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F&SF staff  Report on Competition 4  1973 APR  cmp  1st prize: Bob Leman; 2nd prize: James E. Sutherland; R-U: Dave Williams; Glenn Hunt; Colin G. Jameson; Harlan Ellison; James Sutherland; Bob Leman; Harold Stone; J.B. Bolton
   Competition 5  1973 APR  cmp  submit a Feghoot, in 150 words or less; as an example is a brand new Feghoot by Grendel Briarton(& in index as a separate entry, as will Feghoots submitted & chosen as winners); due to copyright laws, winning Feghoots will be revised & be by Briarton
   Index to Volume 44: 1973 JAN-JUN  1973 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 5  1973 AUG  cmp  Feghoot contest, judged by Grendel Briarton(Reginald Bretnor); in order to protect the copyright of F. Feghoot, winning entries have been revised by G.B. & pub. under his byline; each winning Feghoot will be given a separate entry in this index
   Competition 6  1973 AUG  cmp  suggested by Roger Klorese - submit bawdy limericks relating to sf novels or short stories, e.g.(given on p.56): a limerick based on Asimov's story "Nightfall"
   Report on Competition 6  1973 DEC  cmp  1st prize: Janice W. Leffingwell; 2nd prize: Margaret O. Ablitt; R-U: Randy Morse; Ralph C. Glisson
   Competition 7  1973 DEC  cmp  suggested by Philip Cohen - give a lexicon of 10 or fewer words from an alien language. Example given are alien words & definitions from Aldiss' "Confluence"
   Index to Volume 45: 1973 JUL-DEC  1973 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 7  1974 MAY  cmp  1st prize: Bob Leman; 2nd prize: Robert Stewart; R-U: William S. Gray; E. Hunt; Paul Shelton
   Competition 8  1974 MAY  cmp  suggested by Roger Klorese - submit near-miss sf or f titles; e.g.: Aldiss: Barefoot in the Bathroom; Bradbury: I Sing the Body Battery-Powered; Herbert: Sand-Pile
   Index to Volume 46: 1974 JAN-JUN  1974 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 8  1974 SEP  cmp  1st prize: F.M. Busby; 2nd prize: Joe Haldeman; R-U: Kenneth R. Drost; Daniel Dern; Mark Robert Kelly; R. Tyler Sperry II; Terry Naylor; Reid Powell; David A. Wilson; Carolyn Appleman; Ken Scott; A.J. Onia; Jonathan Fink; Merrill Emmet; 7 others
   Competition 9  1974 SEP  cmp  suggested by Sherry M. Gottlieb - submit in 75 words or less, descriptions of specialized courses that might be offered within such a mythical college sf department
   Index to Volume 47: 1974 JUL-DEC  1974 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 9  1975 FEB  cmp  1st prize: Dan Mattern; 2nd prize: Nadya K. Bleisch; R-U: Greg Hartmann; Kenneth P. Service; Scott Edelstein; Alice Simmons; Steven Utley; Scott Cupp
   Competition 10  1975 FEB  cmp  submit unlikely doubles, as in the Ace Doubles paperback books, e.g.: Billion Year Spree/Drunkard's Walk
   Report on Competition 10  1975 JUN  cmp  1st prize: Janice L. Presser; 2nd prize: Albany State SF Society; R-U: Mark Robert Kelly; H-M: Bruce Berges; Minda Zetlin; Donald Franson; Joseph M. Szafran; Steven Utley; John A. Presser; Huan Lee; Josiah F. Hill; E. Hunt; Sue Anderson
   Competition 11  1975 JUN  cmp  suggested by Barry Malzberg - finish the beginning of this unpromising story, in 100 words or less
   Index to Volume 48: 1975 JAN-JUN  1975 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 11  1975 NOV  cmp  1st prize: Richard D. Wright; 2nd prize: Michael Kurland; R-U: Roseanne Clark; Bob Leman; Richard A. Lupoff; Steven Robinett; Kenneth P. Service; Dennis R. Trisler; Nancy J. Sitton; Jake Fuchs
   Competition 12  1975 NOV  cmp  suggested by Richard Delap - if two sf authors collaborated on books, what would we get? e.g.: Flowers for Flesh, by Keyes & Farmer
   Index to Volume 49: 1975 JUL-DEC  1975 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 12  1976 MAR  cmp  1st prize: J. Bagai; 2nd prize: Margery L. Goldstein; R-U: Arthur D. Hlavaty; Al Sarrantonio; Larry Anderson; Steven Utley; Albany State SF Society; Algis Budrys
   Competition 13  1976 MAR  cmp  suggested by Michael Kurland - write a passage from a myopic early sf or utopian novel, limit 150 words
   Index to Volume 50: 1976 JAN-JUN  1976 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 13  1976 JUL  cmp  1st prize: David T.J. Doughan; 2nd prize: Janet E. Pearson; R-U: David J. Daulton; F.M. Busby; Nancy J. Sitton; Wayne Thomas
   Competition 14  1976 JUL  cmp  suggested by Philip Michael Cohen - submit science-fictional "What's the Question?" jokes, e.g.: A.: Power to the People; Q.: What is Zenna Henderson's motto?
   Report on Competition 14  1976 DEC  cmp  1st prize: Steve Steinberg; 2nd prize: J.G. Sattler; R-U: Bruce Berges; Chris Leithiser; Mary H. Schaub; Jerry House; Earl Wells; John Grabowski
   Competition 15  1976 DEC  cmp  suggested by Robert Silverberg - submit translator-transformed titles, e.g.: The Sweethearts, by Philip José Farmer
   Index to Volume 51: 1976 JUL-DEC  1976 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 15  1977 APR  cmp  1st prize: Cambridge Univ. Science Fiction Society; 2nd prize: Chris Riesbeck; R-U: Michael Bishop; Marc Russell; Anne Conner; Daniel P. Dern; John Billingsley; Charles & Sarah Sheffield
   Competition 16  1977 APR  cmp  send us 250 words or less of a Dear Abby column of a century or so from now, when some of our best friends may have tentacles, eye-stalks, etc
   Index to Volume 52: 1977 JAN-JUN  1977 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 16  1977 AUG  cmp  1st prize: Marion Briggs; 2nd prize: Jerry House; R-U: Rich Bartucci; Kenneth Ringlein; Evelyn Mayfield; Lynn Steele; Al Sarrantonio; F.C. Adams; Buzz Dixon
   Competition 17  1977 AUG  cmp  thanks to David Silverman & Philip M. Cohen - submit future anachronisms, "consider what kind of mistakes the historical novelists of 7 or 8 centuries from now are likely to make"
   Report on Competition 17  1977 DEC  cmp  1st prize: Todd Queen; 2nd prize: Mary Ann van Hartesveldt; R-U: Cliff Cole; Robert Post; Dennis D'Asaro; Kenneth Ringlein; Mark T. Couch
   Competition 18  1977 DEC  cmp  thanks to Marc Laidlaw - transpose 2 or more words in a well-known work of sf/f, e.g.: Edgar Rice Burrough's The Time That People Forgot
   Index to Volume 53: 1977 JUL-DEC  1977 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 18  1978 MAY  cmp  1st prize: Marc Russell; 2nd prize: Wes & Lynn Pederson; R-U: Harvey Abramson; Al Sarantonio; Donald Franson; Jeremy Hole; Barry N. Malzberg; David Lubar; Dennis D'Asaro; Bud Norton; Allen Cohen; Dennis Lien
   Competition 19  1978 MAY  cmp  thanks to Christopher Leithiser - submit limericks with an sf theme & incorporating an sf title into the last line
   Index to Volume 54: 1978 JAN-JUN  1978 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 19  1978 SEP  cmp  1st prize: David Lubar; 2nd prize: Margery Goldstein; R-U: Doris McElfresh; Phoebe Ellis; Amanda Ablitt; Gary Bleeker; H-M: Margaret Ablitt; Steven Faber; Joe W. Haldeman; Sidney H. Mayer Jr; S-M: Edwin MacDonald
   Competition 20  1978 SEP  cmp  thanks to Steven D. Faber & Christopher Leithiser - submit classified ads from a future newspaper
   Index to Volume 55: 1978 JUL-DEC  1978 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 20  1979 JAN  cmp  1st prize: Ron Daniel; 2nd prize: Robert Stewart; R-U: Hal Halvorsen; George Allen; Thomas Wm. Hamilton; H-M: Brian Carroll; Ray Dalton; Frank Jaworski; Robert Post
   Competition 21  1979 JAN  cmp  suggested by Craig Allshouse - submit cliches interposed with sf titles, e.g.: The way through a man's heart is through The Mote in God's Eye
   Report on Competition 21  1979 MAY  cmp  1st prize: Peter & Myra David, & Wendy Goldstein; 2nd prize: Carlene Stober Baum; R-U: Linda McAllister; Bruce Berges; Robert Werner; John G. Myers; Robert Stewart; James Donahue
   Competition 22  1979 MAY  cmp  suggested by Philip Michael Cohen - retell a given anecdote, by Raymond Queneau in his book Exercises in Style, titled The Three Little Pigs, in the style of any famous sf writer; you may condense, change the setting & characters, but keep basic structure
   Index to Volume 56: 1979 JAN-JUN  1979 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 22  1979 SEP  cmp  best entries(all winners): John R. Dunlap(Ellison style); David Lubar(Asimov style); Paul Major(Vance style); Robert Stewart(Dick style); Buzz Dixon(Heinlein style); Marc Desmond(Malzberg style)

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