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Exter, Maureen  Santa Claws  1981 JAN  ss  (1945?- ) also in F&SF as Maureen Bryan Exter, & under her real name, E(leanor) M(aureen) Goldman; now living in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada; a part-time library clerk
Exter, Maureen Bryan  Good-bye Birthday, The  1970 AUG  ss  (1945?- ) ps. for E.M. Goldman, & in F&SF as such; 26-years old, lives in California, has had stories in Ingenue, etc; has books Money to Burn(1994), The Night Room(1995), Getting Lincoln's Goat: An Elliott Armbruster Mystery(1995), Shrinking Pains(1996)
   New Boy  1971 JUL  nv  also in F&SF as Maureen Exter, & under her real name, E.M. Goldman

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