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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Garrett, Randall & Avram Davidson  Something Rich and Strange  1961 JUN  nv  (1927-1987; 1923-1993)
Garrett, Randall & Lin Carter  Masters of the Metropolis  1957 APR  ss  (1927-1987; 1930-1988) 1st pub. in Inside 1956 JAN; 1st pub. story for Lin Carter, the working name for Linwood Vrooman Carter; Carter has pastiched the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs & Robert E. Howard, and became well-known for his sword & sorcery tales
Gastaldi, Ernesto  End of Eternity, The  1965 MAR  ss  (1934- ) trans. from the Italian, & with a introduction to Italian sf, by Harry Harrison
Gault, William Campbell  Joy Ride  1953 JAN  ss  (1910-1999) 2nd story in F&SF, 1st under ps. Larry Sternig, story #104 F&SF 1951 JUN; mys. writer; born in Milwaukee, WI; has 1st detective novel Don't Cry for Me(1952; W-1952 EDG); The Cana Diversion(1982; W-Shamus); W-Shamus Lifetime Achievement Award
Gerrold, David  Martian Child, The  1994 SEP  nv  (1944- ) W-1994 HOM, NEB; 1995 HUG, LOC; exp. into 2002 novel; ps. for Jerrold David Friedman; 1st sales Star Trek TV scripts incl. 1967 ep. "The Trouble with Tribbles"; has 2 nf books, The Trouble with Tribbles(1973), The World of Star Trek(1973; 1984)
   Emperor Redux, The  1996 DEC  vi  has 1st novel The Flying Sorcerers(1971) w. Larry Niven; When Harlie Was One(1972; N-1972 NEB; 1973 HUG, LOC; rev. 1988), The Man Who Folded Himself(1973; N-1973 NEB; 1974 HUG, LOC); see iv's in AMZ 1985 SEP, LOC 1993 JUL, & CANR, vol.78, p.211-214
Geston, Mark S.  Allies, The  1998 MAY  nv  (1946- ) N-1999 LOC, nv; an attorney in Boise, ID; has 1st sf novel Lords of the Starship(1967); novels Out of the Mouth of the Dragon(1969), The Day Star(1972), The Siege of Wonder(1976), Mirror to the Sky(1992); see his entry in CANR, vol.58
Gilbert, Christopher  Love at the 99th Percentile  1987 NOV  ss  (1949- ) born in Birmingham, Ala; psychologist, lives in Worcester, MA; "I'm research minded, but sf provides the outlet for my hypotheses I'll never get around to testing ..."; has anth. of African-American poetry, Across the Mutual Landscape(1984)
Gilbert, Doris  Chocolate Coach, The  1953 JAN  ss  writer for TV
   Arrangement in Green  1954 FEB  ss 
Gilbert, Dorothy  Lost  1968 DEC  pm  has a short story, "A Solfy Drink, a Saffel Fragrance" in Robert Silverberg(ed): New Dimensions 5(1975)
   Winter Flowering, A  1981 JUN  nv  college English teacher, lives in northern California; does volunteer work at KPFA radio, where Boucher had a show; has pub. poetry in F&SF, NYM, The Nation, etal
Gilchrist, Ellen  Green Tent, The  1985 NOV  ss  (1935- ) born in Vicksburg, MS; former poet laureate of MS; lives in Fayetteville, AR; her coll. Victory Over Japan(1984), won the 1985 American Book Award; colls. In the Land of Dreamy Dreams(1985), Drunk With Love(1986), Two Stories(1988)
   Black Winter  1995 JUN  ss  has novels The Annunciation(1983), The Anna Papers(1988), Sarah Conley(1997); books Anabasis(1994), Rhoda: A Life in Stories(1995); colls. The Blue-Eyed Buddhist(1990), Age of Miracles(1995), The Courts of Love(1996), Flights of Angels(1998)
Gilden, Mel  Lamed Wufnik, A  1975 DEC  ss  (1947- ) born in Chicago, grew up in L.A.; 1st story pub. sf "What About Us Grils?" in Robert Scott Wilson(ed): Clarion(1971); has 1st novel, young adult sf The Return of Captain Conquer(1986), & Z Is for Zombie(1988), Outer Space and All That Junk(1989)
   Ice Cream Golem, The  1976 JUL  nv  has humorous ya sf Fifth Grade Monsters ser., M Is for Monster(1987), Born to Howl(1987), The Pet of Frankenstein(1988), Monster Mashers(1989), Things that Go Bark in the Park(1989), Yuckers!(1989), The Monster in Creeps Head Bay(1990)
   Green Dog, The  1978 MAY  ss  see 1978 MAY, p.160, in letters column, correction to line on p.99, should read "Probably some goy ...," not "gay"; also in 5th Grade Monster ser., How to Be a Vampire in One Easy Lesson(1990), Islands of the Weird(1990), Werewolf, Come Home(1990), 3 more
   Special Effects  1979 NOV  vi  has ya sf Zoot Marlowe ser., Surfing Samurai Robots(1988), Hawaiian U.F.O. Aliens(1991), Tubular Android Superheroes(1991); wrote at least 5 Beverly Hills 90210 ser. novellas, & 3 Star Trek novelizations, last Deep Space Nine #4: The Pet(1994)
Gilien, Sasha  Two's a Crowd  1962 JUL  ss  (1925-1971) born in Brooklyn, ex-Marine, attended U.C.L.A.; American satirist & journalist; co-founder & publisher & ex-Executive Editor of L.A. Magazine(since taken over by Harper's)
   Ad Infinitum  1962 DEC  ss  deals with dreams; has book The Begatting of a President(1969, with Myron Roberts & Lincoln Hayes)
   El Numero Uno  1965 NOV  ss  has books Writing Under Thirty(1971, with Myron Roberts & Michael Malone), & The Political Cookbook(1972, with Myron Roberts); obituary in Washington Post, 4 DEC 1971
Gillgannon, Michael  Mr. Krisky's Cross  1971 JAN  ss  (1947?- ) age 23, graduate of Kansas Univ. in journalism
   Un-Inventor Wanted  1971 JUL  ss 
Gilliland, Alexis  Cartoon  1984 DEC  ct  (1931- ) Alexis Arnaldus Gilliland; has W-1980, 1983-1985 HUG; & N-1978, 1979, 1981, 1982 HUG, for Best Fan Artist
   Cartoon  1985 FEB  ct  has cartoon colls. Iron Law of Bureaucracy(1979), Who Says Paranoia Isn't "In" Any More?(1984), & The Waltzing Wizard(1989)
   Cartoon  1985 NOV  ct  has novella "The Man Who Funded the Moon" in ANA 1989 OCT
   Cartoon: SF Critics Symposium Today  1986 SEP  ct  has Wizenbeak series novels, Wizenbeak(1986), The Shadow Shaia(1990), & The Lord of Troll-Bats(1992), humorous fantasy novels about a water-dowsing wizard beleaguered by court politics
   Cartoon  1986 DEC  ct 
Gilman, Carolyn Ives  Angels Alone  1990 APR  nv  grew up in St. Paul, MN; curator("museum exhibition developer") at Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis, MO; 1st fiction sale "The Trial of Victor Genovese" in TotU #1 1986, the mag. of the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, of which she is a member
   Wordworld  1991 JUN  ss  has nf books on frontier & American Indian history, incl. The Northern Expeditions of Stephen H. Long(1978), w. Lucile M. Kane & June D. Holmquist; The Red River Trails(1978), w. Rhoda R. Gilman & Deborah M. Stultz
   Honeycrafters, The  1991 OCT/NOV  nv  N-1992 NEB, nv; "portrays a race against time, examines the way the old faces the new - a fitting theme for the first story in an anniversary issue"; has nf book on frontier & American Indian history, Where Two Worlds Meet: The Great Lakes Fur Trade(1982)
   Lost Road  1992 FEB  ss  "based on a true incident I learned about ... traveling through western Minnesota & South Dakota"; has nf book on frontier & American Indian history, The Way to Independence(1987), winner Outstanding Academic Book of the Year Award, Choice Magazine
   Wild Ships of Fairny, The  1994 MAR  nv  see her interview at; has nf book on frontier & American Indian history, The Grand Portage Story(1992), winner Northeastern Minnesota Book Award; has 1st sf novel, Halfway Human(1998), set on a planet whose 'human' life has 3 genders
   Candle in a Bottle  1996 OCT/NOV  na  N-1997 NEB, na; Gilman is collecting artifacts for a Meriwether Lewis(1774-1809) & William Clark(1770-1838) exhibit of their 1804-1806 expedition of the Louisiana Purchase; exhibit to tour U.S. from early 2004-2006; see website
Girard, James P.  Something's Coming  1975 MAY  nv  (1944- ) James Preston Girard; grew up in Wichita, grad. of Univ. of Kansas, MA from John Hopkins Univ.; worked as a general assignment reporter & city editor for the Topeka Capital- Journal; has 1st book Changing All Those Changes(1976)
   In Trophonius's Cave  1979 MAY  ss  N-1980 LOC, short story; has suspense novel The Late Man(1993)
Gironel, Bertrand  Extrusion of Lions, An  1976 MAR  pm  (1911-1992) ps. for & another anagram of Reginald Bretnor; has another poem under this ps., "SF Limerick," in AMZ 1989 JAN
Glaser, Alice  Tunnel Ahead, The  1961 NOV  ss  (1929- ) her 1st pub. fiction; born on Long Island, graduate of Radcliffe College, editorial associate at ESQ
Glaskin, G.M.  Inheritors, The  1972 NOV  nv  (1923- ) working name for Gerald Marcus Glaskin, an Australian living now in Holland; has sf novel A Change of Mind(1959), about hypnotic mind-transference betw. two men(Clute); nf book Windows of the Mind(1974), about psychic time travel
Gloss, Molly  Joining  1984 JUN  ss  (1944- ) has juvenile novel Outside the Gates(1986); 1st adult novel, The Jump-Off Creek(1989), a portrait of a pioneer woman & her ability to endure as she struggles to homestead alone in the Blue Mountains of Oregon in the 1890s
   Seaborne  1984 DEC  nv  has novel The Dazzle of Day(1997; N-1997 TIP; 1998 LOC), a utopian sf novel about humans raised aboard a space ship who settle a new world(B&C)
Godwin, Parke  Fire When It Comes, The  1981 MAY  nv  (1929- ) W-1982 WFA, novella; N-1981 NEB; 1982 HUG, LOC, novelette; "contemporary ghost story ... & convincing picture of a young actress"; 1st story pub. "Unsigned Original" in Marvin Kaye(ed): Brother Theodore's Chamber of Horror(1975)
   Small Change  1994 OCT/NOV  ss  has 1st novel, M. of S. ser., Masters of Solitude(1978), Wintermind(1982), w. Marvin Kaye; Snake Oil ser., The Snake Oil Wars(1989), Waiting for the Galactic Bus(1988); The Tower of Beowulf(1995), Lord of Sunset(1998); coll. The Fire When It Comes(1984)
Godwin, Tom  Operation Opera  1956 APR  ss  (1915-1980) 1st story pub. sf "The Gulf Between" in ASF 1953 OCT; has famous story "The Cold Equations" in ASF 1954 AUG(see article on story in NYRSF 2002 MAR); see articles by Diane Godwin Sullivan: "Tom Godwin: A Personal Memory" in Quantum #37
   Before Willows Ever Walked  1980 MAR  ss  has novels The Survivors(1958; vt Space Prison, 1960), sequel The Space Barbarian(1964), about abandoned human survivors of an alien prison who wait 200 years for revenge; Beyond Another Sun(1971), anthropological novel where aliens observe man(Clute)
Goggin, Richard  Frances Harkins  1952 DEC  ss  1st sf story, normally a pulp-detective story writer
Gold, H.L.  What Price Wings?  1962 AUG  ss  (1914-1996) wn. for Horace Leonard Gold; Canadian-born writer, editor; 1st story pub. sf "Inflexure" in ASF 1934 OCT(as Clyde Crane Campbell); became regular writer for UNK; founded GAL, edited it from 1950 OCT thru 1961 OCT(retired after car accident)
   Man of Parts  1966 MAY  ss  1st pub. in Healey(ed): 9 Tales of Space and Time(1954); edited Beyond Fantasy Fiction(1953 JUL-1955 JAN), Galaxy S. F. Novels, IFS(1959 JUL-1961 SEP); coll. The Old Die Rich(1955); see Malzberg br in F&SF 1980 NOV, on Gold & Galaxy; obit in LOC 1996 APR
Gold, Herbert  Day They Got Boston, The  1961 SEP  ss  (1924- ) 1st pub. in Metronome 1961 JAN; author of Therefore Be Bold(1960), Love and Like(1960), & edited Fiction of the Fifties(1959), & Stories of Modern America (1961)
   Mirror and Mr. Sneeves, The  1961 DEC  ss  1st pub. in 1953; has pub. short stories in COL, PST, the Evergreen Review, & 9 stories in PBY betw. 1962-1970

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