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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Goulart, Ron  Sword Swallower, The  1967 NOV  nv  3rd story in Chameleon Corps ser.; expanded into his 1st sf novel The Sword Swallower, in 1968(rvw. in F&SF 1969 AUG); other novels in Ben Jolsen ser., Flux(1974), Daredevils, Ltd.(1987), Starpirate's Brain(1987), & Everybody Comes to Cosmo's(1988)
   Muscadine  1968 APR  ss  has Jack Summer series, also set in the Barnum System, Death Cell(1971), Plunder(1972), A Whiff of Madness(1976), & Galaxy Jane(1986)
   Ghost Patrol, The  1968 OCT  ss  8th story in F&SF in Max Kearny series
   Gadget Man  1968 DEC  nv  exp. into novel Gadget Man(1971), is part of his Fragmented America series, which also incl. novels After Things Fell Apart(1970; N-1971 LOC), Hawkshaw(1972), Crackpot(1977), & Brinkman(1981)
   Copstate  1969 MAY  ss  4th story in Chameleon Corps series
   Penny Dreadful  1969 NOV  ss  2nd story in F&SF in Jose Silvera ser.; characters in all his ser. reside in the Barnum System; B.S. novels incl. The Fire-Eater(1970), Clockwork Pirates(1971), Shaggy Planet(1972), Spacehawk, Inc.(1974), The Wicked Cyborg(1978), & Dr. Scofflaw(1979)
   Hobo Jungle  1970 JUN  nv  5th story in Chameleon Corps series
   Confessions  1970 AUG  nv  3rd story in F&SF in Jose Silvera series
   Sunflower  1970 DEC  nv  6th story in Chameleon Corps series; has colls. Broke Down Engine and Other Troubles with Machines(1971), Ghost Breaker(1971), What's Become of Screwloose? and Other Inquiries(1971)
   Way Things Work, The  1971 MAR  ss  4th story in F&SF in Jose Silvera series
   Books  1971 MAY  br  Tony Goldstone(ed): The Pulps
   Passage to Murdstone  1971 OCT  ss  5th story in F&SF in Jose Silvera series; has written 12 of at least 35 novels in the Avenger series, as by Kenneth Robeson, incl. The Blood Ring(1972) to The Iron Skull(1975)
   Masterpiece  1972 MAY  ss  7th story in Chameleon Corps series; series coll. in The Chameleon Corps and Other Shape-Changers(1972); has novels Wildsmith(1972), The Tin Angel(1973), The Hellhound Project(1975)
   Gigolo  1972 AUG  ss  has nf books, The Assault on Childhood(1972), Cheap Thrills: An Informal History of Pulp Magazines(1972), An American Family(1973)
   Books  1972 OCT  br  E. Nelson Bridwell(ed): Superman: From the 30s to the 70s; E.C. Segar: Popeye; Les Daniels: Comix; Martin Sheridan: Comics and Their Creators; Goulart was a book reviewer for VSF 1969 MAY-1970 AUG
   Canned Heat  1972 DEC  ss  8th story in Chameleon Corps series; has Jack Conger or Wild Talents series, A Talent for the Invisible(1973), The Panchronicon Plot(1977), Hello, Lemuria, Hello(1979); 2 Kung Fu novels, as by Howard Lee, Chains(1973), & Superstition(1973)
   Varieties of Religious Experience  1973 JUN  ss  6th story in F&SF in Jose Silvera series; has Phantom series, as by Frank S. Shawn, The Veiled Lady(1973), The Golden Circle(1973), The Mystery of the Sea Horse(1973), The Hydra Monster(1973), The Goggle-Eyed Pirates(1974), The Swamp Rats(1974)
   Down and Out  1973 AUG  ss  has novels in the Flash Gordon series, as by Con Steffanson, The Lion Men of Mongo(1974), The Plague of Sound(1974), The Space Circus(1974)
   That Buck Rogers Stuff  1975 JUN  ar  part of a book to be pub., The Adventurous Decade: Comic Strips of the Thirties(1976); Buck Rogers ran in the funny papers from 7 JAN 1929 until 1967, with artwork & scripts by a number of artists & writers; writes a column for Comic Buyer's Guide
   Falling Apart  1975 AUG  ss  has novels When the Waker Sleeps(1975), The Enormous Hourglass(1976)
   At the Starvation Ball  1976 APR  ss  9th story in Chameleon Corps series; has colls. Nutzenbolts and More Troubles with Machines(1975), & Odd Job #101 and Other Future Crimes and Intrigues(1975)
   Lunatic at Large  1977 FEB  ss  7th story in F&SF in Jose Silvera series; has novels as by Joseph Silva, The Island of Doctor Moreau(1977 novelization), Stalker from the Stars(1977, w. Lein Wein & Mary Wolfman), Holocaust for Hire(1979), the latter a Captain America novel
   Assassins  1977 DEC  ss  8th story in F&SF in Jose Silvera series; w. artist Gil Kane has created a new sf comic strip called Star Hawks, which takes place in the same Barnum system in which Goulart characters operate, strip to appear in U.S. & Canadian newspapers in 1977 OCT
   Lectric Jack  1978 FEB  ss  1st story in F&SF in Oldies, Ltd series, about a time-tripping nostalgia tour company; another story in series in Omni 1978 OCT; has novels Challengers of the Unknown(1977), The Emperor of the Last Days(1977), Nemo(1977), Calling Dr. Patchwork(1978)
   Pulling the Plug  1978 OCT  ss  has novels as by Josephine Kains, The Devil Mask Mystery(1978), The Curse of the Golden Skull(1978), The Green Lama Mystery(1979), The Whispering Cat Mystery(1979), The Witch's Tower Mystery(1979), The Laughing Dragon Mystery(1980)
   Steele Wyoming  1980 MAR  ss  has Star Hawks series, also set in the Barnum System, Star Hawks: Empire 99(1980), & The Cyborg King(1981)
   Batteries Not Included  1981 JAN  ss  has Gypsy series of novels, Quest of the Gypsy(1976), & Eye of the Vulture(1977)
   Presenting Trilby Swain  1981 MAY  ss  2nd & last story in F&SF in Oldies, Ltd series
   Return of Max Kearny, The  1981 DEC  ss  9th story in F&SF in Max Kearny series
   Blockbuster  1982 JUN  ss  9th story in F&SF in Jose Silvera series
   Brain Food  1983 JUL  ss  has Vampirella series of novels, Bloodstalk(1975), On Alien Wings(1975), Blood Wedding(1976), Deadwalk(1976), Deathgame(1976), & Snakegod(1976)
   Hello From Hollywood  1983 DEC  ss  10th story in F&SF in Max Kearny series; has movie novelization, Capricorn One(1978); omnibus Flux and the Tin Angel(1978); novels Cowboy Heaven(1979), The Robot in the Closet(1981)
   Me and the Devil  1984 APR  ss  has Odd Jobs, Inc. series, Hail Hibbler(1980), Big Bang(1982), & Brainz, Inc.(1985); has Skyrocket Steele series, Skyrocket Steele(1980), & coll. Author's Choice Monthly Issue 11: Skyrocket Steele Conquers the Universe and Other Media Tales(1990)
   That Wonderful Summer  1985 OCT  ss  11th story in F&SF in Max Kearny series; has novels in Battlestar Galatica tie-in, with title page (only) co-author Glen A. Larson, Greetings From Earth(1983), Experiment In Terra(1984), & The Long Patrol(1984)
   Ex-Chameleon  1986 MAY  ss  10th & last story in Chameleon Corps series; has novels The Tremendous Adventures of Bernie Wine(1981), Upside Downside(1982), Hellquad(1984); Goulart writes a column, & draws a weekly comic strip for The Comic Buyers Guide
   Glory  1986 DEC  ss  in the late 1970s, Goulart created & wrote the Star Hawks comic strip, which was drawn by Gil Kane; he also wrote & drew the comic strip, Ron Goulart's Golden Age Funnies
   Business As Usual  1987 JUL  ss  has nf books Ron Goulart's Great History of Comic Books(1986), The Great Comic Book Artists(1986), The Great Comic Book Artists Volume 2(1988), The Encyclopedia of American Comics(1990), The Funnies: 100 Years of American Comic Strips(1995)
   House of Secrets  1988 SEP  ss  has Nostalgia series of articles in TWZ 1983 JUL/AUG-1985 JAN/FEB; novel Suicide, Inc.(1985)
   Consequences of Buying Maria Montez for Dad, The  1989 JUL  ss  has Harry Challenge series, novels The Prisoner of Blackwood Castle(1984), The Curse of the Obelisk(1987); see interviews in AMZ 1980 AUG, & in LOC 1993 FEB(#385)
   Hershey's Kisses  1992 JAN  ss  has teleplay "The Werewolf of Hollywood" for TV series Monsters(1988-90); has article "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The 60th Anniversary of a Special SF Hero" in AMZ 1988 SEP; nf column on comics in Pulphouse: A Fiction Magazine # 4 & #7 1991
   Fear of Success  1993 APR  ss  has nf books, Over 50 Years of American Comic Books(1991), The Comic Book Reader's Companion(1993), & Great American Comic Books(2001); see his entry in Bill Janocha(ed): The National Cartoonists Society Album(1996)
   Mom's Cooking  1993 AUG  ss  has ghost-written William Shatner's novels, Tekwar(1989), Teklords(1991), Teklab(1991), Tek Vengeance(1993), Tek Secrets(1993), Tek Justice(1993) - per Hawk's Authors' Pseudonyms II(1995)
   Cure for Baldness, A  1996 MAR  ss  this story, says Goulart, "explores the various aspects of growing older"
   Why I Never Went Steady With Heather Moon  1997 JUN  nv  1st story in witch Heather Moon series
   Curse of the Demon, The  1998 JUL  nv  orig. from California, has lived in Connecticut for many years; has Groucho Marx mystery series, Groucho Marx, Master Detective(1998), Groucho Marx, Private Eye(1999), Elementary, My Dear Groucho(1999), Groucho Marx, Master Spy(1999)
   How Heather Moon Kept My Life From Getting Completely Fouled Up Again  1999 OCT/NOV  nv  2nd story in witch Heather Moon series; Goulart lives in Weston, CT
Grabowski, John  Damon Knight Word-Wise  1976 NOV  pz  word search puzzle w. hidden names of 29 things associated w. Damon Knight; Grabowski has juvenile biographies of Willie Mays(1990), Jackie Robinson(1991), Sandy Koufax(1992), & Stan Musial(1993)
Grant, C.L.  House of Evil, The  1968 DEC  ss  (1942- ) wn. for Charles Lewis Grant, his 1st pub. story; lives in NJ, teaches high school American Literature - "I've managed to infiltrate Ray Bradbury into the course ... & am planning to make a flank attack next year w. H. Ellison & T. Sturgeon."
   Come Dance With Me on My Pony's Grave  1973 JUL  ss  story "began in a place called Qui Nhon (Vietnam) & ended in a place called Budd Lake. If nothing else, it helped me get that war out of my system"; written only horror & fantasy since late 1970s; used ps. Lionel Fenn, Geoffrey Marsh, Steven Charles
   Key to English, The  1974 MAY  ss  has Parric series of post-holocaust novels The Shadow of Alpha(1976), Ascension(1977), Legion(1979), in which a balkanized U.S. is beset with petty dictators & crazed androids(Clute); has anth. Writing and Selling Science Fiction(1976)

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