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Harris, S.  Cartoon  1985 SEP  ct  has science cartoon colls. Stress Test: Cartoons on Medicine(1994), Einstein Atomized: More Science Cartoons from Sidney Harris(1996), the latter incl. six Dr. Quark cartoons
   Cartoon  1985 DEC  ct  has cartoon colls. Freudian Slips: Cartoons on Psychology(1997), The Interactive Toaster(1997), the latter contains cartoons about business
   Cartoon  1986 JAN  ct  Harris illustrated the book written by scientists Charles M. Wynn & Arthur W. Wiggins: The Five Biggest Ideas in Science(1997)
   Cartoon: Primate Speech Center  1986 FEB  ct  has cartoon coll. 49 Dogs, 36 Cats and a Platypus(1999), in which only the platypus doesn't talk; some of his cartoons can be seen at
   Cartoon: Early Scientific Fraud  1986 MAR  ct  Harris has a traveling exhibit of 65-70 of his cartoons that has been touring museums in the U.S. & Canada since 1984; incl. San Francisco's Exploratorium, MIT Museum, Chicago Academy of Science, Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum of Natural History, etc.
   Cartoon  1986 APR  ct 
   Cartoon  1986 JUL  ct 
   Cartoon  1986 AUG  ct 
   Cartoon  1986 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon  1986 OCT  ct 
   Cartoon: Theater Agent  1987 JAN  ct 
   Cartoon  1987 JUL  ct 
   Cartoon  1987 NOV  ct 
   Cartoon  1987 DEC  ct 
   Cartoon: If There Were Computers in Galileo's Time  1988 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon: Minimum Security Prison: The Windup Chair  1988 JUN  ct 
   Cartoon  1988 NOV  ct 
   Cartoon  1988 DEC  ct 
   Cartoon  1989 MAR  ct 
   Cartoon: Low Budget '2001'  1989 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon  1989 AUG  ct 
   Cartoon: Einstein Conducts a Thought Experiment  1989 DEC  ct 
   Cartoon  1990 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon  1990 MAR  ct 
   Cartoon  1990 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon  1990 JUL  ct 
   Cartoon: At Home With the Einsteins  1990 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon  1990 DEC  ct 
   Cartoon: Appliance Dept.  1991 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon: Jellyfish—Peanutbutter Fish  1991 MAR  ct 
   Cartoon: Working With Hahnium, Which Has a Half-Life of 35 Seconds  1991 APR  ct 
   Cartoon: Birth of Self-Consciousness, The  1991 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon  1991 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon  1991 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark (Low-Tech Physicist)  1991 OCT/NOV  ct  1st cartoon in his Dr. Quark, Low-Tech Physicist series; this one about "slow water"; "only precedent (for this ser.) was a comic strip I did for about 1 year in National Lampoon in the 1970s. It featured a president who was something like Dr. Q."
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark - Who Will Answer All Your Questions  1992 JAN  ct  2nd cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; this one about 'Ask Dr. Quark' radio show; this series by Harris has appeared exclusively, with the exception of reprints, in F&SF
   Cartoon  1992 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon  1992 MAR  ct 
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark (The Inert Gas Detector)  1992 APR  ct  3rd cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; this one about his invention, the IGADE, or, the Inert Gas Detector
   Cartoon  1992 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark - What's Happened to Dr. Quark?  1992 JUL  ct  4th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; this one about Dr. Quark at the Cyborg Institute
   Cartoon: Binky the Talking Dog  1992 AUG  ct 
   Cartoon  1992 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark - Dr. Quark Cleans Up Another Experiment (So to Speak)  1992 OCT/NOV  ct  5th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; this one about an (in)efficient experiment of his
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark - Primate Speech Lab  1992 DEC  ct  6th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; "Don't talk with your hands." Dr. Quark's mother always told him! Ha!
   Cartoon  1993 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon  1993 MAR  ct 
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark - Who the Hell Is ?krauQ .rD  1993 APR  ct  7th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; in this one, Dr. Quark tests his Reverso-Matter Device
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark - Big-Hearted Dr. Quark Shows the Dog a Bone  1993 MAY  ct  8th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; in which Dr. Quark & his dog Rags visit a dinosaur museum on 'Pet Day'
   Cartoon: S.W.A.T. Police  1993 JUN  ct 

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