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F&SF staff  Index to Volume 84: 1993 JAN-JUN  1993 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 59  1993 DEC  cmp  1st prize: Sean J. Harvey & Lori M. Wyndham; 2nd prize: Arthur D. Hlavaty; R-U: Mary Sullivan; Peter Brown; James Williamson
   Competition 60  1993 DEC  cmp  suggested by G. David Nordley - change one & only one letter or number of your favorite novel, then write a brief description to go with the revised title
   Index to Volume 85: 1993 JUL-DEC  1993 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 60  1994 APR  cmp  1st prize: Richard A. Hauptmann; 2nd prize: Chris McLaren & Tony Moeller; R-U: Dorie Jennings; Andy Wheeler; H-M: Nigel Parsons; Jeff Nicol; Todd M. Greanier; Mary S. Price; Gordon Van Gelder; Gary DeFrance
   Competition 61  1994 APR  cmp  suggested by John Brunner - excerpt 100 words from a future article on a science that doesn't yet exist, but uses ordinary words in ways as foreign to us
   Index to Volume 86: 1994 JAN-JUN  1994 JUN  indx 
   Report on Competition 61  1994 AUG  cmp  1st prize: J. Fischette; 2nd prize: Mike Allen; R-U: Tony Cimasko; Sue Anderson
   Competition 62  1994 AUG  cmp  suggested by David M. Brown - Paul Newman sells salad dressing, popcorn & spaghetti sauce. What would sf writers sell if they went into another business?
   Index to Volume 87: 1994 JUL-DEC  1994 DEC  indx 
   Report on Competition 62  1995 JAN  cmp  1st prize: Anita & Mike Allen; 2nd prize: Bernard J. de la Cruz; R-U: Lesa Neace; James Williamson; Joshua Horowitz; H-M: David S. Smiley; Caroline A. Hayes; Anita & Mike Allen
   Competition 63  1995 JAN  cmp  suggested by Mark Ditoro - Hollywood has a tendency to retitle the stories it films to make them sound more interesting, e.g.: Bradbury's "The Fog Horn" became The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms; invent an exciting & funny title for a movie of any sf/f work
   Report on Competition 63  1995 MAY  cmp  1st prize: Chris Yanculeff; 2nd place: Sheila Saunders; R-U: Greg Walz; H-M: Wayne Savicki; Larry Murray; Carol D. Pinchefsky
   Competition 64  1995 MAY  cmp  suggested by Ed Ferman - submit a rejection letter of up to 100 words for any well known sf/f work
   Report on Competition 64  1995 OCT/NOV  cmp  1st prize: James Williamson; 2nd prize: Lisa Neace; R-U: Charles Emmons; Chris Niswander; Tessa B. Dick; Gail Sosinsky Wickman; Carol Silverman Saunders; H-M: Gordon Schnaper; Carol D. Pinchefsky; Scott Morgan
   Competition 65  1995 OCT/NOV  cmp  suggested by Harlan Ellison - submit a short blurb of no more than 100 words for any well-known sf/f/horror work(writing a supposedly fine blurb for a work that honestly stinks)
   Index to Volumes 88 & 89: 1995 JAN-DEC  1995 DEC  indx 
   Brief Reviews: Books  1996 JAN  br  Joanna Russ: To Write Like a Woman/Essays in Feminism and Science Fiction; Stanley Asimov(ed): Yours, Isaac Asimov; Octavia E. Butler: Bloodchild and Other Stories; On Spec(Canadian sf mag. anth.); Linda Nagata: Techno-Heaven
   Brief Reviews: Books  1996 FEB  br  James P. Blaylock: All the Bells on Earth; Sean Stewart: Resurrection Man; John Clute: Science Fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopedia; Jonathan Lethem: Amnesia Moon
   Brief Reviews: Books  1996 MAR  br  Walter Jon Williams: Rock of Ages; Elizabeth Ann Scarborough: The Godmother's Apprentice; Jack Dann: Memory Cathedral: A Secret History of Leonardo da Vinci; David Brin: Brightness Reef
   Brief Reviews: Books  1996 APR  br  Sharon Shinn: The Shape-Changer's Wife; Michael Moorcock: Blood: A Southern Fantasy; John Barnes: One for the Morning Glory; Connie Willis: Bellwether
   Report on Competition 65  1996 APR  cmp  1st prize: Lars Klores; 2nd prize: Adrian Marlowe; R-U: Elicia Squid Cardenas; Scott Morgan; Jeannette Funcke
   Competition 66  1996 APR  cmp  suggested by Stephen Mendenhall - write a brief anecdote, 100 words or less, which takes place immediately after the end of any sf/f work
   Brief Reviews: Books  1996 MAY  br  Stephen Baxter: The Time Ships; Patricia Anthony: Cradle of Splendor; Charles Sheffield: The Ganymede Club
   Brief Reviews: Books  1996 JUN  br  Arthur C. Clarke & Mike McQuay: Richter 10; Pauline Ashwell: Project Farcry; Allen Steele: The Tranquility Alternative; Wil McCarthy: Aggressor Six; Dan Simmons: Endymion
   Brief Reviews: Books  1996 JUL  br  Tim Powers: Expiration Date; Kathy Tyers: One Mind's Eye; Joe Haldeman: None So Blind; Marc Laidlaw: The 37th Mandala
   Brief Reviews: Books  1996 AUG  br  Richard Garfinkle: Celestial Matters; Lisa Goldstein: Walking the Labyrinth; Robert Silverberg: Starborne
   Brief Reviews: Books  1996 SEP  br  Michael F. Flynn: Firestar; Stanley Schmidt: Aliens and Alien Societies; Stephen L. Gillett: World-Building; Terry Bisson: Pirates of the Universe; Sage Walker: Whiteout
   Brief Reviews: Books  1996 OCT/NOV  br  Jane Lindskold: Smoke and Mirrors; Patricia A. McKillip: Winter Rose; Charles Sheffield & Jerry Pournelle: Higher Education; Sasha Miller: Ladylord
   Brief Reviews: Books  1996 DEC  br  Sean Stewart: Clouds End; Damon Knight: Humpty Dumpty, An Oval; Robin Hobb: The Farseer: Assassin's Apprentice, & The Farseer: Royal Assassin; Ed Gorman: Cage of Night; Lewis Gannett: Magazine Beach
   Index to Volumes 90 & 91: 1996 JAN-DEC  1996 DEC  indx 
   Brief Reviews: Books  1997 JAN  br  Orson Scott Card: The Treasure Box; R. Garcia y Robertson: The Virgin and the Dinosaur; Buzz Aldrin & John Barnes: Encounter with Tiber; Laura Ann Gilman & Keith R.A. DeCandido(ed): Otherwere
   Brief Reviews: Books  1997 FEB  br  K.W. Jeter: Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human; James White: The Galactic Gourmet; Wil McCarthy: Murder in the Solid State; Project Gutenberg(CD-ROM); Larry Niven: Ringworld Throne; David Feintuch: Voices of Hope
   Brief Reviews: Books  1997 MAR  br  Eric James Fullilove: Circle of One; Katya Reimann: Wind from a Foreign Sky; Chet Williamson: Murder in Cormyr; Joe Clifford Faust: Ferman's Devils
   Brief Reviews: Books  1997 APR  br  Clive Barker: Sacrament; Mary Doria Russell: The Sparrow; Linda Nagata: Deception Well
   Brief Reviews: Books  1997 MAY  br  Frederik Pohl: The Other End of Time; John Barnes: Patton's Spaceship(1st in Mark Strang time travel series); Ian McDowell: Mordred's Curse; Jane Routley: Mage Heart
   Index to Volumes 92 & 93: 1997 JAN-DEC  1997 DEC  indx 
   Index to Volumes 94 & 95: 1998 JAN-DEC  1998 DEC  indx 
Faine, Djinn  Daughter of Eve  1962 JUN  ss  ps. for Virginia Faine Russell, lives in L.A.; she was married briefly to writer Gordon R. Dickson in 1959
Faldt-Larsen, Katrina  Mother's Day: Chapter Twelve of a Concise History of Modern Feminism, in Which the Torch Almost Goes Out in Deep Space  1970 DEC  ss  age 24, graduate of Wells College(Aurora, NY), attended Syracuse Univ. for two years; working on her 1st novel, What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up, Mother
Farmer, Nancy  Origami Mountain  1992 MAR  ss  (1941- ) 1st story pub. "The Mirror" in Budrys(ed): WotF, Vol. IV(1988); 1st novel ya, Do You Know Me?(1994); The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm(1995), sf adventure based on the Zimbabwe Shona mythology; see entry in CA, vol.167, p.118-121
Farmer, Philip José  Attitudes  1953 OCT  nv  (1918- ) 1st story Father John Carmody ser.; born in Terra Haute, IN; lives in Peoria, IL; 1st story pub. "O'Brien and Obrenov" in Adventure 1946 MAR; BA in English in 1950 from Bradley Univ.(Peoria); see interview in Paul Walker: Speaking of S. F.(1978)
   Totem and Taboo  1954 DEC  ss  W-1953 HUG, Best Promising Author, in part for controversial sf na "The Lovers"(STS 1952 AUG; exp. 1961); 1st novel The Green Odyssey(1956), "picaresque tale of an Earthman escaping from captivity on an alien planet"; iv in Platt: Dream Makers(1980; 1987)
   Father  1955 JUL  na  2nd story Father John Carmody series; has 2nd short novel A Woman a Day (STS 1953 JUN, as "Moth and Rust"; rev. 1960; vt The Day of Timestop, 1968; vt Timestop!, 1970); has novel Flesh(1960); colls. Strange Relations(1960), The Alley God(1962)
   Night of Light, The  1957 JUN  na  3rd story Father John Carmody series; this story was exp. into novel, Night of Light(1966), N-1966 NEB, is "a nightmarish story of a world where the figments of the unconscious become tangible"(Clute); has coll. The Celestial Blueprint(1962)
   Alley Man, The  1959 JUN  nv  N-1960 HUG, short fiction; has novels Fire and the Night(1962, assoc.), Cache from Outer Space(1962; rev. vt The Cache, 1981), Tongues of the Moon(AMZ 1961 SEP; exp. 1964); novel Inside Outside(1964), about a scientifically sustained afterlife(Clute)
   Open to Me, My Sister  1960 MAY  na  N-1961 HUG, short fiction; vt. "My Sister's Brother"; per Contento - story orig. to be published in SAT 1959 JUN as "The Strange Birth," but the mag. ceased publication; story repeatedly rejected by F&SF as "disgusting" before being accepted
   Few Miles, A  1960 OCT  nv  4th story Father John Carmody series, has sequel "Prometheus" in 1961 MAR, #1519; has novels Dare(1965), The Gate of Time(1966; exp. vt Two Hawks from Earth, 1979); colls. Down in the Black Gang(1971; N-1972 LOC), The Book of Philip José Farmer(1973)
   Prometheus  1961 MAR  na  5th story Father John Carmody ser., sequel to "A Few Miles" in 1960 OCT, #1468; ser. coll. in Father to the Stars(1981); has Exorcism trilogy The Image of the Beast(1968), Traitor to the Living(1973), Blown or Sketches Among the Ruins of My Mind(1975)
   Pterodactyl, The  1965 JUL  pm  has World of Tiers seq. novels The Maker of Universes(1965; rev. 1980), The Gates of Creation(1966; rev. 1981), A Private Cosmos(1968; rev. 1981), Behind the Walls of Terra(1970; rev. 1982), & The Lavalite World(1977; rev. 1983), More Than Fire(1993)

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