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Jennings, Gary  Relic, The  1979 JUN  ss  N-1980 LOC, novelette; in preparing to write his novel Aztec(1980), "Jennings lived for 12 years in Mexico while conducting research on Aztec culture & the Spanish conquest"(CA, vol.59, p.197); has sequel, Aztec Autumn(1997)
   Ignis Fatuus  1979 SEP  ss  8th & last story in his Reverend Crispin Mobey series; this series coll. in fixup novel, The Lively Lives of Crispin Mobey(1988), as by the ps. Gabriel Quyth
   Die and Follow Me  1982 JUL  ss  title of story comes from a New England epitaph: "Tread softly here .../As you are now, so once was I;/As I am now, so you will be;/Prepare to die and follow me"
   Rouge on an Empty Glass  1983 AUG  ss  has historical novels Spangle(1987), which follows the adventures of a 19th century European circus troupe & a Southern Civil War veteran; Raptor(1992), set in the 5th century A.D. during Theodoric the Great's conquest of Rome(CA, vol.59,p.198-9)
Jennings, Gary & Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley  Ms. Found in an Oxygen Bottle  1973 DEC  ss  (1928-1999; 1797-1851) Jennings: "In 1833 ... Shelley chronicled the ... adventures of The Mortal Immortal, who was at that date 323 years old. Here, discovered another 440-odd years later, is the apparently final fragment of his poignant life story."
Jennings, Phillip C.  Tadcaster's Doom  1986 MAY  ss  (1946- ) his 1st pub. sf story; lives in St. Cloud, MN; many of his stories describe a world dominated by "bugs" - personalities in electronic storage, coll. in The Bug Life Chronicles(1989); 1st novel, Tower to the Sky(1988), set in the same universe
Jensen, J. Patrick  Kaleidoscope, The  1998 SEP  vi  (1971?- ) his 1st sale; recently moved from northern California to San Diego
Jensen, Jan Lars  Pacific Front, The  1998 AUG  ss  (1969- ) a librarian in Chilliwack, British Columbia; has pub. short fiction in Deathrealm, On Spec, Grue, ABO, INZ, Tesseracts 5 & 6
   Secret History of the Ornithopter, The  1999 JUN  nv  N-1999 SDW; 2000 HUG, LOC; has 1st novel, Shiva 3000(1999; N-2000 LOC), in which Rakesh & Vasant follow the destiny of their dharma, while encountering the millions of gods of the Hindu pantheon, as they travel along the Sinbad dreamscape of India
Jensen, Joyce K.  Janell Johannson's First Exhibit  1993 MAY  ss  her 1st fantasy sale; story "started out ... about how society crushes hope, squashes ambition, & works to keep people in their place ... Janell wanted these possibilities ... (but) the 1950s didn't hold much by way of possibilities for girls & women ..."
Jeppson, J.O.  Positively the Last Pact With—the Devil?  1976 MAR  ss  (1926- ) working name for Janet Jeppson Asimov, writer & psychiatrist, married to Isaac Asimov since 1973; 1st story pub. sf children's novel The Second Experiment(1974); has Pshrinks ser. coll. The Mysterious Cure(1985); Norby Chronicles seq. w. Asimov
Jesby, Ed  Ogre!  1968 SEP  nv  also in F&SF as Edward Jesby
Jesby, Edward  Sea Wrack  1964 MAY  nv  (1932?- ) his 1st pub. sf story; age 31, orig. from Brooklyn, an electronic technician in North Andover, MA; also in F&SF as Ed Jesby
Jesse, F. Tennyson  Railway Carriage, The  1951 FEB  ss  (1889-1958) 1st pub. in SND 1931 NOV, 1st & only story in F&SF from her Solange Fontaine detective ser., coll. in The Solange Stories(1931), about a woman detective with psychic powers; wrote mys. novels & stories; edited the Notable British Trials Series
Johnson, Bill  Business As Usual  1986 SEP  ss 
   Vote Early, Vote Often  1990 SEP  ss  has novelette "We Will Drink a Fish Together ..." in ASI 1997 MAY(W-1998 HUG & Asimov's Reader's Poll; N-1997 NEB; 1998 LOC)
Johnson, George Clayton  Devlin's Dream  1977 SEP  vi  (1929- ) has novel w. William F. Nolan, Logan's Run(1967; made into 1976 movie; 1977-78 TV series); story w. J.G. Russell, Ocean's Eleven(made into 1960 movie); colls. Scripts and Stories Written for The Twilight Zone(1977), Writing for The T.Z.(1981)
Johnson, James B.  'Ciders, The  1988 MAR  nv  (1944- ) James Blair Johnson, lives in Sarasota, FL; fulltime writer; 1st story pub. sf novel Daystar and Shadow(1981; N-1982 LOC); Trekmaster(1987); Mindhopper(1988), set in 21st century, about a boy with psi powers versus the Establishment(B&C)
   Last American, The  1990 FEB  ss  has novels Habu(1989), about a longevity treatment that removes all physical & psychological 'defects'(B&C); A World Lost(1991), about a spacer trying to find his vanished planet(B&C)
Johnson, Kij  Schrödinger's Cathouse  1993 MAR  ss  lives in Seattle, WA, w. husband/writer Robert J. Howe; attended 1987 Clarion; 1st prof. sale "Ferata" in PLP #1 1988; novels Star Trek Next Generation 38: Dragon's Honor(1996, w. Greg Cox), The Fox Woman(2000); eBook coll. Tales for the Long Rains(2001)
Johnson, S.S.  House by the Crab Apple Tree, The  1964 FEB  nv  (1940- ) working name for Simon Sigvart Johnson; 1st sale was a drawing at age 8; started selling sports stories at age 14 to the Hartford Courant; grad. from Colorado State Univ. majoring in technical journalism
Jollie, Karen G.  Bunny-Eyes  1980 MAY  ss  junior high school science teacher in Los Angeles
Jonas, Gerald  Imaginary Numbers in a Real Garden  1965 APR  pm  (1935- ) staff writer for Talk of the Town column in NYM; has had poems pub. in NYM, ATL, The Saturday Review, & Look
   Mystery of the Purloined Grenouilles, The  1966 DEC  ss  has nf books On Doing Good: The Quaker Experiment(1971), Visceral Learning: Toward a Science of Self-Control(1973), Stuttering: The Disorder of Many Theories(1976)
   First Postulate, The  1967 JUN  nv  has nf books Dancing: The Pleasure, Power, and Art of Movement(?), & Dancing: The Power of Dance Around the World(1992), the latter a companion book to the BBC/PBS TV series
   Imaginary Numbers in a Real Garden  1979 OCT  pm  1st pub. in F&SF 1965 APR; Jonas reviews science fiction for the New York Times Book Review; has nf book The Circuit Riders: Rockefeller Money and the Rise of Modern Science(1989)
   Year All the Kennedy Children Ran for President, The  1986 NOV  ss  writes educational films on science for high school students; has nf book The Living Earth Book of North American Trees(1993)
Jones, Alice Eleanor  Created He Them  1955 JUN  ss  has also pub. the short stories "The Girl Who Wore Glasses" in PST 1955 DEC 10, and in Redbook, the stories"The Honeymoon"(1957 JUN), "Morning Watch"(1958 NOV), &"One Shattering Weekend"(1960 JUL)
Jones, D.F.  Coffee Braek  1968 OCT  ss  (1917-1981) wn. for Dennis Feltham Jones, U.K. writer, British naval commander in WWII; 1st story pub. sf novel Colossus(1966; 1969 movie Colossus, the Forbin Project), in which a master computer for world defense gains consciousness & takes over world
   Black Snowstorm  1969 JAN  ss  has sequels to 1st novel, The Fall of Colossus(1974), & Colossus and the Crab(1977); has novels Implosion(1967), Denver Is Missing(1971), The Floating Zombie(1975), Earth Has Been Found(1979), Bound in Time(1981)
   Tocsin, The  1970 JUN  nv  lives in Cornwall, England; see article by Gary Lovisi "Colossus and Other Cautionary Tales: An Appreciation of the Works of D.F. Jones" in OTW #3 1989
Jones, L.E.  Eyes of Phorkos, The  1963 NOV  na  (1885-1969) 1st pub. in 1961, as "The Resentment of Jimsy Carew"; wn. for U.K.writer Sir Lawrence Evelyn Jones; has book Jesus: Discoverer and Genius(1948); memoirs A Victorian Boyhood(1955), An Edwardian Youth(1956), etc.
Jones, Leslie  Devil and Mrs. Ackenbaugh, The  1958 AUG  ss  her 1st pub. story
Jones, Thom  Brother Dodo's Revenge  1973 MAR  ss  (1946?- ) age 27, has a BA in English from the Univ. of Iowa, currently living in France
Jonik  Cartoon: Milky Way, The (Detail)  1987 OCT  ct  (1942- ) 1st pub. in NYM, in 1987; working name for John Jonik; he was born & lives in Philadelphia, PA; attended Villanova Univ., Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, & the Univ. of Pennsylvania
   Cartoon  1988 JAN  ct  Jonik's 1st cartoon sales were to the Philadelphia Bulletin Magazine, & Golf Magazine, around 1968; has also been pub. in NYM, NYT, National Lampoon, Saturday Review, Gourmet, Audobon, Cosmopolitan, PBY, etc., as well as in anth. & textbooks
   Cartoon: Tracy Ann of the Jungle  1988 FEB  ct  Jonik political cartoons "done w. different technique, just lines, so that little low-tech papers don't have reproduction problems. They appear in newsletters, activist periodicals(Extra!, Public Citizen, Ecology, High Country News), t-shirts, stickers"
   Cartoon  1988 JUN  ct  Jonik did gag-writing "only 3 times for Charles Addams from before my work was accepted on its own at New Yorker Magazine. Ideas simply are presented on a platter by day to day things in the news or anywhere."
   Cartoon: Approaching Earth, No Smoking  1988 AUG  ct  Jonik's "major influence for doing political cartoons was George H.W. Bush (Papa). Had he not led the invasion of Iraq, this work might not have begun for a while."; Charles Addams & some French & British cartoonists were also influences
   Cartoon  1989 JAN  ct  Jonik has been drawing cartoons "since the age of 7 in 2nd Grade, so I'd have to credit the nuns in Catholic School & their policies for being a prompter to put stuff onto paper. Plus some Kiddie Shows on TV presented games etc to encourage drawing."
   Cartoon  1989 FEB  ct  Jonik also does "painting, sculpture, assemblages, & writing rants on political/environmental topics w. emphasis on the barbarism of the Drug War, the ignoring of toxic elements in cigarettes, world chlorine/dioxin contamination, the death penalty, etc."
   Cartoon: Hal's Sports Equip.  1989 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon  1990 JAN  ct 
   Cartoon  1990 JAN  ct 
   Cartoon  1990 APR  ct 
   Cartoon  1990 AUG  ct 
   Cartoon  1990 NOV  ct 
   Cartoon  1991 MAR  ct 
   Cartoon  1991 AUG  ct 
   Cartoon: Man From Mars  1991 SEP  ct 

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