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Griffin, Peni R.  Dammery Mica  1990 SEP  ss  has ya novels A Dig in Time(1991), Hobkin(1992; N-1993 MYT), Switching Well(1993; N-1995 MYT); ya mystery novels The Maze(1994), The Treasure Bird(1994), The Brick House Burglars(1994), Vikki Vanishes(1995), the latter about child abuse
Griffin, Russell  Road King, The  1986 FEB  ss  this story "may have been inspired by a visit with my son to our local model railroad store followed by a ... dinner where I began musing on how long it would be before the EPA banned cars altogether ..."; also in F&SF as Russell M. Griffin
   Place of Turnings, The  1986 NOV  ss  time travel story of two academics who go back in time to 1066 & the battle for England between the Saxons & the Normans; this story written in the spring of 1986; in August, while vacationing in New Hampshire, he suffered a stroke & died; he was 43
   Saving Time  1987 FEB  na  N-1988 LOC, novelette; two professors go back in time to the Battle of Maldon in 991, one hoping to change history to win the woman of his dreams
   Takes All Kinds  1988 FEB  ss  says story grew from his "looking thru a copy of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper for Aug. 5, 1861. At the back I came across 'Humorous Greetings' & was struck ... there wasn't anything (funny) ... So I began to speculate on how ephemerical humor is"
   Planesong  1988 SEP  ss  has novel The Time-Servers(1985; N-1985 DIC), a satiric sf novel about bureaucrats on a wretched boondocks planet, black humor of the deepest dye(B&C)
Griffin, Russell M.  Most Illuminatingly Doleful and Instructively Affecting Demise of Flo, Late of Upper Blooton, The  1980 JUL  pm  (1943-1986) 1st poem in Bad Habits ser., this bad habit: poking forks in toasters; says poems "were inspired by ... Slovenly Peter by one Dr. Hoffman, a 19th cent. German physician who was concerned w. the edification of children in the most direct way"
   Revolting Tale of Heedless Jack Who Stepped Upon the Sidewalk Cracks, The  1981 FEB  pm  2nd poem in Bad Habits series; subtitled, "Divers Exempla for the Enlightenment, Edification, & Instruction of the Young, Rendered Into Poetical Form With Uplifting and Cautionary Morals Appended"
   Tragic Tale of Mad Tom, Who Made One Too Many Faces, The  1982 JUN  pm  3rd & last poem in Bad Habits series, "The fate of those who make a face"; also in F&SF as Russell Griffin
   In Hector's Grave  1985 SEP  ss  has novels The Makeshift God(1979), Century's End(1981), The Blind Man and the Elephant(1982); Griffin was a professor of English at Univ. of Bridgeport(CT)
Griffith, Ann Warren  Captive Audience  1953 AUG  ss  her work her appeared in ATL, Reader's Digest, and The Woman
Grimes, Lee  Lease on Life  1954 NOV  ss  a Southern California newspaperman
Grinnell, David  Top Secret  1950 FLL  vi  (1914-1990) 1st pub. in Sir! Magazine, 1948; ps. for Donald A. Wollheim, a Futurian, writer & editor, lifetime resident of NYC; also in F&SF as Martin Pearson; 1st story pub. "The Man from Ariel" in WOS 1934 JAN
   Extending the Holdings  1951 APR  vi  Wollheim's role in early sf fandom recorded in Sam Moskowitz: The Immortal Storm(1954), Damon Knight: The Futurians(1977), & in his own book, The Universe Makers(1971)
   Rag Thing, The  1951 OCT  ss  pioneered 2 anthologies, The Pocket Book of S.F.(1943), Portable Novels of Science(1945); also edited The Girl with the Hungry Eyes(1949), & was editor for Avon Fantasy Reader & Avon Science Fiction Reader; has World's Best Science Fiction anth. 1965-90
   Malice Aforethought  1952 NOV  ss  was editor for several fanzines, & sf magazines Cosmic Stories, Stirring Science Stories, & Ten Story Fantasy; editor for Ace Books from 1952, winning a 1964 Hugo Award for his work; had Mike Mars series of children's books, from 1961-64
   Lysenko Maze, The  1954 JUL  ss  1st pub. in Punch, 30 DEC 1953; has Ajax Calkins series in FUT 1941-42 as Martin Pearson, later the basis for novel Destiny's Orbit(1962, as David Grinnell), & sequel Destination Saturn(1967, as by Grinnell & Lin Carter); founded DAW Books in 1972
Gross, Gordon  Communion  1996 JUN  nv  their 1st fiction sale; collab. ps. for husband/wife Eve Gordon & Harold Gross; both are consultants & troubleshooters in the computer field; Harold is a professional actor, Eve does stand-up comedy; they live in NYC
Gross, Marion  Good Provider, The  1952 SEP  ss  her 1st pub. story
Grossbach, Robert  All Things Come to Those Who Weight  1980 FEB  ss  (1941- ) lives in Commack, NY; worked for many years in aerospace/defense; has 1st book Someone Great(1971); novel Easy and Hard Ways Out(1975; made into 1984 Eddie Murphy movie Best Defense); wrote film novelization, The Goodbye Girl(1977)
   Rift  1985 APR  ss  has novel The Cheap Detective(1978), based on the Neil Simon play; film novelizations ... And Justice for All(1979), Never Say Die(1979), The Frisco Kid(1979), California Suite(1978), Going in Style(1979), The Devil and Max Devlin(1980)
   Feel for the Game, A  1994 JUL  ss  baseball story, "(story) emerged, if you'll pardon the analogy, like a cat coughs up a hairball. It wasn't a bad feeling"; has film novelizations Neil Simon's Chapter Two(1980)
   Jew on a Chip  1997 DEC  ss  with the acknowledged assistance from Rabbis Gary Johnson, Alan Greenbaum, & Moshe Bryski
   Of Scorned Women and Causal Loops  1999 JAN  ss  has movie novelization Best Defense(1984), based on his novel Easy and Hard Ways Out(1975)
Grow, Julian F.  Sword of Pell the Idiot, The  1967 APR  nv  1st story in F&SF in Dr. Hiram Pertwee series; 2 other stories in series are in IFS 1961 MAR & 1968 DEC; Julian Fogg Grow, born in N.J., ensign in WWII; graduated from Dartmouth College in 1948; editorial writer for the Worcester(MA) Telegram & Gazette
   Social Note From All Over  1967 AUG  pm 
   Bonita Egg  1969 SEP  nv  2nd story in F&SF in Dr. Hiram Pertwee series
   Formula for a Special Baby  1969 DEC  nv  3rd story in F&SF in Dr. Hiram Pertwee series
Grubb, Davis  Of Cabbages and Queens  1981 MAR  ss  (1919-1980) best known for psycholical thriller The Night of the Hunter(1953; 1954 movie); novels Fool's Parade(1969; 1971 movie), Ancient Lights(1982); colls. Twelve Tales of Suspense and ...(1964), The Siege of 318(1978), You Never Believe Me(1989)
Gruber, Frank  Thirteenth Floor, The  1955 MAR  ss  (1904-1969) 1st pub. in WRT 1949 JAN; beginning with the pulps, Gruber is normally a writer of mysteries & westerns; has PI series starring Oliver "The Human Encyclopedia" Quade, Sam Cragg & Jonny Fletcher, Simon Lask, Otis Beagle & Joe Peel
   Piece of Eight  1955 NOV  nv  has books Beagle Scented Murder(1946), The Honest Dealer(1947), The Pulp Jungle(1967), latter about the pulp magazine industry; wrote & produced TV series Shotgun Slade(1959-1961; 78 episodes), about a freelance cowboy detective
Grundy  Cartoon: Parallel Universe Research Lab  1992 AUG  ct  (1950- ) working name for Doug(las) Grundy; born in Phoenix, AZ; he lives in Sioux City, IA; has a degree in English; 1st cartoon sale in TWZ, in 1989; he has also been pub. in Air & Space/Smithsonian, Cortlandt Forum, Omni, PST, & Woman's World
   Cartoon  1995 DEC  ct  Grundy influenced early on by the newspapers' comic pages, "perhaps subconsciously spurred on by my father's nightly bedtime sign off of : 'I'll see you in the funny papers!'"; favorites were V.T. Hamlin's 'Alley Oop', & George Lichty's 'Grin and Bear It'
   Cartoon  1996 JAN  ct  Grundy admired the drawings of H.A. Rey, & Hugh Lofting; "At an early age, I became interested in books of fantasy & adventure, & today, many years later, I try to create a slice of fun & fantasy in my cartoons"; is building a website,
Gunn, James  Man of Parts  1985 AUG  ss  has novels The Joy Makers(1961 fixup), The Immortals(1962 fixup; 1970-71 TV ser.), The Dreamers(1981; N-1982 LOC), Crisis!(1986 fixup); coll. Some Dreams Are Nightmares(1974); nf The Road to S. F. #1-6(1977-98), Isaac Asimov(1982; W-1983 HUG; N-1983 LOC)
Gunn, James E.  Voices, The  1972 SEP  nv  (1923- ) 1st & only story in F&SF in The Listeners ser., part of fixup novel The Listeners(1972; N-1973 JWC); born in Kansas City, educated at Univ. of Kansas where he's a Prof. of English & Journalism, and Director of the Center for the Study of S. F.
Gunther, Max  Municipal Dump  1966 SEP  ss  (1927- ) born in England, came to U.S. in 1939; grad. of Princeton Univ., freelance writer; has pub. article "she's Paid to Be Nosy (Jenny Schreiner, appraiser) in PST 1956 JUL 28, & stories "The Prisoner" in PST 1957 OCT 19, "Alone" in Redbook 1958 NOV
Guthridge, George  Exiled, the Hunted, The  1977 JUN  ss  (1948- ) born in Vancouver, BC; currently teaches writing & advertising at Loras College in Dubuque, IA; also in F&SF as George Florance-Guthridge, a collab. ps. w. his wife, used between 1979-83; 1st story pub. sf "Doll's Demise" in ANA 1976 JUL
   Evolutions  1983 AUG  ss  has Madagascar Manifesto series w. Janet Berliner(nee Gluckman), Child of the Light(1991), Child of the Journey(1996), & Children of the Dusk(1997; W-1998 STO); has novel The Bloodletter(1996); see biolog in ANA 1986 APR; entry in C.A., vol.174, p.187-188
Guthridge, George & Janet Berliner  Notes Toward a Rumpled Stillskin (compiled and edited by Janet Berliner)  1997 APR  nv  (1948- ; 1939- ) collab. on The Madagascar Manifesto ser., Child of the Light(1991), Child of the Journey(1996), & Children of the Dusk(1997; W-1998 STO); Berliner co-edited Desire Burn(1995), & Peter S. Beagle's Immortal Unicorn(1995; N-1996 LOC)
Guthridge, George & Meredith  Snow Coil, The  1986 SEP  ss  father & daughter collab., they live in Alaska & say much of the material in this story is based on fact; daughter has won state & international fiction competitions; father is also in F&SF by himself, & in collab. w. his wife as George Florance-Guthridge
Guttridge, Len  Aunt Millicent at the Races  1965 APR  ss  (1918- ) born in Wales, in the RAF in North Africa 1939-45, came to U.S. in 1947, a writer since 1961; wrote some crime stories, incl. one to Popular Detective, before the pulps vanished
   Most Wonderful News, The  1966 JAN  ss  has books Jack Teagarden: Story of a Jazz Maverick(1960; 1976), The Commodores: The U.S. Navy in the Age of Sail(1969, with George S. McGovern)
   Quest for Uplift, A  1966 JUN  ss  has book The Great Coalfield War(1972); Guttridge credits his Welsh background for his interest in fantasy & in the coalfields

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