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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
F&SF staff  Competition 23  1979 SEP  cmp  suggested by David M. Vereschagin - there is a trend in sf toward long & unwieldy titles; submit some, keeping them to 50 words or less
   Index to Volume 57: 1979 JUL-DEC  1979 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 23  1980 FEB  cmp  1st prize: Elizabeth Singleton; 2nd prize: Bruce Berges; R-U: Robert Werner; Miki Magyar; David Lubar; Harlan Ellison; H-M: Larry Dan Frost; Niles Gwinn; F.M. Busby; John C. Burke
   Competition 24  1980 FEB  cmp  suggested by Grant Carrington - author/title misprints caused by the addition of one letter(comp. #3 was misprints caused by the ommission of one letter), e.g.: Heinlein's The Moron Is a Harsh Mistress
   Report on Competition 24  1980 JUN  cmp  1st prize: Daniel P. Dern; 2nd prize: Tad Turner; R-U: Mario Milosevic; Susan Milmore; Michael J. Padgett Jr; Ken Ringlein; Wanda R. Wolfe; Jeff Grimshaw; James C. Knittel; David Finkelstein; Augustine Funnell
   Competition 25  1980 JUN  cmp  send in a short poem or limerick about a fantastic or science fictional animal
   Index to Volume 58: 1980 JAN-JUN  1980 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 25  1980 NOV  cmp  1st prize: Rachel Cosgrove Payes; 2nd prize: Mike DeSimone; R-U: Joseph T. Klapper; Bruce Berges; Mary C. Pangborn; Pat Cadigan; Sebastian Robinson
   Competition 26  1980 NOV  cmp  submit up to 12 imaginary collaborations; e.g., Year of the Quiet Clash of Cymbals, by Wilson Tucker & James Blish (this competition the same as cmp #12 suggested in 1975 NOV, with responses given in 1976 MAR
   Index to Volume 59: 1980 JUL-DEC  1980 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 26  1981 MAR  cmp  same cmp as suggested in 1975 NOV/responses given in 1976 MAR; 1st prize: Susan Milmore; 2nd prize: Jeff Grimshaw; R-U: Jim Detry; Pat Cadigan; S. Hamm; Michael Tippens; John Nieminski
   Competition 27  1981 MAR  cmp  suggested by Anne Jordan(an F&SF asst. editor) - send in bumper stickers for your craft of the future, e.g.: I Brake for Asteroids
   Index to Volume 60: 1981 JAN-JUN  1981 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 27  1981 AUG  cmp  1st prize: Kenneth Ringlein; 2nd prize: R.M. Beem; R-U: Jeff Grimshaw; Ron Daniel; Ralph Tucker; Susan Milmore; Laurence Brothers
   Competition 28  1981 AUG  cmp  suggested by Alan D. Legatt - write an sf recipe, can include foods mentioned in sf stories, alien flora, fauna, or minerals, or even names of sf stories & characters
   Report on Competition 28  1981 DEC  cmp  1st prize: Nicholas Ordway; 2nd prize: Chris Chapman; R-U: John Cuthbertson; Rachel Cosgrove Payes; Jeff Long
   Competition 29  1981 DEC  cmp  suggested by Paula I. Carson - submit Burma Shave road advertisements adapted for the space traveler of the future
   Index to Volume 61: 1981 JUL-DEC  1981 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 29  1982 APR  cmp  1st prize: Lawrence Watt Evans; 2nd prize: Frank Bequaert; R-U: Pat Cadigan; Mark Couch; Victor Sotak
   Competition 30  1982 APR  cmp  suggested by Donald Garden - interpose famous or notable titles of sf stories/books with those from popular songs, e.g.: Jack Vance's "I Only Have Eyes of the Overworld"
   Index to Volume 62: 1982 JAN-JUN  1982 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 30  1982 AUG  cmp  1st prize: Todd Illig; 2nd prize: John Brunner; R-U: Jean MacKay Jackson; Al Sarrantonio; Elaine Hampton; Stewart Road; Steve Kindig; Clifton Anderson
   Competition 31  1982 AUG  cmp  suggested by Philip M. Cohen - submit humorous "scholarly paper titles," format being "evocative title: descriptive title," e.g.: You Think You've Got Problems: Prophecy in Dystopian Fiction
   Index to Volume 63: 1982 JUL-DEC  1982 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 31  1983 JAN  cmp  1st prize: Jean MacKay Jackson; 2nd prize: John E. Stith; R-U: Bruce Berges; William Meltzer; R.G. Duling; Michael Croteau; Richard J. Coppins
   Competition 32  1983 JAN  cmp  suggested by Steve Leavell & Stephen Mendenhall - submit sequels for any sf work, e.g.: More More Than Human, by Sturgeon
   Report on Competition 32  1983 MAY  cmp  1st prize: Paul Harwitz; 2nd prize: Beth Hardiman & Dennis Macfarlane; R-U: Jean MacKay Jackson; Paul A. Carter; Bhob(sic) Stewart; Robert Coulson; Augustine Funnell; Al Sarrantonio
   Competition 33  1983 MAY  cmp  suggested by Philip Michael Cohen - give an sf/fantasy redefinition to any word, e.g.: Spinrad, a brand name of an atomic-powered centrifuge
   Index to Volume 64: 1983 JAN-JUN  1983 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 33  1983 SEP  cmp  1st prize: Jean MacKay Jackson; 2nd prize: Nigel Parsons; R-U: Kiti Kitiyakara; Kim Schnitzer; Ralph E. Vaughan; David Wood
   Competition 34  1983 SEP  cmp  suggested by Peter Pautz - submit sf/fantasy titles that should have been written by historical figures, e.g.: The Stand, by George Armstrong Custer
   Index to Volume 65: 1983 JUL-DEC  1983 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 34  1984 MAR  cmp  1st prize: Al Sarrantonio; 2nd prize: Richard Gilliam; R-U: Elaine Hampton; Bruce Berges; Jean MacKay Jackson; S. Hamm; Steve Perram; Benjamin Freedman
   Competition 35  1984 MAR  cmp  suggested by S. Hamm - submit capsule reviews of any sf/f title, e.g.: Joanna Russ, The Female Man: Loved Him, Hated Her; Kurd Lasswitz, Two Planets: 1 stars
   Index to Volume 66: 1984 JAN-JUN  1984 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 35  1984 AUG  cmp  1st prize: Robert Werner; 2nd prize: Rick Duling; R-U: Bridget Mintz Register; James Gale; Jean MacKay Jackson; Timothy Wirkkala
   Competition 36  1984 AUG  cmp  suggested by Philip Michael Cohen - submit proverbs & cliches given an sf/futuristic twist, e.g.: Cloned to raise hell. Idle hands are the Devil's waldoes.
   Index to Volume 67: 1984 JUL-DEC  1984 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 36  1985 JAN  cmp  1st prize: Jean MacKay Jackson; 2nd prize: Jack Doherty; R-U: John V.R. Williams; Carl Stetger; Dorothy C. Brown; Bill Richardson; Augustine Funnell
   Competition 37  1985 JAN  cmp  suggested by Lorraine Richards-May - submit humorous subtitles for any sf/f work, e.g.: The Asking of Questions (the life of Joseph McCarthy)
   Report on Competition 37  1985 JUN  cmp  1st prize: Dan F. Gates; 2nd prize: Charles R. Lembke; R-U: Jean MacKay Jackson; Horace Shaeff; M.C. McSherry; Dean Wesley Smith; George Alec Effinger
   Competition 38  1985 JUN  cmp  suggested by John Brunner - take the opening sentences of not fewer than 3, not more than 7, sf novels or stories, & arrange them to make the opening paragraph(s) of another, non-existent story; give sources; invent a title
   Index to Volume 68: 1985 JAN-JUN  1985 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 38  1985 NOV  cmp  1st prize: Abigail F. Strichartz; 2nd prize: Phyllis Wallingford; R-U: Kenneth Schulze; Jeff Grimshaw; Augustine Funnell; Kevin Roach
   Competition 39  1985 NOV  cmp  suggested by Stephen Mendenhall - finish this sentence: "You know you've really landed in an alternate universe when you discover that ..."; e.g., "... Einstein won the Hugo Award in 1905"
   Index to Volume 69: 1985 JUL-DEC  1985 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 39  1986 MAR  cmp  1st prize: Miki Magyar; 2nd prize: Robert Stacy; R-U: Stan Lee; Mark Bernstein; Michael J. Emery; Augustine Funnell; Harlan Ellison
   Competition 40  1986 MAR  cmp  suggested by Miki Magyar - "Fads are fantasy in action, on the mass level ... What will be the hot items of 1990?"; e.g.: cult hit musical "Bonzo Goes to Washington"
   Index to Volume 70: 1986 JAN-JUN  1986 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 40  1986 AUG  cmp  1st prize: S. Hamm; 2nd prize: Pat Cadigan; R-U: Richard Hopkins; Madelaine Hausmann; Thea Kilosseus; Clint Everett; Gerina Dunwich

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