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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Friedberg, Gertrude  Short and Happy Death of George Frumkin, The  1963 APR  ss  (1908-1989) her 1st pub. sf story; has had a play on Broadway, Three-Cornered Moon(1933; 1933 movie, with Claudette Colbert), & in the movies; has had stories in ATL, HRP, ESQ, & in New World Writing; has sf novel The Revolving Boy(1966)
   For Whom the Girl Waits  1972 MAY  ss  has sf novel The Revolving Boy(1966), tells the story of a child sensitive from his unique birth in free fall to signals, possibly intelligent in origin, from beyond the Solar System(Clute)
Friedman, Bruce J.  Yes We Have No Ritchard  1960 NOV  ss  (1930- ) edits two monthly men's adventure magazines, has had stories pub. in NYM, PBY, ESQ, PST, Antioch Review, etc; also in F&SF as Bruce Jay Friedman
Friedman, Bruce Jay  Investor, The  1967 MAR  ss  1st pub. in PBY 1962 FEB & in his coll. Black Angels(1962); also in F&SF as Bruce J. Friedman; has novels Stern(1962), & A Mother's Kisses(1964)
Friesner, Esther M.  Poe White Trash  1989 DEC  ss  (1951- ) working name for Esther Mona Friesner-Stutzman; born & raised in Brooklyn; lives in Madison, CT; has 1972 BA from Vassar College, 1975 MA & 1977 PhD from Yale Univ. in Spanish; 1st story pub. sf/f "The Stuff of Heroes" in ASI 1982 SEP
   Curse of Psamlahkithotep, The  1990 MAY  ss  this story W-1991 HUG, for Committee's Announcers Are Glad It Didn't Make It Award; was an instructor in Spanish at Yale Univ., 1977-1979 & 1983; got into writing fantasy novels while at Yale, after watching sf/f author Shariann Lewitt world-building
   Whammy  1990 JUL  nv  has 1st novel, fantasy series Chronicles of the Twelve Kingdoms, Mustapha and His Wise Dog(1985), Spells of Mortal Weaving(1986), The Witchwood Cradle(1987), The Water King's Laughter(1989), each featuring a quest plot involving magic(Clute)
   Shoemaker and the Elves, The  1991 MAR  nv  these elves are "definitely not Santa's helpers ... this story can be blamed on a childhood spent reading English fairy tales, & you know how grim those can get"; has fantasy novel Harlot's Rue(1986), about a woman with unique charms on a romantic quest
   Claim-Jumpin' Woman, You Got a Stake in My Heart  1991 JUL  nv  has New York series of humorous contemporary fantasies, New York by Knight(1986; N-1987 LOC), Elf Defense(1988), Sphynxes Wild(1989), in which creatures of faerie intersect with our modern world(Clute); see entry in CA, Vol.83, p.122-125
   Such a Deal  1992 JAN  ss  this story to be pub. in Gregory Benford & Martin H. Greenberg(ed): What Might Have Been? Volume IV: Alternate Americas(1992); has fantasy novel, The Silver Mountain(1986), about a prince's quest(B&C)
   Sugar Daddy  1993 JAN  nv  has alternate history fantasy novel Druid's Blood(1988; N-1989 LOC), set in pagan Victorian England & feauturing very offbeat versions of Holmes & Watson(B&C); has humorous fantasy story Ecce Hominid(1991), pub. as Pulphouse Short Story Paperback #6
   One Quiet Day in the Suburbs  1993 MAY  ss  about the story, "I got the idea during the family Passover seder. When you watch the movie "The Ten Commandments," you only see how the highest of the high reacted to events preceding the Exodus. But what about the ordinary people?"
   Two Lovers, Two Gods, and a Fable  1994 MAR  ss  has Demons humorous fantasy series, Here Be Demons(1988), Demon Blues(1989), Hooray for Hellywood(1990), with a recursive 2nd volume, & the 3rd with demonic Hollywood celebs & tv evangelists involved in the filming of a biblical epic(B&C)
   Jesus at the Bat  1994 JUL  nv  N-1995 NEB, novelette; baseball story; has Gnome humorous fantasy series, Gnome Man's Land(1991), Harpy High(1991), Unicorn U.(1992), in which magical & mythological creatutres invade Brooklyn, causing all kinds of trouble for teenager Tim Desmond
   Beltaine and Suspenders, A  1994 OCT/NOV  nv  story of three British preservationists(anthropologists) who undertake a short journey to view reported strange rituals & disappearances; has humorous fantasy Yesterday We Saw Mermaids(1992), about Columbus' voyage to a very different New World
   Birthday, A  1995 AUG  ss  W-1996 NEB; N-1996 HUG, LOC, ss; has coll. Author's Choice Monthly Issue 23: It's Been Fun(1991); humorous fantasy novel with Lawrence Watt-Evans, Split Heirs(1993), about royal triplets who bring bedlam to the kingdom(B&C); ya novel Wishing Season(1993)
   King of the Cyber Trifles  1997 APR  nv  2nd story of 3 in this issue inspired by the cover art of Barclay Shaw, this story being sf; story title is "a pun on King of the Khyber Rifles"; has anth. with Martin H. Greenberg, Alien Pregnant by Elvis(1994), Blood Muse(1995)
   Miss Thing  1997 MAY  nv  has Majyk humorous fantasy series, Majyk by Accident(1993), Majyk by Hook or Crook(1994), Majyk by Design(1994), about an inept wizard & his cat in dealings with majyk, a "substance necessary to work in magic(Clute); see iv in MZBFM 1996 FLL
   True Believer  1997 SEP  nv  has far future sf novel, The Psalms of Herod(1995), that goes way beyond Margaret Atwood's The Handmaiden's Tale(1985), in which an eco-disaster leads to a civilization that turns the slaughter of children into a sacrament; sequel The Sword of Mary(1996)
   But What I Really Want to Do Is Direct (My Ideal Role Assignments for SF Classics)  1998 JUL  misc  Frank Herbert: Dune; H. Rider Haggard: She; Tanith Lee: The Silver Metal Lover; Ellison: A Boy and His Dog; McCaffrey: Dragon Singer; Pratchett: Wyrd Sisters; Miller Jr: A Canticle for Liebowitz; Asimov: The Caves of Steel; Keyes: Flowers for Algernon
   Chestnut Street  1998 AUG  ss  has sf novelizations Star Trek Deep Space Nine 7: Warchild(1994), & Star Trek, The Next Generation #46: To Storm Heaven(1997); sf/f novel The Sherwood Game(1995), in which an android Robin Hood escapes into the real world; has website at
   How to Make Unicorn Pie  1999 JAN  nv  N-1999 HOM, NEB; 2000 LOC, nv; HUG, ss; "story dedicated to the memory of Clifton Webb"; has alternate history novel Child of the Eagle(1995; N-1996 SDW), in which Brutus fails to kill Caesar(B&C); coll. Up the Wall & Other Tales of King Arthur ...(2000)
   Sea-Section  1999 JUL  ss  has anth. series of women-warrior stories, Chicks in Chainmail(1995; N-1996 LOC), Did You Say Chicks?: Smile When You Say That(1998), Chicks 'n Chained Males(1999), The Chick Is in the Mail(2000), the middle two with Martin H. Greenberg
Fritch, Charles E.  Big, Wide, Wonderful World  1958 MAR  vi  (1927- ) writer & editor based in California, 1st story pub. sf "The Wallpaper" in OWS 1951 MAR; edited the mag. Gamma from 1963-65; many of his stories are spoofs; has colls. Crazy Mixed-Up Planet(1969), & Horses' Asteroid(1970)
   Misfortune Cookie, The  1970 NOV  vi  has colls. Crazy Mixed-Up Planet(1969), & Horses' Asteroid(1970)
   If at First You Don't Succeed, to Hell With It!  1972 AUG  spf  "some time ago, Mr. Fritch sent us a deal with the devil story which we returned with a polite note saying we didn't want to use another deal with the devil story ... ever. (He) responded with this piece, & having cleverly backed us into a corner ..."
   Clang! Clang! Clang! Went the Trolleybird  1977 APR  ss  author says the title of this story was inspired by a combination of Harlan Ellison & Judy Garland thoughts
   One-Eyed Moth B Longs to Sum Buddy Else, The  1980 JAN  ss  Fritch is well-known for his humorous fiction
Frost, Greg  Day in the Life of Justin Argento Morrel, A  1983 JUL  nv  (1951- ) N-1984 LOC, nv; wn. for Gregory Dee Frost; lives in NC, a graduate of Clarion; 1st story pub. "In the Sunken Museum" in TWZ 1981 MAY; 1st novel Lyrec(1984), about Lyrec & Borregard, a man & a cat from another universe; see
Frost, Gregory  Rubbish  1984 FEB  ss  also in F&SF as Greg Frost; has Celtic fantasy Tain seq., Tain(1986), & Remscela(1988), about Ireland's legendary Cu Chulainn, King Ailell of Connacht, & the fairy folk or Sidhe; sf novel Pure Cold Light(1993)
Funnell, Augustine  Trick  1986 AUG  nv  (1952- ) from Canada, has participated in F&SF's Competition contest; has two space opera novels, Brandyjack(1976), & its sequel, Rebels of Merka(1976)
   Maxie Silas  1987 JUN  ss 
Furnas, J.C.  Boyhood Pal  1958 JAN  ss  (1905-2001) 1st pub. in COL, 16 FEB 1952; wn. for Joseph Chamberlain Furnas; has nf Sudden Death(on auto safety); Goodbye to Uncle Tom(1956), The Road to Harper's Ferry(1959), 3 vol. The Americans(1969); bio Fanny Kemble(1982) ;My Life in Writing(1989)
Fyfe, H.B.  Well-Oiled Machine, The  1950 DEC  ss  (1918-1997) working name for Horace Bowne Fyfe; born in Jersey City, NJ; educated at Stevens Academy & Columbia Univ.; 1st story pub. sf "Locked Out" in ASF 1940 FEB; served in the infantry in France & Germany in WWII, winning a Bronze Star
   Ransom  1952 FEB  ss  has Bureau of Slick Tricks series in ASF(1948-52), & fixup novel D-99(1962) which is also in this series, which features wily humans outwitting dim-witted, often bureaucratic, aliens(LOC 1997 DEC, p.79); see his obit in LOC 1997 DEC

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