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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Hoing, David  City of the Dreadful Night  1991 AUG  nv  (1956- ) Jack the Ripper story, "blending history & time travel as future humans obtain medical research subjects from the ghettos of the past"(LOC 1991 SEP, p.64); lives in Waterloo, IA; travels often to Europe; has novel The Hand of the Dead(1997)
Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay  Friday, the Nineteenth  1950 SUM  ss  (1899-1955) suspense writer; began writing career in 1920 w. romance novels, incl. Invincible Minnie(1920), Angelica(1921); has stories basis of movies The Price of Pleasure(1925), The Bride Comes Home(1935); suspense novels Miasma(1929), Dark Power(1930)
   Shadow of Wings  1954 JUL  nv  has suspense novels The Death Wish(1934), The Unfinished Crime(1935), The Obstinate Murderer(1938), Who's Afraid?(1940), The Girl Who Had to Die(1940), Speak of the Devil(1941), Lady Killer(1942), Net of Cobwebs(1945), The Innocent Mrs. Duff(1946)
   Strange Children, The  1955 AUG  ss  announcement of her death February 8, 1955, precedes her story; has suspense novels Kill Joy(1942), The Blank Wall(1947; movies The Reckless Moment, 1949; The Deep End, 2001), Too Many Bottles(1951), The Virgin Huntress(1951), Widow's Mite(1953)
Holdstock, Robert  Mythago Wood  1981 SEP  nv  (1948- ) W-1982 BSF; N-1982 LOC, WFA; story exp. into novel in 1984, W-1985 BSF, WFA; has MS in medical zoology, writer fulltime since 1975; lives in Hertfordshire, UK; 1st story pub. "Pauper's Plot" in NWS 1968 NOV; iv's INZ 1991 MAR, LOC 1996 APR
   Thorn  1986 OCT  ss  N-1987 LOC, short story; 1st pub. in Birmingham SF Group, in 1984; has written novels under ps. Chris Carlsen, Richard Kirk, Ken Blake, Robert Faulcon; has Mythago Wood ser. Lavondyss(1988; W-1989 BSF), The Bone Forest (1991), The Hollowing(1993), etc
Holmes, H.H.  Review Copy  1949 FLL  ss  (1911-1968) ps. for William A.P. White, aka Anthony Boucher; ps. used for his Sister Ursula mystery series novels Nine Times Nine(1940; 1986 as A.B.), Rocket to the Morgue(1942; 1952, 67, 75, 88 as A.B.), as well as for other novels
Holmstrom, David  Pink Bears  1986 SEP  ss  has pub. fiction, articles, & humor in a number of magazines incl. AHMM, & Campus Life; was awarded a grant for fiction writing from the Mary Roberts Rinehart Foundation
Hooper, Jacquelyn  Acheter  1996 JUN  nv  her 1st pub. short fiction; originally from L.A., now lives in Cerritos, CA; has a Masters of Fine Arts from Arizona State Univ.; attended 1993 Clarion; story's title is French, meaning "to purchase"
   Home on the Range  1998 APR  nv  this story grew out of an inquiry into the different ways in which sf & fantasy view the future, we all need to understand our own pasts in order to make sense of the future
Hope, Anthony  My Astral Body  1950 WIN/SPR  ss  (1863-1933) 1st pub. in his coll. Sport Royal(1895); wn. for Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins; has novels The Prisoner of Zenda(1894; 6 movies 1913-1979), sequel Rupert of Hentzau(1898; 2 movies); The Dolly Dialogues(1896), Sophy of Kravonia(1906; 1920 movie)
Hornig, Doug  Game of Magical Death, The  1987 MAR  ss  (1943- ) born in NYC, has degree from George Washington Univ.; from Charlottesville, VA; writes poetry, nf & novels, incl. Loren Swift, Vietnam vet P.I. mys. ser., Foul Shot(1984; N-EDG), Hardball(1985; N-Shamus), The Dark Side(1986), Deep Dive(1988)
   Entropy  1988 JUL  ss  has pub. poetry & written screenplays; has medical thriller, with Peter Caine, Virus(1989); has Steven Kirk, burned-out government agent from Charlottesville, VA, series mystery novels Waterman(1987), & Stinger(1990)
Hornsby, E.C.  Overlooked  1955 MAR  ss 
Hoshi, Shinichi  He—y, Come On Ou—t!  1978 NOV  ss  (1926-1997) 1st pub. in his coll. The Spiteful Planet and Other Stories(1978); trans. from the Japanese by Stanleigh Jones, Chairman of the Dept. of Asian Studies, Claremont Graduate School(CA); also in F&SF as Hoshi Shin'ichi; obit in LOC 1998 FEB(#445)
Hoshi, Shin'ichi  Bokko-chan  1963 JUN  vi  (1926-1997) 1st Japanese story to appear in any English lang. mag.; trans. by Noriyoshi Saito; Hoshi a retired pharmacological manufacturer, an sf pioneer likened to Bradbury or Fredric Brown; 1st sale "Sekisutora"("Sextra") in Uchujin #2, in 1957l
Hoskins, Robert  Pop Goes the Weasel  1975 APR  ss  (1933-1993) 1st story pub. sf "Feet of Clay" in IFS 1958 FEB as by Phillip Hoskins; has 1st novel Evil in the Family(1972 as by Grace Corren); has Stars seq. Master of the Stars(1976 Canada), To Control the Stars(1977), To Escape the Stars(1978)
Howard, Hayden  Beyond Words  1968 JUL  ss  wn. for John Hayden Howard; 1st story pub. sf "It" in PLS 1952 JAN; has Eskimo ser. of ss's in GAL 1965-66, made into a fixup novel The Eskimo Invasion(1967) about "a group of Eskimos transformed into a ... benign fast-breeding new species"
Howard, Robert E.  For the Love of Barbara Allen  1966 AUG  ss  (1906-1936) story found only last year among his papers, this its 1st appearance anywhere; born in Peaster, Texas; 1st pub. story "Spear and Fang" in WRT 1925 JUL; has Conan the Cimmerian series(WRT 1932-1936), basis movie Conan the Barbarian(1982)
Howard, Robert E. & L. Sprague de Camp  Hall of the Dead, The  1967 FEB  nv  (1906-1936; 1907-2000) this story found among Howard's papers in a 650 word outline form, completed by de Camp, deals with Conan the Cimmerian's early life; Conan a barbarian adventurer of prehistoric times when magic worked in Howard's Hyborian Age
Hoyle, Fred  Blackmail  1967 FEB  ss  (1915-2001) Prof. of Astronomy at Cambridge; has 1st book The Nature of the Universe(1950); 1st novel The Black Cloud(1957) - the arrival of a sentient cloud of gas from space(Clute); Ossian's Ride(1959); theorist of nucleogenesis; coined term Big Bang
   Zoomen  1967 MAR  nv  has novels A for Andromeda(1962, w. Elliot), October the First Is Too Late(1966); coll. Element 79(1967); novel ser. w. son Geoffrey, Fifth Planet(1963), Rockets in Ursa Major(1969), The Inferno(1973), Into Deepest Space(1974), The Incandescent Ones(1977)
Hubbard, P.M.  Manuscript Found in a Vacuum  1953 AUG  vi  (1910-1980) 1st pub. in Punch 1952 DEC; working name for Philip Maitland Hubbard; born in England, educated in the Channel Islands, classics degree from Oxford, govt. service in India(Punjab) from 1933-47; lives in the English County of Dorset
   Botany Bay  1955 FEB  vi  his 1st story pub. was in Punch, in 1950; writer of mystery/suspense novels; 1st novel Flush as May(1963); Anna Highbury(1963), Picture of Millie(1964), A Hive of Glass(1965)
   Nobody Hunts Witches  1955 MAY  pm  has mystery/suspense novels The Holm Oaks(1966), The Tower(1968), The Country of Again(1968)
   Lion  1956 MAR  vi  has mystery/suspense novels Cold Waters(1969), High Tide(1970), The Dancing Man(1971)
   Free Flight  1956 APR  pm  has mystery/suspense novels The Whisper in the Glen(1972), A Rooted Sorrow(1973)
   Air Space Violated  1958 NOV  pm  1st pub. in Punch
   Golden Brick, The  1963 JAN  ss  has mystery/suspense novels A Thirsty Evil(1974), The Graveyard(1975)
   Special Consent  1963 OCT  ss  has mystery/suspense novels The Causeway(1976), The Quiet River(1978)
   Shepherd of Esdon Pen, The  1964 FEB  ss  has mystery/suspense novel Kill Claudio(1979)
   House, The  1969 APR  ss 
Hufford, Liz  Book Learners, The  1975 MAY  ss  (1950?- ) age 25, attended the 1969 SF Clarion Workshop; has a story pub. in Damon Knight(ed): Orbit 8(1970)
   This Offer Expires  1976 SEP  ss 
Hughes, Edward P.  In the Name of the Father  1980 SEP  ss  his 1st pub. story; 1st & only story in F&SF in his Liam McGrath series, set in a post-holocaust world; other stories in series pub. in Far Frontiers v.2(1985), & New Destinies v.2(1987); series to be pub. in coll. Master of the Fist(1989)
   Born Charmer, A  1981 AUG  ss  1st story in his Dafydd Llewelyn series, set in a post-holocaust Wales
   Price of Livery, The  1982 MAR  ss  2nd story in his Dafydd Llewelyn series
   Master Stroke, The  1983 MAY  ss  3rd & last story in his Dafydd Llewelyn series(in TOC & on story title page, author's name incorrectly given as Edward F. Hughes)
   Thicker Than Ichor  1984 JUL  ss  has 1st novel, The Long Mynd(1985), which depicts a post-holocaust world that has been brought into being by psi powers(Clute)
Hughes, Kim  You Shall Have a Song and Gladness of Heart  1984 SEP  ss  fulltime writer, has a PhD from Edinburgh Univ.; a singer; "... story came from two sources: a bout of severe laryngitis ... and ... getting a tune 'stuck' in your head"
Hughes, Robert J.  Books  1968 OCT  br  Merril: England Swings SF, & SF 12; Campbell: Analog 6; Roger Mansfield: The Starlit Corridor; Mirra Ginsburg: Last Door to Aiya; Wollhein: World's Best Science Fiction 1968; Harrison & Aldiss: Best SF: 1967; Moorcock: The Best SF Stories from New Worlds
Humphreys, Emyr  Girl in the Ice, The  1955 JAN  vi  (1919- ) 1st pub. in The New Statesman and Nation, in 1953; Welsh novelist, poet & playwright; has 7 novels Land of the Living ser., about Welsh life, Flesh and Blood(1974), The Best of Friends(1978), Salt of the Earth(1985), An Absolute Hero(1986), etc.
Huneker, James G.  Disenchanted Symphony, The  1967 JAN  ss  (1860-1921) 1st pub. in 1902; James Gibbons Huneker, ex-music critic for the New York Sun, was considered a "Bohemian" writer; has novel Antichrist(1905)
Hunter, Gene  Journey  1951 FEB  ss 
Hurd, Jerrie W.  Observations on Sirenian Singing  1986 FEB  ss  her 1st pub. sf story; has been pub. in several literary magazines; graduate of Univ. of Colorado, now lives in Portland, OR; teaches at Clark College(Vancouver)
Huxley, Aldous  Chemical Persuasion  1959 APR  ar  (1894-1963) 1st pub. in his collection of essays, Brave New World Revisited (1958); U.K. writer, lived in the U.S. from 1937 on; has novels Brave New World(1932), Point Counter Point(1928), After Many a Summer Dies the Swan(1939), Ape and Essence(1948)

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