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Ferman, Edward L.  Science Fiction and the University  1972 MAY  in  academic interest in sf is widespread; Jack Williamson notes, in Science Fiction in College(1971), the 1st college course in sf was at Colgate Univ. in 1962; consulting editor for this was Philip Klass, aka sf writer William Tenn, a Penn. State Univ. prof
   Coming Next Month  1972 SEP  note  beginning with the 1972 OCT issue(23rd Anniversary Issue), there will be 16 additional pages to F&SF: 1st to accomodate long fiction w/o cutting down on short fiction, 2nd to please current readers & attract new ones; there will be no price increase
   On Advertising, Especially Cigarettes  1973 JAN  note  received letters of complaint against cigarette ads; F&SF's policy is to accept all ads unless it is fraudulent, misleading or in bad taste; censoring, when doe it stop?; ad income helped improve quality of mag., & to add 16 pages last OCT
   Books  1973 AUG  br  Isaac Asimov: Today and Tomorrow ...; Gahan Wilson: Playboy's Gahan Wilson; Ferman has anth. with Barry N. Malzberg, Final Stage(1974; rev. 1975; N-1975 & 1976 LOC), Arena: Sports SF(1976), & Graven Images(1977; W-1978 NEB)
   Editorial  1974 OCT  ed  things change in sf, so it's nice to have some continuity, as in F&SF, publishing sf & f for 25 years under 5 editors; Ferman was nominated for 17 Hugo Awards, 1973-80, 1984-92, for Best Editor, & won 3 Hugo Awards, 1981-83, for Best Editor
   Biographical Sketch  1974 DEC  bio  tongue-in-cheek "biography" of Kilgore Trout(born 1907, has pub. 117 novels, 2000 short stories), a fictional author created by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.; for this 2-part novel, "Venus on the Half-Shell," Trout is used as a ps. by Philip José Farmer
   Letters  1975 JAN  lttr  Brian W. Aldiss(criticizes Panshins' review of his book Billion Year Spree, in 1974 MAR); Roland Hirsch(1974 MAR br); Bruce G. Inksetter(1974 MAR br); note by editor says this column an experiment, regularity depends on volume of interesting mail received
   Editorial  1975 FEB  ed  beginning with 1975 MAR issue, newstand price to increase from .75 to .95, 1-year subscription from $8.50 to $10.00; due to rising production costs, for paper, printing, & postage
   Letters  1975 APR  lttr  Kurt Vonnegut Jr(on Kilgore Trout, novel 1974-75 DEC-JAN); Kilgore Trout(reply to Vonnegut; Trout ps. for Philip José Farmer); Donald M. Hassler; Barry N. Malzberg(Alex Panshin & Joanna Russ as book critics); Phoebe W. Ellis
   Joseph W. Ferman, 1906-1974  1975 MAY  obit  F&SF publisher 1954 AUG-1970 OCT, editor 1964 DEC-1965 DEC; died December 29, 1974, at age 68; bookkeeper at Knopf after grad. from NYC's High School of Commerce, grad. N.Y. Univ. in 1927; worked for Mercury Publications; civil rights organizer
   Letters  1975 MAY  lttr  Stanton T. Friedman(Asimov essay "The Rocketing Dutchmen" in 1975 FEB); Isaac Asimov(reply); Poul Anderson(Davidson br of his novel A Midsummer Tempest in 1974 NOV); David Dyer-Bennet; Lester Boutillier; Stephen H. Dodson
   Letters  1975 SEP  lttr  Charles W. Runyon(Russ br in 1975 APR); Roy J. Schenck(Russ br's); Jonathan Swift Somers III(ps. for Philip José Farmer); Roderick G. Bates("Sherlock Holmes Versus Mars"); Mycroft Holmes("brother" of Sherlock Holmes)
   Letters  1976 JAN  lttr  H.G. Sussman(book critics); Richard Brandshaft("book reports" versus literary criticism); Ferman reply; Manly Wade Wellman(reply to letters, Holmes' sex life);David M. Petras(Asimov's "Judo Argument"); Asimov reply; Cy Chauvin(sf readers prefer trash?)
   Letters  1976 APR  lttr  Harlan Ellison(reply to Chauvin letter, 1976 JAN, also writes about Malzberg & sf); Mark Mumner(Budrys great br); Ms. Paula Emmons(Budrys "inaccurate" on Sargent, 1975 NOV br); Melanie B. Johnston(Lumley, 1975 DEC); Patricia Crapanzano(Runyon, 1975 DEC)
   Letters  1976 AUG  lttr  reactions to Barry N. Malzberg article & Harlan Ellison's letter in 1976 APR, concerning the sf literary field, from: Greg Bear; George Warren; Arthur D. Hlavaty; John Wehrle; Richard Taylor
   Letters  1977 JAN  lttr  Damon Knight(br by the Panshins, in 1976 JUL); L. Sprague de Camp(br by the Panshins, in 1976 JUL); Eric C. Wolf(1976 MAR issue); Russell L. Bates(Searles mr/tvr in 1976 SEP); Marc Laidlaw(translation of a 'personal' in 1976 SEP Marketplace section)
   Letters  1977 JUL  lttr  Barry N. Malzberg(Clute br, 1977 FEB); Carl Glover(same); long reply by John Clute; Linda Foster(praise for John Varley's fiction); J.B. Post; Robert Hamlin(praise for br's); George Zebrowski(Budrys br of The Space Beyond, 1977 MAR); Algis Budrys reply
   Letters  1977 NOV  lttr  "a fair sampling" of responses received about the Special Harlan Ellison Issue, 1977 JUL; Darrell Schweitzer; Bryan Uhlenbrock; Ken Hahn; Brad Linaweaver; Chip Mosher
   To Our Readers  1977 DEC  note  price increase to $1.25 for a single copy, $12.50 for an annual subscription, effective with the 1978 MAR issue; notice repeated in 1978 FEB, p.79
   Letters  1978 FEB  lttr  Darrell Schweitzer(Searles' mr, 1977 NOV, on Star Wars); short reply by Baird Searles; Bill Paladini(same); Terry Carr(same); James Mead(Hilbert Schenck's "Three Days at the End of the World," 1977 SEP); Robert Howe(same); Gertrude Toll(1977 SEP issue)
   Letters  1978 AUG  lttr  Phyllis Karr(1978 MAR issue); Ms. Barbara L. Sieg(F&SF pub. sexist sf); Paul Jones(1978 JAN cover art); Charles F. Durang(1978 FEB issue); Ted Michael Hruschak(Searles review of Space: 1999); Searles reply; Mel Gilden(correction to his story in 1978 MAY)
   Letters  1978 OCT  lttr  Raymond J. Healey(announces the death of F&SF co-founder & editor J. Francis McComas on April 19, 1978); Barry N. Malzberg(retracts harsh br of Samuel R. Delany's novels, 1976 SEP); Martin S. Kottmeyer(Searles mr/tvr of CE3K, 1978 MAY); Searles reply
   Books  1979 JAN  br  Patrick Moore & David Hardy: The New Challenge of the Stars; Ferman has anth. The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction: A 30-Year Retrospective(1980; W-1981 LOC)
   Letters  1979 MAR  lttr  David L. Roach(Schenck's "The Morphology of the Kirkham Wreck," 1978 SEP); Ruth Berman; John T. Thurmond(on flora/fauna in Lanier's "The Syndicated Time," 1978 JUL); M. Ogden(Budrys' br, 1978 SEP); Walt S. Jaschek(on Budrys' br's)
   About the Cover  1979 APR  note  the cover of this issue is a remake of the 1978 JAN cover, which had inaccuracies as pointed out in a letter by a 12-year old named Paul Jones in 1978 AUG; in this issue's cover, Uranus does have rings; the green alien Bhen has also been ommitted
   In This Issue  1979 MAY  note  announcing new graphics in this issue, incl. the cover logo; also "the size of the text type has been slightly reduced" & "the spacing between lines was slightly increased ... for a cleaner-looking page of type"
   Letters  1979 JUL  lttr  James P. Hanrahan(Russ' br, 1979 FEB); Mark Pundurs(same); Debra A. Bacon(same); reply by Russ(says to see response in length entitled "In Defense of Criticism" in br 1979 NOV); Douglas Robillard(Clute br, 1979 JAN)
   In This Issue  1979 OCT  in  intro to anniversary issue; F&SF's 1st issue(1949 FLL) history(see 30th Year Retrospective anth. by Ferman, The Eureka Years by Annette McComas for more info) in 1946 JUN; contents of 1979 OCT issue decided from poll of contributors; Bester had most votes
   Important Notice to All Readers  1980 JAN  note  announcing price increase to take effect with the 1980 MAR issue; single copy $1.50, annual subscription $15.00, due to increases in costs, especially postage - per piece charge from U.S.P.S. has gone up 150% in the past 2 years
   Letters  1980 MAR  lttr  Arthur Jean Cox(Michael Shea's "The Angel of Death," 1979 AUG); James Tucker(30th Anniversary Issue); Sam Moskowitz(same; his dealings w. Boucher; his article in F&SF 1957 FEB); Joy A. Schulenburg(nit about calling Shirley Jackson an amateur witch)
   Letters  1980 APR  lttr  David Palter(Russ br in 1979 NOV); Elinor J. Lench(same); Cy Chauvin(same); James P. Hanrahan(same; 1979 FEB & NOV; Tolkien); Peggy Gibbons(1979 DEC issue); Bob Lauderdale(same); Manly Banister(Searles mr/tvr 1979 DEC - vampires)
   Letters  1980 JUL  lttr  Terry Carr(Clute br 1980 APR); Gregory Benford(same); Marshall Massey(Budrys br 1980 MAR); Michael L. Miyeh(Silverberg's Lord Valentine's Castle); M. Weeks(Schenck's "Buoyant Ascent"); Ben Indick(King's Gunslinger ser.); Jason G. Hardy(1980 FEB issue)
   Letters  1981 JAN  lttr  Ursula T. Gibson(Jollie's "Bunny-Eyes," 1980 MAY; publishing policy); reply by Ferman; C. Gregory Futch(Disch's "The Brave Little Toaster," 1980 AUG); Susan Horton(Tuttle's "Bug House," 1980 JUN); Shari Prange; M. Russell; Peter Ingerman; Elaine Hampton
   Letters  1981 MAY  lttr  Jason G. Hardy(1980 NOV issue); Dan Whitlock(same; legal mistake in Ellison's "All the Lies That Are My Life"); Sean McMullen(Norden's story, 1980 SEPT); Barry N. Malzberg(same); Laura Campbell(cover art mistake, 1981 FEB)
   Letters  1981 SEP  lttr  Eric Schwarzenbach(Reynolds, 1981 JUN); Verne R. Walrafen(Barrett, 1981 MAR); A. Tidmarsh(Disch, 1981 FEB); Paulette Dickerson & Mark Zimmerman(Priest br, 1981 MAY); Ben Smith; Marc Scott Zicree; Mark Bahnisch; note from Ferman on letters column
   Letters  1982 JAN  lttr  Charles Platt(Malzberg br on his book Dream Makers, in 1981 SEP); Joseph Nicholas(letters in 1981 SEP on Vinge & Longyear novels); C. Brian Weimer(Searles mr/tvr on "Excalibur," in 1981 SEP); Jennie A. Roller(same); Joseph E. Quittner(same)
   Letters  1982 MAY  lttr  Nicholas Yermakov(Clute br in 1982 FEB); Pascal Thomas(Searles mr/tvr in 1982 JAN); Muffy Mickens(Effinger's 'Birnbaum' story, 1982 JAN); Gregory Benford(Martin br in 1981 DEC); Francis F. Bodkin(Ellison story, 1982 JAN); Bruce Frishkoff; Cynthia Skier
   Editorial: Profile of an F&SF Reader  1982 JUN  ed  results of a questionnaire to subscribers, compiles an F&SF reader profile; in an upcoming issue, there was promised the results of questions about reader reactions to F&SF(never appeared)
   Notice to All Readers  1982 JUL  note  price increase beginning with the 1982 OCT issue, single copy price to be $1.75, 1-year subscription to be $17.50(this notice was repeated in subsequent issues); F&SF W-1971-82, 1987, & N-1983-86, 1988-2001 LOC, for Best Magazine
   Evan William Phillips  1982 SEP  obit  obituary of a good friend of Ferman's, a copy editor for F&SF since the early 1960s; born July 7, 1929 in Parkersburg, WV; died May 10, 1982 in Boston, MA; Ferman W-1979, 1982 & N-1981, 1984 WFA, Special Awards(F&SF); Ferman N-1989-92 LOC, for Best Editor
   Letters  1982 SEP  lttr  Sherry M. Gottlieb(comments on readers poll, 1982 JUN); Alan Brennert(Searles mr/tvr of Darkroom, 1982 MAY); Searles reply; David Tucker(Chesbro story, 1982 MAY); James P. Royce(response to Skier letter, 1982 MAY, about cover art)
   Letters  1983 FEB  lttr  Jim Merritt(Tucker letter, 1982 SEP); David L. Jones(same); Kathy Romer(Gottlieb letter, 1982 SEP); same - M.K. McClintick; Michael Taviss; Amy Gambino; John Zipperer; Angela Savatiel; Michael Luoma; Angie Simpson; Veronica Swanson; Dorcas Richardson
   Letters  1983 JUN  lttr  George Slusser(Budrys br in 1983 JAN); Donald F. Robertson(Kathy Romer letter in 1983 FEB); Joy Nocito Alber(1983 MAR issue); Henry Kline II; Ferman & F&SF won three Balrog Awards for Best Professional Publication, for 1981, 1983 & 1984
   Happy 25, A  1983 NOV  note  this issue's essay is Asimov's 301st in F&SF, & marks his 25th year at F&SF; in those 25 years Asimov has pub. over 200 books, & is recognized as the foremost science popularizer in the U.S.; a list of his books that coll. his essays in F&SF
   Letters  1983 DEC  lttr  John M. Whiteside(Gil FitzGerald story, 1983 APR); Elizabeth Knowles Beard(Chet Williamson story, 1983 AUG); Jeffrey V. Mallow(Searles mr/tvr, 1983 JUL, AUG); Searles reply; Kevin Andrew Cadloff; John W. Taylor; Walter F. Wegst, PhD
   Editor's Note  1984 MAR  note  "the planet called Busby in the story ("Busby", #5080, 1983 DEC, by Harvey Jacobs) was not intended to relate to any actual person. We regret any possible embarassment caused to sf writer F.M. Busby by this entirely unintentional ... use of the name"
   In This Issue/Coming Soon  1987 OCT  note  on occasion of 38th anniversary a new look inside & out, designed by Hans Teensma; fiction now in one column format, non-fiction in two column format, etc; brief mention of Alice Sheldon/James Tiptree Jr tragic death in May 1987
   Correction  1988 MAR  note  printing error in John Shirley's story "Ticket to Heaven" in 1987 DEC(#5760), p.151; gives two paragraphs of corrected text; Ferman won six Science Fiction Chronicle Awards, Best Magazine Editor, for 1982-1985, 1989, & 1991
   In This Issue  1988 MAY  note  beginning in this issue, a new column by Charles Platt, "Inside Science Fiction," about the doings in the sf world, pub. at irregular intervals; also in this issue is Alice Sheldon's last James Tiptree Jr story in F&SF, "The Color of Neanderthal Eyes"
   Coming Soon  1988 AUG  note  large postal rate & other increases will force a price increase by year end; effective in 1988 OCT issue, single issue price to go up from $1.75 to $2.00; note repeated in 1988 SEP, p.70

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