribofunk(1996; N-1997 LOC), deals with possible developments in biology & genetic engineering(B&C); other stories in INZ, AMZ, SFAge, & var. anth.
   Boot, The  1990 DEC  ss  he considers this story to be the flip side to his last story in F&SF, "Little Worker," in 1989 DEC(#6094), both to be in his coll. of linked stories about future bio & genetic engineering possibilities, Ribofunk(1996; N-1997 LOC)
   Mairzy Doats  1991 FEB  nv  N-1992 LOC, nv; 2nd story in F&SF in Lost Pages ser., to be part of coll. of alt. hist. stories, Lost Pages(1998; N-1999 DIC), featuring noted writers from the 1920s to 60s, in chronolgical order; others stories in ser. in AMZ, INZ, & SFAge, F&SF 1997 SEP
   Grange, The  1991 OCT/NOV  nv  in his hometown, "When kids were initiated into the grange, they were blindfolded, told they would have to 'ride a black goat,' then led to some sort of goat simulacrum. Spooky!"
   Fractal Paisleys  1992 MAY  nv  has Will Keats mys. ser., with Michael Bishop under the collab. ps. Philip Lawson, Would It Kill You to Smile?(1998), & MuskratCourage(2000); borderline sf novel Cipher(1998), a secret history of the 1960s(B&C); see iv in INZ #155 2000 MAY
   Plumage From Pegasus: Not the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction  1994 SEP  hues  excerpts of entries from Not the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, edited by John Kluge, Peter "Wooden" Nickles, & Brian Tablecloth; novel Joe's Liver(2000), about a Caribbean youth's pilgrimage to the Reader's Digest's offices
   Plumage From Pegasus: Pencil Me In  1995 APR  hues  e-mail haters unite, with the Lead Pencil Club, founded by Bill Henderson, "a pothole on the information highway"; top 10 alternatives to dialing up "Spock's Adventure BBS"; Di Filippo is a book reviewer for ASI since 1994 JUL, occasionally for SFAge
   Plumage From Pegasus: YourMoney-TM  1995 JUL  hues  YourGovernment-TM to issue bills that "free up the canvas," so that individuals, families, companies, etc., can use the space to design their own bills; "It's yours to design!"
   Plumage From Pegasus: It Was the Blessed of Times, It Was the Cursed of Times  1996 FEB  hues  "Splatterclassics, Inc."; to make reading the classics appealing to high school students, "we have enlisted dozens of brand-name horror writers to rework the classics" by adding horror to them, e.g., Great Expectations by Charles Dickens & Robert Bloch
   Plumage From Pegasus: Manuscript Found in a Pipedream  1996 JUN  hues  the 'discovery' of the text of Robert A. Heinlein's "The Stone Pillow," part of his Future History series, about the evangelist/dictator Nehemiah Scudder
   Plumage From Pegasus: Have Gun, Will Edit  1996 AUG  hues  an agent from the SFWA visits an old-time sf writer, who wants some new competition 'eliminated'; Di Filippo has colls. Destroy All Brains!(1997 chap), Fractal Paisleys(1997)
   Plumage From Pegasus: Nature, Wineberry in Tooth and Claw, With a Hint of Claret  1997 MAR  hues  escape from your untroubled life on one of Martha's Secure Living Estates for a real travel experience - Designer Nature Tour Packages, incl. Martha's Serengeti, Everglades, Grand Canyon, Antartica
   Plumage From Pegasus: Narrative Contents May Have Settled During Shipment  1997 JUL  hues  "reviews" Roger Bernard: A History of Supermarket Fiction: How SF Swept the World; how the development of a spray-application, self-patterning circuitry, called CDM(Cheap Dimensionless Memory) has made books obsolete
   Plumage From Pegasus: Only Thing Worse Than Yet One More Bad Trilogy, The  1997 SEP  hues  scholarly paper from alternate world where SF died out in the 1960s due to an execrable TV ser., Star Trek, its cast Nick Adams(Capt. Tim Dirk), Sebastian Cabot(Strock), Larry Storch('Bones'), Mickey Rooney(Spotty), Twiggy(Sand), Jayne Mansfield(Impura)
   Plumage From Pegasus: You Won't Take Me Alive! (Without at Least Ten Percent of the Box Office Gross)  1998 FEB  hues  agent Dorsey Kazin, SFWA Griefcom, on the scene of a "new-fangled hostage-based contract negotiation"; writer Theodolite Sangborn has allegedly abducted his editor Sherri Drysack ...
   Plumage From Pegasus: Next Big Thing  1998 MAY  hues  book review of Milton Sharp: Imaginary Realist: The Life of Timothy Eugene(2025); Timothy Eugene was born in 1985 & raised on a secluded turkey farm in Vermont; he was to give birth to "fabular surmimesis fiction"
   Plumage From Pegasus: Escapist Velocity  1998 JUL  hues  reprint of a cinematic critic Didier Bonlatté's article, "Escapist Entertainments: The Whores of Fantasy Versus the Virgin of Realism," 1st pub. in 15/63/2159 in the colony of Noveau Marais on Baudrillard IV
   Plumage From Pegasus: Scissors Cut Paper, Paper Covers Schlock  1998 OCT/NOV  hues  a hundred years hence, the clones Stephen King VI & John Grisham III are faced with a challenge by Michael Crichton IV, their partner at the volatile publishing house, KGC Publishing
   Curiosities: Murder in Millennium VI, by Curme Gray, 1951  1999 JAN  br  Curme Gray's(1910-1980) complex sf murder mystery set in the future six thousand years from now, in which the solving of the crime has incalculable social consequences; see a detailed analysis by Damon Knight in his book, In Search of Wonder(1956)
   Plumage From Pegasus: As Through a Pair of Mirrorshades Darkly  1999 FEB  hues  an issue of Rolling Stone Online in the year 2021 features a story, reprinted here, about the contributors to the anth. Bruce Sterling(ed): Mirrorshades(1986), which answers the question - "Where are they now?"
   Plumage From Pegasus: Missed Connections by Jaime "Zero Degrees of Separation" Birch  1999 APR  hues  reprint from Scienterrific American (date not given), looking back on the inventions & inventors of an alternate world, from the humble bean pot to the Superconducting Super Collider; Di Filippo has coll. Strange Trades(2001)
   Curiosities: Where the Blue Begins, by Christopher Morley, 1922  1999 JUN  br  "adventures of a humanly intelligent dog named Gissing," set in a Long Island & NY entirely populated by dogs(Clute); Morley(1890-1957), has best-selling novel Kitty Foyle(1939); The Haunted Bookshop(1919); timeslip novel Thunder on the Left(1925)
   Plumage From Pegasus: And I Think to Myself, What a Wonderful World  1999 JUL  hues  alternate universe in which FDR was assassinated by William Burroughs; pulp writers, editors & jazz musicians were imprisoned for complicity; said artists founded Jazztopia, in which Louis Armstrong is F&SF's editor, & Ed Ferman is a drummer in his band
   Plumage From Pegasus: History of Snivelization, The  1999 OCT/NOV  hues  "letter" from Ed Ferman to editor Gordon Van Gelder about "The Smith File," a terrible tradition handed down from F&SF editor to editor, about E.E. "Doc" Smith's attempts to publish in this mag., often submitting stories based on prev. unsuccessful ones
DiChario, Nicholas A.  Power of Love, The  1991 SEP  ss  (1960- ) lives in upstate NY; a documentation analyst for a health insurance company; has a BA in English; N-1993 JWCA, Best New Writer; also in F&SF as Nick DiChario; ss "The Winterberry" in Resnick(ed): Alternate Kennedys(1992), N-1993 HUG, LOC, WFA
   Drainage  1994 JUN  ss  has collab. on several stories with Mike Resnick, incl. in F&SF 1994 MAY(#6881) & 1995 FEB(#); has anth. with Claudia Bishop(ed): Death Dines at 8:30(2002), 16 stories that mix crime & cuisine
DiChario, Nick  Sarajevo  1999 MAR  ss  N-1999 NEB; 2000 HUG, short story; story grew out of his feelings as he watched the news reveal Bosnia's horrors; this story is for the victims who even in death refuse to be ignored; also in F&SF as Nicholas A. DiChario
Dick, Philip K.  Little Movement, The  1952 NOV  ss  (1928-1982) his 1st sale(story bought back in 1951 NOV; 1st story pub. "Beyond Lies the Wub" in PLS 1952 JUL; considered one of the 3 most important figures in 20th-century U.S. sf(Clute); story "Second Variety"(SSF 1953 MAY) basis 1995 movie Screamers
   Roog  1953 FEB  ss  born in Chicago; "lived most of his life in California , where most of his fiction was set ... attended college for one year at Berkeley, operated a record store & ran a classical-music program for a local radio station; he was married five times"(Clute)
   Preserving Machine, The  1953 JUN  ss  1st story in F&SF in his inventor Dr. Rupert Labyrinth series; 1st pub. novel Solar Lottery(1955), novels The World Jones Made(1956), The Man Who Japed (1956), Eye in the Sky(1957), The Cosmic Puppets(SAT 1956 DEC as "A Glass of Darkness"; exp. 1957)
   Expendable  1953 JUL  ss  has colls. A Handful of Darkness(1955 UK), The Variable Man and Other Stories(1957), The Preserving Machine(1969); novels Dr. Futurity(TWS 1954 SUM as "Time Pawn"; exp. 1959), Time Out of Joint(1959), Vulcan's Hammer(FUT #29, 1956; exp. 1960)
   Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford, The  1954 JAN  ss  2nd story in F&SF in his Dr. Rupert Labyrinth series; his novel The Man in the High Castle(1962; W-1963 HUG) is perhaps his best-known single book(Clute); has novel The Martian Time-Slip(WOT 1963 AUG-DEC as "All We Marsmen"; exp. 1964)
   Father-Thing, The  1954 DEC  ss  tried unsuccessfully to break into mainstream market with novels, Mary and the Giant(written 1953-55; 1987), The Broken Bubble(wr. 1956; 1988), Puttering About in a Small Land(wr.1957; 1985), In Milton Lumky Territory(wr. 1958-59; 1985)
   Explorers We  1959 JAN  ss  has novels Confessions of a Crap Artist(wr. 1959; 1975; 1992 movie), The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike(wr. 1960; 1984), & Humpty Dumpty in Oakland(wr. 1960; 1986 UK); has novel The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch(1964; W-1967 BSF)
   Cantata 140  1964 JUL  na  1st & only story in F&SF in Jim Briskin series(2 others, in AMZ 1963 OCT & NOV); a story of a presidential campaign of the future, in which the candidates & issues are shockingly different - written before Kennedy's death

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