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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Grant, C.L.  Rest Is Silence, The  1974 SEP  nv  N-1974 NEB, novelette; has novelette "A Glow of Candles, a Unicorn's Eye," in Edward L. Ferman & Barry N. Malzberg(ed): Graven Images(1977), which W-1978 NEB; has ya horror series as Simon Lake; see his website at
   White Wolf Calling  1975 APR  ss  N-1975 NEB, short story; has anth. series Shadows(1978; W-1979 WFA; N-1979 LOC; vt Shadows II, 1987 UK), Shadows #2(1979), #3(1980), #4(1981; vt Shadows, 1987 UK), #5(1982), #6(1983), #7(1984), #8(1985), #9(1986), #10(1987), many awards nominations
   Three of Tens, The  1975 DEC  ss  has sf novel The Ravens of the Moon(1979); novels Mountainwitch(1980, as by Felicia Andrews), A Quiet Night of Fear(1981); has anth. Nightmares(1979; N-1980 LOC, WFA), The Best of Shadows(1988), Final Shadows(1991; N-1992 LOC, WFA)
   Crowd of Shadows, A  1976 JUN  ss  W-1977 NEB; N-1977 HUG, LOC, short story; 1st & only story in F&SF in his Starburst series, about a society that has developed androids that are almost too human; only other story in series, "A Voice Not Heard," in ASI 1984 SEP
Grant, Charles L.  Hear Me Now, My Sweet Abbey Rose  1978 MAR  ss  N-1979 WFA, shfi; 1st story in F&SF in Oxrun Station horror series, composed of 11 novels & several stories, about O.S., an imaginary town in Connecticut beset by a variety of evils; other stories in series in TWZ 1981 JUL, & Fantasy Book 1982 AUG
   Caesar, Now Be Still  1978 SEP  ss  2nd story in F&SF in Oxrun Station horror series; novels in series include The Hour of the Oxrun Dead(1977; N-1978 WFA), The Sound of Midnight(1978; N-1979 WFA), The Grave(1979), The Last Call of Morning(1979; N-1980 WFA), The Bloodwind(1982; N-1983 LOC)
   Love-Starved  1979 AUG  ss  has anth. Horrors(1981), Terrors(1982); The Dodd, Mead Gallery of Horror(1983; N-1984 WFA; vt Gallery of Horror, 1996), Midnight(1985), Night Visions 2(1985; N-1986 WFA), Night Visions 4(1987), After Midnight(1986); see iv in TWZ 1987 APR
   Secrets of the Heart  1980 MAR  ss  N-1980 NEB; 1981 LOC, short story; has colls. A Glow of Candles and Other Stories(1981; N-1982 LOC), Tales from the Nightside(1981; N-1982 WFA); novels Ravens of the Moon(1981), The Nestling(1982; N-1983 WFA), Night Songs(1984), The Teaparty(1985)
   Every Time You Say I Love You  1981 MAY  ss  has Lincoln Blackthorne ser., as Geoffrey Marsh, The King of Satan's Eyes(1984), The Tale of the Arabian Knight(1986), The Patch of the Odin Soldier(1987), The Fangs of the Hooded Demon(1988); novels The Pet(1986; N-1987 WFA), For Fear of the Night(1988)
   Pride  1982 MAY  ss  3rd story in F&SF in Oxrun Station ser.; also in Oxrun ser. novels Nightmare Seasons(1982 fixup), The Orchard(1986), Dialing the Wind(1989); Greystone Bay anth. ser., The First Chronicles of Greystone Bay(1985), Doom City(1987), The SeaHarp Hotel(1990)
   Next Name You Hear, The  1983 JAN  ss  4th & last story in F&SF in Oxrun Station ser.; has Oxrun Trilogy, The Soft Whisper of the Dead(1982), The Dark Cry of the Moon(1986), The Long Night of the Grave(1986); has novels In a Dark Dream(1989; N-1990 STO, WFA), Stunts(1990), Fire Mask(1991)
   Children, They Laugh So Sweetly, The  1985 OCT  ss  as Lionel Fenn has Quest for the White Duck ser., Blood River Down(1986), Web of Defeat(1987), Agnes Day(1987); Kent Montana ser., Kent Montana and the Really Ugly Thing from Mars(1990), etc; The Seven Spears of the W'dch'ck(1988)
   Crystal  1986 AUG  ss  as Lionel Fenn has Diego ser., Once Upon a Time in the East(1993), etc; as Steven Charles has Private Academy ser., Nightmare Session(1986), etc; has novels The X-Files: Goblins(1994), & : Whirlwind(1995); Something Stirs(1991), Raven(1993), Jackals(1994)
   City Boy  1988 OCT  nv  has colls. The Black Carousel(1995), A Quiet Way to Scream(1996); anth. Gothic Ghosts(1997, w. Wendy Webb); novels Symphony(1997), Watcher(1997); Black Oak ser., Genesis(1998), Hush of Dark Wings(1999); W-1999 STO, for Lifetime Achievement
Grant, Richard  Dream Executioner, The  1982 JAN  ss  (1952- ) Coast Guard officer until 1979, lives w. Elizabeth Hand; 1st story pub. sf "Drode's Equations" in Marta Randall(ed): New Dimensions 12(1981); 1st novel Saraband of Lost Time(1985); Rumours of Spring(1987), View from the Oldest House(1989)
Grass, Matthew  Snake in the Closet, The  1962 FEB  ss 
Graves, Robert  Shout, The  1952 APR  ss  (1895-1985) 1st pub. in London in The Woburn Books #16(a chapbook), in 1929; basis of movie The Shout(1978); Robert Von Ranke Graves; U.K. poet, novelist & critic
   Appointment for Candlemas, An  1955 OCT  ss  1st pub. in PUN, 1 DEC 1954; 1st novel No Decency Left(1932, with Laura Riding as by Barbara Rich)
   Shout, The  1959 MAY  ss  1st pub. in F&SF 1952 APR, the first F&SF reprint; has novels I, Claudius (1934), Hercules, My Shipmate(1945), The White Goddess(1947)
   Interview With a Dead Man  1959 SEP  vi  1st pub. in 1950; has novel Watch the North Wind Rise(1949)
   Dead Man's Bottles  1961 APR  ss  1st pub. in his book Occupation: Writer(1950)
Greeley, Andrew M.  Dutchman's Ghost Town, The  1987 FEB  nv  (1928- ) Chicago Roman Catholic priest; has nf books on faith; sf/f novels The Magic Cup(1979), God Game(1986), The Final Planet(1987); Angel Fire seq., Angel Fire(1988), Angel Light(1995); Blackie Ryan mys. ser. Happy Are the Oppressed(1996), etc
Green, Joseph  Affair With Genius, An  1969 MAR  ss  (1931- ) born, raised & lives in Florida; writer of sf & technical journalism, works for NASA; has Biolog in ANA 1981 JUL 20; 1st story pub. sf "The Engineer" in NWS 1962 FEB; novelette "The Decision Makers," in GAL 1965 APR, N-1965 NEB
   Shamblers of Misery, The  1969 AUG  nv  1st story in F&SF in his "Conscience," or Practical Philosopher Allan Odegaard series; other stories in series in other mags., in GAL 1965 APR, ANA 1971 OCT, & IFS 1972 MAY/JUN; has coll. of early stories, An Affair with Genius(1969 UK)
   Butterflies of Beauty, The  1971 JUN  nv  2nd & last story in F&SF in his Allan Odegaard series; series is coll. in fixup novel Conscience Interplanetary(1972 UK; rvw. F&SF 1974 JUN)
   Custom of the Children of Life, A  1972 DEC  ss  has 1st novel The Loafers of Refuge(NWS 1962 APR, DEC, 1963 JUN; 1965 fixup UK), which chronicles the coming together of colonizing humans & human-like natives, to their mutual benefit, on the planet of Refuge(Clute)
   Robustus Revisited  1973 APR  ss  has 2nd novel Gold the Man(1971 UK; vt The Mind Behind the Eye, 1972 US), in which Gold, a homo sapiens born with 4 oz. extra of neocortex, goes to an alien planet to study their sun, which turns out to have sentient sunspots(Clute)
   Star Is Born, A  1974 FEB  ss  has novel The Horde(1976 Canada)
   Jaybird's Song  1974 DEC  ss  has novel Star Probe(ANA 1975 OCT-DEC; 1976 UK)
   Last of the Chauvinists  1975 NOV  ss  has book Magicon Original Bookmark Anthology, #3(1989)
Green, Joseph & Patrice Milton  To See the Stars That Bind  1977 MAR  nv  (1931- ; ? - ? ) husband & wife collaboration; all her stories, about 7 being pub. in F&SF, ANA, Rigel & Destinies betw. 1977-89, have been with her husband
   Wind Among the Windymuns, The  1978 DEC  ss 
   EasyEd  1982 MAY  ss 
Green, Robert M. Jr  No Place Like Where  1964 MAY  ss 
   Deadeye Dick Syndrome, The  1965 FEB  ss 
   Apology to Inky  1966 JAN  nv  N-1966 NEB; 1967 HUG, novelette
   Royal Road to There, The  1967 JUN  ss 
   Pallid Piper, The  1983 AUG  nv  lives in GA; an Associated Press editor, & accomplished bagpiper
   Embezzled Blessing, The  1985 JUN  nv 
Green, Terence M.  Till Death Do Us Part  1981 DEC  ss  (1947- ) from Canada, teaches English in a Toronto secondary school; has pub. stories in Australian & Canadian anth., incl. his 1st story pub. sf "Of Children in the Foliage" in Morris Wolfe(ed): Aurora: New Canadian Writing 1979(1979)
   Barking Dogs  1984 MAY  ss  N-1985 LOC, short story; story exp. into his 1st novel Barking Dogs(1988), which has a sequel, Blue Limbo(1997), which in turn was exp. from novelette(N-1993 ARR) in Leslie Choyce(ed): Ark of Ice(1992); novels are near future sf detective thrillers
   Legacy  1985 MAR  vi  has coll. The Woman Who Is the Midnight Wind(1987); novel Children of the Rainbow(1992; N-1993 ARR), about a time-travelling descendant of the Bounty mutineers trapped in an 1835 penal colony & of the prisoner he displaces who is transported to 1972(B&C)
   Point Zero  1986 MAY  ss  has novel Shadow of Ashland(novelette in ASI 1985 NOV; exp.1996; N-1997 ARR, WFA), a fantasy time travel novel, in which a man searching for a lost uncle ends up in a town where the past & the present mingle(B&C); A Witness to Life(1999; N-1999 WFA)
Greene, Graham  Proof Positive  1952 AUG  ss  (1904-1991) written in 1930 & 1st pub. in HRP 1947 OCT & in his coll. Nineteen Stories(1947); U.K. author; 1st novel The Man Within(1929; 1947 movie); Stamboul Train(1932; 1934 movie Orient Express), The Power and the Glory(1939; 1947, 1961 movies)
   Discovery in the Woods, A  1967 JUN  ss  1st pub. in Rogue 1963 MAR; has colls. A Sense of Reality(1963), May We Borrow Your Husband?(1967); wrote script for movie The Third Man(& 1950 novel); The Quiet American(1955; 1958, 2001 movies), The Tenth Man(1985; 1988 movie); W-1967 Grand Master EDG
Gregory, Daryl  In the Wheels  1990 AUG  nv  his 1st sale; "son of Tennessee mountain people, as parts of the story might suggest"; grew up in Illinois; lives in East Lansing, MI; teaches high school English
Gresham, William Lindsay  Star Gypsies, The  1953 JUL  ss  (1909-1962) born in Baltimore, MD; moved when a child to NYC where he became enthralled with Coney Island; has carny novel, Nightmare Alley(1946; 1947 movie); nf book Monster Midway: An Uninhibited Look at the Glittering World of the Carny(1953)
   Dream Dust Factory, The  1953 DEC  ss  (1909-1962) 1st pub. in ATM 1947 OCT; has pub. many stories betw. 1948-1959 in PST, COL, Blue Book, ARG, etc; novel Limbo Tower(1949); nf books Houdini: The Man Who Walked Through Walls(1959), The Book of Strength: Body Building the Safe Way(1961)
Griesemer, John  Breaking-Up Yard, The  1991 FEB  ss  has pub. fiction in ASI, & in The Best Short Stories, 1983 & 1987; an actor on & off Broadway, TV, & films; movies he has appeared in, Malcolm X(1992), The Langoliers(1995 TV), Lone Star(1996), The Crucible(1996), In Jest(1999), Henry Hill(1999), etc
Griffin, Peni R.  Tikina-Londi  1989 NOV  ss  (1961- ) story "written under the powerful influence of the Father of Texas lit., J. Frank Dobie"; born in Harlingin, TX; now lives in San Antonio, TX; attended Trinity Univ. & Univ. of Texas(San Antonio); has 1st novel ya sf Otto from Otherwhere(1990)

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