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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
F&SF staff  Competition 41  1986 AUG  cmp  suggested by Stephen Mendenhall - put together 2 or more sf/f titles, the first word of one being the same as the last word of the prev. title to come up with something meaningful or ridiculous, e.g.: Behold the Man Who Fell to Earth Abides
   Report on Competition 41  1986 DEC  cmp  1st prize: Mark Bernstein; 2nd prize: Angus MacDonald; R-U: Michael D. Toman; Judith Tarr; Marc Laidlaw; Bill & Ann Hupe; Bruce Berges; Chris East
   Competition 42  1986 DEC  cmp  suggested by Donna & Chuck Peitzman and Stephen Mendenhall - vary the title of any mainstream or non-sf work to turn it into an sf/f piece, e.g.: Uncle Tom's Spaceship
   Index to Volume 71: 1986 JUL-DEC  1986 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 42  1987 MAY  cmp  1st prize: Ken Gilbreath; 2nd prize: Joe Sanders; R-U: John Morressy; Pauline E. Gebhardt; Keith Ferrell; Vince Moore; Bruce Moomaw; Bryan Allen; Ann K. Schwader; Arline Schwartz; Mark S. Painter
   Competition 43  1987 MAY  cmp  suggested by Donald Franson - give sf/f titles that have been altered by 1 letter into entirely different works, with a one-sentence summary of the new plot, e.g.: Wren Worlds Collide (Two birdhouses smash together in a gale)
   Index to Volume 72: 1987 JAN-JUN  1987 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 43  1987 SEP  cmp  1st prize: Lee Crawley; 2nd prize: Joe Rico; R-U: Jeff Grimshaw; S. Hamm; Ken Zauter/Sophia Canavos; Darienne T. Franks; Joyce A. Cowan; Robert Coulson; Randi Cohen; Paul Rose; Michael D. Toman
   Competition 44  1987 SEP  cmp  suggested by Timothy W. Bartel - coin a term based on 1 or more names of an sf/f luminary, with a brief definition, e.g.: Longyear, n, the amount of subjective time it takes to read "Enemy Mine" in its entirety
   Index to Volume 73: 1987 JUL-DEC  1987 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 44  1988 FEB  cmp  1st prize: Joe Haldeman; 2nd prize: Lee Crawley; R-U: Angus MacDonald; Richard R. Moore; Steven Sawicki; William G. Raley; Tommy J. Walz; Michael Weiss; Maynard Bates
   Competition 45  1988 FEB  cmp  suggested by Stephen Mendenhall - submit variations of sf titles in which one word is replaced by a close homonym, e.g.: I, Rabbit; A Canned Pickle for Liebowitz
   Index to Volume 74: 1988 JAN-JUN  1988 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 45  1988 JUL  cmp  1st prize: Jeff Grimshaw; 2nd prize: Martin S. Kohl; R-U: Patricia Warrick; Crewel Punz, Inc.; Agustin Goba; Jon & Holly Jackson; Jospeh(sic) S. Potts; William H. Garsi; Jade Chin; Andy Tisbert; Jim Collins; Michael Doherty & Ben Spergel; & 5 more
   Competition 46  1988 JUL  cmp  suggested by John Brunner - the title of some sf stories can be regarded as the acronym of a phrase summarizing the plot, e.g.: Quicksand - Quite Unlikely Incident Connects Kooky Shrink And Naked Damsel
   Report on Competition 46  1988 DEC  cmp  1st prize: Regina Holliday; 2nd prize: William G. Raley; R-U: R.J. & Susan Moskop; Paul David Littell; H-M: Dorie Jennings; Andrew M. Andrews; Mark E. O'Brien; Anne Georgalas; Terry Lusian; Tony Snelson; Rachel Cosgrove Payes; Stephen Cousins; 1 more
   Competition 47  1988 DEC  cmp  compose a personal ad for an alien seeking solace or love
   Index to Volume 75: 1988 JUL-DEC  1988 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 47  1989 MAY  cmp  1st prize: Bruce Scanlon; 2nd prize: Lee van Laer; R-U: Michael Juergens; H-M: Charles Gregory; Mark Tuveson; David A. Smidt; John V.R. Williams; F.L. Bass; Patricia Warrick
   Competition 48  1989 MAY  cmp  invent the last lines for a horror, sf of f movie, e.g.: "Yes, but when the sun sets, will the dying start again?"
   Index to Volume 76: 1989 JAN-JUN  1989 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 48  1989 OCT  cmp  1st prize: Larry Zajac; 2nd prize: Steven Thomson; R-U: Mark Ditoro; Joel Goodman; H-M: Todd Cassel; Syd Bear
   Competition 49  1989 OCT  cmp  suggested by Timothy Bartel - submit "Science Fiction Graffiti," defined here as 4 line poems with an 'aabb' rhyme scheme, witty remarks about an sf author or character
   Index to Volume 77: 1989 JUL-DEC  1989 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 49  1990 FEB  cmp  1st prize: John Beifuss; 2nd prize: Miki Magyar; R-U: David Shapiro; Mark Martel; Peter Wong; Robert Sheehan
   Competition 50  1990 FEB  cmp  suggested by Brian Lumley(with help from the Sunday Telegraph; Rob Meades & David Wake who have colls. of "Drabbles," 100-word sf stories) - submit "mini-sagas" of exactly 50 words
   Report on Competition 50  1990 JUN  cmp  1st prize: William J. Raffetto; 2nd prize: Laurence M. Janifer; R-U: Mario Milosevic; John Kilpatrick; H-M: Jeffrey Lyons; Miki Magyar; Paul Carter; Lynn Bowen
   Competition 51  1990 JUN  cmp  suggested by Damon Knight - submit anagrams of famous sf writers, e.g.: All My Heresy (Mary Shelley); Hail, Lone Snarl (Harlan Ellison)
   Index to Volume 78: 1990 JAN-JUN  1990 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 51  1990 NOV  cmp  1st prize: Erika Wilson; 2nd prize: Carl Livingston; R-U: William J. Meltzer; Kathleen Weir; H-U: Gabriel A. Valentin; Sylvia Troop; William G. Raley; Pat M. Burns; Mary Lou Fuenzalida
   Competition 52  1990 NOV  cmp  suggested by Stephen Mendenhall - vary an sf title to make it non-sf, e.g.: Poul Anderson's New York Giants 17—Tau Zero
   Index to Volume 79: 1990 JUL-DEC  1990 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 52  1991 MAR  cmp  1st prize: Christopher J. Healy; 2nd prize: C.E. Coffman, S.A. Concannon, & N.E. Stokes; R-U: Steve Lindquist; Alison Becker; H-M: David Brown; Patricia Russo; Sean Walbeck; Christine Morris
   Competition 53  1991 MAR  cmp  suggested by John Brunner - submit samples of cover or flap copy that makes it clear the person responsible has read nothing but the title & misunderstood even that, e.g.: Childhood's End: A searing expose of teenage sex!
   Index to Volume 80: 1991 JAN-JUN  1991 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 53  1991 JUL  cmp  1st prize: Marc Laidlaw; 2nd prize: Jane R. Hansen; R-U: David I. Lewis; F.S. Combs; Raymond Belair; H-M: Marian Allen; Richard Bauman; Jim Collins; Judith Gallagher; Andy Sincinito; William Strand, USN; Whitt Pond
   Competition 54  1991 JUL  cmp  suggested by Hal Hoyte - because of the recession & reduction in arts funding, writers must produce cut-down versions of their most popular works, e.g.: Harry Harrison: The Stainless Steel Mouse
   Report on Competition 54  1991 DEC  cmp  1st prize: Paul Petrella; 2nd prize: M. Sullivan; R-U: Orson Scott Card; Douglas F. Wood; H-M: Harlan Ellison; Carla Henry; William J. Keck; Timothy E. Walters; Dan Lakey Jr; of note: John Brunner, & Orson Scott Card
   Competition 55  1991 DEC  cmp  suggested by Amy McCormick - take a popular cliche & update it for today's (or a future) use, e.g.: "A microchip off the old block"
   Index to Volume 81: 1991 JUL-DEC  1991 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 55  1992 APR  cmp  1st prize: Kirk McCartney; 2nd prize: Randy Hall; R-U: Deirdre Gerken; Fred Borman Jr; Thornton Kimes; H-M: Joan Garbutt; Jacqueline Ireland; Victoria Pless; Craig Blomgren; Elizabeth Graham; Bill Gerken; David S. Theil
   Competition 56  1992 APR  cmp  suggested by Hal Frank & Corinna Taylor - for a new Oscar Award, Most Appropriate Song, pick a best existing song for a movie version of an sf/f work, e.g.: "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window" for A Boy and His Dog
   Index to Volume 82: 1992 JAN-JUN  1992 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 56  1992 SEP  cmp  1st prize: David Slusher; 2nd prize: Richard H. Langley; R-U: William S. Cornell; David S. Bloch; Sam Robb; H-M: Johanna Schenk; Michele Winkler; Lisa M. Ray; Jane Yolen; John S. Quinn
   Competition 57  1992 SEP  cmp  suggested by Donald Franson - submit sf/f vanity plates, not to exceed 7-8 letters, e.g.: SF FAN, or CTHULHU
   Index to Volume 83: 1992 JUL-DEC  1992 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 57  1993 JAN  cmp  1st prize: Catherine Mintz; 2nd prize: Gail Sosinsky Wickman; R-U: Greg Walz; Daniel J. Lesco; Neal H. Krape; Steven D. Faber
   Competition 58  1993 JAN  cmp  suggested by Harlan Ellison - devise a list of related names, using only names from the worlds of sf/f/horror, beginning & ending with the same name; containing a total of eight, including bookends
   Report on Competition 58  1993 JUN  cmp  1st prize: Michael H. Payne; 2nd prize: Denise LeCompte; R-U: Charles Duff; Brick Barrientos
   Competition 59  1993 JUN  cmp  suggested by Mark Ditoro - family reunions, the relatives of famous writers, e.g.: H.R. Bloch, the psychopathic financial adviser

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