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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
FitzPatrick, R.C.  On the House  1964 NOV  ss  working name for Richard C. FitzPatrick; has Chuck Matesic series(ANA 1962 APR & 1968 JUL) & Dr. Jensen series(ANA 1965 AUG, 1966 JAN & 1968 JAN)
   Dead to Rights  1968 APR  ss 
Florance-Guthridge, George  Oregon  1979 APR  vi  (1948- ; ? - ?) collab. ps. for George Guthridge(& in F&SF by himself) & his wife; he grew up in the Portland, OR, area; see his entries under George Guthridge for other biographical & bibliographical info; also in F&SF w. George R.R. Martin, as G.F.-G.
   Quiet, The  1981 JUL  ss  N-1981 NEB; 1982 HUG, LOC, short story
   Blackmail  1982 FEB  ss  also in F&SF with co-author Dianne M. Thompson
Florance-Guthridge, George & Dianne M. Thompson  Legacy  1983 JAN  ss  (1948- ; ? - ? ; ? - ?) George Florance-Guthridge a collab. ps. for George Guthridge(& in F&SF by himself as such) & his wife(Florance?); Thompson is a new writer, lives in Montana, & has story "Triangle" with G. F.-G. in ASI 1982 AUG
Flynn, Michael F.  Timothy Leary, Batu Khan, and the Palimpsest of Universal Reality  1993 APR  nv  (1947- ) born in Easton, PA; lives in Edison, NJ; has BA in Math from La Salle College, MS in Topology from Marquette Univ.; 1st story pub. "Slan Libh" in ANA 1984 NOV; most of his stories pub. in ANA, incl. 4 as Roland Shew; see Biolog in ANA 1986 DEC
   Promise of God, The  1995 MAR  ss  N-1996 HUG, LOC, ss; has novels In the Country of the Blind(1990; W-1991 CCR, LOC, PRO); Fallen Angels(1991; W-1992 PRO), w. Pournelle & Niven; The Nanotech Chronicles(1991), Firestar(1996), Rogue Star(1998), Lodestar(2000); coll. The Forest of Time(1997)
Fontenay, Charles L.  Silk and the Song, The  1956 JUL  nv  (1917- ) newspaperman & writer from Tennessee; 1st story pub. "Disqualified" in IFS 1954 SEP; has novels Twice Upon a Time(1958), Rebels of the Red Planet(1961), The Day the Oceans Overflowed(1964); nf Epistle to the Babylonians
   Up  1957 MAR  nv  has ya mystery ser., The Kipton Chronicles, Kipton & Gruff(1995), Kipton and the Ovoid('96), Kipton in Wonderland('96), Kipton and the Monkey's Uncle('96), Kipton: Murder on Stage('96), Kipton and the Tower of Time('96), Kipton and the Christmas Gift('97)
   Summer Afternoon, A  1958 FEB  ss  also in ya Kipton Chronicles ser., Kipton and the Android(1997), Kipton and the I Ching(1997), Kipton and the Voodoo Curse(1998), Kipton and the Cave of Mars('98), Kipton & the Monorail Murders('99), Kipton on Phobos('99), Kipton at the Martian Games('99)
   Ghost Planet  1959 FEB  ss  Kipton & the Matter Transmitter('99), Kipton & the Martian Maidens('99), Kipton & the Delusions of Tanta Else('99), Kipton & the Riddle of Sandstone('99); 3-volume coll., Here, There, and Elsewhere(2001); sf novels Target: Grant, 1862('99), Modál(2001)
Ford, Jeffrey  Curiosities: Kater Murr, by E.T.A. Hoffman, 1820-1821  1999 APR  br  (1955- ) E.T.A. Hoffmann(1776-1822), German composer & author whose 1820 book was trans. as The Life and Opinions of Kater Murr(1969), "the autobiography of the tomcat Murr, written on the backs of the pages of a manuscript he has clawed to pieces"
Forester, C.S.  Payment Anticipated  1956 JUN  ss  (1899-1966) 1st pub. EQMM 1951 JUN as "The Man Whose Wishes Came True"; wn. forCecil Scott Forester, U.K. writer born in Cairo, Egypt; 12 Hornblower novels, incl. The Happy Return(1937), Beat to Quarters(1937), Captain Horatio Hornblower(1941; 1951 movie)
   Marjorie Is Still Waiting  1958 AUG  vi  has nf book The Hornblower Companion(1964), incl. maps & commentary by Forester; novel The African Queen(1935; 1951 movie; sf novel The Peacemaker(1934); autobiography Long Before Forty(1967); posthumous coll. Gold from Crete(1971)
Foster, Alan Dean  He  1976 JUN  nv  (1946- ) raised in L.A.; 1st story pub. sf "Notes Concerning a Green Box" in ArkC 1971 SUM; has 1st novel, part of Flinx ser. in Humanx Commonwealth seq., The Tar-Aiym Krang(1972), about an orphan with psi powers & his pet alien Pip
   Last Run, The  1982 JUL  ss  also in Flinx ser., Orphan Star(1977), For Love of Mother-Not(1983), Flinx in Flux(1988), Mid-Flinx('95); Humanx ?? ser., Blood hype('73), Midworld('75), The End of the Matter('77); trilogy Icerigger('74), Mission to Moulkin('79), The Deluge Drivers(1987)
   Collectible  1985 APR  ss  also in Humanx Commonwealth seq., Cachalot(1980), Nor Crystal Tears(1982; N-1983 LOC), Voyage to the City of the Dead(1984), Sentenced to Prism(1985); has colls. With Friends Like These ...(1977), ... Who Needs Enemies(1984), The Metognome(1990)
   Thunderer, The  1987 APR  ss  has novelizations Star Trek Log One(1974) thru Ten(1978); Dark Star(1974), Star Wars(1976 as George Lucas), Star Wars: Splinter of the Mind's Eye(1978), Aliens(1979), Aliens: A Novelization(1986), Alien 3(1992), The Black Hole(1979)
   Norg Gleeble Gop  1987 AUG  ss  has novelizations Outland(1981), Clash of the Titans(1981), The Thing(1982), Krull(1983), The Last Starfighter(1984), Shadowkeep(1984), Starman(1984), Pale Rider(1987), Alien Nation(1988), The Dig(1996); novels The I Inside(1984), Slipt(1984)
   Jackalope  1989 APR  ss  1st story in F&SF in Mad Amos Malone series; other stories in series in Fantasy Book 1982 AUG, 1983 FEB, & 1984 JUN, & in RoF 1995 JUN; see iv's in AMZ 1980 FEB, Shadows 1981 FEB, Rigel 1982 SPR, & INZ 1994 FEB("A Movie Novelizer Speaks")
   Chrome Comanche, The  1990 MAY  ss  2nd story in F&SF in Mad Amos Malone series; has Spellsinger series, Spellsinger at the Gate(1983), The Day of Dissonance(1984), The Moment of the Magician(1984), The Path of the Perambulator(1985), & The Time of the Transference(1986)
   Agrarian Deform  1991 MAR  nv  3rd story in F&SF in Mad Amos Malone series; also in Spellsinger series, Son of Spellsinger(1993), & Chorus Skating(1994); has The Damned series, A Call to Arms(1991), The False Mirror(1992), & The Spoils of War(1993); Dinotopia Lost(1996)
   Having Words: A Mad Amos Malone Story  1992 APR  ss  4th/last story in Mad Amos Malone ser.; ser. coll. in Mad Amos(1996); also in F&SF as James Lawson, in his Montezuma Strip ser.; has novels Carnivores of Light and Darkness(1998), Parallelities(1998), Into the Thinking Kingdoms(1999), Phylogenesis(1999)
Foster, Alan Dean & Sally McBride  Dance on a Forgotten Shore  1988 APR  nv  (1946- ; ? - ?) McBride's novelette, "The Fragrance of Orchids" in ASI 1994 MAY, W-1995 AUR, for best short fiction
Foster, Charles  Troubled Makers, The  1962 JUN  ss  1st pub. in 1957
Fowler, Karen Joy  Poplar Street Study, The  1985 JUN  ss  (1950- ) N-1986 LOC; has BA in political science from UC Berkeley, MA from UC Davis; teaches ballet; 1st story pub. sf "Recalling Cinderella" in Budrys(ed): Writers of the Future, Vol.II(1985); W-1987 JWCA, Best New Writer; see iv, TotU #15 1995 FLL/WIN
   Wild Boys  1986 MAR  ss  has colls. Artificial Things(1986; N-1986 DIC; 1987 LOC), Author's Choice Monthly #6: Peripheral Vision(1990 chap), Black Glass(1998; W-1999 WFA); joint coll. with Pat Murphy & Pat Cadigan, Letters from Home(1991), each with 6 stories in the book
   Face Value  1986 NOV  ss  N-1987 LOC; has 1st novel Sarah Canary(1991; N-1991 TIP; 1992 LOC, NEB), a first contact novel in which a strange female, perhaps an alien, arrives in the state of Washington in 1873 & is dubbed Sarah Canary because of the birdlike sounds she makes(Clute)
   Dark, The  1991 JUN  ss  N-1992 LOC, short story; has 2nd novel The Sweetheart Season(1996), the story of an all-female baseball team formed in 1947 in Magrit, MN; see interviews in INZ #23 1988, Fear! 1991 MAR, & LOC 1993 SEP(#392), 1999 JUL(#462)
Franke, Herbert W.  Man Who Feared Robots, The  1963 SEP  vi  (1927- ) 1st pub. in his coll. The Green Comet(1960); trans. from the German by Charlotte Franke-Winheller & Paul Ritchie; H.W.F. is an Austrian scientist & writer; taught cybernetic aesthetics at Univ. of Munich; has coll. Einstein's Heirs(1972)
   Building, The  1998 JUN  vi  trans. from the German by Vernon Chamberlin, adapted by James Gunn; 1st pub. in Der Gruene Komet(1960); has novels trans. in English, The Orchid Cage(1973), Zone Null(1974); see his entry in CA, vol.156; see Gunn(ed): The Road to Science Fiction #6('98)
Frazee, Eric  Noselrubb, the Tree  1962 MAY  ss 
Frazer, Shamus  Cyclops Juju, The  1967 SEP  nv  (1912-1966) 1st pub. in Charles Birkin(ed): The Tandem Book of Horror Stories(1965, London); ps. for James Ian Arbuthnot Frazer, U.K. writer; has sf novel A Shroud As Well As a Shirt(1935), & comic satirical fantasy novel Blow, Blow Your Trumpets(1945)
Frazier, Robert  "We cannot escape humility." Harlow Shapley  1983 NOV  pm  (1951- ) Robert Alexander Frazier; most active as a poet, has poetry colls. Peregrine(1978), Perception Barriers(1987), & Co-Orbital Moons(1988); 1st story pub. sf "Across Those Endless Skies" in Jack & Jeanne Dann(ed): In the Field of Fire(1987)
   Cometary Rag, A  1986 MAR  pm  has Haiku poem series, 16 poems mainly in AMZ & ASI, between 1979-1986; has Encased in the Amber series of poems, four in anthologies & one in ASI 1987 MAR; also writes poetry as Robert A. Frazier
   Epicenter  1986 NOV  pm  has anth. of poetry, The Rhysling Anthology(1983), & Burning with a Vision: Poetry of Science and the Fantastic(1984)
   Salinity  1988 FEB  pm  W-1989 RHY, short poem; he has won this award before, a 1980 short poem for "Encased in the Amber of Fate," in Saberhagen(ed): A Spadeful of Spacetime(1981), & co-winner 1989 long poem for "In the Darkened Hours" in Boston: The Nightmare Collector(1988)
   Common Ground  1990 JAN  pm  lives on Nantucket Island, MA; has coll. with Lucius Shepard, Nantucket Slayrides: Three Short Novels(1989), which has two novellas by Shepard, one by Frazier, all set on Nantucket Island
   Blood Simple  1990 SEP  pm  has colls. of mostly sf poems, Perception Barriers(1987), Co-Orbital Moons/Prayer Wheels of Bluewater(1988; with Loss Pequenõ Glazier), Chronicles of the Mutant Rain Forest(1992; with Bruce Sterling), Invisible Machines(1994; with Andrew Joron)
   Mummers  1991 APR  ss  says this story emerges from one of the points of convergence in the American Consciousness - everyone seems to remember exactly what they were doing when they heard the news from Dallas in November 1963
   Night Vision  1993 JUL  ss  this story first written as a 20-page poem, & is a companion to the story "Homing Instinct" in AMZ 1988 NOV; the stories came about after he read "true yet bizarre accounts of the Deep South, like the Marksville rain of fishes"
Frede, Richard  Theory and Practice of Economic Development: Metallurgist and His Wife, The  1976 AUG  ss  (1934- ) novelist, has novels Entry E(1958), The Secret Circus(1967); mystery novels Coming Out Party(1969), The Pilots(1977)
   Mr. Murdoch's Ghost  1977 MAY  ss  has medical novels Interns(1961), The Nurses(1985)
   Letter to the Editor  1977 NOV  ss  has book, The Boy, the Devil and Divorce(1992)
Freff  Fud Smee  1980 FEB  nv  (1954- ) Freff is his legal name; freelance sf illustrator, has written comics, nf articles, & sf/f stories
Frei, Urs  Mrs. Molton's Mr. Molton  1993 MAR  nv  his 1st professional sale; lives now in Canada; attended Clarion, the Univ. of Toronto, & Syracuse Univ.; has MA in English
   Godsend, The  1994 DEC  ss  this story has the feel of British colonial writers, but the theme is contemporary
Freireich, Valerie J.  Testament  1993 DEC  nv  (1952- ) 1st/only story in F&SF in Harmony of Worlds ser.; story, in altered form, forms part of the 1st three chapters of novel Testament(1995); her 1st novel, in this ser., Becoming Human(1995; N-1995 LOC; 1996 CCR); The Beacon(1996), Imposter(1997)
Friborg, Albert Compton  Careless Love  1954 JUL  ss  (1930- ) his 1st pub. story; ps. for Irving Flint 'Bud' Foote; professor at Georgia Tech.; Foote has article "Verne's Paris in the Twentieth Century: The First Science Fiction Dystopia?" in the NYRSF 1995 DEC(#88); has also contributed to SF Studies

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