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Harris, S.  Cartoon: Dr. Quark - You're Here, You're There, You're No Where With Dr. Quark  1993 AUG  ct  9th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; in which Dr. Quark & his wife go on a Virtual Reality vacation
   Cartoon  1993 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon  1993 OCT/NOV  ct 
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark - A Little Energy Here, a Little Energy There, and What Do You Get?  1994 FEB  ct  10th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; in which Dr. Quark minds his Transgenic Fruit and Vegetable Stand
   Cartoon: He'll 'Stay,' All Right ... the Velcro Dogmat  1994 APR  ct 
   Cartoon: Is It Gold Yet?  1994 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark - You Can Accelerate Almost Anything, But Dr. Quark Goes at His Own Pace  1994 MAY  ct  11th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; in which Dr. Quark ponders where to publish data from accelerating radishes at the super collider
   Cartoon: Tiny Person or Giant Objects? (You Decide)  1994 JUL  ct 
   Cartoon  1994 AUG  ct 
   Cartoon: Suction Cup Corp.  1994 OCT/NOV  ct 
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark - The Codeword for Dr. Quark Is, Of Course, Dr. Quark  1995 JAN  ct  12th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; in which everyone tries to figure out Dr. Quark's codeword
   Cartoon: Thawing Out Dr. Rojak Again  1995 MAR  ct 
   Cartoon: Wonder Woman: The Contemplative Years  1995 APR  ct 
   Cartoon: Search for Extra-Terrestrial Stupidity  1995 JUN  ct 
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark - Terrestrial, Aquatic ... We're All Mammals—Even Dr. Quark  1995 JUN  ct  13th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; in which Dr. Quark translates a dolphin joke
   Cartoon: Not Quite Zero Gravity  1995 JUL  ct 
   Cartoon: Flippy Has an Insight  1995 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon  1996 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon  1996 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon  1996 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon: Myth or Reality  1996 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon: Low-Tech Fax (Neanderthal Version)  1996 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark - Quarkiness, As We All Know, Is Next to Godliness  1996 JUN  ct  14th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; Quark's Cleaning Service, 'No Job Too Diffract'
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark - No Matter Where or When—He's Always Dr. Quark  1996 SEP  ct  15th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; in which Dr. Quark uses his time-shuttle to travel back to 1427, to try to enlighten the Dark Age of Science
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark - Faster Than a Phil Neikro Knuckleball  1996 DEC  ct  16th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; Dr. Quark's invention of supercirculating electricity
   Cartoon  1997 APR  ct 
   Cartoon: Interactive Dishwasher ..., The  1997 JUN  ct 
   Cartoon  1997 AUG  ct 
   Cartoon: Louis Pasteur's Secret Project ...  1997 AUG  ct 
   Cartoon: Berlin, 1926, Hans Geiger Counting  1997 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon: Manned Space Station, The: Week Five  1997 OCT/NOV  ct 
   Cartoon  1997 DEC  ct 
   Cartoon: Alice Finds That the Looking Glass Is Made of Lexan, and She Can't Get Through It  1998 JAN  ct 
   Cartoon  1998 JAN  ct 
   Cartoon: Flightless Birds  1998 APR  ct 
   Cartoon  1998 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon  1998 JUN  ct 
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark - Dr. Quark Counts His Pixels, But Not His Calories  1998 JUN  ct  17th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; in which Dr. Quark & his wife visit the Bit & Byte Café
   Cartoon  1999 JAN  ct 
   Cartoon: Dr. Quark - Dr. Quark Invents a Time-Machine That Can Only Take Him Back 37 Seconds ...  1999 JAN  ct  18th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; Dr. Quark's time-machine
   Cartoon: If Technology Progressed Backwards  1999 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon  1999 MAY  ct 
Harrison, Harry  Survival Planet  1961 AUG  ss  (1925- ) working name for Henry Maxwell Harrison; 1st worked in field as a commercial artist, chiefly in comics, but supplied illustrations to mags. such as GAL; 1st story pub. "Rock Diver" in WBY 1951 FEB; member of N.Y. sf Hydra Club with Damon Knight
   Captain Honario Harpplayer, R.N.  1963 MAR  ss  his story "The Stainless Steel Rat" in ASF 1957 AUG began his series of the same name about Jim diGriz, an interstellar criminal turned law enforcer; series coll. in fixup novel The Stainless Steel Rat(1961); has novel Deathworld (1960, N-1960 HUG)
   Ms Found in a Bottle Washed Up on the Sands of Time  1964 FEB  pm  has further novels in Deathworld series, Deathworld 2(1964), Deathworld 3(1968); novels in series Bill, the Galactic Hero(1965), ... on the Planet of the Robot Slaves(1989), ... on the Planet of Bottled Brains(1990) with Robert Sheckley, etc
   Incident in the IND  1964 MAR  ss  an INDependent subway station in Queens, NY; has coll. War with the Robots(1962); novels Plague from Space(1965), Planet of the Damned(1962) & its sequel Planet of No Return(1981), Vendetta for the Saint(1964) as by Leslie Charteris
   Portrait of the Artist  1964 NOV  ss  has coll. Two Tales and 8 Tomorrows(1965), edited Collected Editorials from Analog(1966), novel Make Room! Make Room!(1966; basis 1973 movie Soylent Green); edited mags. Science Fiction Adventures(1953-54), sf Impulse(1966-67), AMZ(1967-68) & FAN(1968)
   Famous First Words  1965 JAN  fa  edited anth. with Brian W. Aldiss, Nebula Award Stories Two(1967), All About Venus(1968), Best SF: 1967(-74) series(1968-75); anth. with Leon E. Stover, Apeman, Spaceman: Anthropological Science Fiction(1968); has Stainless Steel Rat ser. of novels
   I Have My Vigil  1968 FEB  vi  has anth. series Authors' Choice(1968), Authors' Choice 2(1970), Authors' Choice 3(1971) & Authors' Choice 4(1974); anth. series Nova 1(1970), Nova 2(1972), Nova 3(1973) & Nova 4(1975); anth. The Year 2000(1970), The Light Fantastic(1971)
   Secret of Stonehenge, The  1968 JUN  ss  has novels The Technicolor Time Machine(1967), The Man from P.I.G.(1968), Captive Universe(1969), The Daleth effect(1970), Spaceship Medic(1970 UK), Stonehenge(1972); colls. One Step from Earth(1970), Prime Number(1970), The Best of ...(1970)

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