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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Ellison, Harlan  Anywhere But Here, With Anybody But You  1996 OCT/NOV  ss  Ellison W-1993 WFA, 1996 STO, Lifetime Achievement; has crime na Mefisto in Onyx(Omni 1993 OCT; exp. 1993; 2001 movie); omnibus fiction & nf coll. Edgeworks(1996), Edgeworks 2(1996), 3(1997), 4(1997); see his website at
   Objects of Desire in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear  1999 OCT/NOV  ss  28th story he's written in a store window, in bookstore Dangerous Visions in L.A. in 1999 MAY - Chris Carter supplied idea, "The 102 year-old pregnant corpse"; has colls. Jokes without Punchlines(1995), Rough Beasts(1996), Slippage(1997); iv LOC 2001 JUL
Ellison, Harlan & A.E. van Vogt  Human Operators, The  1971 JAN  ss  (1934- ; 1912-2000) N-1972 LOC; 4th/last preview in F&SF of coll. of collab. w. Ellison, Partners in Wonder(1971; rvw. in 1971 NOV); title suggested by Ellison, developed by van Vogt, then completed by Ellison; story basis of 1995 The Outer Limits ep.
Ellison, Harlan & Roger Zelazny  Come to Me Not in Winter's White  1969 OCT  ss  (1934- ; 1937-1995) story to be pub. in the first book of collaborations ever pub., Harlan Ellison: Partners in Wonder(1971); Ellison W-1968 HUG for his screenplay of a Star Trek episode, "The City on the Edge of Forever"(1967; 1977 novel)
Ellison, Harlan & Theodore Sturgeon  Runesmith (dedicated to the memory of Cordwainer Smith)  1970 MAY  ss  (1934- ; 1918-1985) N-1971 LOC, short fiction; to be pub. in Harlan Ellison: Partners in Wonder(1971; N-1972 LOC), a coll. of collaborative fiction with Ellison; Ellison has anth. Medea: Harlan's World(1985; W-1986 LOC)
Emshwiller, Carol  Coming, The  1957 MAY  ss  (1921- ) born in Ann Arbor, MI; has BA in Music from the Univ. of Michigan; 1st story pub. sf "This Thing Called Love" in FUT 1955 #28; married artist/illustrator Ed (Emsh) Emshwiller in 1949; lives on Long Island
   You'll Feel Better   1957 JUL  ss  has short story "Hands" in Double-Action Detective and Mystery Stories 1957 SUM
   Baby  1958 FEB  ss  a unique wife/husband collaboration: the cover for this issue, which illustrates Carol Emshwiller's story, is by Ed Emshwiller
   Pelt  1958 NOV  ss  early stories coll. in Joy in Our Cause(1974)
   Day at the Beach  1959 AUG  ss  has colls. Verging on the Pertinent(1989), The Start of the End of It All(1990 U.K.; 1991 U.S.)
   Adapted  1961 MAY  ss  has 1st novel Carmen Dog(1988 U.K.; W-1995 TIP), "a feminist fable which draws obvious but very deftly pointed lessons from the transformation of women into dogs & dogs into women"(Clute)
   But Soft, What Light ...  1966 APR  ss  has novelette Venus Rising(1992 chap; N-1992 TIP); has western novels Ledoyt(1995), & sequel Leaping Man Hill(1999), set in the turn-of-the-century old West
   Acceptance Speech  1999 OCT/NOV  ss  1st pub. in her coll. The Start of the End of It All(1990 U.K.; 1991 U.S.; W-1991 WFA; N-1991 LOC); has coll. Report to the Men's Club(2001); sf novel The Mount(2002), about a far future Earth where alien conquerors use humans for transportation
Emshwiller, Ed  2001: Space Odyssey, A  1968 AUG  mr  (1925-1990) review of the movie, stars Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, & Douglas Rain(as the voice of Hal 9000); in a footnote by editor Edward L. Ferman, regular movie reviews are promised if that is what the readers want; Emshwiller is cover artist, Emsh
Endore, Guy  Men of Iron  1949 FLL  ss  (1900-1970) 1st pub. in 1940; author of novels about historic figures: Casanova(1930), The Werewolf of Paris(1933, case of Sgt. Bertrand), Babouk: The Story of a Slave(1935), Satan's Saint(1966, Marquis de Sade), King of Paris(1967, Alexander Dumas)
Engstrom, Elizabeth  Fogarty & Fogarty  1988 APR  na  (1951- ) N-1989 LOC, nv; story of a homeless man & a startling & pleasant addition to his life; wn. for Betsy Lynn Gutzmer Engstrom; grew up in Park Ridge, IL; lives in Eugene, OR; horror writer mostly, 1st book pub. coll. When Darkness Loves Us(1985)
   Rivering  1991 JAN  ss  has horror novel Black Ambrosia(1986); Lizzie Borden(1990), a mystery/psychic thriller retelling of the Lizzie Borden story from an occult angle; see her website at; has coll. Nightmare Flower(1992; N-1993 STO)
   Pan Man, The  1991 JUL  ss  has novel Lizard Wine(1996); has anth. with artist Alan M. Clark, The Alchemy of Love(2000), Imagination Fully Dilated(1998), & Imagination Fully Dilated: Vol. II(2000); suspense thriller Black Leather(2000); see iv at
Epstein, Benita  Cartoon: Little Heavy on the Power Tie, A  1993 JUL  ct  lives in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA; BS & MS in Entomology from Univ. of California(Davis); did research on Yellow Fever mosquitoes(bioenergetics, biochemistry & medical) in various univ. laboratories; her interest was in insect-borne diseases & epidemiology
   Cartoon  1995 JAN  ct  became a fulltime cartoonist in 1992, two weeks before she made her first sale to American Scientist; her work has been pub. in hundreds of publications, incl. The New Yorker, Barron's, Wall St. Journal, Air & Space, Reader's Digest, & Punch
   Cartoon  1997 APR  ct  her cartoons were also pub. in Better Homes & Gardens, & in several Chicken Soup for the Soul books
   Cartoon: Day They Invented Papyrus, The  1997 JUN  ct  has cartoon collections Interlibrary Loan Sharks and Seedy ROMS(1998), Suture Self: Cartoons for Doctors and Patients(1999), & Science of Little Round Things: Cartoons About Scientists(2000)
   Cartoon: Little Known Authors Seminar  1997 AUG  ct  has been N-1999, 2000 & 2001, for Best Magazine Cartoonist; & N-2000, for Best Greeting Card Cartoonist; she was nominated twice for Best Gag Writer; all by the National Cartoonists Society
   Cartoon: Unpublished Authors of the Big Bangs Theory  1997 AUG  ct  see some of her cartoons at
   Cartoon  1997 DEC  ct  has a syndicated panel, "Drawing a Crowd," launched in January 2002 by Creators Syndicate at show.cfm?comicname=dac
   Cartoon  1997 DEC  ct 
   Cartoon  1998 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon  1999 JUN  ct 
   Cartoon  1999 DEC  ct 
Eskridge, Kelley  Strings  1994 FEB  ss  lives in Seattle, WA, w. writer Nicola Griffith; 1st pro sale "The Hum of Human Cities" in PLP #9 1990; story "Alien Jane" in Century #1 1995, N-1995 NEB, & became ep. of Cable ser. Welcome to Paradox; 1st novel Solitaire(2002); see
Etchemendy, Nancy  Clotaire's Balloon  1984 NOV  ss  (1952- ) her 1st pub. sf/f short story; born in Reno, NV; lives in Palo Alto, CA; graphic designer by trade, married to a Prof. of Philosophy at Stanford Univ.
   Ladies of Wahloon Lake, The  1985 AUG  ss  has juvenile novels The Watchers of Space(1980), & sequel The Crystal City(1985)
   River Temple, The  1986 JUL  ss  N-1986 NEB, short story; has ya sf novel Stranger from the Stars(1983)
   Lunch at Etienne's  1987 NOV  ss  N-1987 NEB, short story; has pub. stories & articles in Cricket Magazine
   Incredible Christmas Wish, The  1988 FEB  ss  has pub. numerous poems in ASI, Pulpsmith, Dark Regions & Horror, & Twilight Tales Online; at her website( you can view her Poem of the Week page, & her Poetry Archives, & other features
   Dreams in Tandem  1988 DEC  pm 
   Sailor's Bargain, The  1989 APR  nv  N-1989 NEB, novelette; tale of a young woman, a university student, whose odd dreams of wind & ships gradually turn into something far stranger & more terrifying
   Cat in Glass  1989 JUL  ss  N-1989 NEB, short story; has website at
   Shore Leave Blacks  1990 MAR  ss  N-1990 NEB; 1991 LOC, short story; 1st story in Nevada desert town of Pactolus series
   Saints and Martyrs  1997 JUL  ss  N-1998 STO, short story; allergic to cats & restricted to a vegetarian diet
   Double Silver Truth  1998 JUN  nv  2nd story in Nevada desert town of Pactolus series
   Werewife  1999 JUN  ss  has 4th ya sf novel The Power of Un(2000; W-2000 STO, ya novel), a time travel story about the ability to undo the past
Etchison, Dennis  Nice, Shady Place, A  1964 AUG  ss  (1943- ) 1st pub. by Associated Students, L.A. State College, in 1963; born & lives in southern California; student at L.A. State College, attended Charles Beaumont's Science Fiction Workshop at U.C.L.A.; 1st story pub. "Odd Boy Out" in Escapade, in 1961
   Walk in the Wet, A  1967 FEB  ss  Etchison's fiction mainly in horror genre; also a screenwriter; has short stories "It Only Comes Out at Night" in McCauley(ed): Frights(1976) N-1977 WFA; "The Late Shift" in McCauley(ed): Dark Forces(1980), N-1981 BFA, adapted for movie Killing Time(1984)
   Night of the Eye, The  1970 MAR  ss  has novelization The Fog(1979); as his fictional character Jack Martin, he wrote Halloween II(1981) & Halloween III: Season of the Witch(1982), & Videodrome(1983); has short story "The Dark Country" in Fantasy Tales #8 1981, W-1982 BFA, WFA
   Smell of Death, The  1971 OCT  ss  has short stories "Deathtracks," in Schiff(ed): Death(1982), N-1983 WFA; "The Dog Park"(aka "A Little Known Side of Elvis"), in Sutton & Jones(ed): Dark Voices 5(1993), W-1994 BFA; N-1994 STO
   Calling All Monsters  1973 JUN  ss  has novelette "The Dead Cop," in Sutton & Jones(ed): Dark Terrors 2(1996), N-1997 WFA; has anth. Cutting Edge(1986), Masters of Darkness(1986), ... II(1988), ... III(1991), Lord John Ten(1988), The Complete Masters of Darkness(1991)
   Graveyard Blues, The  1974 FEB  ss  has colls. The Dark Country(1984), Red Dreams(1984), The Blood Kiss(1988; N-1989 LOC, STO, WFA); has novels Darkside(1986), Shadow Man(1993), California Gothic(1995), & Double Edge(1997)
   Drop City  1974 AUG  nv  has short story "The Olympic Runner" in Fantasy Tales #16 1986, W-1987 BFA; has anth. MetaHorror(1992; W-1993 WFA, Best Anthology); was genre consultant for the horror comedy movie Night Life(1989), which was banned in Germany
   On the Pike  1977 MAR  ss  has interviews, "On the Cutting Edge: A Conversation with Dennis Etchison" in TWZ 1988 FEB, & "Arterial Motives" in INZ 1998 JUL

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